Damping Sphere


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Damping Sphere


If a land is tapped for two or more mana, it produces instead of any other type and amount.

Each spell a player casts costs more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn.

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Damping Sphere Discussion

Lutachris23 on Grave Triggered

2 days ago

Bloodghast is probably a better card over Reassembling Skeleton. One other observation is that you don't very many answers to non-creature strategies (Tron and Storm for example). Your sideboard just seems to have even more creature removal which seems unnecessary, so maybe add in Relic of Progenitus for graveyard things, Damping Sphere for Tron and Storm.

mrfab13 on IDK MODERN

2 days ago

Atarka's Command, Bloodbraid Elf, Collected Company, Damping Sphere, Domri Rade, Vivien Reid, Garruk Wildspeaker all seem playable.

Village Messenger  Flip is the only worthwhile 1 drop, Wolfbitten Captive  Flip agaainst a slower deck is debatable

metatronius on Skred

2 days ago

Onyx77Thank you, having played a ton of the archetype I've grown very unimpressed with Koth of the Hammer. I think he's generally pretty terrible in most situations, I mean saying "oh he's like a big haste creature" is kind of wrong because he can't block and is easily killed on the swing-back. His board impact is very minimal, and you kind of want your threats to help stabilize the board. I understand he's a fast clock with his ultimate, but honestly in what world are you going to have your threat around for 3 turns and not be heavily favored to win the game? If you want to play him though I guess you can cut out the Pia and Kiran Nalaar? I really don't like doing that though because of how well they work with your mana rocks and Karn, Scion of Urza, and how nicely they stabilize your board. As for Goblin Rabblemaster, He's fine, if you feel you want to shore up your combo matchup (traditionally the hardest matchup) then you can run him in your sideboard but I've always used Trinisphere for that slot and now we have Damping Sphere which is more flexible and cheaper.

UrbanAnathema on Is Green tron still the ...

4 days ago

This is likely the most favorable meta Mono Green Tron has ever seen. I don't expect Alpine Moon to have much more of an impact on the deck than Damping Sphere did, which was minimal. Mono U has gotten a significant upgrade in Karn, Scion of Urza which gives it an additional card advantage engine while supplying relevant pressure and a wincon outside of Slaver lock. U Tron is on the upswing and it's definitely a solid competitive choice at present. That said, I think U Tron wouldn't be at parity or a superior choice to Mono G unless something unlikely happens like an Ancient Stirrings ban.

QKNARWHAL on Bruna,Voltron Control

4 days ago

SynergyBuild-probably going to be taking out Damping Sphere (was testing it), As Foretold, Celestial Mantle, and maybe some other stuff. My meta varies heavily so I probably won’t go full stax as it would be dead against some decks.

Will361405 on Is Green tron still the ...

5 days ago

I actually have 3 Damping Sphere in my sideboard for the green tron matchup because it effects them so much more than us, and also I love your list! I think blue tron may be able to beat green tron, but I was wanting a variety of comments especially from those who play green tron.

Will361405 on Is Green tron still the ...

5 days ago

Hello, I would like to talk about modern tron, and the different variants of it. I love mono blue tron, and it is a deck I have been playing for almost a year now, I love the deck almost as much as I love Bloodbraid Elf do you guys think with all the tron hate coming out that blue and other tron variants will surpass that of green tron? With Blood Moon Alpine Moon and Damping Sphere all out how will this affect all tron players? I would also love to know if you think Emrakul, the Promised End has a spot in blue tron I have been testing with Elder Deep-Fiend and have been enjoying the card other than that, if you want I would be more than happy to hear why you think tron is good right now, or if you think that green tron will get pushed out!

Cragon18 on Improvising

6 days ago

Thanks for the comment lagotripha. Ichor Wellspring as been pretty good for me but mostly because of the double cantrip thanks to Herald of Anguish being able to sacrifice it to it's ability. I have had games where I sac it, kill a creature and find a fatal push and kill a bigger creature (not always the scenario I admit, but it can happen). Bauble is an interesting suggestion and I will need to test that and see how it does. I like being able to use it for improvise early with the option to sac and draw later. Spellbomb could possibly be a 1-of in the main board but I am fine with having in the sideboard at this point.

This deck could probably be a good ensaring bridge deck, but I'll need to acquire them and they seem to be quite pricey still... I like the idea of Whir and would provide a lot of utility in this deck(if i can be reliably cast). I'll need to think about how that would change the deck and what cards I would add/drop/change in number. It'd be very valuable in post sideboard games where I really need a Damping Sphere against Storm/Tron so it could perhaps be a sideboard 'toolbox' package. Just spitballing here...I like your suggestions though. Thanks again!

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