Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Basic Land — Swamp

mana symbol t: Add mana symbol b to your mana pool.

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Swamp Discussion

monkeyprophet on Blue Black Undead Zombies

7 hours ago

What about adding Cryptbreaker to full up your graveyard ready for shenanigans and provide you with card draw, and Haunted Dead as a cheap self re-animator. A possible tempo play from this:

T1 Swamp, Cryptbreaker

T2 Swamp, activate Cryptbreaker discard Haunted Dead

T3Island activate Haunted Dead, discarding Prized Amalgam and something else (in a perfect world, another Prized Amalgam or a Geralf's Masterpiece.

By your end step you'd have Cryptbreaker, zombie, Haunted Dead, spirit token, Prized Amalgam on board.

Crayfish on Opinions of my personal starter ...

1 day ago

I've always wanted to make some simple 40-card beginner decks to teach people how to play, and with the combination of me moving to a new school district and my girlfriend saying she is willing to learn, I have finally built them. I would like your opinions on them, and if they seem easy enough for a newer player to understand. (As a note, I tried to include a wide cast of keywords to emphasize the diversity of the game.)

Each deck has 17 lands and one rare, which the deck is themed around

mana symbol g Hero of Leina Tower-Pump and Smash mana symbol g Show

mana symbol w Captain of the Watch-Soldiers mana symbol w Show

chessmaster156 on Eternal Scourge (Budget: Under $150)

1 day ago

The bog seems pointless and id just rather would have Swamps.

multimedia on Gb Elves

1 day ago

NinjaShank56, here is my version of Standard Elves, Rite Elves. It's a different take on Elves, but it might give you some ideas. Here are some sideboard suggestions.

Transgress the Mind, Grasp of Darkness, Sylvan Advocate, Tireless Tracker, Gilt-Leaf Winnower and Aerial Volley.

Elves really need some kind of discard spell to combat Languish as it's the go to board sweeper that black decks are using to punish Company and Humans decks. Duress is fine, but in my opinion Transgress is better even though it costs more. The only positive that Duress has over Transgress is it can take Declaration in Stone. Transgress is very good vs emerge. This is particularly helpful if you face the Elder Deep-Fiend and Kozilek's Return combo. Its also good vs Delirium, exiling instead of putting cards into your opponent's yard. Exiling Ishkanah, Grafwidow is important. You might face a ramp matchup, GR Goggles, GR Eldrazi, where Transgress might just be a lifesaver.

Grasp is my opinion the best removal spell right now because it's unconditional instant removal which is good in all the top three matchups: Humans, Bant Company and Spirits. It's excellent vs Spell Queller and Archangel Avacyn  Flip.

If you aren't planning on using Advocate main deck then he should be in the sideboard if only for the Humans matchup. He is just the most efficient 2 drop right now in Standard. He's also busted when paired with Hissing Quagmire. Turn 6 is the likeliest turn that Decimator will be cast, him and Advocate together make a lot of damage.

Tracker is just a super efficient creature who can give you great card advantage and really win a game by herself if left alive. Tracker and Sylvan Advocate together are a formidable team that no control deck wants to face.

Winnower is an Elf who can be found by Sylvan Messenger and is good because he can kill a large amount of the most powerful creatures in Standard, most notably Spell Queller as well as can't be targeted on the stack by Queller, all the other spirits, Elder Deep-Fiend, Reflector Mage, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, both Gisela, the Broken Blade and Bruna, the Fading Light, he's also an out to Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, Tireless Tracker, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, etc. He's also great with Gnarlroot Trapper.

Volley although narrower than my other suggestions is great in the Spirits matchup because it has the potential of killing three spirits for 1 mana at instant speed. It can also kill Spell Queller for 1 mana. It can't however kill Archangel Avacyn  Flip which could be a problem.

As far as main deck changes my suggestions are to cut Eldritch Evolution for Collected Company, cut Beastcaller Savant for Leaf Gilder because he can cast Company turn 3 and cut the single Leaf Gilder, Llanowar Empath and Soul of the Harvest for 3x Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip because he can find Decimator of the Provinces as well as Shaman of the Pack. Even though Duskwatch is not an Elf his ability including his Werewolf side are very good for the Elf and Emerge strategies. As it is right now you have 1x Empath who can find Decimator and his dig is bad, unless you draw Decimator you have a small chance of getting him into your hand. Only 5 untapped black sources to cast a turn 1 Gnarlroot Trapper is not enough, you want at least eight or ten. I would cut 2x Westvale Abbey  Flip and 1x Foul Orchard for 3 more Swamp. Abbey is an excellent card, but you really need to be using Cryptolith Rite if you want to use it as a 4 of. Abbey is also quite risky with all the Reflector Mages running around.

Good luck with your deck and good luck at GP Portland.

Wabbbit on What to do with basic ...

2 days ago

So, I have now whittled down my collection to 416 basic lands. 119 Swamps, 70 Plains, 75 Islands, 123 Forests, and 29 Mountains. Besides using them as kindling, are there any interesting ideas as to what I could use them for? Thanks!

Cragon18 on All Things Delirium

2 days ago

Todd Stevens' 20th place list from SCG Open:


4 x Hissing Quagmire

2 x Evolving Wilds

8 x Swamp

6 x Forest

4 x Llanowar Wastes


3 x Gnarlwood Dryad

4 x Grim Flayer

3 x Sylvan Advocate

3 x Den Protector

4 x Deathmist Raptor

2 x Mindwrack Demon

1 x Ishkanah, Grafwidow


4 x Liliana, the Last Hope

4 x Ruinous Path

4 x Dead Weight

4 x Grasp of Darkness


4 x Transgress the Mind

3 x Aerial Volley

2 x Ishkanah, Grafwidow

2 x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

2 x Duress

1 x Languish

1 x Den Protector

I really like this list. None of the 'traditional' Delirium enablers. He has 4 each of Instant, Sorcery, Planeswalkers, and Enchantments 20 creatures and then lands. The addition of Deathmist Raptor is an interesting one, and not sure I like it as a 4 of. I like the addition of Den Protector in order to grab a Liliana from your yard. It is a very efficient and solid list overall. I am curious to hear all of your thoughts!

Nice to see a non-bant deck break into the top 20! Hopefully we will see some fun and unique brews this season!

lonker on The Most Stupid Deck That Wins Ever

3 days ago

Sideboard (15)

2x Zombie Infestation

4x Contested War Zone

8x Swamp

eh, it is certainly better than anything I could think of. I'll add it.

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