Adaptive Automaton


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Rare

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Adaptive Automaton

Artifact Creature — Construct

As Adaptive Automaton enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Adaptive Automaton is the chosen type in addition to its other types.

Other creatures you control of the chosen type get +1/+1.

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Adaptive Automaton Discussion

bmorri9 on Krenko mob boss

2 days ago

you have 6 ramp cards in here, its a little low, so I'd say look at adding: Solemn Simulacrum, Caged Sun, Myriad Landscape and Chandra, Torch of Defiance .

This deck is also lacking card advantage, it will play out all the cards in its hand too quickly and you will not have enough gas to finish off everyone. for that I would look at Solemn Simulacrum and Chandra, Torch of Defiance again, as well as Outpost Siege, Forgotten Cave, Smoldering Crater, Buried Ruin, Mutavault, Ghitu Encampment, and Grenzo, Havoc Raiser.

Other cards to consider:

Boggart Shenanigans, Hazoret's Monument, Metallic Mimic, Goblin Lackey, Warren Instigator, Ogre Battledriver, Hellrider, Adaptive Automaton, Chaos Warp, Reverberate, Fork, Obelisk of Urd,

DRmagic2017 on human soldier/token

2 days ago

Hi! I would replace your commander with Sigarda, Heron's Grace just to try tokens theme. In this case you need cards like Parallel Lives, Anointed Procession, Rings of Brighthearth and Illusionist's Bracers. Doubling Season depends on your budget. You also need something to boost your tokens: Coat of Arms, Honor of the Pure, Glorious Anthem, Gaea's Anthem, Adaptive Automaton and/or Metallic Mimic.

reivaxo on Robot Friends

2 days ago

What about Adaptive Automaton? It is kind of like Metallic Mimic but you don't have to play it first.

Ezraphell on Wasting Away (Please Help)

3 days ago

solarPULSAR Filling out playsets of lands and of Adaptive Automaton (to have something down earlier game or to pump into bigger threats) has left me in a weird place. I decided to go for 2-ofs of the bigger Eldrazi but I want to pair it down to playsets for consistency. Would you recommend dropping the 2x Ulamog's Crusher for 2x more Bane of Bala Ged or to complete a playset of Eldrazi Devastator?

zephramtripp on Werewolves :)

3 days ago

If you are building Werewolf tribal, would it not be worthwhile to move up to the full four for each of your Anthems mainboard, i.e., Full Moon's Rise, Howlpack Resurgence, and Kruin Outlaw  Flip for the menace effect, probably removing one-ofs and two-ofs like Gruul Charm, Tower Defense, Briarpack Alpha, Mage Slayer, and Clan Defiance?

Other tribal options include Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic for another lord effect.

But if you feel the deck works for you, than that's cool too.

ticked-off-squirrel on Krenko's Mob

4 days ago

this deck is pretty nice but could do with a couple changes.

switch Adaptive Automaton with Metallic Mimic.

squeeze in Sylvok Lifestaff so you can gain life from your sacked creatures.

Staff of the Flame Magus would also be helpful.

you don't really need both Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves in the same deck. take the greaves out.

and I think that is it unless I am missing something.

shaistyone on Stand Your Ground!

5 days ago

Sure, didn't know that card existed.. lol
Not sure I'd switch for my list, as I have Adaptive Automaton. Seems perfect for you though..

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