Basic Land — Swamp

T: Add B to your mana pool.

Acquire Swamp

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Swamp Discussion

jrogers16 on Grixis Slivers

9 hours ago

Love this deck, I play a similar sliver Grixis Deck. My deck list is...

Main Deck:4x Frenetic Sliver2x Krark's Thumb1x Thoughtseize4x Counterspell4x Crypt Sliver3x Bonesplitter Sliver2x Diffusion Sliver3x Shadow Sliver3x Galerider Sliver1x Syphon Sliver2x Homing Sliver2x Stitch in Time3x Two-Headed Sliver2x Telekinetic Sliver

4x Crumbling Necropolis3x Sliver Hive1x Cavern of Souls1x Mutavault1x Swamp5x Mountain9x Island

Sideboard:1x Tormod's Crypt2x Crawlspace2x Swamp1x Syphon Sliver2x Pyroclasm3x Leeching Sliver2x Terminate2x Mnemonic Sliver

This deck uses frenetic sliver to make your creatures die %50 of the time. It also uses diffusion sliver to keep removal off the board, while crypt slivers protect your other slivers. Galerider helps slowly get damage through, while Bonesplitter sliver helps finish the game with lots of damage! Recommend using some of these cards in your deck, but it's great already!!

greenkingwashere on There's the Door!

10 hours ago

This is hilarious. Another trollish deck I like is turn one Swamp, Dark Ritual, Sinkhole your swamp, then One with Nothing. Scoop.

jandrobard on most competitive burn ever [turn 1 win]

1 day ago

Magnetic Flux. With the Squire combo assembled, your Hornet Stings are artifacts. They are also Great Walls and Swamps.

Gruul_Canuck on U/B Control

1 day ago

@Maximus87 Yes! I have had multiple games where I use all 4x Dig Through Time. I was running 6 fetch lands. I decided to go to 26 lands as I've been playing with 27 lands since building the deck so I cut 1x Swamp and replaced 1x Flooded Strand with 1x Temple of Enlightenment. Even still, I find the graveyard fills up enough to support a play set. Keep in mind I'm not running any Murderous Cut.

@Davik100 - I tried it, didn't like it as much as Thoughtseize. Despise really is best against the decks that U/B already has a pretty good match-ups against. Thoughtseize can trade for a Stoke the Flames, Negate or a number of other spells I care about. That said, I'm thinking about cutting the discard altogether to go up to 3x Nullify.

hyugga on

1 day ago

Best hand possible for second turn Ulamog's Crusher or Artisan of Kozilek:

2x Swamp or Vault of Whispers

2x Dark Ritual

1x Ulamog's Crusher or Artisan of Kozilek

1x Basalt Monolith

1x Voltaic Key

Turn 1:

Play land, play Dark Ritual to play Basalt Monolith then tap Basalt Monolith for 3 colorless mana, play Voltaic Key with one of those and untap Basalt Monolith with one of the two remaining.

Turn 2:

Play land, tap the two lands for black mana, play the second Dark Ritual, tap, untap and tap Basalt Monolith again with the Voltaic Key to produce five colorless mana. Now you should have 9 mana in your mana pool. Play your Eldrazi and have fun annihilating!

70m4h4wk on Dead Man's Hand

1 day ago

But if you just swap out four regular Swamps for 4 Leechridden Swamps, you've got the same amount of land, no speed-change there. and having to pick up a land when you play a land is probably slowing you down more than a land that would let you deal damage if you can't do anything else. You probably know more about this than I do, though.

Absinthman on Riddle Challenge - Death Out ...

2 days ago

Hi guys, I had a pretty interesting game on MTGO the other day, which made me think that it could make an interesting challenge here on TappedOut. You'll find it just below this article. Also, feel free to post your own stories like this one. It doesn't matter whether you were the unsuspecting victim of such misfortune, or the architect of someone else's tragic demise. The only thing that matters is that the losing party never saw it coming.

Now here's my story

It happened recently in Swiss Legacy Cube on MTGO. I was playing a Blue/Black control and my opponent was monowhite. I had a land heavy draw, so I wasn't doing much but neither was my opponent. That is until turn 5, when he played Cloudgoat Ranger. With my empty board, that smelled like trouble. I played my Man-o'-War and bounced his Cloudgoat Ranger. "Wait, what!? Are you nuts!? He's just going to recast it and get double the tokens, you stupid!!" - that's what anyone could think of me right now, but wait. This was actually all part of my cleverly designed plan. As expected, he redeployed his Ranger, getting another set of tokens, while I was still waiting, grinning and thinking to myself: "soon, very soon". But the moment was not ripe yet. Something was telling me that this was going to get even better. Some of you may already have cought the drift.
On his next turn, as expected, he attacked with the Ranger and tapped all Kithkins for a total of 7 flying damage to my face. Then he tapped out and played the best (or worst - depending on your perspective) card ever - Elspeth, Sun's Champion. He made 3 soldier tokens and passed the turn.

Now, let's get to the challenge: I'm at 13 life and I have 3x Island, 2x Swamp, Underground River and Underground Sea (all untapped), and a lowly untapped Man-o'-War. My opponent is sitting on a healthy 20 life, has no untapped lands, tapped Cloudgoat Ranger, Elspeth, Sun's Champion and a total of 9 1/1 tokens (3 of which are untapped). It's my pre-combat main phase and I play a single card. My opponent says "lol" and concedes because he knows he's dead. Obvious question is obvious: What was that Magic card that so suddenly and unexpectedly caused that poor soul's untimely departure? I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts.

narthan11 on Green-White-Black

3 days ago

Then 3 more Swamp and 2 more Plains and add 4 Temple of Silenceand remove the 2 Jungle Hollow and add 2 Temple of Malady (I have an extra Temple of Malady and an extra Caves of Koilos that I could lend you) This is because the best way to improve a deck is to ensure that you can actually get the mana you need so having the largest number of lands that can produce two different colors of mana allows you to have less mana in your deck and a larger number of high impact creatures and this is also a good way to keep the amount of cards closer to 60

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Color(s) Black
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Avg. cube pick 9.37


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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