Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Rare
Vintage Masters Rare
Urza's Saga Rare

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Search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, then discard a card at random. Then shuffle your library.

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Gamble Discussion

Daedalus19876 on The Gathering Storm: Animar EDH

15 hours ago

Lilbrudder: And with regards to your other suggestions:

Arcum Dagson is a fantastic suggestion, he grabs all of my combo pieces. 100% going in draft 2.

I have no problem with tutors at all, and I really should find a slot for Gamble (I have one sitting right here). I don't think that Birthing Pod fits extremely well here: I don't have enough ETBs, and the Podded creature isn't cast. Though, on second thought, it does let me tutor for Ancestral Statue so easily...Hmmmm I may have to reconsider.

I can't easily afford another Wheel of Fortune, though. I only have one, and it's necessary in my Avacyn list. I could use Reforge the Soul or Memory Jar instead, but 5 mana is pretty steep. Windfall is already in here as well.

Lilbrudder on The Gathering Storm: Animar EDH

17 hours ago

Well Id start by replacing those swamps. They are clearly suboptimal :-)

Seriously though what kind of lands do you have at your disposal? Im assuming based on other decks you have made you have access to at least some fetches shocks etc. I always run every good five color land regardless, that includes ancient ziggeraut for animar. Then pain lands which can tap for red, because they are awesome and budget friendly lands. After that if you must use taplands (eww) I am partial to the temples or even the bounce lands. I would begin with a small number of red sources and increase it till you get to RUG by turn 3 at least 9 out of 10 games in testing. If you only have red with a handful of duals and 5 color lands you should be able to get there. If not cards like chromatic lantern and birds of paradise help alot.

I think your utter lack of red is fairly problematic, however, considering your deck is entirely dependent on animar which needs red. I think your deck would be better if you at least included a few red staples like Gamble Wheel of Fortune etc.

On another note the ridiculous number of artifact creatures at your disposal screams Arcum Dagson!!. Birthing Pod would also love to get in on the action. If you want to avoid tutors I get it but I have played those two in an old animar kiki pod deck and they are both great since each can tutor for the other and they help you get the right creatures in play each game.

Your response will determine what other suggestions I make because as Im sure you know I always have alot to say (type) and I would rather spare my thumbs the wear and tear.

angusmccloud on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 day ago

Gamble still relatively cheap to include in here. Tutor up your skull clamp for super card draws.

KeelHaul10 on I Have A Gambling Problem

1 day ago

Canadiansnowdragon Thanks for the feedback. I can't believe I haven't thought of Gamble yet! Thanks for the idea! I'll work on cutting room for it

Canadiansnowdragon on I Have A Gambling Problem

2 days ago

This deck looks absolutely glorious, decks like this one are why I love Commander. I am surprised that you are not running Gamble for the flavour but that card is risky. May you have many explosive and ridiculous games with this deck. :-)

Daedalus19876 on Professor Zada's Large Hedron Collider

6 days ago

Off the top of my head, your biggest omissions are:

Isochron Scepter, Fiery Gambit, Gamble, Extraplanar Lens, and mana rituals such as Brightstone Ritual.

I'll give a more detailed comment later - my Zada deck (Red Scare: Zada EDH) hasn't been updated in a VERY long time, but it still might include something I missed :)

catrule3564 on Epic control

1 week ago

If you really want to build your deck around Eternal Dominion (which is awesome by the way) you should include more ways to find it. I would play cards like Mystical Tutor and maybe even Gamble.

Also, if you want more controlling cards, Mystic Confluence does a pretty good Cryptic Command impression.

I'm not sure what all I would remove, but Yasova Dragonclaw doesn't seem to fit in with the deck overly well.

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