Crush Contraband

Crush Contraband


Choose one or boh —

  • Exile target artifact.
  • Exile target enchantment.
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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Crush Contraband occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Crush Contraband Discussion

triproberts12 on Return to Dust or Heliod's ...

1 week ago

I like a split of Crush Contraband and Heliod's Intervention . I think instant-speed is most important, followed by raw efficiency (e.g. X-for-1), followed by flexibility regarding additional targets are most important.

CrimsonWings3689 on Balan, Equipment Voltron

2 weeks ago

Depends on how often you have 4+ mana just chilling out. I've long since cut Return to Dust in favor of Crush Contraband because the odds of me not having 2 viable targets for the 4cmc is super rare. The downgrade to sorcery speed for RtD for the full effect has proven brutal. Sometimes you need to get rid of something on a turn other than yours, and paying 4 mana for a single target is one of the worst feelings in the game, because of the time restriction.

I don't envision the 2nd mode for Heliod's Intervention to be played often, but it should serve as a better option than RtD if you're not running against a ton of artifact recursion. It's also flexible as a removal spell for 3cmc or more than than 2 targets with 3cmc+. Solid option all around. Should be noted as well that it's hilariously better than what green gets in Consign to Dust

griffstick on The Rage of Achilles | Haktos EDH

2 weeks ago

Suns_Champion, it's perfect. I think that there really is no other way to build this. I think you went a tad bit to light in removal. Mostly because of cards like Ghostly Prison , Prison Term , Pramikon, Sky Rampart and other cards that can keep you from attacking. Maybe add 4 more removal cards. Like Cleansing Nova to get all the artifacts and enchantments stopping you. Maybe add Chaos Warp , maybe add Smoke since you will only be attacking with one creature anyway. Maybe add Silent Arbiter , maybe add Abrade , maybe add Crush Contraband

triproberts12 on How to design white card ...

1 month ago

I don't honestly think it's that hard to make white card draw, if it could just beat out priorities no one cares about like Happily Ever After. Here's my solution, a white version of Syphon Mind based on the card Truce : [CARD NAME], 2WW, Sorcery, "Starting with you, each player may draw a card. Draw a card for each card drawn this way." 18 words. Doesn't step on blues' toes, since it's way underpowered relative to Concentrate or Trade Secrets . It feels very white-forward, being about generosity. Finally, a Touch of Brilliance with a punisher effect and two white pips isn't going to warp Limited color identity by encouraging players to splash white for card draw, but it could be the top end of a white or Boros aggro deck packed with 2 and 3-drops. Much like Crush Contraband , the effect is mediocre enough to print at uncommon for Limited play, but it becomes one of the best budget cards in mono-white EDH once it leaves the draft table.

xaarvaxus on Mono White Angels

1 month ago

Unfortunately Nature's Chant is green/white color identity and is ineligible to be in the deck. There are some good replacements however in Crush Contraband , Return to Dust [exiling is good] or plain, old Disenchant if you feel you still need it. You do have a good arsenal of artifact and enchantment removal without it. I'd honestly replace with something like Marble Diamond .

I'd be worried that 33 land falls a bit short, especially without more artifact ramp. I'd up the count to 36-37 but maybe you're luckier off the draw than I. With this commander, I'd be trying to design the deck to reliably get her out on turn 3 to start shutting down opponents relying on mana dorks and the like.

triproberts12 on Budget Nazahn

1 month ago

Crush Contraband is arguably as good as Return to Dust , and a good way to shave $1.75 from the list. Return of the Wildspeaker is better than Soul's Majesty , since it doesn't target, avoiding blowouts by instant-speed removal. Especially in this deck, where you have 3 whole humans, making the second mode a win-con. It will also save you roughly another $1.75. You're not doing anything unfair with Open the Vaults that necessitates turboing it out, and you're only running 2 enchantments. Save the $2.75 and pay the extra mana to avoid giving people their enchantments back with Roar of Reclamation , instead. There's no special reason to run Nature's Lore in a deck without nonbasic forests, so swapping in Farseek will save another $2.75, and the deck is more white, anyway, so being able to fix for white while stuck on 2 green sources seems like an upgrade.

Those are just strict budget upgrades. I'd also check out the budget Nazahn page at EDHREC. Hope that helps!

Osbert on Queen Marchesa's Chessboard

2 months ago

You have TONS of creature removal but I only count 3 spells that can remove artifacts or enchantments. I suggest adding a card like Return to Dust or Crush Contraband as the best instant speed options with 2 for 1 capability. Aura of Silence is agreat tax effect that pulls double duty as removal as well.

Ad Naseum seems like a really risky card in here since you have quite a few higher CmC cards. It usually is better in a deck where the average CmC is ~2 so the life loss is mitigated and you are more likely to get a full grip from the spell. I know with Angel's Grace you can draw your deck but you don't have any ways to secure your infinite Dualcaster Mages from finishing the job. Maybe include a card like Silence or Grand Abolisher to make sure your combo goes off without a hitch.

With a decent instant package maybe you should consider Isochron Scepter . Stick a Swords to Plowshares or Silence or Despark under there and have repeatable interaction. Silence is exceptionally nasty.

If you're on the hunt for even more creature repellant I suggest Lightmine Field . It really only backfires when an opponent swings while they have an Iroas, God of Victory or Vigor out.

Joe_Ken_ on Odric, The Master Tactician

2 months ago

True Conviction is a good card to give your entire board double strike and lifelink.

Crush Contraband is a cheaper Return to Dust style of removal spell.

True Love's Kiss is similar in cost but instead of killing two things it draws you a card.

Endless Atlas can be a good source of card draw in mono color decks.

Archetype of Courage will give your board first strike.

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