Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Vintage Masters Uncommon
MTG: Commander Uncommon
From the Vault: Exiled Mythic Rare
Darksteel Uncommon

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Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/-1.

Whenever equipped creature dies, draw two cards.


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Skullclamp Discussion

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on A plate of artifacts with a drizzle of burn

10 hours ago

Hostility. Equip Bosh with shit, make use of the actual damage of his activated ability; consider Worldslayer, Basilisk Collar, Grafted Exoskeleton, Scythe of the Wretched, etc. Jalum Tome instead of your jay tome. Trash for Treasure just in case, maybe Scrap Mastery if you have a hard time ultimating Daretti or want more reanimation. Pariah's Shield equipped to stuffy doll is cool, but isn't worth it solely for the combo. Whispersilk Cloak instead of your prowlers helm. Braid of Fire. Deathrender, Skullclamp. Heartstone, Illusionist's Bracers, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.

Wicked_N_Irish on White Dog Poop

10 hours ago

Have you thought about adding Sram, Senior Edificer for some card draw? Or even Skullclamp for the tokens you'll be generating.

Snap157 on Food Chain

12 hours ago

At first I thought this deck was about the Prossh, Skyraider of Kher+Food Chain combo. I guess I was wrong! Looks super cool. Running my own Jund Sac deck, I use some of these cards:

Mitotic Slime becomes a nightmare to deal with and provides a ton of sac creatures

Ophiomancer provides a deadly blocker that you can keep, replace, and sac if needed.

Fecundity provides awesome card draw.

Skullclamp also provides card draw.

Grave Pact is a bit of a challenge with the cost, but worth it.

Primal Vigor has the same synergy and fuction as Parallel Lives

Ogre Battledriver is insane with your general! Imagine an instant 5/1 with haste almost every turn!

FYI you also have 101 cards so I would consider dropping Languish as you want to keep your own creatures pumping. Good luck!

Scrib.Nibbler on Upgrading to Marchesa Stax

18 hours ago

I've got Smokestack in. I am also running Dictate of Erebos and Butcher of Malakir. For sacrifice outlets, I've got Ashnod's Altar, Blasting Station, Skullclamp, and I've added Viscera Seer for good measure. Since I can't afford Bitterblossom, I've added Ophiomancer for token genetation alongside Assemble the Legion and Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Crucible of Worlds definitely piqued my interest, but it is pretty expensive.

sweetaction on ezuri renegade leader

1 day ago

I would suggest these cuts:

  1. Craterhoof Behemoth - You don't need the behemoth. Your general's ability used twice is almost as good. Better to put complimenting effects in the deck rather then effects that mirror your general.
  2. Drove of Elves - boring, just a big dude
  3. Thunderfoot Baloth - not an elf, the trample is meh since your general gives trample, and the anthem effect is ok, but you already have 7 and your general gives +3 +3
  4. Green Sun's Zenith - great for once you have built the deck and want to improve it. Add it later.
  5. Worldly Tutor - great for once you have built the deck and want to improve it. Add it later.
  6. Lead the Stampede
  7. Shamanic Revelation
  8. Skullclamp is draw but might not be good since your creatures won't die reliably due to anthem effects
  9. Elvish Vanguard is just a dude that gets big - not exciting
  10. Titania's Chosen is just a dude that gets big
  11. Joraga Treespeaker is fun, and can be strong, but probably too slow if you want the deck to be fast

StopShot on How would you order triggered ...

1 day ago

I have three different question for three scenarios that are related with each other.

Question 1: Let's say I have Enduring Renewal on the battlefield along with a creature and a Swamp. I decide to cast Mind Swords for it's alternative cost sacrificing the creature to pay the cost. Would the creature return back to my hand due to Enduring Renewal before or after Mind Swords resolves?

Question 2: Similar to question 1. Let's I have Skullclamp equipped to a creature I control and a Swamp. I decide to cast Mind Swords for its alternative cost sacrificing the equipped creature to pay the cost. Would I draw the two cards from Skullclamp before or after Mind Swords resolves?

Question 3: Felidar Guardian is in my graveyard and I decide to cast Animate Dead targeting the Felidar Guardian. Once Felidar Guardian is on the battlefield I then use its enter the battlefield effect to exile or "flicker" the Animate Dead. If Animate Dead is exiled in this manner would Felidar Guardian be in my graveyard before or after the Animate Dead comes back into play? Would the Animate Dead coming back into play be able to return the same Felidar Guardian back onto the battlefield?

Thank you for the help!

Snap157 on Sac em'!

2 days ago

Yeah PartyJ hit the nail on the head, I think Bitterblossom and Skullclamp seem great, as well as Quest for the Gravelord and Bloodline Keeper  Flip. Looks good!

Leagallow on Return to Angel Car: Pimp My Ride Edition

3 days ago

Emeria Shepherd Good value recursionMother of Runes Super powerful protection, but less useful since she can't target your commanderSolemn Simulacrum Pure valueBurnished Hart Ramp, which is important in a mono-white deckSun Titan Strong recursion, particularly for low cost vehiclesThalia, Heretic Cathar Strong disruption on your opponentsEmeria, The Sky Ruin Basically an autorun in mono-whiteHigh Market Useful for preventing exile-removal so that you don't lose creaturesMyriad Landscape RampNykthos, Shrine to Nyx Autorun in mono-color decks (although you may not want it depending on how many artifacts you end up runningReliquary Tower Good value landRogue's Passage More value landTemple of the False God Value landDay of Judgment Cheap boardwipeMartial Coup Token-themed wipeWrath of God Better version of Day of Judgement (recommended to run both though)Path to Exile Autoinclude in all white decksReturn to Dust Very strong removalMartyr's Bond Good in token decks as a deterrent for opponentsOblivion Ring Strong temporary removalSkullclamp Super strong card draw in token decksSol Ring Best card in EDHSwiftfoot Boots Strong protectionSword of the Animist Decent rampElspeth, Sun's Champion Very strong white walkerAngel of Serenity Super strong removalDarien, King of Kjeldor Very strong token generatorElesh Norn, Grand Cenobite One of the best white cards in the game, broken as fuck in token decksHeliod, God of the Sun Token generator with a nice passiveIona, Shield of Emeria Straight BMMikaeus, the Lunarch Fantastic synergy with tokensWeathered Wayfarer Really good land fetching, particularly strong against green playersDarksteel Mutation Fantastic removal against commandersLuminarch Ascension Completely busted token generator, but paints a large target on youCaged Sun Busted mana doubler for mono-colorsGilded Lotus Good colored mana rockHedron Archive Good rockSensei's Divining Top Pure ValueThran Dynamo Strong rockWorn Powerstone Very strong rock (much stronger than it seems)Entreat the Angels Very strong token generatorTerminus Powerful board wipeCrib Swap Off brand swords to plowshares/path to exile, still definitely worth runningWhite Sun's Zenith Strong, re-usable token generatorBuried Ruin Artifact recursion on a landDarksteel Citadel Indestructible artifact landShrine of the Forsaken Gods VERY strong land for artifact decksThespian's Stage Land copierVesuva a different land copierUgin, the Spirit Dragon Best planeswalker in the game, particularly with artifacts

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