Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

Derpingotter on Chandra's Burning Control

2 hours ago

Okay, remove 3 Oath of Chandra and 3 Avacyn's Judgment and 2 Nahiri, the Harbinger for 4Lightning Bolt and 4 Lightning Helix. the helix is a great card at almost any stage of the game, it sets you at a 6 point difference in health. and lightning bolt is the best burn spell ever. Consider removing the Exquisite Firecraft for your choice of either Lava Spike or Rift Bolt they both do a better job, while they are not 4 damage they are one mana cards. Perhaps you could change the Planar Outburst for Wrath of God as it does the same thing but it is out one turn sooner and can not be countered. Hope this helps

rothgar13 on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 hours ago

You're kidding about Tron not being good right now, right? Jeskai Control, Jund, and Abzan Company (all favorable matchups) are Tier 1, Affinity (one of the decks that turned on the jets against it) is at the lowest levels we've seen in ages, and the Lightning Bolt and Spellskite innovations might just give it enough game against the likes of Infect and Burn to let it survive. It's a good time to play Tron right now.

Rhyno52 on Sacrificial Goblin Hordes

14 hours ago

Thanks Dropkick for your suggestion i already know about Goblin Grenade but i dont want to additionally sec my Goblins for some extra damage because the main strategy is to maintain as much gobos as possible for Descent of the Dragons or my Westvale Abbey  Flip, also i got Lightning Bolt to do some direct damage. I know it is "weaker" but i do not have to sec a gobo for it.

But thanks anyway.

Lord_Mykonos on red green convoke

20 hours ago

van5891 I could definitely try Beetleback Chief over Living Totem I just hesitate because it takes some speed out of the deck. Even if the chief can go wide the totem can cost 1 , has extra toughness and comes onto the board turns earlier. Also Tremors isn't the be all end all for this strategy. I designed the deck to hit the ground running. Tremors is more like the cherry on top :P

Druid's Deliverance is a weak point in the deck and to be fair I should consider better things. It is the best card against aggro decks though. Plus when all your creatures are essentially lands in this deck, its 2 mana to copy a land, prevent damage for a turn and create another potential attacker for your next combat phase.

I think that if I was to take anything from the deck to add in Beetleback Chief the deliverances would have to come out and move to sideboard OR Lightning Bolts cause who doesn't like 3 damage spells? No one that's who!


MouseyWolf on Flickelicious

20 hours ago

I love flickering, such a fun little concept. As for suggestions, I don't have much I'd change really, for a small mana curve deck- it's pretty much exactly how you'd want it to run. Conjurer's Closet is a good flicker card, but it's at the very end of your curve, so I doubt you'd want to run that, same with Venser, the Sojourner.

However, I would recommend a Brago, King Eternal just because not only would he survive a Lightning Bolt you get to selectively flicker just about anything you want to flicker. Now, you'd have to get him to deal direct damage to the player, and he is towards the back of your mana curve at 4, but I think he's pretty decent for a flicker deck.

Other than that, I don't really see anything I'd change or suggest. You've got just about everything you need to run a viable flicker deck.

bluemage737577 on Modern Burn (Need Help) trying to be budget

22 hours ago

why 6 Lightning Bolt nor even legal to have that many

Derpingotter on Chandra's Burning Control

1 day ago

If this is a modern deck then my suggestion would be to run both Lightning Bolt as well as Lightning Helix. they are both amazing cards for this style of deck.

F.R.F on That Is One Hot Momma!!

1 day ago

Since you're already running a snow land base you might consider Skred instead of Lightning Bolt (unless LB usually goes to the dome). I use it in my Jaya control deck and it'll usually destroy anything on the table that's relevant.

I would also highly recommend trying out Trading Post if you haven't before - I love the grindy value that it offers in Jaya. Goes great with Squee, Goblin Nabob, the tokens can be skullclamped, Solemn Simulacrum can draw you two cards etc.

I am assuming that no Karn Liberated is due to his price tag?

+1 from me - I think Jaya is my second oldest EDH deck and it's nice to see her get some love.

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