Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

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Ashen Rider Discussion

Ohthenoises on Commander 2016 = 5x 4-color ...

13 minutes ago

Really the two that stand head and shoulders above the rest are Ink Treader and Yore tiller.

Ink Treader is pretty subtle how good he can be. I mean just the obvious Act of Treason targeting Ink-Treader Nephilim to Insurrection is fine but then you start to remember that there are cards like Crimson Wisps and others. Draw cards = to the number of dudes on the battlefield? Sure! Clone effects? Yikes, even Twinflame is nutso. Supplant Form is easily the most breakable card in the deck which is weird.

YT is just so....... It's like Kaalia except it gives no fucks about creature types and from the grave. He would be the most broken thing ever if he had G too for avenger + craterhoof but even without that, there are plenty of amazing targets in the remaining colors. (Ashen Rider/Iona, Shield of Emeria/Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite to name some off the top of my head.)

Khanye on selling random cards

2 days ago

Prices are negotiable. Looking to get somewhere between TCG low and mid, but i'm willing to look at offers to move the pieces. Will ship out in regular envelope. If you want tracking, you pay for it. Let me know people. I prefer payments made by paypal, but open to other transactions.

Happy hunting

Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Containment Priest

Ashen Rider x2

Bloodghast x4

Tidehollow Sculler x3

Young Pyromancer x3

Carrion Feeder x3

Deathrite Shaman x4

Gravecrawler x4

Umezawa's Jitte

Goblin Bombardment x3

Koth of the Hammer

Liliana of the Veil x2

Pyroblast x4

Abrupt Decay x2

Surgical Extraction

Deflecting Palm

Crackling Doom

Lingering Souls x3

Faithless Looting x4

Thoughtseize x3

Cabal Therapy x3

Crumble to Dust

Undiscovered Paradise

Overgrown Tomb x2

Blood Crypt x2

Godless Shrine x2

Bloodstained Mire x4

Wooded Foothills x3

Windswept Heath x2

Flooded Strand

Ghost Quarter

thewyzman on He That Betrays

5 days ago

I enjoy discussion, so bear with me while I explain my thoughts.

Another Sedris player? WOOT!

Ok 1empyrean, so...

The idea is to have as many spots as I need to pull off a number of win-cons, then fill the rest with utility cards like loot effects, and control cards like kills, counters, and -for flavor- steal and traitor cards... Meanwhile, I'd like to have a few reanimator bombs, like Ashen Rider and Dragonlord Atarka back in their respective Standard blocks.

When I saw Malfegor in my cards, my first thought was COMMANDER, but then I thought about throwing it in here. I held back because if I'm behind on the board, which is often a likely scenario in multiplayer tables, then I'd get a fatty, discard my hand, make opponents who can afford to sac a few dudes to do so. There's no draw power, so I'd probably wind up in a deeper hole, save for having a 6/6 flyer on the field. There is upside, but the probability for more upside seems unlikely at this point, but I'll keep him close for sure as my meta ebbs and flows.

I LOVE Tyrant of Discord and used to run it in my Mayael the Anima block with enthusiasm... until it often made me a very quick enemy. I would draw aggro from my opponents, and those triple reds made it awkward trying to cast when red is the minor color. Targeting a single player is a quick way to make an enemy, and I'd like to play a bit more passive aggressively and have cards that affect the entire table, like Diluvian Primordial, or cards that net me additional permanents, like Abhorrent Overlord, or maybe even a Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

Buried Alive and Mirror-Mad Phantasm are cards ripe for a Bojuka Bog or other yard hater like Anafenza, the Foremost or Scavenging Ooze, but having forgotten about the former and never heard of the latter, I'll put them on my watch list :)

Mercurial Chemister is one of those dudes that I really like in decks like this, and I'll definitely reconsider it strongly, but being in a 5-drop slot and very easily Clone-able, especially with lots of red/blue in my meta, it assume the dangers of playing Tyrant of Discord when opponents grab their own copies.

Unfortunately, that constant danger of people cloning living dudes, dead dudes, etc, is very real, and very likely, so it puts a painful restriction on this deck that if I get too aggressive, I'll find myself on the other end of a hate stick... thus, the preference on passive-aggressive style, or cards that are "politically fair" in hurting the entire table.

Thanks for commenting 1empyrean, and reading, please feel free to keep the conversation going!

Citridon on Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim of Life Gain

1 week ago

You might considet replacing Angel of Deliverance with Archon of Justice or Ashen Rider. None of your artifacts naturally end up in the graveyard, and thete are only 3 anyway. Combine that with only 3 planeswalkers, and your only 3/4 on delirium (sorcery, creature, land)

namesallgone on Paradise, Damnation or Tariel

1 week ago

I have never made a Mardu deck but this have given me a lot to think about. I also thought about...where is Victimize? Is there a reason you aren't running cards like Archon of Justice, Ashen Rider, and Angel of Despair?

But seriously...I am going to steal the majority of your deck and claim it as my own.

Deruvid on Teysa and you guys helped me build it

1 week ago

I much prefer Attrition over Stronghold Assassin, but you want to be running a strong token subtheme to maximize that. "Orzhov Law and Order" is a pretty broad theme but according to the suggestions, lifegain appears to be a strong theme so far. To that end, I suggest the following mana ramp options:

Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Nirkana Revenant, Crypt Ghast, Doubling Cube, and Caged Sun

Then use drain spells like Debt to the Deathless, Bond of Agony, Death Grasp, Profane Command and Exsanguinate for big life swings. Beacon of Immortality and False Cure is a fun combo, especially when put together by Increasing Ambition.

Other Black-White goodstuff would be Ashen Rider and Unburial Rites.

YmPrat on Power and Sacrifice

2 weeks ago

Does Quicksilver Amulet work well for you? I considered it for a bit, but I found that Deathrender allowed me more mana for gaining board advantage. I think with cards like Ashen Rider, Angel of Despair, and Archon of Justice in your deck it might help you out more. It could also help you drop bombs like your Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger early in the game. Heck, you could even put Sidisi, Undead Vizier onto it through another creature's death and then tutor for him and drop him in at the same time.

Leonin Relic-Warder is another card you should consider, if you sacrifice him in response to his ETB he can permanently exile any Artifact or Enchantment that's causing you problems. Plus if you combo him with a creature like Blood Artist and Animate Dead he can kill off a player. Or if you'd rather kill everyone at once you could do Zulaport Cutthroat instead of Blood Artist.

You also might consider running Gift of Immortality in your deck. At it's worst (outside of split second cards) it will make your opponent use 2 pieces of removal to deal with one of your creatures. At it's best it will allow you a powerful ETB or LTB ability during each of your opponent's turns. You could put a 1 or 2 turn clock on the game by putting it Kokusho, the Evening Star, or you could ramp like crazy by putting it on Burnished Hart, or quickly find what you need to end the game by putting it on Rune-Scarred Demon.

If you'd like some more ideas you could check out my Ayli deck.

Daedalus19876 on Pilgrimage of Dusk

2 weeks ago

I like the deck (and the title) a lot, and you get a +1 from me. I was thinking about building an Ayli deck recently, and I might take some inspiration from this one. However, I would cut a lot of your higher-mana cards: in particular, Grave Titan, Elspeth, Geth (depending on your meta), Sheoldred, and Ashen Rider. I don't feel they're good enough alone to warrant spending an entire turn on casting them, and without any ramp, you'd usually have better things to do. In particular, Ashen Rider takes 8 mana to do something your 2-mana commander should already do. Personally I'd remove Felidar Sovereign too - it always feels so cheap to win that way.

I'd also add Tidehollow Sculler, Anguished Unmaking, Unburial rights, and Teysa, Orzhov Scion in here - they're all amazing in this style of deck.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Theros Mythic Rare

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