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Swamp Discussion

APPLE01DOJ on Attrition Prowess

5 hours ago

What is Dakmor Salvage being used for? It might be good to trade a Virulent Swipe for a Raven's Crime.

Consider splashing white? I think Boros Charm & Path to Exile would make it worth it. More fetches are better for Bloodghasts too.

I would probably cut the second sword for a Lavaclaw Reaches and maybe 2 swamps for 2 Dragonskull Summit ...maybe even cut 2 more for 2 more Marsh Flats or Polluted Delta for budget reasons. This deck seems to want and make sure to have red available turn 1.

Xydroth on Flushed away (budget mill)

7 hours ago

I playtested this deck against my brother. Who plays a counters deck. And uses Dromoka's Command. And... it kinda fuucked me up...

So he killed my first Sphinx's Tutelage. And i was so happy i got my second one. Then he got the command back with Den Protector and it was game over... Second game i had 2 Sphinx's Tutelage in my hand. Played my first. Had to sac it cuz you know... command. Played my second... another command... So yeah, I agree we need Duress.

So i was thinking, how to make it a deck... And the upcomming landcycle from Battle for Zendikar is gonna be great! But we need to adjust the deck for it a lot to work.

Zendikar dual landcycle

So i think we want 4 Duress and 2 or 3 Read the Bones. Sadly Read the Bones is relatively expensive to cast. so i think we dont want to much of it so we can keep drawing cards and dont get stuck with too few mana to spend. That's why idd say to keep Tormenting Voice since it is cheap and it fuels our deck for our treasure cruises. So we need to drop Divination, and the 4 Magmatic Insight and a few lands to get 4 Duress and 3 Read the Bones.

Now we need to change our landbase. I think we'll go back to 24. So something like this

5 Island

4 Swamp

3 Mountain

4 Swiftwater Cliffs

3 Dismal Backwater

3 Sunken Hollow

2 Smoldering Marsh

Still adapting on what is best, this is what i just came up with. We still need a good way to gain some life...

enpc on New Ulamog

15 hours ago

The biggest thing is, at the end of the day Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is still the best eldrazi commander (pending more spoilers) and while some decks can hard cast him turn 4, if he's one of the 99 then they either have to draw into him or tutor for him. Though T1 Swamp into Dark Ritual, Entomb, Reanimate seems good. Unlikely but good.

ChiefBell on Mind Seize

4 days ago

Oh yeah, for sure but I always give people a full list of recommendations and let them decide how much they want to spend.

I've won games on turn 3 before with just a handful of cards. Combos that require 2 or 3 cards are pretty common in high level play. I used to play this one:

Turn 1: Swamp -> Sol Ring

Turn 2: tap Swamp for Entomb. Choose Karmic Guide. Play Plains then tap Sol Ring and the plains for Blasting Station

Turn 3: Play Reveillark. Win.

That's an instant win for infinite damage.

It goes like this:

Karmic Guide is in the graveyard, and Reveillark and Blasting Station are on the field.

Tap the Blasting Station to sacrifice your Reveillark. The Blasting Station deals 1 damage. As Reveillark dies you can use its ability to return Karmic Guide. So Karmic Guide comes into play.

Because Karmic Guide enters the battlefield Blasting Station untaps and is ready to use again. Also, because Karmic Guide entered the battlefield you can use its ability to pull the Reveillark you literally just sacrificed from the graveyard to the battlefield.

With Karmic Guides ability on the stack (it hasn't yet happened but is about to) you sacrifice it to Blasting Station at instant speed. The blasting station taps, it deals 1 damage, and Karmic Guide dies. But its ability trigger is still waiting to happen so you let that resolve - which returns Reveillark and untaps Blasting Station. That last part is complicated because you need to kill a creature in response to its own ability but you are allowed to do that, and the ability still happens. Anyway at the end you're left with Reveillark and Blasting Station in play, with Karmic Guide in the graveyard - repeat for infinite damage.

Sigmafie on Sores & Boils

4 days ago

One more thing I just thought of, because you are running 4x Whispering Specter and only 3x Swamp I think you will find the Specter ends up being a dead card in your hand more often than not right now due to your land composition.

MadCheddah on Tainted Affliction

5 days ago

my version:

i have only played this deck a few times in a proxy version... i splash blue for cheap card filtering and re-usable spot removal through snapcaster mage...

the game plan remind me of american control with hand disruption instead of counterspells...

Instant (14)

1x Sphinx's Revelation

1x Mana Leak

4x Condemn

4x Devour Flesh

4x Rest for the Weary

Enchantment (4)

4x Tainted Remedy

Sorcery (15)

1x Sleight of Hand

4x Serum Visions

4x Oust

1x Lingering Souls

1x Thoughtseize

4x Inquisition of Kozilek

Creature (8)

4x Snapcaster Mage

4x Wall of Shards

lands (19)

4x Flooded Strand

4x Marsh Flats

4x Polluted Delta

1x Plains

1x Swamp

1x Island

1x Watery Grave

1x Hallowed Fountain

1x Godless Shrine

1x Celestial Colonnade

hope it helps

xStormyx on 2015-08-27 update of Goblins of ...

6 days ago

yer gonna want some lands in there.

like Swamps and Mountains

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