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Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider

Creature — Archon


When Ashen Rider enters the battlefield or dies, exile target permanent.

Acquire Ashen Rider

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Ashen Rider Discussion

lastdragon21 on I Want my Creatures to Die!

1 day ago

Slum Reaper seems fun.

Blood Baron is on color, as well as Ashen Rider

Names837 on Junk Reanimator

1 day ago

I have played against a reanimator deck some what similar to this and he used Ashen Rider in the deck. Just wanted to share this. :P

aeonstoremyliver on legacy dark stage

1 day ago

Usually Karakas takes care of Show and Tell . Which I see you have main. Bounce Emrakul or Grizzlybanned, etc, back to their hand. Beware of opposing Wasteland , though. I maindeck Pithing Needle in my 12 Post deck specifically for Wasteland . Ashen Rider could work against S&T as well.

For Dredge I'd run Bojuka Bog mainboard and leave mana open for Crop Rotation to get it instantly. Their Cabal Therapy can really suck though. Elephant Grass can also work well against Dredge. So does Leyline of the Void .

TES/ANT sucks. Leyline of Sanctity is the go to. Chalice of the Void set at 2 could stop them too.

Glacial Chasm works against most decks except S&T that runs Eldrazi and TES/ANT. It's worth a sideboard slot, at least.

Scope out my 12 Post:

epajula on Oh-Wee Oloro!

2 days ago

Thanks for the ideas! I don't want to play Serra Ascendant , Divinity of Pride , or Blood Baron of Vizkopa due to their unfair advantage in EDH. I just feel it's broken.

I'm taking out Thirst for Knowledge for Sphinx's Revelation . Master Transmuter and Sphinx Summoner are in primarily for their synergy with Magister Sphinx . Mimic Vat has great synergy with Sunblast Angel , and Fleshbag Marauder which also works great with Sun Titan . I think Crawlspace is amazing especially with this version of control. If I get out Mystifying Maze , and/or Kor Haven I don't even have to worry about using spells for defense. Dimir Keyrune works well with my wrath effects to widdle them down. An if Magister Sphinx hits the bored it puts even more pressure on opponents.

Your suggestions of Rhystic Study , Ashen Rider , Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , and Grand Arbiter Augustin IV however I feel that these card's kinda ruin the game for your opponents (I know that there may be other cards I'm playing that fit this description).

I really did like your suggestions of Debt to the Deathless , and Drogskol Reaver . I just don't know what I would take out for either. Of course Cryptic Command is great, but my counters that I am using now (Counterspell , and Dromar's Charm ) are purely for immediate protection, and the low casting cost is why these were picked.

Thanks again for taking a look!

NinjaBunny01 on Oh-Wee Oloro!

3 days ago

Some good cards you may want to consider for Oloro are: Drogskol Reaver , Debt to the Deathless , Venser's Journal , Divinity of Pride , Boon Reflection , and Blood Baron of Vizkopa . Cards you probably could take out for suggestions/maybe board are: Thirst for Knowledge , Augury Owl , Fleshbag Marauder , Master Transmuter (Not really enough artifacts), Sphinx Summoner (again not enough artifact creatures), Sunblast Angel , Crawlspace , and Dimir Keyrune . Other general good cards: Gilded Lotus , Cryptic Command , Bojuka Bog , Sensei's Divining Top , Rhystic Study , Venser, Shaper Savant , Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , Solemn Simulacrum , Phyrexian Metamorph , Grand Arbiter Augustin IV , Duplicant , Consecrated Sphinx , and Ashen Rider .

LiquidKid on BLEATH's binder

4 days ago

I can use Mystic Gate actually....maybe Ashen Rider ? I really want the gate though, if you can find something to add to my end for the difference.

aeonstoremyliver on aPOXalypse now VII: MBLD

4 days ago

SWEEET! Surgical Extraction could be good main, especially to strip counterspells and combo pieces. Liliana of the Veil could be good here.

For your sideboard:

Gate to Phyrexia is a black answer to artifacts. Smash to Smithereens if you're splashing red.

Maybe +2 Trinisphere for Belcher, Storm/ANT. Chalice of the Void is cool too. Leyline of Sanctity not only hoses Tendrils of Agony, but also Red Deck Wins.

Leyline of the Void wrecks Dredge.

Ashen Rider or Ensnaring Bridge work well against Show & Tell.

RussischerZar on Reanimator

5 days ago

Actually, Ashen Rider deals with ANY permanent (except hexproof ones obviously).

But if you whip it, it will get exiled at end of turn (or whenever it would die), so don't get the on death trigger. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.47 $1.91 $4.99 $11.82
Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) B, W
Cost 4WWBB
Converted cost 8
Avg. draft pick 3.08
Avg. cube pick 1.51


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare