Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
From the Vault: Annihilation (V14) Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Put all creatures on the bottom of their owners' libraries.

Miracle [[symbol:W[[ (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

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Terminus Discussion

brandonsperry25 on They're triplets but I just see the twins

1 day ago

Yea, local meta is definitely a reason to run Terminus then. It also depends on their play style and how aggressive they will be. You'll know them better than me obviously.

I agree you can ramp fairly easily in EDH and get Diabolic Revelation to go off. I guess I would just be curious how often you've actually pulled it off and how competitive you are trying to be as well. If you like running crazy combos and pulling off big plays, then that would certainly fulfill both requirements haha.

Ultimately, it's up to you. Teferi's Protection is worth a spot but if you feel you can justify keeping the other cards, then that's cool too.

Wolfrage76 on They're triplets but I just see the twins

1 day ago

That's a toughy... the thing about Terminus is that my local meta likes playing from graveyard a lot. Stuffing cards into bottom of their library is incredibly useful. I have Day of Judgement sitting in front of me on my desk, but I dunno.

I think you're right about Diabolic Revelation but it's hard because it's a card that would let me tutor for multiple cards at once, so for 7 mana I could get a 2 card combo into my hand. With 11 mana I can tutor my Mill Wincon and play both. That's not hard in EDH, especially being able to play lands and rocks from opponents hand. And for 3 mana more I could have the wincon activated. Still though... I think with the other tutors and the searching effects from other stuff, I could probably do without it.

brandonsperry25 on They're triplets but I just see the twins

1 day ago

Diabolic Revelation and Terminus would be my suggestions for replacing with Teferi's Protection. They are high cost cards that you may not get to.

Diabolic Revelation seems to be the main cut for me because it's minimum 6 to find 1 card. Especially when you have such better tutor cards like Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor available at a lower CMC.

Terminus could also be replaced with Day of Judgment or Fumigate since you are also running Wrath of God

Magickamek on Not Your Daddy's Oloro

1 week ago

Hi felow EDH player, I noticed you are low on ramp fro a deck you need to go to late game, i would suggest you to play more mana rocks, counting the simulcrum as ram, you should have at least 8-10 source that can help you reach turn 4 wrath of god consistently., also i would suggest to have 6 wrath efects, and very notably, Terminus as you can force a miracle with your tutors and there is nothing but Teferi's Protection that can save you from that. Also i suggest Sphinx's Revelation can be veeeery helpfull to use taht extra mana. also Remove that Cancel from the list, and ad any other 3 mana counter with an extra efect Dissolve, Dissipate,Disallow even Negate is better, obviously if you can get Force of Will or Mana Drain, that would be the best escenario. As for the lands try to keep them simplier, there will be a day you meet Blood Moon and things will be horrible, brush of lands like Riptide Laboratory and High Market wich are to specific and wont provide consistent use. Thats all for now, i hope this is usefull to you, see ya :D

butthurt_qrow on Shadowborn Apostle - Athreos

2 weeks ago

+1 right away for one of my favorite gods.

I enjoy myself an Apostle deck, and I really enjoy this deck due to the fact that it's also partially an aristocrat deck. I would just try to find spots for boards wipes, like Damnation, Terminus, and Merciless Eviction.

TaylorMk on Cloudy With A Chance Of Miracles

3 weeks ago

What are you doing not running Terminus?

Reverie42 on Enlightened Control

3 weeks ago

From a practical standpoint, you're likely to have problems forming alliances with a commander as broken as Narset at the helm. Given how few good hits there are in the deck for Narset, maybe a less threatening or more synergistic commander would be good?

In your current colors, Zedru might be pretty good (although maybe that risks falling too much into group hug if that's not your plan. Another option could be to swap red for black and run Zur or Dromar. Zur fishes up Propaganda, Prison, D-Sphere and Thassa.

I think dropping some counters for board wipes would be good. Cyclonic Rift is obviously bonkers, but other stuff like Wrath of God, Austere Command, Hour of Revelation or even Evacuation might be good. Counters are great for making a key save or stopping a particular combo piece, but realistically, they won't stop you from just getting overrun.

In terms of win cons, if you're already running Enter the Infinite, you could add Laboratory Maniac + Oblation. Another possibility might be Sphinx's Tutelage.

Neat to see Terminus again. It fell off hard after the tuck rule change, but I think it's still a great card (particularly against graveyard decks). I started building after that happened and never really played with it much, but this reminded me that I have a few decks that I should try it in.

cornpie987387 on Ith Can Get A Little Complicated

3 weeks ago

Swap Sigil of the Empty Throne for Luminarch Ascension, trust me, you dont need enchantments to spawn angels and if you have the mana you can spawn as many angels as you like.

Swap Cloud Cover for Karmic Justice. They will still target your stuff if they know it will return to your hand. That way there is a little bit of cover there. I would take Cryptoplasm out. He gets targeted immediately in commander games. Consider another copy spell like Fated Infatuation instead. Seeing you already have Fated Infatuation use Rite of Replication.

I don't like Wrath of God you are running blue, white so use a Supreme Verdict!! If you don't like Supreme Verdict go for a Terminus instead. Wrath of God prevents regeneration but cannot destroy indestructible creatures. Terminus, gets rid of both and can possibly be played for a single mana.

If you need any more advice feel free to ask!

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