Helm of Possession


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Helm of Possession


You may choose not to untap Helm of Possession during your untap step.

(2), Tap, Sacrifice a creature: Gain control of target creature as long as you control Helm of Possession and Helm of Possession remains tapped.

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Helm of Possession Discussion

DarthTucker on Yo-sei Goodbye, and I Say Hell-O

2 months ago

This might be the most degenerate deck I've ever seen.

But I absolutely built it (with literally 8 differences), and it's probably the most fun deck I've played in a long long time. This is brilliant, good work.

I removed:

I added:

ClockworkSwordfish on Yasova the Borrower II

3 months ago

If you want a way to steal creatures and an outlet to sacrifice stolen creatures, look no further than Helm of Possession!

pskinn01 on Meren - I need your help!

3 months ago

Avenger of Zendikar - drops lots of sacable creatures.

Coffin Queen and Hell's Caretaker for more reanimation.

Duplicant - removal for indestrutable creatures.

Noxious Gearhulk - big body with removal and life gain.

Terastodon the blow up combo piece monster.

Helm of Possession for more control.

All the above suggestions I use in Meren and reanimated friends

Gidgetimer on Helm of Possession and Grave ...

3 months ago

Choosing a target is part of activating the ability of Helm of Possession and the Grave Pact trigger is going to go on the stack above the helm activation. This means that they will know what creature you are trying to steal and sacrifice it for the helm activation to fizzle.

Enral on Helm of Possession and Grave ...

3 months ago

I have Helm of Possession and Grave Pact on the play. My opponent has 2 creatures in play. If I were to activate HoP, will the trigger from GP happens immediately before I were to name a creature to steal? Or do I have to name the creature I'm stealing first and my opponent has the option to sacrifice it in response to the GP trigger?

TLDR: Is there a way I can steal the creature I want when I have HoP and GP in play? Or does my opponent has the option of denying my steal due to GP trigger and me having to name a creature to steal immediately after paying HoP's cost.

pskinn01 on SAC FO DAYZ. Looking for ...

4 months ago

Meren can be built as a self mill n recursion deck (i know you said no mill). And she can build a board state quickly even on a budget.

She also works well with Fleshbag Marauder type cards with Grave Pact type cards, making each opponent sac two (or more).

Coffin Queen, Birthing Pod, Helm of Possession and Hell's Caretaker are good with her - especially in this type of deck.

cdkime on RW EDH Revised Brion

4 months ago

Crested Sunmare is an interesting card for this deck. It provides you a 5/5 indestructible blocker whenever you gain life--sacrifice this horse with Brion, gain some life via lifelink, and immediately gain another replacement horse in the next endstep.

I might think of adding more sacrifice outlets and untap mechanics. You have numerous capture spells, and several which capture multiple targets. A few more sacrifice outlets will allow you to use, attack, and then destroy these captures, even if there are several of them or your commander tapped/is not on the field. I found a couple which might be interesting, at budget-friendly prices:

Helm of Possession allows you to both destroy a borrowed creature and net another creature semi-permanently.

Ashnod's Altar provides and destroys one of their creatures.

Infernal Plunge nets you some mana when you sacrifice their creatures.

Scapegoat is fairly inexpensive to cast, and has a number of uses in this deck. Not only can you sacrifice a stolen creature, but you can also bounce other stolen creatures to their owners' hands and bounce your own thieves, such as Conquering Manticore.

Rupture has the downside of harming yourself. However, you have a solid number of flying creatures, so it may not affect your boardstate much.

There are some W instants (ex. Burst of Energy) and creatures (ex. Dauntless Aven), as well as some artifacts (ex. Thousand-Year Elixir) which untap creatures, and would allow you an additional fling with Brion. Not sure if any of these are efficient enough to be worth a card slot, but it might be worth playtesting.

pskinn01 on *HELP* Vampires first EDH deck tribal

4 months ago

Prefer signets over cluestones - cost less, turn one sol ring into signet is very powerful when it happens. And help lower you average casting cost.

Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos are good in this deck with lots of small creatures and sac outlets. Causes lot of damage with blood artist on the field.

Helm of Possession is good in a token build.

Greed, Necropotence, erebos, or some other constant supply of card draw is needed.

Here is a list of budget staples. It also has links to other useful lists.

Edhrec.com is a good resource when building decks to see what others are using.

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