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Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

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Ashen Rider Discussion

deathbygiraffe on Junk reanimation,

1 day ago

Karador, Ghost Chieftain was tailor-made for Survival of the Fittest . Honestly, this card is sick on it's own in most decks, but in karador, it's just the best card you could ever have in this strategy.

The main thing a Karador deck wants to do is abuse synergies and get massive card advantage until you find a way way either control the board or combo out.


Are you avoiding infinite combo's? If not, you should really give Reveillark , Karmic Guide and Viscera Seer a go, along with your Saffi Eriksdotter . Others you could include are Phyrexian Devourer , Triskelion and Necrotic Ooze . Or Mirror Entity in combination with the Reveillark -stuff. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Triskelion work together of course if you're adding the Phyrexian Devourer combo.


Your Birthing Pod package seems a bit light, and fairly random. Fleshbag Marauder , Slum Reaper , Restoration Angel , Shriekmaw , Archon of Justice , Bane of Progress , Woodfall Primus , Angel of Despair , Terastodon , Ashen Rider are all great options for your strategy.

Treasury Thrull is... Well I had higher hopes for it when it came out. Basically he gets outclassed by Sun Titan , which can get a LOT of value. Pernicious Deed , Necrotic Sliver , Aura of Silence , Reclamation Sage , Slum Reaper , Eternal Witness , Yavimaya Elder , Necromancy , Saffi Eriksdotter , fetchlands

Stax effects are pretty good in Junk colors, you have Braids, Cabal Minion , Smokestack , Grave Pact , Dictate of Erebos , Martyr's Bond , World Queller

False Prophet deals with difficult boards like a boss. Be sure to have plenty sac outlets though (like Birthing Pod , High Market , Phyrexian Tower , Viscera Seer , Braids, Cabal Minion , Smokestack ...)

Some things you can probably swap out.

Ready is a neat trick but it isn't very synergistic with the rest of the deck, you could give Dauntless Escort a try. Creatures are more valuable than other spells in a Karador Deck. Dauntless Escort also has great synergy with Sun Titan .

Reaper of the Wilds does scry, but doesn't give you any real options when you cast it. It may seem weird but Viscera Seer is actually a better option for this deck. The Sac-outlet is pretty important for various reasons.

Why no Sol Ring ? Is this geared towards duel commander? If so, you should add in a Primeval Titan (which isn't banned in 1v1). And Spore Frog /Spike Weaver should be pretty good then (for instance replacing Safe Passage , this is quite a weird card for commander I think).

You're playing 21 recursion spells... Karador does get the job done fine usually without most of them. And if Karador is out of town, Sheoldred can take over his shift. I suggest you cut SOME recursion spells, and get some more creatures and tutors in the deck. Your deck could use some manaramp in the form of Wood Elves , Yavimaya Granger , Farhaven Elf

RockinDinosaur on EHD Graveyard Help

1 day ago

Hey, So recently i decided to change up my Ghave deck to synergies better with the graveyard. It started with putting in Jarad's Orders and then i realized how easy it would be to abuse stuff like Ashen Rider or just dump out powerful creatures like that. My deck already has a fair amount of stuff to pull stuff out the grave but i need cards to put stuff in. I have Jarad's for specific creatures, and i put in Life from the Loam and Dakmor Salvage For dredge. So any suggestions would be great. Also cards that can get land into the grave so i can benefit more from Worm Harvest would also be helpful.

P.S. any suggestions on what to take out to accommodate these new cards will also help

kg77wiseguy on Orzhov Midrange (Home Brew)

4 days ago

Brimaz is legendary, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about running four. Maybe drop one and add an Ashen Rider , just because of his great synergy with Athreos? Idk, I'd drop a Brimaz for something.

freezerboy on The Evil Dead II

5 days ago

Decided to go with Necromancer's Stockpile since the deck doesn't have much draw power, and I can activate the ability as soon as it comes into play. Whereas Devout Witness needs a whole turn to be useful. Sure I lose the artifact/enchantment destruction, but lets be real here...Ashen Rider is a bit superior to that. You're right about the True Believer though. It is better to have something that won't die to a Staff of Nin . I'd originally run Grimoire of the Dead and I never got to the third counter, which is where Nim Deathmantle came into play.

thispersonisagenius on The Trash is coming to get you!

5 days ago

I think Grisly Salvage needs to be a four-of. It has been in pretty much every Junk Reanimator deck for the past two years or so, and basically digs five cards deep, and thus is your best "dredger". I would cut Champion of Stray Souls entirely, as it isn't a particularly powerful card to reanimate, and replace that with Shadowborn Demon , Angel of Serenity or some big fatty from Theros like maindeck Ashen Rider .

jenova_death on How to say NO soup ...

1 week ago

Ashen Rider and Oblivion Ring do work.A spell is anything cast from your hand.Ashen Rider : Enters play, triggered ability goes on the stack, stack resolves, bye bye tentacle monster.Oblivion Ring : Enters play, paragraph 1 triggered ability goes on the stack, paragraph 2 triggered ability goes on the stack, paragraph 1 triggered ability resolves, paragraph 2 triggered ability resolves. will help aswell if need be :)

IceDragon on How to say NO soup ...

1 week ago

Sorry to point it out, but Emrakul, the Aeons Torn has protection from colored spells. So Ashen Rider and Oblivion Ring do not work. Council's Judgment on the other hand does.

xlaleclx on How to say NO soup ...

1 week ago

There's also Ashen Rider for the same purpose Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.46 $1.5 $4.99 $10.86
Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) B, W
Cost 4WWBB
Converted cost 8
Avg. draft pick 3.08
Avg. cube pick 1.58


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare