Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Limited Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Basic Land — Swamp

: Gain .

Price & Acquistion

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Swamp Discussion

multimedia on Basic Land Set Code?

4 days ago

Hey, those basic lands are from the Ixalan Standard Showdown. PSS2 is the set code and it's not a valid set code on this site therefore you can't add a variation of the lands. I searched the alters for each one and found them.

Alters (Plains and Swamp don't show up, but these are the correct alter codes. Ask someone that works at this site about this problem):

Forest *A: 16210* *F*
Island *A: 16207* *F*
Mountain *A: 16209* *F*
Plains *A: 15427* *F*
Swamp *A: 16208* *F*

The same basics lands were used in Commander 2016:

Forest (C16) *F*
Island (C16) *A: 8011* *F*
Mountain (C16) *F*
Plains (C16) *F*
Swamp (C16) *F*

If you would like to make your own alters of each land you can find high quality images of the PSS2 lands here

TypicalTimmy on Why do people think Griselbrand ...

5 days ago

I'd also like to point out that drawing 7 cards with him in a mill deck where you run things such as Sphinx's Tutelage is absolutely devastating.

Most Modern decks run 2 - 3 colors. Rare exceptions are things such as Elves and Burn which are mono-colors and 5C Humans. There are nearly no 4C Modern decks because the balancing is not worth the deck potential, though they can be made with enough effort. The real problem here isn't that 4C isn't powerful, it's that the manafixing is absurd. 5C Humans, I've seen go for literally $1,300 - well out of the budget for I'd say 90% of MTG players. My most expensive Modern deck is $340 and I bought damaged cards and foreign cards to help reduce the cost - and that thing took me two weeks of overtime to save up for with enough cushion set aside to ensure bills can still be paid on time.

As a quick example, I'm going to grab a Modern deck I have and do a casual playthrough on what would happen with just a Sphinx's Tutelage and Griselbrand.

Alright, let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say I am running my Rakdos Minotaur deck. This thing packs a serious punch and is all about dropping Instant-speed kill spells while building up a Minotaur Tribal wall of death before I swing in for 160+ damage with just 4 - 5 creatures.

I'm going to draw my hand, and skip on over to T4. This gives you time to get a Sphinx's Tutelage out without ramp, somehow have landed Griselbrand in your graveyard, and cast yourself a Goryo's Vengeance to bring him out on your 4th turn.

So I draw 7 cards, I'll go first, and draw three more as my turns come and go. This leaves 50 cards left in my library.

Let's see what happens when you draw 7 with Sphinx's Tutelage on the field.

Okay, so that wasn't so bad on my end. So suppose you pay 7 more life, draw 7 more cards, and put me through this 7 more times.

So you milled me for a total of 32 cards. You would have paid 14 life, but remember you could swing for 7 damage since he has Haste via Goryo's Vengeance and pay it AGAIN, so let's make me go through this one last time and see where I'm left off at. Remember, I had 10 cards accounted for between my opening hand and my three draw steps. So I only have 18 cards left in my library. So you pay 7 more life and we go through this whole sha-bang one more time.

You pass the turn and I lose.

T4 Mill. Set up right, you can do it T3.

TypicalTimmy on Why do people think Griselbrand ...

5 days ago

Two words: Card Advantage.

You pay 7 life and he gets you that 7 life right back when he swings. You can draw 14 cards in a single turn, outside of other times like your Draw Step.

He's also a hulking 7/7 Flyer, which is completely respectable.

The way the deck works with Goryo's Vengeance is like this:

  • Step 1.) Dump Griselbrand into your graveyard. You can do this by going 2nd and playing nothing, forcing you to discard. You can also do this by playing something cheap, such as a T1 Faithless Looting.

  • Step 2.) With Griselbrand in your graveyard, you cast Goryo's Vengeance targeting him. You now have a T2 7/7 with Haste. Keep in mind you should probably still be at 20 life.

  • Step 3.) You are going to pay 14 life and draw 14 cards. You are at 6 life left. Swing with Griselbrand and recover 7 of your life. What you are drawing for is Fury of the Horde. This spell allows you to discard two red cards rather than pay it's mana cost. With an opening hand of 7 cards where you play a land (6 cards) and cast a Faithless Looting (-1 FL, +2 draw, -2 discard = 5) you should have 5 cards in hand your 1st turn with Griselbrand in your graveyard. You'll draw for your Draw Step on your 2nd turn (6 cards), play a land (5 cards), cast Goryo's Vengeance (4 cards) bring back Griselbrand and draw 14 cards (18 cards). With 18 cards in hand, you should statistically have gotten at least 1x Fury of the Horde with two red spells you can discard for it.

  • Step 4.) After your 1st Combat Step on your 2nd turn of the game, you will have spent 14 life, going down to 6 in total. Then gained 7 life from Griselbrand's Lifelink, putting you back up to 13. You'll have 18 cards in hand. You discard two red cards and cast Fury of the Horde. you get a 2nd Combat Step, in which you swing for another 7 damage and gain another 7 life, putting you at 20 life again. From here, you pay an additional 14 life to draw an additional 14 cards. Your hand should now be (18 - Fury - 2x red = 15) + 14 draw = 29 cards. You now have 1/2 of your library in your hand.

  • Step 5.) With 29 cards in hand, you discard two more red cards to pay for a 2nd Fury of the Horde, giving you a THIRD combat phase, where you swing for ANOTHER 7 damage. Your opponent has now taken 21 damage on your 2nd turn.

Turn 2 Win

And it's 100% possible to get a T1 win if you run Simian Spirit Guide. You can discard him for to cast your Faithless Looting, play a Swamp and go directly into a Goryo's Vengeance if you can manage to discard a 2nd Simian Spirit Guide.

So an opening hand to get a T1 win would look like this:

enpc on Nasty_Nate..

1 week ago

For where the deck currently is, 31 lands is too low. And you should be dropping cards like Everglades, it's just not as good as a Swamp here. As mentioned, Temple of the False God should be Ancient Tomb. Dark Ritual is a really good card for the deck - while it's one off ramp, it helps you get your key piece down unexpected, whether that be an equipment, a Crypt Ghast or just ya boi Yargle.

bicebice on Mana on steroids part two

1 week ago

Instead of the Hall of the Bandit Lord, I would add 1 Island, 1 Mountain. 1 Plains, and 1 Swamp. I think a playset of Manamorphose would do you a good job, in the place of the Karametra's Acolytes. Just so you know.

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