Herald of Anguish


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Herald of Anguish

Creature — Demon

Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)


At the beginning of your end step, each opponent discards a card.

, Sacrifice an artifact: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.

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Herald of Anguish Discussion

rorzor on W/B ServoSword

31 minutes ago

Nice deck! I like Cogworker's Puzzleknot over Servo Schematic since you can make a servo and trigger revolt without needing Syndicate Trafficker out, If it were me I'd do a 4/2 split rather than 3/3.

Given that it's likely going to be a slightly slower game, maybe Shambling Vent would be good as a means of getting some life back on a dead draw, as well as fixing your mana.

Id throw in a Herald of Anguish or two since you can likely cast it on turn 4 with improvise.

Sideboard should have Transgress the Mind, Ruinous Path and maybe Scrapheap Scrounger for control, and fill out Fatal Push with Grasp of Darkness and something like Immolating Glare against agro

FannyPak on Grixis Aggroffinity

1 day ago

Herald of Anguish seems like a no brainer doesn't it?

Kurremkarmerruk on Comfortably Numb

2 days ago

I decided not to run cards like Mind Rot and Whispers of Emrakul because I wanted to be able to look at my opponent's hand. I take advantage of the intelligence.

If Noxious Gearhulk went in, it would probably replace Distended Mindbender, but then I lose some hand discard. That's why I won't do that. One demon could replace another one, but the Demon of Dark Schemes would kill the Siphoner. Kind of defeats the purpose. And then it takes the energy counters to bring the Siphoner back from the grave. The Herald of Anguish I tried as a one-of creature because I don't run artifacts. It's not worth running if I can't support it.

A long time ago I did run Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher as my main creatures. I thought they'd be great but I lost a lot of games with them. It was disappointing and I don't know why. I also ran quite a few different cards back then so I'm sure it wasn't just because of these cards, but I've run most of these cards in the past.

You have a really good eye for the things I run. I was weighing which card I should run, Merciless Resolve or Morbid Curiosity. In the end I decided that Merciless Resolve works better here. I sac a land and keep the Filigree on board. If I draw a Distended Mindbender, then I can still sac the Filigree.

What I think I'm going to do is take out that Siphoner. I may go back to the Gifted Aetherborn, or I may increase the creatures I already run, but I'll have to think about it.

GabeBurch on When in doubt... Improvise!

3 days ago

Looks pretty good. I was running something very similar, but I added red for Maverick Thopterist, Unlicensed Disintegration, and Pia Nalaar. The 0 cost artifacts were great for ramping to Herald of Anguish, but left my hand empty most of the time. I would suggest dropping some of the puzzleknots and adding Key to the City and Pacification Array to help get through their defenses. Also Key to the City works great with improvise since you don't have to pay to tap it.

viperfang4 on Comfortably Numb

3 days ago

I was trying to think of ways you could get or take advantage of delirium a little bit more and possibly some alternative finishers. As hand sizes start dwindling, Whispers of Emrakul seems really strong addition to the discard suite as a 2 of. Some other finishers could be Noxious Gearhulk doubling as removal and lifegain, Demon of Dark Schemes would give siphoner a bit more energy and let you reanimate things, or Herald of Anguish adds to the siscard theme. If you add a bit more colorless mana Thought-Knot Seer would be good as a finisher and discard, and Reality Smasher is a very hard to deal with creature that also adds some discard. The last 2 suggestions in particular would be amazing adds to this deck. Morbid Curiosity would also draw you more cards than Merciless Resolve off Filagree.

Manfrudo on Budget Grixis improvise

3 days ago

Wino I would love to add more Herald of Anguish but im trying to keep it on a budget. Thank god the price is dropping really fast.

Hey Golfer29 those are a lot of question, im gonna do my best to answer them and explain the reason behind those cards.

I choose cogworker's puzzleknot because i dont have enough sac outlets, but know that i think about it, servo schematic could work better.About Key to the City, it helps with everything, improvise, card draw or to force damage in case the have lots of chump blockers.Tezzeret's touch work really good with the topthers or Ornithopter, and even if it gets removed, i can play the artifact again (Wich now makes me think that servo schematic its definitely better that the puzzlenot ._.).And finally, renegade map its SUPER important since the deck only runs tap lands and its 3 colored, we cant afford to miss a mana drop of any color.

Gullip on Grixis Improvise

3 days ago

Thx mates! That were actually the kind of advices i wanted to hear.

I will go with cutting 2 lands aswell as 1 copy of Tezzeret the Schemer and 1 copy of bridge. tezz -2 ability is the real thing why hes in here. with all the artifacts, he mostly can kill every creature.

with this change i think im going withh 3 copys of Unlicensed Disintegration and the 3rd copy of Tezzeret's Touch.

i still like Terrarion more, cause of the card draw and the synergy with Tezzeret's Touch but i will give Renegade Map a try. the mana fixing is hard enough for 3 colours.

actually i dont think i have a place for Bastion Inventor, because the Maverick Thopterist guaranteed me the turn 4 Herald of Anguish

Wino on Budget Grixis improvise

5 days ago

Hi!I will add 1 or 2 Herald of Anguish instead of Key to the City and probably 1 Bastion Inventor. If you want to have some ideas look at my Grixis Chandra and Tezzeret Improvise!

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