Volcanic Island


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Masters Edition IV Rare
Masters Edition III Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare

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Volcanic Island

Land — Island Mountain

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

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15.91 TIX $15.97 Foil

Isle of Cards

$295.0 Paper


Volcanic Island Discussion

CthulhusNo1FavCultist on Mono-B aggro

5 hours ago

Thank you! I guess I will add the combo. I wish modern wasn't so damn expensive. There are lands more expensive than my deck :/

PS: hardhitta71194, for your Izzmatic deck, I really think you could use some Volcanic Islands.

HSF117 on W: Legacy Sneak and Show ...

1 week ago

I do not want Volcanic Island right now, but I am looking for most of the other cards. I am also looking for some standard pieces.

Here is my binder:

HSF117's Binder

ZomBee_Hunt on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 week ago

NarejED ok I revamped my Zedruu the Greathearted deck with cards I actually acquired. I am submitting it again for the tier 3 zedruu spot. Zedr(YOU), Zed(WHAT). (this deck is everything I own in paper)

Average CMC is 3.06. Relatively low for a zedruu deck. I could make it lower, but it takes out some key lock pieces I did get the suggestions you said earlier as well as some of the ones I already planned on inserting.

Like I said earlier. This deck has been tested against tier 1 and 2 decks as there are a few in my meta.

I know I am missing key lands (Arid Mesa, Scalding Tarn, Tundra, Volcanic Island.

Beyond that, I feel like it is complete. Any extra advice please let me know. Or PM me.

I put it up for voting.

aeonstoremyliver on KIngWiggins

2 weeks ago

I have some unlisted stuff for sure. Are you looking for anything specific? In all actuality, I could use the Tundra, but would put priority on Underground Sea and then Volcanic Island, if you have them.

I have some duals I could put towards them, along with some other goodies.

Feltrix on Perfection

3 weeks ago

I know, right? I get you could get it to a mere $10,000 if everything wasn't foil and maybe $9,000 if you replaced all the lands except Scalding Tarn and Volcanic Island with Islands and Mountains.

Feltrix on Perfection

3 weeks ago

Yeah. Volcanic Island is amazing!

SphinxOfChimes1080 on Drowning in Drawing

4 weeks ago

@jwe94 Cards that I can likely not afford include Underground Sea, Volcanic Island, Badlands, Force of Will, Scalding Tarn, Verdant Catacombs, Time Spiral, and Wheel of Fortune.

I'm in the process of reviewing the cards here and in my deck (clearly yours have seen more playtesting, your opinions are pretty solid). When I order cards next I don't want to order anything 50 dollars or over.

I noticed most of the cards are those dang double lands. Tango lands for replacements? I know that the Island/Swamp/Mountain sub-type is necessary.

Simon_Williamson on New Format Idea: El-Cheapo (budget ...

4 weeks ago

I mean THE RESERVED LIST, dual lands man!! Black Lotus, Volcanic Island!

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