Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

Gody322 on Pirate Deck

15 hours ago

If you want it to be an aggressive deck you might want to cut everything above 3 mana, other than Admiral Beckett Brass, I would try Rigging Runner and you might want to play Lightning Bolt to finish off your opponent late game.

P.S. I love pirate too Ixalan is awesome!

JoshFox on Abzan Beatdown

17 hours ago

christ4like2l0ve thanks for your help with my deck!

  1. Don't speak ill of Lightning Bolt. God is listening.

  2. I've never played this deck so I'm honestly not sure. I'm gathering comments in preparation for Tuesday night Modern at the LGS. My old version of this deck had 8 mana dorks and it feels a little weird without them. You can read phdaemon's posts; we've been debating the same idea. If play testing is rough I can add in Noble Hierarch or if I don't need the ramp but miss the turn 1 play I might try Dryad Militant.

  3. My old version also had 4 MB Lingering Souls. This plus my dorks made Gavony Township a must include. This is the hardest thing I had moving to the sideboard. Every time I played it the bad guy said, "ugh." That's my favorite! This will be one of those things to evaluate in play testing.

Memphismaymagic5 on Mardu Walkers

20 hours ago

I like the idea, but one question: why no Lightning Bolt? It is one of the best cards in the modern format.

Spazik008 on Sultai Midrange. Fair, diverse and fun.

23 hours ago

opting for Opt is going to be a massive gain for this strategy, people are drastically underestimating how valuable it is to be able to hold up both a counterspell and card advantage on the opponent's turn. I think not having Snapcaster Mage is right here. It's a very good card, obviously, but there are better things you can be doing. You don't have Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, or Cryptic Command, and the value of Snapcaster decreases without powerful instants and sorceries to go alongtside him. Stubborn Denial is pretty good with Snapcaster in a Gurmag Angler style deck, but again I think not including him is right here, mainly because you're Sultai and there's just other stuff to do in general.

The one critical note I would give is that I think the split on Gurmag Angler and Tasigur, the Golden Fang should be reversed. For every game you're garnering card advantage through his ability, there are going to be twice as many games where you're killing an opposing Siege Rhino or just attacking your opponent for lethal. That extra point of power can make a big difference between winning and losing.

christ4like2l0ve on Abzan Beatdown

1 day ago


As someone who played Zoo for a very long time, I love this deck. It is very reminiscent of the old "Big Zoo" deck I used to play some time ago. I love the creature beatdown strategy and I think Disruption such as discard is an excellent way to supplement that. I played Naya and Lightning Bolt was one of the main answers in our arsenal. I am starting to believe it better to never let the card see play.

Do you ever have issues casting anything with no ramp?

I would recommend some number of Lingering Souls be added to the mainboard. Maybe cutting down to three of some of the more expensive to cast cards.

This build looks really solid. I am impressed. It looks like it would be lots of fun to play. Way to really break the mold. I would love to see it in action.

Vortexflame on Izzet Tower mk.2

1 day ago

Lightning Strike, not Lightning Bolt. Sweltering Suns seems like more of a sideboard card, as does Shielded Aether Thief since you'll usually only want energy for the Tower ability. Otherwise it's a fairly solid deck.

severininfurs on Death's Draw [budget]

1 day ago

I really like the deck idea! I second several of Mandalorian's suggestions, with an emphasis on Waste Not, Liliana's Caress, and Lightning Bolt. I think the Bolt is nice to push through the last few points and potential removal if necessary, and I find being able to deal the damage (whether due to drawing or discarding) through enchantments is better in several matchups, as a lot of common decks don't have easy answers to enchantments.

Best of luck to you with the testing and refining of the deck!

Gidgetimer on If I use Word of ...

1 day ago

To answer this we need to draw on a both the comprehensive rules as well as the current oracle text of Word of Command.

Current Oracle text: Look at target opponent's hand and choose a card from it. You control that player until Word of Command finishes resolving. The player plays that card if able. While doing so, the player can activate mana abilities only if they're from lands he or she controls and only if mana they produce is spent to activate other mana abilities of lands he or she controls and/or play that card. If the chosen card is cast as a spell, you control the player while that spell is resolving.

714.5. While controlling another player, a player makes all choices and decisions the controlled player is allowed to make or is told to make by the rules or by any objects. This includes choices and decisions about what to play, and choices and decisions called for by spells and abilities.

According to the oracle text you control them while casting the spell and while it is resolving. So you get to make all choices that they would make during these times. For Path to Exile this would be whether their commander goes into exile or into the command zone since the creature is exiled as the spell is resolving. Lightning Bolt does not cause anything to change zones either during it's casting or resolution. Their commander would be destroyed as a state based action for having lethal damage marked on them the next time SBAs are checked. You do not control them at this point and will not make the decision if the commander will go to the graveyard or the command zone.

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