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Basic Land — Swamp

{T}: Add {B} to your mana pool.

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Swamp Discussion

thispersonisagenius on Making Flippy Floppy With Nicol

3 hours ago

You can safely cut either a Swamp or a Mountain for an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . I wouldn't be worried about Blood Moon because even if you know it's there, you can fetch basics but you will likely still lose the game when it hits play.

I think you can swap out 3 Blightning for 3 Thoughtseize or 2 Rakdos's Return for 2 Thoughtseize , and I feel the optimum configuration would actually be 3 Thoughtseize 2 Inquisition of Kozilek . Blightning is a strong card, and you can definitely play it however.

NoPantsParade on Making Flippy Floppy With Nicol

3 hours ago

So this is what I have now. I still have Thoughtseize in the maindeck. What would be the next cards to remove? I'm guessing it would be Rakdos's Return or Blightning . I'm hoping that a better and more playable Bolas is printed in Khans. Would replacing one Swamp with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth do anything for the deck? Or would it be safer to run the swamp because Blood Moon is a thing.

nickiru on Looking for tough cards. Simply ...

14 hours ago

HAHAHA, I'm just being funny. Me saying 'me a genius' is an exaggerated expression stating that I know what I am doing. But first I'll respond in a list:

'how my cards work well together:'

1: Knight of the Reliquary + a bunch of cards is nice. First I'll state all that she does off the top of my head. Knight is 3 cost and usually comes down as a 3-5 in power due to already existing fetches in the graveyard. She is mana ramp: I tap a forest or plains and float mana, then sac it and search for a fetch land, fetch with it, and then search for a land of the color I need, pay the 1 life (i have a few basic lands so no need for bolting my self), tap and I got 2 mana and 2 lands in the graveyard adding decently more power to knight. Now I can cast something of colors I didn't have down which is one of my few ways of casting Boros Reckoner on one hand and then Phyrexian Obliterator on the other. Anyways, this greatly thins my deck of lands. Since my other majority card type is creature and I am greatly thinning my deck of lands, Domri Rade 's first ability's value increases a lot, giving me greater card advantage. domri already has decent card advantage odds because my deck is majority creatures. Now knight is a 5/5 - 7/7; a fair creature for 3 mana. While domri gets me more creatures, knight gets me that extra mana and/or color I need to cast 2 creatures rather than just 1; casting advantage. Domri can also force combat my knight with anything threatening on the opponents side, if the enemy is a little bigger, I just sac forest/planes and get a fetch, sac and crud; then knight gained 2 power and domri continues to get more efficient. if the opponent creature is simply too massive or something I simply can't handle, than I can block it with some other critter of mine and instant speed sac forest/plains and whip out a Sejiri Steppe giving my blocking creature protection; I can only do this a few times, but it usually keeps me alive just long enough for knight to get big enough or until I draw another of my critters that can deal with it or domri gets me the emblem for hex/tramp/doubstrike/haste; which then force combat will deal with the threat. Also, when I was protecting my blocking creature, my knight gains 1 power, and that creature with protection would probably be blocking for domri. So I may only have 2 sejeri's, but it's always seems to be just enough to protect my crap long enough for stuff like domri to unleash his ability. If I notice a large amount of removal in my enemy's deck, I will only use knight as a defensive piece with sejeri to protect my critters from Path to Exile and stuff like that. Thus, she is in my deck. I believe she is useful against any deck archetype I fight.

I have already explained Domri Rade 's value mostly, but another combo with him is with Boros Reckoner , Spitemare , and Phyrexian Obliterator ; which is 11 of my deck. Forcing combat with any of these guys decimates enemy numbers. I take out token swarms fairly well with reckonor and spitemare, while phyrex obliterator is massive land destruction. If they have anything big down or a lot of small guys, it is to my advantage with this combo. I can also use reckoner to simply burn the snot out of my enemy and finish them off for the win. I have my options with this combo.

Mul Daya Channelers I just recently added and she does quite well. She is either a 5/5, or large mana ramp all for 3 mana. She is a more environment dependent and less advanced version of Knight of the Reliquary . She gets me that extra 2 black for Phyrexian Obliterator or white for Boros Reckoner or simply the quantity to cast two or 3 items, since he gets me 2 mana of any one color. She is more of an independent card. There aren't really any combos for her unfortunately, but I almost always have mana ramp in all my decks of some sort: so Mul Daya Channelers , Knight of the Reliquary , and Sylvan Caryatid are my non land mana ramp. Near the end of the game, when I may be exhausting my deck of lands, mul daya becomes a near constant 5/5, which is a moderate creature.

Those are the main combos.

"Explain to me how I am casting Boros Reckoner and Swerve off of Swamp , Misty Rainforest and Overgrown Tomb ",............ happily

rainforest gives me access to GW, G, RU, RW and GB. I can search for another overgrown tomb and get my third black and await my forth, or use Mul Daya Channelers , or Sylvan Caryatid , or Knight of the Reliquary . After phyrex gets down, I am done with black for a bit and use knight to swap my overgrown tombs with anything I need, such as GW. or WB if I want to keep black for another phyrex. a turn or two and knight alone will give me a couple white/red. while another ramp card can give me any color. Besides, even if it takes me 2 turns to properly transit from black to white, I am casting other creatures down to. But even without my mana ramp. Those cards you picked, being near worst in that scenario, can play phyrex, boros doesn't have to come down immediately. There is other crap I can cast while waiting a turn or 2 for the colors to come.

If you still don't believe me, how about you playtest it? It works, I know that. I just may not be explaining it well.

thispersonisagenius on Looking for tough cards. Simply ...

17 hours ago

If your burn opponent was actually playing burn, I can't see how you won the game. I can only presume they weren't playing the best cards. Note that Soul Sisters, the "flickering deck" are all pretty insignificant. The only real decks you played against were Pod and Affinity, which beat you outside of luck.

Explain to me how your cards work well together.

Explain to me how I am casting Boros Reckoner and Swerve off of Swamp , Misty Rainforest and Overgrown Tomb . You can't just follow your mathematical formula to build a manabase that wants to cast triple red/white spells on turn 3, quadruple black spells on turn 4, and cards in two other colors relatively early.

I'll let you figure out what's better than Swerve . It shouldn't be too hard.

No matter what you use to convince me that >60 cards works, it's definitely worse than playing sixty. You could easily drop the deck to sixty by playing 23-24 lands and cutting some of the worse cards, and that would honestly make it better than just playing extra cards that aren't needed.

I count six paragraphs in your essay.

Grading your own essay a B- (I would have taken off points for myriad grammatical issues) and calling yourself a complete genius at manabases aren't winning you any points.

sylvannos on Labyrinth

20 hours ago

A couple of things:

  • You have too many lands. 27 is what you'd play for a really slow control deck. Black and Red, especially with minotaurs, wants to be fast and on the offensive. For this type of deck, you want something more like 21 to 23 lands, depending on the mana costs of your cards. You also have more black mana symbols than red mana symbols. Having an even split of Mountain s and Swamp s is ill-advised. If you have more of one color than another in your deck, you'll want a proportionate amount of lands.

  • This deck is really inconsistent. You have too many one-ofs. This prevents your minotaur lords, like Kragma Warcaller and Ragemonger , from having much impact or value. By playing more copies of all your important and good minotaurs, not only do you see less mulligans, you also have more synergy within your deck.

  • Your removal is sub-par. Stab Wound , for example, is an absolute beast in Sealed or Draft. If you went to the M15 prerelease, you probably know that already. However, Limited is what most of your removal was designed for by Wizards, not Standard. Flesh to Dust is nowhere near as good as Dreadbore or Doom Blade .

Here are the specific changes I would make:

-4x Basic Lands
-1x Blastfire Bolt
-1x Bloodcrazed Hoplite
-1x Cone of Flame
-1x Chariot of Victory
-1x Darksteel Citadel
-2x Endless Obedience
-1x Flesh to Dust
-1x Font of Return
-1x Gravedigger
-1x March of the Returned
-1x Mogis's Warhound
-1x Necrobite
-1x Nightmare
-1x Stab Wound
-1x Wall of Fire
-18x Cards

+3x Deathbellow Raider
+2x Fanatic of Mogis
+2x Felhide Petrifier
+2x Kragma Warcaller
+2x Lightning Strike
+3x Minotaur Skullcleaver
+3x Mogis's Marauder
+3x Ragemonger
+20x Cards

Now, some of your card choices weren't bad that I suggested you cut out of the deck. Crippling Blight is a great card in any format, but it can be useless against some types of decks. That's where you'll start forming a 15-card sideboard.

So your sideboard would start to look something like:

1x Crippling Blight
1x Cone of Flame
2x Endless Obedience
1x Gravedigger
1x March of the Returned
1x Necrobite

These are all just suggestions, though. Minotaurs have been doing really well in some places just because of how many cards like Kragma Warcaller they get.

A12m994 on Orzhov Aggro(Theros-M15)

1 day ago

Well, seeing as your mana curve tops out at 5, you can go down to 24 lands. Next, I would go up to 4x Temple of Silence , add 4x Caves of Koilos (which just happen to be about $2 a piece!), and switch your basic lands to 9x Swamp & 7x Plains . This should make your mana base much more consistent!!!

kiro_the_reaper on M15 / M15 / M15 - 2014-08-19

1 day ago

@bjulfen like.. 10x Plains and 10x Swamp thhose are examples you pick the number you want

shayceus on Land Go?

1 day ago

My thought was just that since you have only 45 lands and no other way to increase the amount of mana you produce in a turn, it would take at least 3 turns to get to 100 counters. Instead, Emrakul only takes (1) turn, since you get to go again from casting him. Same with Laboratory Maniac . And maybe have 3-5 Island in case of Strip Mine , Ghost Quarter , Beast Within , etc. Perhaps more than one Laboratory Maniac in case of removal? Also, they would help prevent milling yourself with a Horn of Greed on the field. I still like having both win conditions though, in case your opponent can successfully neutralize one of them. Better yet, have 3x Mountain , 3x Plains , 3x Swamp , 2x Voltaic Key , 2x Door to Nothingness sideboard :D Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.08 $0.19 $0.78 $0.72
Color(s) B
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 13.65
Avg. cube pick 9.82


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal