Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
From the Vault: Annihilation Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored Rare

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Put all creatures on the bottom of their owners' libraries.

Miracle [[symbol:W[[ (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

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Terminus Discussion

LoneCrusader399 on By Any Means Necessary

2 days ago

Skullclamp, Cathars' Crusade, and Reconnaissance feel like must haves in this deck. They all synergize with your main strategy and/or help to enable it.

Recruiter of the Guard, Karmic Guide, Viashino Heretic, Anarchist, Selfless Spirit and Iroas, God of Victory are creatures that would fit in quite well with your general strategy.

Instead of Mizzium Mortars and Cerebral Eruption as boardwipes; Wrath of God, Terminus, Toxic Deluge or Blasphemous Act would be better.

I would actually play Sorin, Solemn Visitor over Sorin, Lord of Innistrad as Solemn Visitor's + ability is something you want more than either of Lord of Innistrads abilities.

Enablers like Buried Alive, Victimize, Oversold Cemetery and Viscera Seer will help you to ensure you have things in your graveyard to abuse.

Your also lacking good finishers and Alesha tends to lean towards combos. For example, any sac outlet with Murderous Redcap and Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit will infinitely ping everyone.

Randomdeath on Swords to Plowshares vs Path ...

3 days ago

Why does everybody forget about Condemn? Now granted they have to have a attacking creature to be able to use the spell but still its like a Terminus

miampizza on Wife Deck (life drain)

3 days ago

I have a few suggestions:

Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood pretty much self explanatory as to why.

Well of Lost Dreams, Rhystic Study and Alhammarret's Archive are pretty synergistic draw engines.

You are playing one of the best color combination for boardwipes. If things go wrong a well placed Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Merciless Eviction, Fumigate, Terminus or Cyclonic Rift can turn the table in your favor or win you the game. Boardwipes are very strong in the EDH format.

35 lands without any mana rocks is quite slow for a deck like this. Maybe you could consider adding some ramp to ensure that your strategy starts pumping before your opponent's. I'm talking about cards like Azorius Signet, Dimir Signet, Orzhov Signet, Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Basalt Monolith etc etc.

I feel like Colossus of Akros, Eater of Hope, Kothophed, Soul Hoarder, Maze Sentinel and Mortus Strider are either not very synergistic or weak compared to many other possible choices.

Rhox Faithmender, Archangel of Thune (quite pricy $),Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, Sphinx of the Steel Wind could be interesting cards.

As for your removal you heavily rely on Pacifism effects. If that's what you absolutely want, go ahead, but if you'd like a bit versatility (sometimes an enchantment or something else might prevent you from gaining life of playing at all), cards like Anguished Unmaking, Counterspell, Mortify, Return to Dust and Utter End could be pretty interesting.

Might have a few cards that comes to mind. I hope any of those cards were inspirational to you :P

GabeCubed on Could miracles top 8 in ...

1 week ago

Yeah, still bad, but slightly more passable. Repeatable Brainstorm would be awesome, but then again, you could be doing better things. Although a UW control deck with Jace, the Mind Sculptor and a few Miracles cards wouldn't be the worst. Maybe a Terminus or two as extra Wrath of God/Supreme Verdict, that's way cheaper. But this is one, hypothetical, and two, probably not gonna happen (that's a whole other topic though).

lithium142 on Could miracles top 8 in ...

1 week ago

I'll just come out and say i tried to make this happen a year or two ago. Terminus ends up being very lackluster. The allstar card for this deck in modern is Temporal Mastery. Entreat the Angels can work as a one or two of for a win condition, but it's arguable that there are better ways to close a game in modern control.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor would be a gamechanger. the ability to put an otherwise dead miracle card from your hand, to the top of your library is what makes the deck so consistent in legacy

GabeCubed on Could miracles top 8 in ...

1 week ago

To be honest, somebody could at least win a few games with the deck, but again, there is very little ways to have it work in Modern. If they ever unban Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Preordain, I would see a case for maybe, but lack of Top/Brainstorm hurts. However, having some miracles cards in a deck (probably just a one of) isn't so bad. But having 4 Terminus isn't gonna be good.

landstalker10 on Spell slingin' soul sisters

1 week ago

I have ideas, but let me first clear up a few matters. I think I see this deck as a spell deck. You cast instant and sorcery's with permanents on the field that generate tokens and damage to the player and later swarm the opponent.

Keeping that in mind I see cards like Hanweir Garrison as a break in the deck or rather making it clunky. So with that in mind here are some other cards I would replace: Path of Bravery, Faithless Looting, Burn at the Stake.

Removal is a key part of this deck, as well as damage prevention. Shining Shoal. Consider it, and Consider Spectral Procession. 6 CMC, not 3 CMC read the rules on it. There are more options like this. Now you have the ability to card remove, have higher CMC in a lower CMC deck and fill your token needs: Sorcery/instant needs.

IF you do the above, then consider Flame Javelin. Higher removal, low casting with high CMC. Staying budget without dropping money on lands comes into play now. Guess what. Thats modern, that is standard, that is magic. Buy one awesome land from time to time when you can and be satisfied that modern lands do not lose value on the norm.

:::::Now to your question:::::

White Sun's Zenith,

(40 cents) Budget: Check.

Its an instant or socery: Check

Reusable, well it recycles so: Check

Helps against or with: Board wipes/sweeps

Lastly Terminus See all the above and think for about a budget potention 1 drop board wipe. not super budget.

Side Note: Buy Sea Gate Wreckage running one of these in modern decks will be a staple. Anyone that does not see well they do not see the value it offers decks like yours.

Guinessthemenace on Could miracles top 8 in ...

1 week ago

I know that in legacy it does but what I am referring to is modern. Is Sensei's Divining Top the only thing keeping this archetype out of modern? Counterbalance is modern legal and so is Terminus. People can cast Telling Time , Anticipate etc. to search around for your threats right?

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