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Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

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Ashen Rider Discussion

Arorsthrar on bug reanimator

2 days ago

I think it would be a good idea to use "better" reanimating targets; creatures that'll leave an impact even after they are exiled. Lord of the Void , Giant Adephage , Ashen Rider , and Abhorrent Overlord are examples. Rescue from the Underworld is an interesting card that hasn't seen much play in reanimating themes. Also, the new convoke card (name escapes me at the moment) is good too. Satyr Wayfinder is necessary in every graveyard build. He dredges nicely, and is a body that can convoke or chump block. In addition, Satyr Wayfinder allows you to play less lands (20-22 lands). Nyx Weaver is another good card for blocking and dredging, and can recover reanimation cards. I'd take out cards that don't contribute to this plan, like Ashiok and Garruk.

freezerboy on The Evil Dead II

3 days ago

After getting some rounds in, looks like Footsteps of the Goryo is a welcome addition. Been used to flashback Archon of Justice , Karmic Guide and an Ashen Rider . Also has great synergy when Teysa is on the field and I'm blinking in a 2 color or black creature. Get an ETB, ETG and spawn a spirit token. Not bad for an uncommon.

hateindigital on MOURNINGSTAR

4 days ago

I was acting on a whim picked up a playset of gameday foils out of the shops junk rares I was hoping it could be used with bestow. Wrongo... Well I'm leaning towards Ashen Rider now.

S_Jake on Reanimator Deck

4 days ago

The issue with playing a mono-B Reanimator list is that it cannot beat grave-hate such as Grafdigger's Cage without resorting to clunky cards such as Ratchet Bomb or Nevinyrral's Disk . This is why Legacy lists are UB, though I take your point regarding how expensive Underground Sea s and Polluted Delta s are. Blue gives you counter magic (Daze , Force of Will ), more consistency (Brainstorm , Ponder ) and answers from the sideboard (Chain of Vapor , Echoing Truth ).

Accepting these limitations, I think your list is okay, though I think you should be running 3-4 Griselbrand and either an Ashen Rider , Angel of Despair or a Tidespout Tyrant . I'd definitely recommend cutting the Avacyn, Angel of Hope (win-more) and the Sheoldred, Whispering One (too slow) and I think the Empyrial Archangel and Sphinx of the Steel Wind are unnecessary, though they are good. I think you should also add some Lotus Petal s and consider replacing the Buried Alive and Zombify (as both are too slow).

slovakattack on

5 days ago

Caligula haha, thanks for the advice- but I'm not actually making this deck. This was an example deck for someone who I'm trying to help make an Orzhov extort deck.

I didn't put in Ashen Rider and Gift of Immortality , because as fun a combo as it is in kitchen-table gameplay, it is, in the end, a pretty janky combo, and wouldn't really work all that well in Modern competitive. Merciless Eviction is nice, but hopefully with the amount of removal on the board, it's not needed. (I mean, there are 18 removal spells in this deck- it's very removal heavy. I'd sooner just throw in Wrath of God , anyway. 6 is a bit hefty, yanno?)

Caligula on

5 days ago

I like it. Extortion would be pretty fun.

What about testing Ashen Rider in place of Pontiff? Could work out in your favor. w/ Gift of Immortality it's just kinda silly in it's own. Crypt Ghast should be able to get you the mana for it

Merciless Eviction could work in your favor as well.

slovakattack on Orzhov Extort

5 days ago

I gotcha. Well, I would say the first thing to do would be to look at 'trimming the fat', so to speak. Cutting 1-offs like Ashen Rider and Celestial Force will really help focus your deck, into a Orzhov Token/Extort deck, which is what I think you want this to be.

herosound on The Necromancer's Apprentice

5 days ago

i might recommend Ashen Rider over Angel of Despair , its one more mana for exile on entrance and exit, just a thought though :D other wise looks great Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.46 $1.5 $4.99 $10.86
Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) B, W
Cost 4WWBB
Converted cost 8
Avg. draft pick 3.08
Avg. cube pick 1.58


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare