Basic Land — Swamp

: Add to your mana pool.

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Swamp Discussion

Happymaster19 on Lash Black In Aggro!

1 day ago

Also makes kicked Sadistic Sacrament more plausible. And you can always add some Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth so the aforementioned Shrines maintain their Swamp type.

xzzane on BW Token Modern Competitive

2 days ago

Deciding how much you want to invest in a deck can be tricky, no worries haha. Some things you should know about the deck is that it's generally best to play to the deck's strengths. Hero of Bladehold is absolutely incredible, but if you have her in the main, then chances are people will remove her when she hits the field. She's good in the side though. Lands are an (expensive) important part of the deck. You want to be able to play a turn 1 hand disruption spell, and a turn 3 Spectral Procession. is a lot less important after turn 1; for this reason it's usually best to only run 1 Swamp.

Lame_Duck on Angel of Entering the Battlefield

2 days ago

While admittedly very marginal, the Flood Plains do actually have some benefits over the other fetch lands in the deck:

  • If you mulligan on the play, a turn 1 Evolving Wilds will shuffle a scryed card back into the deck, where a Flood Plain will let you draw it first.
  • It lets you wait until the moment you actually need the mana to make the decision of what to fetch, which means you'll have slightly more information of what the best land to fetch is. For example, on turn 1 if your hand is Plains, fetch land, Kazandu Blademaster and a bunch of blue cards; if the fetch land is a Terramorphic Expanse, you would have to play and sacrifice it on the first turn for an Island so you can guaranteed play the blue cards in your hand, whereas if it's a Flood Plain, you can play it turn 1 and then wait to see what your turn 2 draw is before cracking it. If you draw an Island or the opponent's play makes it seem like an early Blademaster would be very good, it might be better to fetch another Plains so you can play the Blademaster on turn 2.
  • You can leave a Flood Plain sitting in play uncracked as a shuffle effect for a future Brainstorm and not be punished if it turns out you actually need the mana at some point.
  • Turn 1 with a hand of Brainstorm, Hada Freeblade, Island, Flood Plain and 2 cards you don't want; you can play the Flood Plain turn 1, then turn 2 play the Island, play Brainstorm and put the 2 unwanted cards on top, then crack the Flood Plain to shuffle the cards back into the deck and grab a Plains to play Hada Freeblade. With an Evolving Wilds, the Plains would come into play tapped and you wouldn't be able to play the Freeblade that turn.

Like I said, the benefits are marginal and possibly they don't outweigh the fact that the Wilds/Expanse can fetch the Swamp and aren't vulnerable to Wasteland, but it's not quite as simple as Flood Plain being strictly worse.

xGuNaR on Vampire Deck. Need help

3 days ago

LonePorkchop Lol you right on Swamp, Ill get a full set of Gatekeeper of Malakir.

the7thDOF on Mono-Black Aggro-Control with zombies help

3 days ago

I understand that you are using Warped Landscape for putting one land card in your graveyard, but Holdout Settlement and Unknown Shores don't contribute more than a Swamp in a mono black deck. Shamble Back is a good card, but it works against delirium, so you may wanna reconsider.

If you want to get delirium really fast I would put some green in the deck, so you can ramp a little looking for cards and filling your graveyard really fast.

LonePorkchop on Vampire Deck. Need help

3 days ago

Well some Swamps might help

lil_cheez on Project Rose

3 days ago

Needs more Swamp

Atony1400 on Oath of the Gatewatch Pack ...

4 days ago

Hey guys! I wanted to try something different, so I decided to buy a booster pack, and share the results with you, along with my opinions of the cards. So, here we go!

Commons Show

Uncommons Show

Rare/Mythic Show

Foils/Expeditions Show

Basic Lands Show

Token Show

So, what did you think of my pack? Do you think I should do more of these? Leave your thoughts below!

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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