Damping Sphere


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Damping Sphere


If a land is tapped for two or more mana, it produces instead of any other type and amount.

Each spell a player casts costs more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn.

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Damping Sphere Discussion

DragonKing90 on Budget Tron

2 days ago

i'm looking to build a budget Gx tron deck. unfortunately i cannot afford karns, ugins, and wurmcoils. heres the deck so far.

Budget Tron

Modern DragonKing90


I would like suggestions on a good secondary color, as well as sideboard options. so far the secondary color is red because Banefire seems good in a deck that can easily get X to 5+. it also gives me access to By Force which would help immensely against Hardened Modular.

I'm pretty familiar with who the good players at my LGS are, and what decks they have been using. so my main concerns are the following decks.

  1. Tron mirror: there are at least 3 tron players who frequent FNM. unlike me, they are able to afford karns, ugins, and wurmcoils.

  2. Jund: a buddy of mine assures me Tron is favored in this matchup. but i still want to be prepared, for several reasons. A) i'm running a budget build. B) Assassin's Trophy can destroy lands when it gets released. C) the jund player knows full well the tron players will show up. he knows them personally. if Tron is truly favored in this matchup, i figure he's coming prepared. D) i don't particularly like the guy. he tried to make fun of my current modern deck, which is 5C Sliver Company. on the bright side though, i went 3-1 that night and won some boosters.

  3. Goblins: this guys deck is about as fast and competitive as i imagine goblins can be. minus the fact he doesnt use Throne of the God-Pharaoh like i would. its great in "go wide" decks. i have some mainboard threats that could potentially serve as answers here, but i have to live long enough to use them. Steel Hellkite can destroy all his tokens at once for 0 mana, but thats a turn 4 play at best meaning i'd better hope i go first. Myr Battlesphere can give some blockers. this matchup is what made me consider Spatial Contortion for the sideboard. it can remove any goblin, or pump up a Reality Smasher to swing for 8 on turn 3.

  4. Hardened Modular: same friend that said Tron is favored against Jund, said Goblins and Hardened Modular might be difficult. obviously i should already be packing artifact removal since almost any opponent can drop a Damping Sphere against me, but single-target removal may not be enough here.

any suggestions are appreciated. if you think i should add something, please also suggest what i should cut. i am more than happy to give feedback and advice in return, on any modern format decks. that is the format i am most familiar with.

Odysseus_97 on Weak EDH Archetypes?

2 days ago

dbpunk: Very true, the point of making the cards would be to make it more viable. Like a burn commander making Lightning Bolt target each opponent instead of a single one. (Wont let it copy when targeting creatures). Not essentially the entire standard/modern/legacy deck strategy, more like taking the theme of a given archetype and making it possible in commander (Adjusting cards to work in multiplayer). There are lots of people who loves burn, but it is very hard making it viable in a semi-powered meta.

You have some very good points, and no, Tarmogoyf and Goblin Guide will probably never see any real play in EDH as they are combat focused, but that is only good as it wont increase the price of the already expensive cards :)

It might be a way to ambitious project i have begun experimentning with, but i have some high hopes and like the creative aspect of it. Success or failure, either way i have fun :)

MagicalHacker: Damping Sphere, Ceremonious Rejection, Alpine Moon, Infernal Reckoning & Unmoored Ego. I think wizards aren't fans of tron ;p

These themes are quite specific, looking for things more like: Burn, Control, Infect :)

AwesomeOctopus on Sen Triplets Control

3 days ago

Voltron decks hate sac effects, to the point that most of them play Tajuru Preserver if you're playing against a lot of Sram, Senior Edificer or Uril The Mist Stalker cards like The Abyss Anowon, the Ruin Sage, Fleshbag Marauder or more prison effects like a Windborn Muse work well. What kind of combos are we talking about for the other players? many degenerate combos rely on graveyard recursion, like breakfast hulk. Rest in Peace and Grafdigger's Cage hose them. storm combos hate tax effects. Damping Sphere was basically printed just to give the middle finger specifically to tron and storm and it makes it nearly impossible for them to go off while it is out.

Pervavita on Modern Werewolves

4 days ago

Unclaimed Territory you should think about also for your mana base.

As your playing red I would consider Lightning Bolt.

for sideboard on theme I would look at creatures and instant speed items to be able to diversify when you cast spells or to directly impact the board. Ancient Grudge if you think artifacts are an issue. Feed the Clan to hose agro decks, Damping Sphere for Tron and Storm, Spellskite may not be bad though your meta may make it not as good. Scavenging Ooze for graveyard hate.

DragonKing90 on Jund Midrange (GRN Update)

1 week ago

DarkStarStorm: Assassin's Trophy will not push tron out of the meta. other cards have already tried. Damping Sphere is amazing against tron, but i've seen no shortage of tron players at my LGS since the card was released.

Chasmolinker on Jund Midrange (GRN Update)

1 week ago

Can’t wait. It seems they are really going against tron lately. Damping Sphere, Alpine Moon, and now Assassin's Trophy.

lagotripha on Finit Hic Deus

1 week ago

There are eldrazi-tron primers out there which cover most of the key points far better than I can. I've seen players shift to eldrazi and taxes or green tron, but I can't speak to exactly what is causing that shift without piloting it.

I'm gonna talk metagame. Relic of Progenitus is pretty much mandatory maindeck now thanks to Ironworks combo and Hollow One/Vengevine decks, with a side order of old-style storm.

Humans and other aggro (complete with Meddling Mage and Kitesail Freebooter), with sideboarded Damping Sphere or Alpine Moon are the other new hurdle. Secondarily - watch out for those Heroic Intervention in every green list with creatures.

Look forward to Abrupt Decay and Path to Exile's bastard child, Assassin's Trophy. It can hit lands. This will be a major tool for B/G/x- upping spellskite count might be attractive depending on how it makes it into the meta, although with any luck it'll make KCI less dominant.

Geralf_Cecani on Grafted Ponza

2 weeks ago

Okay, just going to throw this out there now, going aggro and blowing up lands are not two things you want to be doing at the same time. Aggro is about going on the offensive and not letting them have any time to stabilise. Land removal is all about grinding it out and not letting your opponent cast any of their late game threats, preferably behind a Ensnaring Bridge. The two archetypes are doing completely different things, and I'm not sure that you'd want to stifle your own gameplan. However, I am relatively new to modern and actually have no idea about the current metagame or how this deck functions at all. So you should not listen to me at all, or at least take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, and do whatever the fuck you want.

But as for changes, you should totally be running Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin in your mana base if you want to be removing lands. Crucible of Worlds works well with those two, and also with the 8 fetches your running, or if you like beating face with your walue engines and aren't afraid of a bit of removal, Ramunap Excavator does the same thing. You seem to be making alot of permanents, what with the ramp, Thragtusk, Bloodbraid Elf and Tireless Tracker, so maybe a Wayward Swordtooth? It's an excellent beater for its cost, and ramps along with making crucible fuckn incredible. Since you have a critical mass of creatures, maybe sub-in Magus of the Moon for Blood Moon, does the same thing just on a body, kinda like the excavator. Thragtusk seems pretty weak here, and could be easily subbed out for Garruk, Primal Hunter or Nissa, Vital Force or similar.

Your sideboard needs a bit of work, just throw in a Grafdigger's Cage or Relic of Progenitus and maybe a Damping Sphere or 2 to mess up tron and you should be right as rain.

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