Queen Marchesa


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Mythic Rare

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Queen Marchesa

Legendary Creature — Human Assassin

Deathtouch, haste

When Queen Marchesa enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.

At the begining of your upkeep, if an opponent is the monarch, put a 1/1 black Assassin creature token with deathtouch and haste onto the battlefield.

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Queen Marchesa Discussion

Teufell on How to best play Queen ...

2 weeks ago

Hello everyone, currently I have been having some difficulty in building both Queen Marchesa and Sen Triplets. I decided to stick to Mardu for now.

I just can't decided on a viable way to play her. First, I thought about using the curses theme with her, but it did not sit well for EDH. Then i decided to go enchantments, but ended up lacking wincons.

Now I am torn between Enchantment/Voting Mechanincs (Will of the council and alike) and tokens.

I would love to have some guidance on how to best play her in the most deadly way, either Control or Politics.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 weeks ago

Some of the curses are great, and I run Curse of Opulence as a pseudo-Pillow Fort card. The issue is that you want to manipulate behavior through rewards, but not give rewards that you cannot handle or will not cause vengeance seeking. They are nice for a nudge, but when overplayed, they can backfire. The C17 curses are actually very nice, but I find the Innistrad curses to be less optimal. The shared reward is great, even when it is as powerful as Curse of Verbosity. Card draw is very powerful, but when you are splitting it with other players, people are less likely to overwhelm you with the value that they get, or to resent the value that you are getting. The player being cursed is likely to resent it, so it is actually best to piggy back a curse onto existing table sentiment. What I mean here is, when someone it in a commanding or threatening position, and the table is considering rallying to oppose them, it is good to add a curse to the consideration to sweeten the prospect. It is the other side of the coin from Pillow Fort and Rattle Snake cards. Instead of "Look elsewhere." type effects like Ghostly Prison or No Mercy, it is a "Consider them." effect, which can have a very similar effect on player behavior. The effect can't be too heavy handed, since players do not like being manipulated. It is also better to have the reward be immediate, and not conditional or delayed. We are not trying to get them to trust us or ally with us explicitly. Also, effects that target, but do not affect decisions of the group are often less effective in politics. In this sense, certain cards in your list become better for politics, and certain cards are worse. Curse of Vengeance is counter productive, since you are rewarded, no one else is, and the cursed player will rightly see you as benefiting from their misfortunes. Other players may hold off attacks on that player in an attempt to limit your reward, and the cursed player has good reason to start attacking you. That is the opposite of what this deck wants. Trespasser's Curse is less bad, but still doesn't motivate anyone else at the table to help you, and still creates the revenge motivation with what is essentially little reward. If I wanted that effect, I would go with Suture Priest, and hit the entire table equally. Curse of Vitality is probably too little reward, since 2 life is a small resource. Curse of Shallow Graves is likely a decent reward, but may allow other players to outpace you, since this deck is less likely in a position to press an attack, making Curse of Disturbance a much better card. You keep pace with the table with Curse of Disturbance. Curse of Bloodletting is a slightly more powerful version of Duelist's Heritage, with more limitations and less control, all at a higher price. I already play that effect in the form of the much better Duelist's Heritage, although playing in a meta with many swarm decks may make it a better option. This leaves my two favorite curses, Curse of Opulence and Curse of Verbosity, with only Curse of Opulence able to be played in this deck. I find that shared resource gain of a resource that is not immediately seen as threatening is a really great spot to be in. Curse of Opulence is a nice ramp spell early, and has put Queen Marchesa in play for me on the second turn on multiple occasions. I am building both a Grixis and a Bant Aikido deck, and Curse of Verbosity will likely show up in both. I have not played it yet, but if it turns out to play like Curse of Opulence, it may end up being a great Pillow Fort card for those decks, and will potentially turn out to be a more subtle Edric, Spymaster of Trest for more blue decks, while allowing you to at least keep parity with the rest of the table as they take advantage of the bounty you put on another player. I am looking forward to seeing it in action. I will check out the rest of your list, but that will be the position I will be evaluating the list from.

CommanderAdventures on Queen Marchesa

1 month ago

Queen Marchesa is one of the best commanders out there since she brings in one of the coolest mechanics with monarch to the table.

I already see that you go in a right direction with her. If you want to build one of the most fun decks ever and stay within a 150 Dollar budget take a look at my Game of Thrones deck:

[PreCon] Game of Thrones - Monarch

Commander / EDH* Shirkhan92


It's a real gem within our playgroup and never fails to amaze with its sheer flavor!

precociousapprentice on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

1 month ago

Agreed, MegaMatt13. zenia, being able to use all your pieces to not just stop attacks, but to redirect them at your opponents, that is the real power of a political Queen Marchesa. edifice of authority may stop an attack, and later may even stop an ability, but I would rather that my opponents keep all their offense at full strength, just be unwilling to target me with it. edifice of authority stops them from being able to attack my opponents, and leaves a blocker around to discourage people from attacking them until later in the game. Interesting, but I think it would not replace Pacification Array.

CommanderAdventures on Need card ideas for "exceptionel" ...

1 month ago

I just finished a Queen Marchesa deck surrounded by strange and really rare mechanics:

[PreCon] Game of Thrones - Monarch

Commander / EDH* Shirkhan92


This deck is a real gem within our playgroup and boy it's hella fun! It's made for multiplayer commander so the main target is to set your opponents at each other, while you stay back and pull the strings. :)

guardianhunter19 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

So I tried making a theft deck that was slightly competitive and featured the new commander Inalla, Archmage Ritualist. I found that a good amount of wizards actually stole cards and creatures, and with her ability to get a token copy that has haste, there couldn't be a much better commander.

After some play-testing I've found that the curve of the deck; while I wouldn't it mind being faster, isn't so bad in my playgroup. And I'm mostly having an issue against Homeward Path (of course) and some jail decks like Queen Marchesa. Mostly I'd like some way to combo off hard at some tipping point, instead of the deck being a "slow grind to win" kind of deck.

DrukenReaps on Best Commanders for Out-of-color-pie strategies?

1 month ago

I feel like Queen Marchesa, Mathas, Fiend Seeker, and Tariel, Reckoner of Souls are a bit out of the norm for their colors. The rest of the mardu commanders need to be aggressive to use the whole card these ones don't.

Gaddock Teeg is probably the master of selesnya control. I think Karametra, God of Harvests, Selvala, Explorer Returned, and Captain Sisay can be part of solid control strategies. I would mostly expect them to work with hatebears which is not that uncommon in those colors.

Wort, the Raidmother is quite the oddball encouraging spellslinger builds in gruul of all places. Double Hurricane to have all the funz! Rosheen Meanderer usually built with hydras but X spells like Fireball are good too.

There are a few oddballs in almost every combination of colors.

DrukenReaps on Need a New Project Here!

1 month ago

Looks like you left less than a day for responses, perhaps more patience?

I'm in love with Queen Marchesa though I'm still in the midst of alterations for Divine Decree. The focus is more and more on lifegain and tokens. I've seen some crazy akidio decks I think MagicalHacker has one. akidio is a really neat archetype where knowing when and how to play Comeuppance is key to winning or losing.

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