Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

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Ashen Rider Discussion

aeonstoremyliver on I Fart in Your General Direction

2 days ago

I think Blazing Archon would be better than Consecrated Sphinx. I suppose it depends on the meta. Ashen Rider helps against Show and Tell/Omni-Tell variants. You could side 3x Riders.

Looking good otherwise!

jawz on so devote

3 days ago

Probably the best monoblack deathtoucher right now is Sidisi, Undead Vizier. Abhorrent Overlord and Fanatic of Mogis are potentially strong devotion creatures.

I feel tempted to add some white just for Rally the Ancestors, and maybe Ashen Rider and Underworld Coinsmith. One big Rally that gets back multiple Grey Merchants and Coinsmiths and Grim Guardians into play at the same time is basically winning the game. Qarsi Sadist is not a bad compliment to a Rally deck either.

CricketYT on Blanc a blanc

4 days ago

Ashen Rider because it too needs lotion.

Ninjadude51 on God of Manifest (DTK Standard)

6 days ago

This deck is pretty damn awesome (seriously, I saw Ashen Rider and I was sold!) but I do not see any manifest... am I missing something?

Maddenman2103 on Buying legacy Cards. B/W

1 week ago

Cards I am currently interested in buying are as follow. Cards I want!!!VindicatePhyrexian ArenaHero's DownfallUrborg, tomb of yawgmoth landCabal coffers landAshen RiderPhyrexian ObliteratorMarsh Flats

I need 4 of each. Also, please check out my deck here and critique it please. I am putting a good deal of money in this and would like to have some input from some pros. New to the site btw

RoyLancaster on Exploiting the Toolbox

1 week ago

If I can survive, it wins pretty easily. Late game board control in Deathbringer Regent and Ashen Rider typically do it for me, especially when one follows the other. The hard part is getting there, especially against red decks. Palace Familiar and Raise the Alarm give me a bit of a defense against them until I can wipe the board.

Oldschool930 on God of Manifest (DTK Standard)

2 weeks ago

I didn't even think about Ashen Rider exiling lands! The addition of Doomwake Giant in the side is fantastic...token hate, anyone? If I could +1 this again, I would.

brokendwarf on nighthawk101

2 weeks ago

It was 4 cards in total. Murmuring Bosk wasn't one of them and I remember Ashen Rider, Unburial Rites, and Monastery Swiftspear. The 4th was either Spellbreaker Behemoth or Spearbreaker Behemoth.

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