Scalding Tarn


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Zendikar Rare

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Scalding Tarn


, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Scalding Tarn: Search your library for an Island or Mountain card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Scalding Tarn Discussion

rothgar13 on Ideas for this Blue/Red deck?

1 day ago

If you want a big blue-red deck that can use Dragons or other big things to finish your opponent, I would try Blue Moon. That's a control deck that's using cards like Blood Moon, Cryptic Command, Lightning Bolt, and Mana Leak to control the early game, then finishing people off with big things. Stormbreath Dragon would be a pretty good finisher in that case, because it's very hard to kill.

If you're thinking of going a bit faster, I would recommend a Delver deck. The namesake creature is Delver of Secrets  Flip, and he can put a hurting on people if they don't deal with him. This deck would have lots of burn and counters and tempo plays like Vapor Snag, potentially Enigma Drake, and one of Bedlam Reveler or Cryptic Serpent as its top-end.

I will warn that there are a couple of expensive cards that are required to make this deck work well - Snapcaster Mage is a must have for competitive play, and there's no real way to get around that. Scalding Tarn and Steam Vents would also be very good, though they're not as critical in a 2-color manabase a lot of the time. Hope this was helpful.

bradc1988 on A Shadow of Grixis Delver

1 day ago

Made from pieces I have lying around. The Strands have surprisingly never been a hindrance. Obviously I'd rather 4x Polluted Delta, 3x Bloodstained Mire, and 3x Scalding Tarn. Alas... $$

JararoNatsu on Modern Miracles

3 days ago

I agree with VraskaTheCursed about Disrupting Shoal. It's way too expensive no matter what you do. You're better off with simple, CMC 2 counter spells like Mana Leak and Remand. The same goes for Logic Knot, too. Don't even bother.

However, I do agree about preferring Think Twice, as you can draw a card on your opponent's turn. You made a remark, though, about Think Twice activating Miracle on your opponent's turn. That would be nice, if the Miracle cards were instants rather than sorceries. If that's what you want, then I would recommend a couple Leyline of Anticipation be added, so you actually CAN use them on opponent's turns.

Also, why do you have a Mountain in your landbase? You have nothing that requires red mana, and for the same reason Scalding Tarn isn't really necessary either. If you need it for fetching Islands, then that is understandable, but one Mountain? Nah, son.

Let's be real about this. If you're going to use Miracles, go all the way. Temporal Mastery it up in here, at least one.

Dublomon on

1 week ago

Also maybe put in Scalding Tarn and Kiln Fiend

FrankenGooB on Quest for Thermo Guttersnipe

1 week ago

I added 2x Blood Moon, 2x Scalding Tarn, 2x Eidolon of the Great Revel I'll be playing locally again with this deck, I'm up for suggestions and I'm still not good with my sideboarding. I also took away the budget tag...

sylvannos on Grixis Tempo/Control

1 week ago

You need Serum Visions to set up your draws so you always have the maximum number of options available. The thing with Grixis is you're trying to 2-for-1 your opponent out of the game. You have to grind them down on cards, then capitalize on your more efficient spells to close the win. Part of that is hitting them early with Inquisition of Kozilek to ruin their early game, part of that is setting your draws up with Serum Visions. The best part about Serum Visions is it lets you play a lower land count for a control deck and never miss land drops. Serum Visions is actually stronger than Thought Scour in this deck.

Your lands look good. I'd toss in a singleton Desolate Lighthouse and single Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Shizo, Death's Storehouse and the other lands in that cycle I've also found put in a lot of work once your deck has 2 or more legendary creatures. I also think you need some manlands, especially Creeping Tar Pit. That way, you don't need so many win conditions and can use those extra spell slots on more utility and removal. You optimally need more fetch lands, but Scalding Tarns are expensive.

As for a sideboard, I would use this:

1x Anger of the Gods
1x Counterflux
1x Crumble to Dust/Blood Moon
1x Dispel
1x Engineered Explosives
1x Hibernation
1x Keranos, God of Storms
1x Damnation/Languish
1x Lost Legacy
1x Negate
1x Slaughter Pact/Spell Snare/Grim Lavamancer
1x Olivia Voldaren
1x Rakdos Charm
1x Spellskite
1x Vendilion Clique/Thoughtseize

AtomicEmpire on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 weeks ago

Well ya, I have Jeskai Draw Go built except for Scalding Tarn, and am working toward Jeskai Nahiri.

AtomicEmpire on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 weeks ago


Would you play Grixis, Jeskai or Esper regardless of price? I think that the answer to that question is probably Grixis, but Esper has a cheap-ass manabase. Jeskai is what I have built besides Scalding Tarn, but Esper seems like a better choice to me. Thoughts?

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