Cavern of Souls


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters Promo (UMAP) Mythic Rare
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Cavern of Souls


As Cavern of Souls enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

: Gain .

: Gain one mana of any colour. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type, and that spell can't be countered.

Cavern of Souls Discussion

Cloudius on Does this Count as Annoying?

3 days ago

cdkime. Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm going to try out The Scarab God and Fabricate today.

Fraying Sanity has been moving in and out of my main deck multiple times. It is a powerful card but I don't like that it only affects 1 player. That said, with sufficient Copy Enchantment type effects, I can spread the "love" around more.

Cavern of Souls was left out due its cost but you're absolutely right about Sanctum. I don't like lands that ETB tapped too. I'd consider replacing it with something else until I can afford to throw a Cavern into this deck.

Good suggestions pal. Keep them coming! Thanks again.

cdkime on Does this Count as Annoying?

3 days ago

The Scarab God might be a good inclusion for this deck, as it provides repeatable graveyard recursion.

I would certaintly move Fraying Sanity from your maybeboard to the deck itself.

I do not think Secret Salvage is a great card for you. While you can fetch all your petitioners to your hand, you still need the ability to cast them. After you spend five mana on a tutor, that's going to be pretty difficult. Instead, consider running Fabricate . It can fetch your Thrumming Stone , your Mindcrank , your Helm of Obedience , or even a mana rock if needed.

Arcane Sanctum is a bad land, and does not belong in any mana base also containing Underground Sea . Consider replacing it with Cavern of Souls to make your Petitioners uncounterable.

Catpocolypse on Budget(ish) Simic Merfolk

4 days ago

I dont know how I've never thought about cards like Mutavault , Cavern of Souls and Collected Company in my Merfolk deck(Simic Merfolk), which is weird because i love tribal decks like humans: Thalia's Horde of Humans.

Have you ever thought about cards like Kiora's Follower or Merfolk Sovereign ? Along with Merrow Reejerey , you can have a lot of shenanigans going on.

DRmagic2017 on Simple Humans

4 days ago

Hi! Some ideas. Mana curve is low so you don't need 24 lands. 20-22 is enough. It depends on your budget but if you want to make your deck more reliable you should take a look at Cavern of Souls and Aether Vial . Your creatures need protection so Brave the Elements would be a nice idea. Path to Exile is your removal (4 copies strongly recommended). A couple of enchantments to boost your creatures: Honor of the Pure and Radiant Destiny . Creatures: 4x Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip - transforms fast, grows fast, helps to transform Westvale Abbey  Flip. Metallic Mimic - cheap and useful. Eldrazi Monument - finisher. Sideboard: Grafdigger's Cage , and Ashes of the Abhorrent , Rest in Peace , Relic of Progenitus (graveyard hate). Good luck!

AngelicOverseer88 on Judgement Day 8/29/97

6 days ago

Nice decklist! I think Cavern of Souls would help out against removal spells.

Check out my Avacyn build and tell me what you think!

Avacyn's Flying Friends (SOME ground dudes, too)

Commander / EDH* AngelicOverseer88


MasterVash on Rakdos anti Azorius

1 week ago

If you have the budget for it, Cavern of Souls is always a great hate card against control. You even have eight goblins maindeck, so it's not like you're using it just for one or two creatues.

With 24 lands, four of them being fetches, I'd go Blood Moon over Alpine Moon. Blood Moon is a great equalizer, and it tends to jank out a lot of decks. Alpine Moon is kind of redundant with Damping Spheres in your sideboard anyway. Scapeshift is the only deck I can think of that you'd miss out on hating without Alpine, and Blood Moon will do that for you anyway.

Venturub on The Small Big Damage

1 week ago

Hey there!

I consider your deck as very thoughtful although I have different suggestions for it:

Venturub on Take me to church

1 week ago

Hey Astro2, the Orim's Chant is not in the SB. It is in the MaybeBoard.

I have many different suggestions:

Hope that helps. :)

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Cavern of Souls occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.07%