Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

tysrob53 on Help me with Modern RUG please!

2 hours ago

so you will probably see more aggro than anything. i normally see tron, affinity, burn and then white blue control normally. the first thing i noticed about the deck is that you have 8 counter spells when this isnt even a control deck. i suggest

4 Ancestral Vision4 Lightning Bolt2 Mana Leak2 Spell Snare3 Serum Visions2 Cryptic Command2 Electrolyze1 Flame Slash1 Harvest Pyre1 Blood Moon1 Engineered Explosives

4 Tarmogoyf4 Delver of Secrets  Flip4 Vexing Devil3 Snapcaster Mage

4 Scalding Tarn4 Misty Rainforest2 Flooded Strand1 Breeding Pool1 Stomping Ground2 Steam Vents7 Island1 Mountain1 Forestsideboard:

1 Feed the Clan2 Spell Snare2 Anger of the Gods2 Spellskite1 Scavenging Ooze2 Vendilion Clique

the sideboard and mana base need a bit of work but this should be a pretty solid deck for a local fnm. if you dont like it i suggest you look up temur traverse because thats probably the strongest and most reliable temur deck for modern right now.

Firebones675 on Lyzolda, the Blood Witch

15 hours ago

Is it designed for duel commander (2 player) or regular commander (3+ players)? As duel commander starts with 20 life now whereas regular starts with 40, different strategies are more viable. There is also a slightly different banlist so some of the cards i would recommend for one are not legal in the other.

Here are some suggestions that hold true for either case.

Burn spells: A lot of the burn spells in the deck at present like Lightning Strike aren't ideal. Instead you should run Lightning Bolt, Flame Javelin, Exquisite Firecraft, Char, Chain Lightning

spot removal: Dreadbore, Terminate, and Murderous Cut kill most creatures. Yes you can use your burn for this but idealy you would rather save burn to hit players directly and bigger creatures can't be killed by damage as easily. Planning on burning your opponent out is a bit more relevant in duel commander but you still need removal for big creatures in either format.

some of my other comments are a bit dependent on which format you want to build for.

ManWearingHat on Bugs n' Bolts

1 day ago

@ConnBeleren I think Grixis Delver is in a stealthily favorable position right now. I was initially wary due to the uptick in Tron at the beginning of the post-ban format which is a miserable matchup. But, the recent paper success of the Death's Shadow Jund decks (which has been a long time coming what with it 5-0'ing left and right all the time in MTGO), the slower Big Mana decks should in theory recede a bit as Jund Shadow is basically better Infect.

I personally like the 2Push/2Terminate/1Cut setup on removal, but if you expect a ton of Shadows, you could cut a couple counters or maindeck 'Lyze for more Push. Having access to both Electrolyze and Izzet Staticaster is huge game against their Lingering Souls sideboard plan, and I'd even recommend working a Forked Bolt into the sideboard. The main point is we have Lightning Bolt to handle their walkers, superior grind with Snap->Kommand, and a removal suite that lines up favorably against their threats especially when strengthened with snaps.

The deck is more or less configured to handle anything with tight play and good sideboarding, so you can change a couple cards main and side if you expect more Shadows, but all-in-all I think Grixis colors are quite well positioned right now. Grixis Delver in particular is well-suited to react early and kill everything, and then recoup tempo with double-spell turns and turn the corner in the midgame, which is exactly the way to beat Death's Shadow.

The one thing I will say however is that I haven't yet figured a way to reliably beat Eldrazi-Tron. That deck is an absolute nightmare and I'm not sure where to begin with fighting it, because they aren't as soft to Countersquall and Surgical Extraction as Gx Tron is, Blood Moon is lukewarm at best, and we get BTFO by a large Walking Ballista. So it may just fall into the category of "Really bad, just try and play well and don't sacrifice other matchups to overboard for it."

Goody on Counter-Stompy!

1 day ago

Just keep in mind you're talking about a turn 4 win while goldfishing. Real games often play out differently.

You'll face plenty of decks that can interact either through removal like Lightning Bolt and Dismember or by blocking/trading with Tarmogoyf, Kitchen Finks, Wild Nacatl, and this is where a card like the constrictor helps. Putting another 3/3 on the field is a lot weaker when they have a 4/5 to block.

Oak_Guy on Now you see me... Now you see me again

2 days ago

Yes Redace878, I run those as well as Turn to Mist.

Can I also suggest Rite of Replication? Since you have Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake, mid-to-late game mana should not be a problem. Then cast Rite each turn for its kicker cost, who wouldn't want 6 of Sun Titan or Beguiler of Wills ? Or Triskelion, get 6 Lightning Bolt per turn...

ZackBinks on Rakdos Vampires

2 days ago

This may just be the best Vampire Tribal deck I have ever seen! Great recursion with Bloodghast that combos well with Indulgent Aristocrat, enough lords to pump up the team, and powerful synergies!

My only thoughts are that since you are running a fair amount of 4 CMC creatures, I would drop the Mind Stone in favor of another land. I would also drop the 2 Phyrexian Arena because though card draw is powerful, you don't get to utilize it until turn 4, which is a bit slow. I would replace them with another land and a 3rd removal spell like another Lightning Bolt. Finally, I would put Rakdos Charm in the sideboard and replace them with the 4th copy of Bolt and another removal spell like Fatal Push, which is super powerful.

In conclusion, these are just suggestions, you know the deck much better than I do. I do highly recommend increasing the land count to 24 in order to make your land drops more consistent to support your average CMC of your cards, plus it increases the recursion probability of Bloodghast. All in all, I stand by what I said at the start of this: this is probably the best, most consistent and tight Vampire Tribal list I've seen!

clayperce on No Git, No prob

2 days ago

I'm not sure about your meta of course, but I've faced a BUNCH of Chalice of the Void lately (and there will probably be more soon, as it's pretty good against Death's Shadow). Because of that, I've shifted to Seal of Primordium, above Nature's Claim. Maybe worth considering.

On the question of Peak vs. other choices, I've become a big fan of Surgical Extraction. Like Probe used to, Extraction fuels Delve for Become Immense and gains us (even more) information. But it also stops every Lightning Bolt (or whatever) after the first, completely blanks Snapcaster Mage's Flashback ability, and generally messes with Graveyard decks.

Good luck (and good skill), as you build out the deck!

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