Herald of Anguish


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Herald of Anguish

Creature — Demon

Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)


At the beginning of your end step, each opponent discards a card.

, Sacrifice an artifact: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.

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Herald of Anguish Discussion

topkyle on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

1 day ago

@Revedeka: See my previous post about my Gameday using the deck if it helps you out. I did make a few changes for myself. I was having trouble hitting land drops in testing (especially double black in time for a turn 4-5 Herald of Anguish). Workshop Assistant was constantly useless so he was removed. Also I went down 1 Ravenous Intruder for a main deck Fling. I don't think that last one was a good decision so here's where I'm at post-gameday:

Lands - 22 total

4 Aether Hub 4 Spire of Industry 7 Mountain 5 Swamp 1 Inventors' Fair 1 Westvale Abbey  Flip

Maindeck -1 Workshop Assistant Sideboard -1 Rush of Adrenaline +1 Fling

Troy242621 on Tezzeret Tuning

1 week ago

I am considering Herald of Anguish as another win condition though.

mahdik on Myr artifact deck

1 week ago

Looking at your deck, I can see there's 6-7 card that cost more than 5, and in modern, even with ramp like Palladium Myr or infinite combo of mana you can't base your strategy on it. I like myr as you do, I had a deck similar times ago, but this deck is more casual than modern, you won't win with that.

If you want to play it modern, considering the infinite mana combo is your win-co, you should get rid of Herald of Anguish, Hellkite Tyrant, Chief of the Foundry, everything that cost more than 5 basically (you don't play tron, you won't have enough mana). Then here comes the new stuff.

Ramp like Birds of Paradise would help but prioritize artefact base ramp, especially on myr. Etherium Sculptor is a favorite of mine. Then, you should board in tutor because you prefer Myr Galvanizer over anything (Enlightened Tutor is not cheap, but it's good, Fabricate is more in your range I presume). Clones could also work (Phantasmal Image could be nice, it would also be versatile, copying creatures from the opponent, Voltaic Key could also mimic Myr Galvanizer). Cheaper draw engine (Ancient Stirrings or Thoughtcast considering you would have a shit load of myr and Darksteel Citadel) is a most. Counter-spells or tax engine to slow the opponents down naturally (punishing anything other than artefact being played). You should also board in protection for your creature like Heroic Intervention or Myr Retriever in case you lost something important. FINNALLY, 4x Walking Ballista as your win-co, doing infinite damage. You won't have a lot of win-co thought, that's why a tezzeret or 2, whatever it is, ultimate is interesting.

The deck won't be tier 1, but you could perfectly have fun with it, and pretty cheaply. It would also become G/U, splashing W or B for Tezzeret or tax stuff. And one or 2 Master Transmuter, cause it's OP. It cost a lot but recycling a Walking Ballista who came too soon for anything better for the board state is just incredible.

If you want to see what a list would be like with my suggestion ask me, will take me a minute. Hope you have fun :)

Argeaux on Tezzerets Deadly Puppet Show

1 week ago

4 of a card. 4 copies.

If you want to get Herald of Anguish out through improvise then have three or four copies, and make it the top of your curve.

Then have more ways of putting Artifacts on the field, so you almost always get it out on Turn 4 or 5.

Maybe putting some more Creatures with Fabricate in would facilitate that.

You could also use Tezzeret the Schemer'S ability multiple times on Marionette Master without killing it if you attached something to it like Stitcher's Graft.

Just throwing out some ideas.

Revedeka on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

1 week ago


Thank you for your comment! It is very useful to me, and im glad to see the deck worked so well.

As for the UG ramp matchup, I actually think you just got unlucky, since that deck usually doesn't get online that quickly and also needs the right cards in order to counter this deck. I think that matchup is kind of a coin toss. That said, I think sideboarding in Lost Legacy and Implement of Malice can do wonders in that matchup. Maybe even a Rush of Adrenaline or Sweltering Suns. Perhaps something to try next time if you get the new cards, I will of course be interested in your results that time as well!

Im especially glad to see you won vs the Temur Marvel TWICE, since that is one of the most popular decks at the moment. Also a great opportunity for Lost Legacy to shine, but great knowing Herald of Anguish wasn't too slow there. I will keep the Marionette Master in mind, but for me it was either Herald of Anguish or Marionette Master in the mainboard, and the fact that Herald of Anguish has the potential to be cast on turn 3 combined with the control aspect just really did that for me, but I will for sure keep Marionette Master in the sideboard.

Thanks again for your detailed write-up, it helps me a lot and its very nice to see people having fun with this deck, I hope you play it again, and good luck to you when you do!

emrakulinsmugglers on Tezzeret's etherium improved minions

2 weeks ago

for this deck, cards like Ensoul Artifact, Darksteel Citadel, Reverse Engineer, Herald of Anguish, Arcbound Ravager slightly expensive, Steel Overseer, Cranial Plating are all good cards.

Welding Sparks may work as well.

hope this helps!

topkyle on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

2 weeks ago

Sleeved this deck up (old version with Marionette Master in the MB) for my last FNM. I play at a competitive LGS and my matches were UG Ramp, Temur Marvel, Mardu Planeswalkers and Bant Marvel against decent pilots. Deck went 3-1, I was very surprised considering I know I was not playing it optimally.

UG Ramp (0-2) - Steamrolled me game 1. They gained too much life and dropped a Sandwurm Convergence. Game 2 Pia's Revolution couldn't stick through instant speed enchantment removal and I died to Crush of Tentacles + Part the Waterveil .

Temur Marvel (2-1) - Was able to kill with the normal Pia's Revolution win condition before Ulamog hit. Game 2 Ulamog - game over. Game 3 I sided in Herald of Anguish and flew over for the win.

Mardu Planeswalkers (2-1) - The guy slow played like I have never seen, but that happens when he has to stop and re-read every card in my deck. The benefit of a deck like this is that the opposing player makes a ton of mistakes. He transgressed me in game 1 and didn't get rid of Pia's. In game 3 he hit it with Lost Legacy but too late, Herald of Anguish steamrolled.

Temur Marvel (2-1) - Game 1 I couldn't get it going and he marveled an Approach of the Second Sun followed by a hardcast after a Pull from Tomorrow. Sucked. In both game 2 and 3 he marveled into Ulamog and attacked twice, dropping me to 2-3 cards in my deck. He should have exiled my lands... too bad top-deck Marionette Master can insta-kill even with Ulamog out! I got lucky, but the power of Marionette Master as a win condition should not be overlooked even if she's moved to the side.

Takeaways - Love the deck. Even though this concept has been around online my LGS is VERY meta and they didn't expect it or know how to play against it. Some old sideboard cards felt 100% useless (Radiant Flames, Battle at the Bridge) and I never sided them in. Sweepers in general just don't seem that useful unless you run up against RW Humans or something. I probably won't keep any at all in the 75. Hell, I'd rather just run more servo makers for chumps since it still has some synergy. I do like the addition of Lost Legacy and Dispossess in the SB. I got lucky against the marvel decks, but if you can get rid of their win conditions on turn 3 it should be game over. I did not run against control, so I can't speak for that match-up. I'll be taking it to FNM again this week (I won't bother you with a whole damn write-up again though).

Thanks for the great idea!

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