Helm of Possession


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Helm of Possession


You may choose not to untap Helm of Possession during your untap step.

(2), Tap, Sacrifice a creature: Gain control of target creature as long as you control Helm of Possession and Helm of Possession remains tapped.

Helm of Possession Discussion

Rzepkanut on Mazirek Sac-Storm: The Contraption of Life & Death

13 hours ago

Thanks for the suggestions Spacebeest. You are right I've either actually tried or genuinely considered all them... except for Helm of Possession . And its a pretty fun sounding idea. I'll have to think about how to add it in. Thanks :)

Spacebeest on Mazirek Sac-Storm: The Contraption of Life & Death

13 hours ago

Nice write-up! Probably took some good time to type it all down. I did have to sort your deck on type instead of your custom types to make some sence of it though ;) I’ve been working on a meren deck with a similar sacrifice idea for a couple of years now, though the plan is a bit different they here I do have some suggestions and tips based on my experience with the archetype.

There are probably some cards here that have been mentioned before or have been tested, so sorry for that.

sac outlets are the bread and butter of these types of deck. You always need one in play or the deck falls short (this is also one of the weak point that you can attack these decks on). Some sac outlets that I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

1) Evolutionary Leap . Except that it’s not a free sac outlet I think one of the best out there!
2) Spawning Pit . One of my favorites, create more tokens from sacing creatures and it’s free to activate. Also it can quite easily go infinite with Doubling Season
3) Attrition . It’s probably mentioned somewhere her and I probably looked over it because everyone knows this.
4) Altar of Dementia . Better in meren then it’s here but still has its uses if you want to go with an infinite combo.
5) Culling Dais . Value
6) Dark Privilege . Protection of commander and outlet in one.
7) Fallen Ideal . Recurring outlet is always nice.
8) Yahenni, Undying Partisan . Indestructible outlet.
9) Helm of Possession . If people are going big.
10) Plagued Rusalka . If people are going wide.
11) Claws of Gix . Can sac any permanent and is the cheapest outlet ever made.
Some utility creatures:
12) Wirewood Herald . This is one of my favorite fun cards in my deck. Your already playing a few good other elves (rec sage, izoni, wood elves, elvish visionary) so I definitely suggest adding this one!
13) Viridian Emissary and Primal Druid are all stars in my deck. Might be useful here over some of the 3 mana ramp creatures?? (Emissary is a bit better because of clamp, and it’s an elf).
14) Golgari Findbroker . Witness #2, also it’s an elf.
15) Sengir Autocrat and Mitotic Slime . These cards give 4 and 7 sacrifices respectively. They are some of the payoff cards that I use. Especially fond of autocrat since it works with savra and skullclamp very well.
16) Reassembling Skeleton . Another one of my payoff cards, and can get nuts of I have a good board. Also there are few ways to go infinite with this one (there is a 4 card combo with this in your deck right now).
17) Savra, Queen of the Golgari . It’s an elf and since it’s a creature its easier to tutor then an enchantment. The life gain is also nice!

And one more random card that doesn’t belong in above categories:
18) Foster . At 4 mana a bit expensive but boy what value this card can give!

Some of the cars you tested and took out I’d like to comment on. I find them very very useful and would probably never cut them in my deck:
19) Fecundity . This card is the best card in my deck, the only time it’s not great is when I’m playing against weenies or people are trading creatures with each other without me having a board presents. I don’t really care if people draw a card if I kill there 6 mana creatures because it still slows them down. What’s so good about this card that It provides us with a great amount of value. This card draws of tokens which is awesome and most of the creatures your running give to sac triggers anyway. In 90% the cases this card will generate more value for us then for other players.
20) Deathreap Ritual . The only reason I’d ever cut this card is the mana cost, which at 4 is a bit expensive. You however stated the reason for excluding this card is the lack of value. I’d like to point out that Morbid doesn’t only trigger at the end of your turn but at the end of EVERY turn. It also triggers when any creature dies, so it doesn’t have to be yours and, like fecundity, it triggers of tokens dying to!! In a four player game this card can give an easy 4 cards a round.
21) Golgari Germination . I like this mostly because I play above mentioned cards which benefit hugely from tokens dying, but even without this it’s a great card rewarding you for any sacrifice and being an enchantment it’s a bit more durable as well.
22) Sakura-Tribe Elder . At two mana and a build in sac outlet this card is a cheap ramp spell that functions at all time and can provide value even if you don’t have a sac outlet in play. But if you have experienced trough testing that you get more value out of a 3 drop ramp creature then it might be different for your deck compared to meren.

Hereby I end my epistle with a last note that if your looking to take out some card I’d look at everything above 4 mana and everything with X in the mana cost. I find I always take out these in the end since I can’t cast them reliably. (5 drops stay when they are very good for the deck though).

empiretodiefor on "Teysa Never Stops" No Budget Tokens

2 weeks ago

ThaneGarrus Happy to explain. There is no Stax theme. Everything that you see being stax is actually a sac outlet. I can choose to use tabby as a sac outlet that is harder to remove than the others. It works in conjunction with Dawn of the Dead and Lifeline I want to be able to sac every upkeep and every end step wheich means i use 2-3 sac outlets per turn. The more death triggers the better. And remember people dont have decks designed around Lifeline . A lot of the meta where I am is Storm and control decks there are not a lot of creature decks so lifline has actually won me the game a few times already.

The Altar of Dementia mill is also just bec I want a sac outlet. Having a Sac outlet that can mill when you have 40 power on board is very powerful.

The deck is designed to let players kill anything they want exile anything they want and it dosent matter the deck bounces back trowing crazy token combos back in your face. I dont care what other players are doing most of the time and if i do I use Coffin Queen and Helm of Possession to stop them. People see the death triggers and assume they should take the sac outlets off the board or from the deck, but it dosent matter I have so many ways to sac my cards they do nothing but answer me all game. You will be the target all game with this deck and thats fine they wont be able to build a board while they have to answer all the recursion and tokens.

empiretodiefor on "Teysa Never Stops" No Budget Tokens

3 weeks ago

Masterful I ended up adding Seal before i started playing.

Play testing has been amazing. With the updated list I won a 3 person 3 pod tournament in spectacular fashion. I won the first pod by Helm of Possession my opponents Coffin Queen keeping myself alive after being milled to 0 cards by the Phenax, God of Deception player milled me out, using queen to grab Golgari Thug from the GY and targeting creatures in the yard to finish out the game with combat. It was amazing. The final pod I T1 fetch landed and Enlightened Tutor for Mana Crypt . T2 Yawgmoth's Will my fetch land and played Enlightened Tutor for Eldrazi Monument . After that it was all over. I ended up killing first player with Commander Damage for Flavor and killed the last player with 16x 4/4 Wurm Tokens.

I had some issues with SAC outlets being stolen from a player but other than that I think I am happy with the deck for now. Not running any hate and annoying disruption gives gthe deck a fun play feel being able to hold off opponets from attacking you first. Will see how it play tests over the next few weeks as people become familiar with it. Everyone that has lost to it loved the deck and had nothing but positive things to say. Card draw felt hard with Monument and Skullclamp was worthless after T2 in both games. I feel like its only good if i have it in my open hand and a 1/1 to sac.

Additions i am going to make are Coffin Queen .

Masterful on "Teysa Never Stops" No Budget Tokens

3 weeks ago

Looks great! Fleshwrither , Helm of Possession , and Retrofitter Foundry look really fun. How has playtesting been with them? Also, if you're budgetless, any reason you're not running Imperial Seal ?

Driemer84 on Kiki's Delivery Service

3 weeks ago

I know what you mean about too many decks. I have 5 with a 6th in progress and even that feels like too many.

Here is where I'm at with Kiki-Jiki.
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

I think you're right about Dark-Dweller though. I already run Outpost Siege and it's really the same effect with less investment and vulnerability. I'll probably stick with that.

I'll give Flameshadow and Feldon some more thought and a test run. What I really want out of these cards is more etb triggers and Panharmonicon just owns them all when it comes to that. I'm not sure if the it's worth the extra mana you need to invest in Flameshadow and Feldon. Flameshadow also incentivizes you to over extend since you can't get those triggers without casting your creature and I'm not sure that's a good thing. I've found if you have a good value creature on board along with Kiki-Jiki, you just want to sit on your hand and in that situation, Flameshadow does nothing.

Nim Deathmantle seems like it competes with Feldon. Feldon produces a lot of repeatable value, but it can't combo like Deathmantle. I'll have to get some games in with it. My only problem with Deathmantle is that, like Flameshadow, there are times when you cast it and it sits there and does nothing because you don't have mana to take advantage of it, or you don't have a way to trigger it.

I understand the power of Helm of the Host, but I always found it so expensive and clunky. Maybe it provides enough free wins to be worth it, but I'm not on board yet. If I decide to run Helm and Deathmantle, then Godo seems like and auto-include. He's already borderline with only Thornbite Staff and Skullclamp.

Another card I think would be cool in this deck is Helm of Possession . Tokens are perfect sac fodder for the Helm, and with a sac outlet it's a great way to rid your opponents of their best threats.

The remainder of the cards I'm looking at are just generic hate cards like War's Toll , Stranglehold , Price of Glory , and Ruination . Red has so many hosers that I want to try out. They don't necessarily synergize with the deck, they're just their to grief my opponents.

carpecanum on Death by Tide Pods

1 month ago

Helm of Possession maybe? You have things you want to sac anyway so sac, steal theirs and then sac those if you want

pskinn01 on [Dimir Aristocrats] (Budget)

1 month ago

Here are some budget cards that are in my pile to build something similar:
Oversold Cemetery -recursion.
Smothering Abomination card draw.
Ravenous Chupacabra fun in funeral when repeayed.
Whisper, Blood Liturgist recursion that triggers death triggers two times.
Helm of Possession board control - I have left it untapped with tokens as a deterrent to being attacked.
Dawn of the Dead recursion - remember to sac the creature before end of turn.
Ogre Slumlord let's make tokens fun again.
Wonder flying is great for the whole family(team).
Priest of the Blood Rite cast, get 5/5 token, sac, repeat.
Shriekmaw removal that's good with creature recursion
Duplicant exiles indestructible creatures.
Torgaar, Famine Incarnate - for the opponent who likes to get way too much life.

Hope something in this list is helpful. Also Noxious Gearhulk might be good in the deck, but is not in my pile as I don't have an extra one ATM.

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Helm of Possession occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Red: 0.02%