Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Lore (V16) Mythic Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Obliterate can't be countered.

Destroy all artifacts, creatures, and lands. They can't be regenerated.

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Obliterate Discussion

Neotrup on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

3 hours ago

Obliterate does do something to stop you from casting lands from your graveyard, specifically it destroys Artifacts and Creatures, so your Crucible of Worlds and/or Ramunap Excavator will be destroyed. However if you play a new one later, or make them indestructible before Obliterate resolves, you will be free to play lands from your graveyard.

Guizee on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

7 hours ago

darkmatter32x I understand. So Obliterate won't prevent me from casting lands from the graveyard neither will stop me from casting Psychic Spiral. Nice, thanks for the help.

colton815 on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

8 hours ago

and how exactly are you doing this? Obliterate will destroy any Crucible of Worlds you have. you would have to cast a Crucible of Worlds AFTER the Obliterate. which will be harder to do after destroying all your lands. what makes you think you "wouldn't" be able to play the lands from your graveyard, when you have a card that says "you may play land cards from your graveyard"? as for your second question, that one is also obvious. you would have to mill yourself with the Psychic Spiral, and hope you mill lands. as for cards that only destroy an opponents lands, do a gatherer search. there are plenty of cards that destroy target land, in any format.

Guizee on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

11 hours ago

I've been wondering: if I cast Obliterate, can I still use my lands (previously destroyed) if I have Crucible of Worlds on the battlefield? Or if I could still re-use all of my destroyed lands if I cast Psychic Spiral? Is it possible to destroy just your opponents' lands when playing multiplayer EDH?

SufferFromEDHD on Enchantastic God Tribal

3 days ago

And you have a God tribal list! Great minds think alike.

spells: Obliterate, Jokulhaups, Devastation, Austere Command, Replenish

enchantments: Heat Stroke, Lethal Vapors, Last Laugh, Spreading Plague

SufferFromEDHD on The Child of the Gods

3 days ago

I see you updated your list recently :) you are right about Child of Alara being a good leader for the God's. Built in destruction is very relevant. I went with Karona for the flavor/theme. Only recommendation for your great list would be more stax/destruction: Heat Stroke, Obliterate, Jokulhaups, Devastation, Austere Command these effects along with the others you added reset the board state but the God's will remain. Also, Academy Rector. Grabs creatures and/or whatever utility piece you need.

SufferFromEDHD on No Mortals Allowed!

1 week ago

I have a God tribal deck as well.My favorite deck fasho. I run Karona, False God as the commander. Heat Stroke, Lethal Vapors, Spreading Plague,Austere Command, Devastation, Obliterate are devastating but barely hurt our indestructible strategy.

smitm901 on Mogis, Paragon of Attrition

3 weeks ago

So my initial thoughts on Mogis, God of Mans Laughter run to the fact that its designed to be much more around killing your opponents with several land wipes like Obliterate to give you an advantage than Mogis, Paragon of Attrition, which is much more grindy but ?less? offensively oriented.

Personally, I think that the decks curve is too high with the amount of lands you are running, especially with land wipes, where recovering before your opponent is pretty important. I would recommend cards like Crucible of Worlds that you hold with a couple lands for post land wipe and mana rocks for curving out and better recovery. Also, the first 1-2 land wipes are always the most devastating, you could potentially replace the others with lower costing tutors, letting the deck have more flexibility. Some cards also conflict in your deck, like how you wouldn't gain the life from Bloodchief Ascension/Whip of Erebos/Basilisk Collar if Sulfuric Vortex/Havoc Festival are already on the field. Or how the deck runs Tainted AEther and 7 hard and soft boardwipes despite also running a number of high priority creatures with no reanimation or protection features.

Your deck is very offensively oriented, and the average game time is probably much shorter and you may also even have a higher win rate than Mogis, Paragon of Attrition, because while both are still Mogis, God of Slaughter decks, they have different goals. I designed Mogis, Paragon of Attrition for when I wanted to enjoy a long grindy game, sure it wins off and on, but that isn't the point of the deck and while I can only guess as to the reason you built Mogis, God of Mans Laughter, it is probably because you wanted to build a good deck, with a positive win rate. So take my viewpoint on efficiency and curving out with a grain of salt, because most of my suggestions would lower the offensive capabilities of the deck while ?maybe? increasing its consistency, which may or may not be a trade-off you are looking for.

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