Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

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Ashen Rider Discussion

NinjaBunny01 on Oloro the Immortal King

14 hours ago

I can see removing Divinity of Pride, Ashen Rider, and Rite of Replication. I don't agree with the rest. It will open up the deck a little to add in more from my maybe board. But the copy anything, card draw machine, removal and general utility are pretty good for a control deck.

DemonDragonJ on Commander 2015 Hopes & Dreams

4 days ago

All the enemy-colored lieges from Eventide would be amazing, considering how expensive Balefire Liege and Deathbringer Liege now are as singles, and the enemy-colored "demigods" (i.e., Deity of Scars, Overbeing of Myth, and so forth) would be nice, as well.

Utter End and Ashen Rider would aslo be nice, but I know that WotC usually avoids having too many powerful or expensive cards in a preconstructed deck, so I shall not hope for those cards too strongly.

Snake on Rixardcz

1 week ago

rixard mira estos bichos:

Ashen Rider Angel of Despair Crypt Ghast Karmic Guide

pONLE UN MOTOR DE SACRIFICIO, PUEDE SER Phyrexian Vault O Ashnod's Altar.

FancyTuesday on Karador, Chief of Gravevalue

1 week ago

Of the cards I mentioned that are kinda iffy, Pernicious Deed and Disciple of Bolas are far and away the strongest of the bunch.

Deed wiping out artifacts and enchantments is a big deal. Late in the game it can save your bacon from almost any troublesome board-state just by dropping and popping, and early on it's a rattlesnake to keep people off you and keep their threats up in their hands. Can be activated at instant speed so you can set yourself up to be the only one with a board state.

Disciple is one of the best card advantage tools available in EDH. You have a some "dies" triggers like Ashen Rider, Archon of Justice, Reveillark, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Solemn Simulacrum, Puppeteer Clique, and Woodfall Primus, and even if you don't have such a wonderful target almost anything with 3 or more power is probably worth more as some cards in your hand with another chance to cast it from your graveyard.

I'd run Beast Within over Vindicate. The downside of Beast Within is completely negligible in EDH, the casting cost is less fickle and it's an instant as opposed to a sorcery, letting you two for one in response or hold your answer so you can wait and see what your opponent is gonna do with something you're thinking about blowing away.

If you're looking for another wrath to replace Shriveling Rot that doesn't cost Damnation bucks Austere Command is one of the best Wraths in EDH since it gives you an answer to almost everything, and Decree of Pain is a favorite of mine and an absolute blowout in terms of card advantage.

Krayhaft on Legacy Burn

3 weeks ago

Flame Rift?

Idk what what you are expecting to play against, but for omnitell Ashen Rider is an alright SB in, and Faerie Macabre/Surgical Extraction vs dredge. I don't play legacy but thats just what comes to mind.

-Logician on EPIC TROLLING with Lich's Mirror

3 weeks ago

Quicksilver Thanks for the support! Hehe Ashen Rider is pretty rude in EDH too. :P

amazingdan Thanks for the support! To be fair, I don't actually play these epic trolling decks in real life. I play much more fair, reasonable decks that you'd expect anyone to play. These epic trolling decks are the result of theorycrafting while I'm bored all day. I spent basically the last two days on this one.

clarinetking I appreciate the enthusiasm. :P I think that as soon as you cast Enter the Infinite, no one wants to continue that game.

FGKG123 Indeed. You could Mind Slaver everyone, then pass around the table as you cast Thieves' Auction while your Phage the Untouchable is in play, and force players to take Phage and lose. You'd have to be careful though, as Thieves' Auction hurts your field too. You'd want to Manifest everyone's library first so that they can take their own cards rather than yours.

Maringam That means a lot. :) I would politely decline to sign an entire deck, and would agree to sign maybe one card, because my signature will certainly destroy the value of your deck. XD

godofcruelty I've gotten to a point in deck building that completely breaking the game mechanics is the main thing I'm interested in. Once you know how to manipulate an object on the field to be other card types, you can do fancy things. Like if you think something will be fun to do, but you need an artifact to actually be an enchantment, that's not impossible. You know you just need Enchanted Evening. If you need something to be an artifact, it's Mycosynth Lattice or Liquimetal Coating. If you need something to be a creature, turn it into an artifact if it isn't already one, then use Karn, Silver Golem, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, or a slew of others that do that kind of thing. It's possible to turn Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas into an artifact with Liquimetal Coating, then animate himself with his own ability. From there, you could theoretically put Inviolability on him and boom. He can't be damaged. Once you have the card knowledge, it's less about figuring out how, and moreso figuring out what. Having studied a lot of game rules to become a Judge (I'm not yet a Judge) has also contributed to my ability to build these decks. Otherwise, I'd be flooding the rules Q&A, but instead I usually already know, and I might ask Rules Q&A one question or so.

CkajLanoa Lol. It would be an honor to be responsible for that record.

Thank you all again :)

Quicksilver on EPIC TROLLING with Lich's Mirror

3 weeks ago

This is r00d, and I thought my infinite bounce with Ashen Rider trick was mean...

tulse on Orzhov Control - Finishers & ...

3 weeks ago

There's not a lot of historical inspiration to draw from when it comes to strict BW control, as pretty much every competitive control deck needs blue for the card draw - a problem you've already identified.

I think Night's Whisper is a bit better than Sign in Blood as it's easier to cast on turn 2. However, Read the Bones is a GREAT new addition for black and I would test out running 2-4 of them and cut back on the other options to see how it works out. I think Phyrexian Arena is better than Underworld Connections, and I think you want maybe 2 of either of those. I haven't played enough with Ambition's Cost to really comment on it but it seems fine.

In terms of a finisher package, Elspeth is my favourite of those listed. Gideon Jura is my other favourite white planeswalker as he's great during every stage of the game. Angel of Despair (Ashen Rider's mother) was long played in the Solar Flare archetype and provides a good effect. I also like Grave Titan a lot. These are cards that pay off even if your opponent draws an answer for them, and Grave Titan in particular finishes the game fast. Teysa is a bit defensive and Blood Baron is good, but a bit more situational than perhaps you'd like. The cards I've suggested are definitely more control oriented than midrange, but I think that's where you want to be with your deck, as you're only running 3 Vampire Nighthawk as it is.

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