Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

ash_202457 on Nalaar's Thopters

18 hours ago

slimoGMS: Thundermaw Hellkite would be great if Ensnaring Bridge doesn't stop it from attacking most of the time.

OpenFire: Chandra, Torch of Defiance is in here for an ALT win con and for her 1st +1 to semi-draw cards. She is also a good removal for creatures with toughness 4 and lower. Might drop the 1 Cryptic Command for the Lightning Bolt.

AwezomePozzum on Slobberin' out the Window (KLD)

1 day ago


Now every card in standard is going to be compared to Smuggler's Copter A La Lightning Bolt in modern. Have fun.

SaracenHellfire on Aggro Burn

1 day ago

Hey Miles, thought I'd give you some suggestions and an alternative list (i know your decklist is nicely budgeted, but mine is surprisingly only around the $50 mark).


3x Sin Prodder Draw/Damage (+menace for evasion)

4x Furyblade Vampire - Good card, as you noticed.

1x Combustible Gearhulk - I put one in here as a late game finisher if it gets to that point, so you either draw into gas or dome him.

2x Goldnight Castigator - Nuts aggro card, with flying and haste for those sick air beats. leaves you vulnerable to damage, but usually fine if not playing the mirror.

3x Gibbering Fiend - Good early game creature, just drop it and burn them. Sometimes the delirium procs and you get to dome them for more each turn.

3x Distemper of the Blood - Good idea here to get extra damage, and solid card to pitch to madness.

3x Tormenting Voice - Madness activator/draw.

4x Incendiary Flow - it burns. remember this can hit face or burn an inconvenient creature.

2x Lightning Axe - left some in here for some creature wipe/more madness.

4x Fiery Temper - it's Lightning Bolt in standard!

3x Avacyn's Judgment - can finish someone off with this, or just wipe weenies, or a combo of both.

2x Pyromancer's Assault - you cast spells, so have some extra damage (remember that creatures count as spells, just not lands)

1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Nuts aggro, can either ramp you or have pseudo draw that can turn into face damage, and her emblem is nuts. i wouldn't advise using her to burn creatures, considering how many other ways you have to do it.

24x Mountain - you need lands in decks.


Wolf of Devil's Breach - While it's a good madness activator, you don't get a great deal of value, considering the low CMC of the madness spells you have.

Pyre Hound - This card would be good if you had more instants and sorceries, however there simply aren't enough to support it in this deck.

Alchemist's Greeting - Unfortunately, this only hits creatures and takes up the slot of something that could potentially be lethal in many matchups.

Thermo-Alchemist - This card is very good in Izzet spells decks, however considering your fair amount of creatures, it just doesn't make the cut.

Vildin-Pack Outcast - While really good in the late game, with colorless fire-breathing, it's just too slow for an effective aggro deck.

Prophetic Ravings - Good for madness, but with the amount of activators and not huge amount of actual madness cards, it simply doesn't affect the board or their face enough to stay.

If you have any questions about any of my choices, feel free to PM me or otherwise talk to me (You can probably get Lachie to be your emissary (yes i'm that guy he was talking about)). Go nuts!

aeonstoremyliver on Pattern Recognition #5 - The ...

1 day ago

I'd argue that, historically, red has been one of the strongest mono-color decks in the game, outside of EDH. Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Spike, Rift Bolt, Fireblast, etc. are all very potent spells. Back in the day, we used Wheel of Fortune to refill our hand, albeit our opponent's also, but it generally won us the game by giving us more burn.

Creatures like Goblin Guide and spells like Lightning Bolt have been deemed too potent to print in any sort of Standard sets, which is an unfortunate problem for red. Interesting enough is that the older printings of Chandra have been rather sub-par and the newer ones seem to show some promise in potency and effectiveness. That aside, it does seem that red has been given the short end of the stick from an R&D standpoint.

Going forward, I would like to see more ramp effects from red, as WoTC is leaning towards creatures matter and printing (generally) better creatures and 'worse' spells (comparatively speaking). If red isn't going to ever get another Goblin Guide or Lightning Bolt, then give us a Ritual to get out a Thundermaw Hellkite for crying out loud!

Zerpha on Bant Heroic (serious list, huge potential).

1 day ago

Good points! Warriors' Lesson is definitely also a card with a lot of potential in this deck. Preferably control matchups I'd assume, where you are more likely to get through; otherwise the blue counterpart Triton Tactics is likely the better choice.

Since you have 12 heroic targets that collect counters with each spell, as well as a playset of Dromoka's Command, I thought Ordeal of Thassa would work consistently enough to grant you another +1/+1 counter and two cards on attack.

While Hunter's Insight is extremely satisfying when it goes off, it is a high risk, high reward card since you a) have to get through unblocked and b) hope they do not two-for-one you removal.
It also won't work that smoothly with Lagonna-Band Trailblazer unless you can afford the mana to cast Twisted Image, which is an extremely risky move as you're completely screwed if your opponent responds with removal at that point. (Although in that scenary you'd cast the image before Hunter's Insight, at which point your opponent will likely use his removal already to prevent you from the cantrip's card draw.)

You obviously also have the risk of removal with Ordeal of Thassa, yet have an easier time to cast Emerge Unscathed.
Add to that the fact that you draw the cards even if the creature gets blocked, so it's far more reliable since you don't have to connect with the creature you're targeting.

About not finding a spot for Monastery Mentor:
I know how hard it can be to cut down on a particular card for a combo you love, but if you're about making it competitive, you actually can't rely much on the Trailblazer/Twisted Image combo.
While powerful, it is a niche case that you won't draw all that often, and can be easily responded to with lots of common 1cc removal like Lightning Bolt (after the switch) or, worse yet (since it won't net you a card), Path to Exile.
The Trailblazer can be pretty mediocre especially if you draw a second one later, while Monastery Mentor will be reasonably useful with just one noncreature spell to follow up, and even win the game by himself if your opponent can't stop you from building an army of monks that can turn into bears or even Hill Giants.)

Nephilim on My Take on Budget Storm

1 day ago

with so much of your deck being one drops, do you really need Locket of Yesterdays and Goblin Electromancer? Why not Manamorphose and Lightning Bolt?

zephyr_chang on Breakfast of Champions

2 days ago

I've been trying to make Humans work in Modern for a while now as well. The deck definitely needs a white base, but I have alternated between (1) a green splash and (2) a red splash and (3) both.

For (1), we get cards like Mayor of Avabruck  Flip and Rancor (which pushes through our pumped up Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant). For (2), we get the most played card in Modern Lightning Bolt, Grim Lavamancer for extra reach, Hanweir Garrison that generates Humans at an insane rate, and Thatcher Revolt which synergises well with Mayor, Champion and Lieutenant. We also get Boros Charm, whose 3 modes are all very relevant for us - burn, sweeper protection, and surprise damage. For (3), we get some other fringe Humans (the new Voltaic Brawler and Burning-Tree Emissary) and mainly Atarka's Command.

After much testing, I decided that ultimately red gives us more utility than green. This allows us to go wide and still end the game fast, while fighting through all the hate in the format. Otherwise, we would just be a bad Zoo deck - slower than and outclassed by opposing Nacatls and Tarmogoyfs. Going wide with tokens also pumps the rest of the team, just in a different way than yours (which is based on counters - Solidarity of Heroes and Hardened Scales). I'm also playing Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip (synergy with go-wide strategy) and Harm's Way (a nice bit of tech that helps with burn spells and combat math).

The first thing that strikes me about your list is that there are too few creatures. 16 is usually the number for midrange decks like Jund or Abzan, rather than aggro decks like ours. I have tried Hardened Scales before in a dedicated counters deck and didn't even like it there; and Solidarity of Heroes just seems too much of a blowout - they can kill your target in response, and I imagine you rarely are able to cast it on more than one creature with counters on them. Gitaxian Probe is a good idea (1. see what the opponent is up to, 2. draw cards, 3. sometimes lower your own life to trigger Fateful Hour on Gather the Townsfolk and your dropped Thraben Doomsayer) but I have gone with 4x Horizon Canopy instead for draw, since I still need the green splash for Mayor.

Just my opinion from testing Humans in Modern. If you are interested I can post my list at another time.

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