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: Add to your mana pool.
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Swamp Discussion

Aelifre on Hitchhiker's Guide to Esper Control

1 day ago

tclaw12 How about now? I see why Creeping Tar Pit is good if I want to race but currently I don't know what the modern meta is like. I took out the Render Silent for 1 Negate and 1Swamp but I'm thinking the Negate could be a one of Mana Leak. and I'd MUCH rather have Snapcaster Mage in this but Jace is gonna have to do me for now!! I appreciate your comments! :D

tclaw12 on Hitchhiker's Guide to Esper Control

2 days ago

Looks like a very good start!

Regarding the manabase -

  • I've found the 26th land to be quite nice in Esper. We play lots of cards that draw cards, but 2-3 "x" spells means we always want to hit our land-drops. Not sure if it actually necessary but it could be something to try.

  • I'd highly recommend basic Swamp here, as casting Esper Charm is great against Blood Moon decks.

  • The 4th Hallowed Fountain will likely be unnecessary. Id try a Glacial Fortress in it's place.

  • I think I'd prefer Creeping Tar Pit to the WB manland in an open meta. It also taps for blue, which is nice.

Regarding the spell suite -

  • Render Silent is interesting, but I'd likely play Dissolve if I wanted a 3 mana counter. Negate (as a 1-of) could be another option.

  • Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is also interesting. I dont like that he dies to removal and doesn't play well with permission, but he could provide nice value. Counter Bouncing with snappy is one of the best ways to lock people out, but if you absolutely cant get snappy (You likely only need 2), Jace could be fine.

What are you thinking in terms of a SB? I could give some suggestions for that as well if youd like :)

Femme_Fatale on Do You Like Alters Done ...

2 days ago

Well you sure as hell should. Because I just spent the better part of my days off adding them all to our database for you. Well, most of them. The ones that I could crop without shopping and the ones that actually looked good. It's a shame I couldn't get his Adun Oakenshield medieval wooden manuscript alter on here. Maybe when I feel like it I'll fiddle around with photoshop to get it to lay flat so I can get that luxurious gold textured border intact.

Here are some samples:

Want to see the images in more detail? Click on the little green "A"s next to the card names and you'll be brought to each individual alter's page. Then, open the card image in a new tab/window that you'll see there to be presented with a larger resolution image.

UpperDeckerTaco on Dealing with Esper Dragons

3 days ago

False...play Crackling Doom. Just do it. And do it again. Never stop doing it. Just play mainboard 57 Crackling Doom, 1 Plains, 1 Swamp and 1 Mountain. Sideboard...15 Duress. ANNNND GO!

But seriously though, Crackling Doom straight up helps defeat Esper Dragons, why do you think Mardu Dragons was so good!? Why isn't Mardu Dragons still good?????? I mean, just use Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker where you had Stormbreath Dragon, use Hangarback Walker where Goblin Rabblemaster was, and you basically have the same deck. Anybody try this yet??!??!?!?!?!?

HaUnTeDeMoN on Controladrazi

3 days ago

Made a change to the land base

+4 Mage-Ring Network-2 Plains-2 Swamp

Busse on Thiopental (Brigdeless 7-Rack Quandary)

3 days ago

I used to run 3x Nezumi Shortfang turning this into a kind of 12-rack deck. Also Sewer Nemesis was here for a short time too. Nyxathid was recently put out of the equation because it cannot act early, and most of the times he sits idle... making psych-pressure, but idle. Hypnotic Specter was in the original brew, out for years and now it returned thanks to the Dark Ritual I chose to add. Being forcefully Legacy thanks to Hymn to Tourach made the incorporation of DR much easier.

I still have to test the specter in harsh conditions, and I'll update accordingly. A turn 1 specter looks very promising, specially if I can go aggresive on turn 2:

  • T1: Swamp + Dark Ritual + Dark Ritual + Inquisition of Kozilek + Blackmail or Raven's Crime + Hypnotic Specter
  • T2: Swamp + Hymn to Tourach + Attack with Specter.

I am reluctant to add Dakmor Salvage, specially when I CAN discard some Swamps during the late game. I see everybody running Discard decks running Dakmor Salvage, but that doesn't mean it's the right way... and adding a draw engine assures me that I'll always have something else to do, be that playing a sorcery or getting a Land to discard and activate a graveyard'ed Raven's Crime. Don't know, doesn't seem right to me hahahh

Opinions on creature control? Victim of Night over Smallpox or Innocent Blood ?

canterlotguardian on Whats the most embarrassing way ...

4 days ago

Sat down with a playgroup of people whom I'd never played with before (I was visiting my family out of state). Playing G/B reanimator with Jarad. Everyone else sits down, sleeved decks, game faces on. Earlier, I'd asked the store owner about their EDH playgroup, and he said they knew what they were doing. So, I assumed they knew about most stupid cards in the format. I went first. This was my opening play:

Swamp -> Dark Ritual -> Entomb putting Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger into the graveyard -> Reanimate on Vorinclex.

Everyone asks what he does, so I pass him around. Literally the entire table scoops en masse. I'm left very much confused as to why they did that. Owner then takes that very much opportune time (sarcasm btw) to let me know that even though they knew what they were doing, they'd only been playing EDH for about a week and were all using pre-con decks from that year's Commander set, the 2013 one. I just gave him this look like "Dude, that would have been great to know before I did that." Felt like such a dick.

jpolanco06 on Make Jeskai Black Go (╯°A°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (FNM 1st Place)

5 days ago

Instead of using Caves of Koilos, and having to pay one for Brutal Hordechief ability, change your land up so you dont have to pay. Try 14 Swamp, 4 Bloodstained Mire, and 4 Smoldering Marsh. Keeps you at 22 land and wont mess with your mana curve and can still be total aggro.

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