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T: Add B to your mana pool.

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NobodyPicksBulbasaur on Coolist Cards You Own

2 hours ago

To pair with the previously mentioned Guru Plains, I just picked up a Guru Swamp for my Legacy deck. I'm pretty excited to get it in a few days.

tacoluver123456789 on Black Devotion/Aggro

12 hours ago

more lands. add more Swamp .

Rhadamanthus on Your Playgroup and Proxies

1 day ago

Any Tournament Organizer who allows proxies for use in actual sanctioned events needs to be reported to the DCI.

Among my personal casual playgroup, we've pretty much never used proxies. They appear from time to time when one of us is brewing a new deck and needs to sort out some ideas, but are never used for a "final" deck. The only exceptions I can think of are when some cards were literally in the mail or "I'm running out of basics somehow, so pretend all these Forest s are Swamp s."

For proxy supplies when I do happen to be brewing a deck and don't have everything I need, I save the advertisement cards I get from booster packs and just write on them in permanent marker. The card stock isn't exactly the same as a regular Magic card, but once they're sleeved up they don't feel unusual.

Mongol on Jungle Blood

1 day ago

Hey, thanks for the props on my deck, Infernal Savagery!

Here are some things I'm noticing about your deck that could use some adjusting in my opinion.

  • You don't have a lot going on for early game aggro or defense. I would recommend throwing in some Lightning Bolt s or if you're going to include black, include more black with stuff like Thoughtseize , or maybe a combination of Duress and Despise if you don't want to spend that kind of money on cards. You could also throw in stuff like Doomblade that way.

  • That brings me to the next point, your only option for black mana comes through with the 3 Verdant Haven 's. Throw some more dual lands in. Perhaps a couple Golgari Rot Farm s as well, or the R/B version of it. My favorite combo is with Voyaging Satyr and those 2 mana dual lands from the old Ravnica block. They work very well together, especially if you're enchanting the lands with something that produces more mana. However, those dual lands won't allow you to use black mana on the first or second turn, so just put some plain old Swamp s in if you opt for black removal or low-cost creature options.

  • You could always go with early aggro too. Any 1 drop creature with haste would be good, and there are some good black one drop creatures with 2 power, like Bloodsoaked Champion or Rakdos Cackler .

  • Savageborn Hydra is a beast and I'd consider putting at least one more in. He should be in my deck, by all rights, but I like what I have as it is.

  • You've only got 5 creatures that will work with Spellbreaker Behemoth efficiently. Xenagos only enters as a creature if you have the devotion, Savageborn requires you to put at least 5 counters on him, and I don't believe it will work with the Phoenix at all. I'd move him out unless you're putting more 5+ power creatures in.

Anyway, the main 2 things I'm seeing that could use some work are your mana base (particularly if you're going with more black), and options for early aggro or removal. Hope this helps!

UnknownDemon on the random button (DECK CHALLENGE)

1 day ago

Muhahaaa im sure ill get an excellent card... wait Swamp ? Ok... maybe ill just hit the button again. Shambling Swarm this time. Lets do this. Ill return later.

JakeHarlow on The Orzhovian Hate Crime

2 days ago

Very nice list. One of the things I like about this is that as a 2-color deck, you'll have far fewer mana issues than other decks right now. It also seems you've selected from among the strongest control options. I'll go ahead and offer a few suggestions. Mind you, I haven't play tested this yet, and any suggestions I give will need to see testing before validation of any kind. Anyhow.

  • You may find it suitable to replace one Swamp with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Functionally it is a Swamp and will fix all your black mana on the games you see it. It isn't quite as crucial in a two-color deck, but I don't see a serious downside to playing it either.

  • Utter End is certainly powerful. It permanently kills just about anything at instant speed. As a 4-drop, though, I wonder if you really want to run 4 on the main deck. I could be wrong, though. It is a card you wanna see often into the mid and late game. I run 3 and I feel it is balanced out at that frequency. I worry that as a 4-of, it will show up too early as a dead card while you wait for a mana pool of 4. Might the fourth Thoughtseize prove more useful to build tempo control in most matchups?

  • This deck has a very broad level of stabilization power, meaning it might need some extra draw and high-value creatures as the game moves forward. This is why I'll suggest that you cut the set of Soldier of the Pantheon . The pro-multicolor and life gain are great in a largely tricolor meta, I'll grant you that, but the truth is, he'll be outclassed by most mid to late game threats. Siege Rhino still tramples through him, if I'm not mistaken (albeit assigning no damage to him), Butcher of the Horde and Mantis Rider fly over him. In exchange, I think 2 Sign in Blood will work wonders. Aim it at opponents if they're on the ropes, and that happens more than I thought possible these days due to all the pain in the mana bases. The "draw 2 for 2" really can't be beat right now, and you've got ways of recouping life points. Refilling your hand gives you more gas for control or threats as your hand dwindles down during grindy matchups. The other cards I'd suggest in place of it would be Wingmate Roc (bringing you to three), and either an extra copy of Sorin or Brimaz. These cards just hold a better value in the long game, and you'll reach that stage in almost all of your wins. Give yourself the tools that matter for that point in the game (especially Brimaz, whom I regularly have trouble sticking until the 2nd or 3rd copy due to the hate he draws).

  • Your SB is incomplete right now, but I'll go ahead and make a very strong suggestion of 4x Nyx-Fleece Ram . He will shut down burn matchups like nobody's business. He shuts down aggro too as a tough blocker that makes a quick race out of the question. He's just so valuable in many of your weaker matchups like spell-heavy burn that he really warrants serious consideration.

That's all I got for you at this moment, and obviously you ought to test things out before you take any of these suggestions to heart. Let me know how it goes! +1

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Color(s) Black
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Avg. cube pick 9.37


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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