Mycosynth Lattice


All permanents are artifacts in addition to their other types.

All cards that aren't in play, spells, and permanents are colorless.

Players may spend mana as though it were mana of any color.

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Mycosynth Lattice Discussion

joriiiii12345 on EDH: Godo, summoner of Kaldra

10 hours ago

Thanks a lot!

Tyrant's Familiar taps, unfortunately, and if I give vigilance to anything, that would be Kaldra.

Mycosynth Lattice is very good, but my meta will possibly gain more advantage of it than me (Breya and the like are common).

I will definetely consider Mirrorworks, that might work.

Daretti, Scrap Savant is going in! Just like O-Naginata probably.

The_Doughboy on Xenabro

19 hours ago

A good combo would be Hellkite Tyrant and Mycosynth Lattice its a fun win-con while even if mycosynth gets destroyed you can still mess up a artifact deck.

Use Tooth and Nail to get Blightsteel Colossus with Xenagos, God of Revels thats allmost a guaranteed loss for someone.

Same thing with Tooth and Nail for Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Zealous Conscripts for infinite creature to insta win

Summoning Trap to mess with a blue deck and maby win or help reach that goal

Karzalar on EDH: Godo, summoner of Kaldra

23 hours ago

In all seriousness, i can't think of anything to help with the goal of the deck. All i was about to suggest is already in there (like Panharmonicon).

BUT! I can suggest some cards in red that can help otherwise.

Tyrant's Familiar for a good creature with multiple attack phases.

Mycosynth Lattice to go with Hellkite Tyrant and Vandalblast- steal or destroy ALL the permanents!

Mirrorworks to double every possible non-legendary artifact.

Daretti, Scrap Savant is good in a mono-red artifact deck. It cycles your hand, reuses any artifact in the graveyard and if you ever emblem, unless they exile your artifacts, they'll always be there.

O-Naginata is a fantastic, low cost equipment that can help Godo or Kaldra!


BladeMasta220 on rockleemyhero

1 day ago

Hey man I haven't been on in awhile. If we could work up to trading for your Crucible of Worlds I would definitely put my Mycosynth Lattice toward it. Let me know thank you.

Oboga on reign of fire

1 day ago

Definitely use the dual lands and the fetch lands. They work together rather well, and fix up your mana base nicely.

Also, you have 2 copies of Pristine Skywise in your deck right now... might want to take one out. You could replace it with Mycosynth Lattice as it works very well with the Hellkite Tyrant you already have in the deck.

PookandPie on Animar, The OP of Elements

1 day ago

I just want to point out: You can't actually run Dryad Arbor in this deck (it has white in its color identity, and Animar is RUG, so you can't play any white or black cards). You can easily replace it with just about any other green one drop though, so that's no big deal.

Ancestral Statue + 4 counters on Animar = infinitely big Animar. Very cheap card, so it's not like it'd hurt to include it.

Lightning Strike is pretty terrible in Commander (40 life, multiple opponents), so its best use is as removal, but Beast Within is the premiere removal in your colors. I strongly recommend running Beast Within, and since it just had a reprint recently it's at its lowest price in some time. It hits anything, so you can hit the tryhard's Gaea's Cradle, the combo player's Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood or any other random combo card from Mycosynth Lattice and Ashnod's Altar to Grave Pact and Laboratory Maniac. It's a very good card, I recommend it highly.

Creatures with X in their casting cost get absurd with Animar since any counters he has = automatically contributing that amount to X costs. Altered Ego isn't bad as you copy any creature for the same price as Clone, but you get +1/+1 counters = to Animar's counters lol.

Vorel of the Hull Clade seems like it could be decent here. Just a tap to put Animar in lethal range? Not bad. Fathom Mage can be a pretty handy draw engine as well, and with Vorel it gets even better.

Neotrup on Synery prevents Combo?

4 days ago

Hexproof granted by Padeem, Consul of Innovation does not stop you from targeting Voltaic Construct, it only stops your opponent from targeting it. Shroud granted by Lightning Greaves would prevent you from targeting Voltaic Construct, if you needed to equip them to give haste, however, you can equip them to something else so you can target it again.

Also, Padeem, Consul of Innovation doesn't need Lightning Greaves if you have Mycosynth Lattice on the battlefield, as Padeem will grant himself hexproof, as he will be an Artifact.

nibsey on Synery prevents Combo?

4 days ago

I love the following synergy in an artifact heavy deck, especially if Mycosynth Lattice comes out too

Padeem, Consul of Innovation + Lightning Greaves

Does Padeem prevent Voltaic Construct interacting with Grim Monolith?

Karn, Silver Golem + Grim Monolith + Voltaic Construct

Therefore my combo above no longer works?

Many thanks, Nibsey

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