Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Fifth Edition Uncommon
Revised Edition Uncommon
Antiquities Rare

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Destroy all artifacts. They can't be regenerated.

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Shatterstorm Discussion

Sargeras on Enigma drake U/R ~35$ (Need help)

2 days ago
  1. If aggro is a huge problem, I'd say you best options are Pyroclasm, Anger of the Gods, Slagstorm, Kozilek's Return, and if you really want to be sneaky, you can play Firespout (because it won't kill your fliers) and it acts like a Slagstorm on an opponent's board! Since you'd likely be more of the control deck game 2 playing a lot fo these would probably give you enough time to cast a finisher and win.

  2. If you are playing anything other then aggro, you may want to board in cards like Negate and Dispel for longer games against control/combo decks.

  3. You might want to play the card known as Izzet Staticaster, as it can deal with tokens and lots of small creatures.

  4. Since you play red, land destruction spells like Stone Rain and Molten Rain may be relevant.

  5. Vandalblast & Shatterstorm are both great at dealing with artifacts.

  6. I've seen many lists run Echoing Truth as a sort of "catch-all" spell, so that they can deal with things like artifacts or enchantments, as well as certain combos/cards. Ratchet Bomb is also good at doing this.

If you need anymore help, feel free to let me know!

Sargeras on The Modern Brewer's Bible Part ...

3 weeks ago

Previous Article: The Modern Brewer's Bible Part 2: Building On a Budget


Welcome to the third part of the Modern Brewer's Bible, which is learning Modern Sideboarding and acknowledging the nature of the format itself. Like most of Magic's formats, Modern has various designs that you can build, and with such a large card pool, you have a lot of options when building your deck's sideboard, an assortment of 15 cards key to competitive play.


Modern is a wonderful playground for many players because the format card pool allows it to have one rule: Whatever you play, theres at least 1 deck out there that can beat it. This is not an assumption nor a criticism, it is simply a fact. Moderns balanced metagame and card pool allow players to come up with new brews that have the possibility of challenging the top decks in the format. Speaking of the top decks in the format, if you look them up, and play with them, youll note that all of the top tiered modern decks are well equipped against at least a few of the other popular decks. This inherent notion of Your deck cant beat everything can be grueling to some people, as they feel that cards such as Ensnaring Bridge and Blood Moon should be banned. The real reason for this is because people dont want to have a manabase full of fetchlands, and then proceed to not play Magic thanks to a turn 1 Blood Moon or something. However, cards like Blood Moon and Ensnaring Bridge are perfect examples of how Modern has the ability to keep a distinct balance thanks to its cardpool. When brewing, dont be discouraged just because your deck loses to something, because every deck has that same problem, thats what your sideboard is for.


When you have your deck assembled and ready to go, the next piece you need to figure out is your decks sideboard. The sideboard is like a helping hand that is designed to help players in games two and three of a match. The sideboard itself is composed of 15 cards at the maximum; and you swap out cards from your main and sideboards depending on what you are playing. For example, against decks such as Lantern Control or Ad Nausseum, creature based removal spells such as Fatal Push do not have a huge impact, because these decks play very few creatures, if they choose to cast them at all. However, a card like Stony Silence is excellent at slowing down both decks plan to kill you. If you follow this model and have Stony Silence in your sideboard, you can swap out your Fatal Pushs that do nothing, and replace them with Stony Silence a card that is far more effective. Sideboarding in general is there to turn your bad matchups into possible matchups, by giving you the cards you need to fight a particular deck or archetype. In addition to simply having a sideboard, choice is everything, as 15 cards adds up quick when you try to put 4 copies of a card in your sideboard. A good tactic here is to figure out what decks you need to sideboard against, and then picking cards that do more then just beat that one deck. For example, Shatterstorm is amazing against artifact decks like Affinity and Lantern Control, but does nothing against a deck like tron, meanwhile Stony Silence is effective against all 3 of those decks, making it a better choice overall if you can support it. Other good examples of this are Duress and Ratchet Bomb, cards that are effective in a wide variety of matchups that may be bad for your deck.

This is the third part of the Modern Brewer's Bible, more will be posted as I write it, feel free to give any comments regarding it.

clayperce on Serious Ponza

3 weeks ago

Finally catching up on comments ...

Thanks so much! Beast Within is superb tech, but in my matches so far I've found it a dead card in hand a couple times, and I only VERY rarely want one in my opening hand. So 2x feels about right. I'll try it as a 3x at some point though, as I'm suspect that over time I'll find more value in it.

Anger of the Gods in sideboard is there mostly because I already had it, but I do like the Exile effect and also the low cost. A good point though, and I'll keep the idea of one more Bonfire in mind.

Great call on Shatterstorm ... I looked around and found I actually had an old Revised edition one!

I ran Gut Shot in UG Infect for a while, and found it underwhelming. It's another one I'll keep in mind though, as the meta shifts around.

Platinum Emperion is out for now for budget reasons. I'll probably try it sometime, but I've still got a TON to learn on the current list, so it may be a while! :-)

Thank you again, and I'll definitely post updates!

Thanks much for your comments on Beast Within, Shatterstorm, and Platinum Emperion; my initial thoughts are above.

I've been super-impressed with Primal Command actually. Seven Life plus a Tutor has saved my bacon WAY too many games to not want to keep it. Of course, if I had a different card in the slot, I might not have needed my bacon to be saved in the first place, so I'm keeping an open mind. But my first impressions have been that it's TOTALLY worth the mana.

Yeah, I like getting both destruction and ramp in the same package too much to consider removing a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss at this point.

I've only faced one Death's Shadow deck so far, but the hand disruption made my Land Destruction spells pretty much useless. I'd love to find out it's an easy match up though, as there are a bunch at my favorite LGS.

Thanks again!

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the toolbox approach (so far, anyways). Though I'm less a fan of spending 5 mana to get 2- and 4-CMC cards. I know sometimes you just HAVE to, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it! :-)

Funny you should mention Thrun, the Last Troll though ... I'm not sure where he's going to fit yet, but my matches so far have convinced me I want one somewhere in the 75 for sure.

Yeah, I have no idea where I'll put Big Robot if I ever add it to the deck. But I'm not inclined to pull any Stormbreath Dragons at this point either.

Thanks again, to all!

Moonbar on Serious Ponza

1 month ago

Bovine073, (And clayperce, of course) I couldn't agree more about the Beast Within and the Shatterstorm. I find that Beast Within has so much utility that running it as a two-of is not great. I'd like to add that removing Primal Command seems very good, because that card just doesn't do enough for 5 mana. It just feels very medium. In addition, removing a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss seems bad since you want at least 8 mainboard LD effects.

As for the Platinum Emperion combo, here is my analysis. It is game over game one against Burn and Affinity, both tough matchups. It retains value against Affinity games 2 and 3 because they don't have enough removal to deal with it. In the other matchups, it is a dead card, sure, but what is the problem there? Those are the matchups where Blood Moon and Stone Rain effects are insane, so just playing a dumb 8/8 that does nothing is entirely fine. It can be brought out as a package in those matchups, no problem. The combo just fuels some of those easy wins out of nowhere, and even if it gets blown up after a turn or two, it saved some damage and provided at least a turn's worth of time to play out more things.

Bovine073 on Serious Ponza

1 month ago

This looks excellent, just excellent.

Just a few suggestions/comments for you.

First off is Beast Within. This card, in my eyes, is too good simply not to play 4 of it. It just does everything. I high;y, highly, suggest running 4 (or at least three, remove an Acid-Moss I'd say?). Second is Anger in the sideboard, I'd suggest simply just running a 4th bonfire. Unless your meta has a dedicated dredge deck, you'll always want the bonfire over it imo. Glad to see you running Primal Command, I hope to see some real value against DS with it. Now, talking some more sideboard. I'd say one Shatterstorm has a place there instead of a grudge, just to help against affinity a bit more. Also, Gut Shot is another option which you can just use to kill mana dorks, because they are just really bad for this deck. However, I don't think it is as good anymore because of the drop of Infect-based strategies in Modern. Lastly, regarding the Emperion combo. It is basically "you win the game" against burn G1, and in any subsequent games if they don't bring in removal for it (or if they don't see it G1 or G2). But against basically any other deck, I don't see as much of a need for it. Overall, I would advise against running it, but that is just my own experience with it.

Sorry for the jumbled wall of text. Anyways, good luck and I hope you do well with the deck! Post some updates for me :P

GeminiSpartanX on Blood in the Ice

1 month ago

Remand is also bad in this death's shadow meta if you're not using it to buy time until assembling a combo or something. If you're talking about freeing up SB space, I actually think removing a Hurkyl's Recall would be the place to start, as you have 3 Angers and a vandalblast already along with your MD spot removal to deal with affinity. If lantern is what you're worried about, then Shatterstorm is better than the recall anyway.

I'd keep 2 Electrolyze in the 75. Some decks are finding that lingering souls is a great card against death's shadow and you could be ahead of the meta there by keeping them in :)

I think the 4th Snap should be in here. Moving Keranos to the SB seems good as it will lower your curve and you only need to bring him in for the grindy matchups.

Daedalus19876 on Consulate of Terror

1 month ago

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to look this over :(

When I look over an EDH deck, I generally consider a few factors - mana base, removal, card draw, win-cons, etc. Let's take a quick look through those:

Your lands are distributed in proportion to your spells, which is good. Your curve basically starts at 3 mana, which is something to be aware of (since it shares a slot with your commander, you will frequently have to choose between casting your commander and casting something more aggressive from your hand), but it allows you to play more tapped lands. Overall, though, I generally don't play more than 37 lands in any EDH deck, so that could clear up some space for you. Perhaps put a few cheap mana rocks like Orzhov Signet and Mana Vault in those slots...

Ancient Den and Vault of Whispers seem odd here - I try not to play them in EDH unless I'm heavily into Metalcraft or something, because it's easy for them to be destroyed by your opponents' Vandalblast or Shatterstorm. I'd cut them to be honest unless I'm missing something.

You have a large number of removal pieces - mostly hitting creatures, but at least a few of them hit non-creatures as well. Overall, you've hit most of the important ones, with a few exceptions:

I'd say the three cheap ones you're missing are Oblation, Go for the Throat, and Anguished Unmaking. I'd personally put them in over Tribute to Hunger (gives your opponents too much choice), Condemn (too conditional), and Fragmentize (also too conditional).

Your exiling enchantments are fine, though I'd try to pick up a copy of the new Amonkhet one with flash (Cast Out, I think?).

Here's where your deck seems weakest. You basically don't have any card draw here (Read the Bones is the only dedicated option). While your curve is high, which somewhat mitigates that (your spells have high impact-per-card), I'd try to find space for a LOT more card draw.

There are too many good card draw options for me to list them all (just google "Orzhov EDH card draw"), here are a few outstanding options: Necropotence, Mind's Eye, Mesa Enchantress, Harvester of Souls, Well of Lost Dreams...

I'm a bit uncertain what your win-cons are, to be honest. Kambal's draining effect may get them within range, but you don't have many ways to hit them for the last, say, twenty damage.

Aetherflux Reservoir is always a good win-con of course, but I feel like this deck could use something like Karlov of the Ghost Council or Archangel of Thune to finish out games. Or you could add Exquisite Blood for the famous combo...

Overall, the deck seems fun! There are a few cards I might cut, though, to make way for more card draw and win-cons: Tainted Remedy (very situational), Memoricide (depends too much on meta), Sphere of Safety (you don't have enough enchantments, and Ghostly Prison is often better), Retreat to Hagra (too low-impact), Bloodbond Vampire (too much mana for its effect), Butcher of Malakir (too much mana, too few creatures), and Opaline Unicorn (there are better ramp options).
I hope this helps! :) Feel free to tag me if you need any more help. Also, a longer description helps people make suggestions ;)

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