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Basic Land — Swamp

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Swamp Discussion

enpc on Damia's group BUG

8 hours ago

From looking at it, the weakest cards in the deck at the moment (in my eyes at least) are Shizuko, Caller of Autumn and No Mercy . But I feel like you could also cut the land count down to 38 without too much harm (-1 Forest , -1 Swamp ). That gives you up to 4 free slots depending on what cards you prefer.

Also, I would look into something along the lines of Tooth and Nail / Chord of Calling . You might even consider Green Sun's Zenith .

sylvannos on Aetherspouts...hmmmm?

17 hours ago

@ChiefBell: I have in my hand:

...with no permanents in play except lands to cast spells.

You have in your hand:

...with Tormented Hero , Rakdos Cackler , and four lands.

You swing in to attack. I cast my Ætherspouts . You choose to have Tormented Hero and Rakdos Cackler to go on top of your library. You pass the turn, I draw Azorius Charm , do nothing, and pass the turn.

You draw your Tormented Hero , play it, and pass the turn. I draw Island , do nothing, and pass the turn. You draw your Rakdos Cackler , play it, etc. I draw Plains . Let's look at what our hands look like compared to when I cast Ætherspouts :



What's the difference? I have three brand new cards in my hand, you have no new cards either in your hand or on the battlefield. I used one card, Ætherspouts , so that means I'm up two cards. That's card advantage.

If you chose to send Tormented Hero and Rakdos Cackler to the bottom of your library, you drew two new cards, but are down two cards. That's card advantage.

Saying Ætherspouts isn't card advantage is like saying Detention Sphere and Terminus don't generate card advantage because they don't get rid of things permanently. That would ignore the fact your opponent has to commit additional draw steps and resources to deal with both of those cards to recoup their losses.

The only reason Ætherspouts may not see play is because it costs 5 mana. On the other hand, it deals with indestructible gods and creatures with regeneration.

DenizenOfTheDerp on 2014-07-20 update of Mono-B Discard

3 days ago

I like it! Personally, I would maybe swap out the 4 Mind Rot and one Swamp for 2 Augur of Skulls and 3 Wrench Mind .

Demigoron on Cuz this is THRILLER!!

3 days ago

If you have life problems then you can use some green cards too, Snake of the Golden Grove or black Rotfeaster Maggot , without splashing. I would say don't put in the prophet and put in 2x Chord of Calling and 2xGenesis Hydra as well as a lifegain card. With that much search, you won't need to have another prophet.

With regards to life problems, if you took out white, you are only running 3 colors. You could swich out some of the pain lands for normals, it might reduce mobility, but not by much if you do it right and you won't bleed so much. I would switch Caves of Koilos and Yavimaya Coast for 2x Forest 2x Island and 1x Swamp , but you might want to play test exact ratios. If I'm missing a major source of life loss, please tell me and I'll try to resolve it.

Thanks for the compliment, I'm happy to help.

thispersonisagenius on urborg

3 days ago

It literally never hurts to replace a Swamp in your deck with an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , unless your format has Path to Exile and Ghost Quarter in it. Luckily, Standard has neither at the moment. Play one Urborg, because sometimes you have Forest Bile Blight draws and it really helps. More than one causes problems.

PlattBonnay on Big black deck of hell

4 days ago

After looking at your list some more I would suggest the following swaps:

OUT: Rise from the Grave IN: Animate Dead or Reanimate or Necromancy RFTG is just really slow for what it is, and the zombie subtype is irrelevant to this deck.

OUT: Extinguish All Hope IN: Damnation or Black Sun's Zenith You only have one enchantment creature, and without that one creature EAH is just a bad Damnation.

OUT: Dark Ritual IN: Vampiric Tutor or Swamp Dark Rit is usually not that great in EDH unless you're trying to get one card on the board as soon as possible every game (I'm looking at Kaalia decks). I think that a swamp would be better in this spot to help you hit your land drops every turn, or a tutor so that in a pinch you can tutor up a land.

OUT: Doomwake Giant IN: Swamp You only have 9 enchantments, so the likelihood of you triggering this enough times in one turn to actually kill your opponents threats is slim. Another swamp is just going to help you hit land drops so you can have your commander or another threat out right on time. Price

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$0.08 $0.19 $0.78 $0.72
Color(s) B
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 13.65
Avg. cube pick 9.86


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal