Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

ZackBinks on Tokens-Clearly the Best Deck in Modern (Guide)

1 day ago

It is an interesting choice, however, it really doesn't do enough in a timely fashion for my taste. As cool as the art may be, it really only creates 2 tokens and boosts them for a turn, and even with the boost they still could both die to Lightning Bolt. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Silverdrake on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

2 days ago

I appreciate the politeness of your disagreement, cdkime. I also think the card is too slow to be competitively viable in modern, but it appears yavuzyuksel07 is on a budget and working with primarily standard cards. If he has the budget for it he should absolutely opt for Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt. I only meant to suggest that he bump his mainboard removal up from just 2 spells.

cdkime, if I'm correct in my assumption that you're just working with what you have from cracking recent booster packs, you can still look for some other removal that's slightly more viable than Ixalan's Binding. Seal Away was just printed in Dominaria, for example. You also have access to Gideon's Reproach in white, which you likely have some copies of if you've been cracking packs. Lightning Strike and Shock have both been printed recently, but Lightning Bolt is only a couple dollars apiece so it's probably best to just shell out the eight-ish dollars to get yourself a set. But if I'm wrong about the working with what you have & being on a budget it, absolutely grab yourself some copies of Path to Exile.

SynergyBuild on America (Jeskai Control)

2 days ago

I love red control lists like this in modern, I have felt like they were playing whack-a-mole in Magic: The Gathering, like against burn:

Goblin Guide? Whack! (Lightning Bolt)

Eidolon of Blossoms? Whack! (Spell Snare)

Goblin Guide and Skullcrack? Whack! Whack! (Snapcaster Mage the Spell Snare and trade in combat)

On another note, why the Secure the Wastes? Settle the Wreckage seems like more than enough in an aggro meta, unless you meta is just aggro and tokens and stuff, or do you close out games with it?

I'd really recommend the 4th Celestial Colonnade, they close games out like no Secure the Wastes! Also a second Supreme Verdict over Settle the Wreckage would by my choice, but you are the builder, I'd love to hear your opinion!

cdkime on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

2 days ago

First off, welcome to Magic!

If you want to play R/W in Modern, you should be running both Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt. Path to Exile is, arguably, the best removal spell in the game. Lightning Bolt is very strong early-game removal, and can even be used to help finish off a weakened opponent in the late-game.

Frankly, R/W is not a competitive colour combination for dinosaurs. You really want to be running Green for such toys as Llanowar Elves and Ghalta, Primal Hunger. These cards allow you to cast large, powerful creatures much earlier, increasing your chances of overrunning an opponent.

Dinosaurs have the further disadvantage of being a pretty mediocre tribe. They can be competitive in Standard, but not in the faster-paced, more brutal environment of Modern. GeeksterPlays gave a solid description of Modern's pacing, which I see no need to elaborate on.

Presuming you still want to give the deck a try, however, here are some suggestions:

  • Consistency is important - you should be running 4 copies of every card you want to draw in the early game, and 2-3 copies of your "finishers" (expensive-to-cast cards that you'll want to draw on turn 4, but would be dead in your hand if you drew them earlier).

  • You never want to run lands that enter the battlefield tapped. These are far too slow for anything but the most casual of environments, and will certainty get you killed. For some budget lands, consider Battlefield Forge and Clifftop Retreat.

  • I do not think you need the planeswalkers or Sun-Blessed Mount - you want to be casting large, game-ending dinosaurs on those turns, not cards which do not put significant pressure on your opponents.

Also, here is how to link your deck in forum posts. There are two ways you can do this. For both, you need to take the red part of the URL for your deck:

Then use either:


To list the name of your deck, like so: R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range



To list a more detailed link to your deck, like so:

R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

Modern yavuzyuksel07


Hope some of that helps!

GeeksterPlays on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

2 days ago

I mean this in the nicest posible way; this deck is going to be unplayable in the Modern format.

Let me give you some card examples that are staples of Modern; Path to Exile

Lightning Bolt



Mana Leak

Snapcaster Mage

Goblin Guide

Monastery Swiftspear

Notice anything? Low mana costs but still powerful spells. Modern is often referred to as a "Turn 4 Format", in that a lot of games are decided (or even finished] by the 4th turn of the game.

Top aggro decks at the moment like the red-black featuring Hollow One and Gurmag Angler can have multiple 4/4 and bigger creatures out as early as Turn 2. RW burn can often easily have your life on less than 10 by Turn 3. If you're wondering how, that's the proof that you need to do research, as half of Modern is knowing the opposing deck strategy and how to deal with it.

Control decks like UW and Jeskai have one-mana removal and board-wipes that make trying to play 6+ mana creatures nigh-on impossible outside of severe ramp-enabled decks tuned to do so.

Combo decks like Tron can play a Karn Liberated or Wurmcoil Engine as early as Turn 3, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Turn 4. Artifact-based Lantern Control can basically stop you playing Magic by constantly manipulating the top card of your library and milling you out of cards.

Modern is a highly powerful and diverse format, with at least 10-12 decks that are competitive and range in budget from $100 to well over $1000. It's really not something you can just dip into using jank rares from Standard.

Do you have experienced players at your LGS who can take you through Modern in a more detailled way?

pseudonymmetry on Markov Aristocrats

3 days ago

First, thanks for the detailed feedback.

I agree that a couple of instants and sorceries probably need to be added. My initial thought was to maximize the eminence ability by including more vampires, though there may be a few that should be cut.

I also agree that Vampire Nocturnus is questionable: the BBB cost is difficult, not to mention the tactical disadvantage of playing with the top of the library exposed.

I disagree with your assessment of Shadow Alley Denizen: due to the eminence ability, every vampire you cast will give at least one of your creatures intimidate, which can be incredibly advantageous in a combat-oriented deck.

Likewise, Yahenni, Undying Partisan provides a free sac outlet, protects herself from board wipes, and - when paired with a Grave Pact effect - can grow truly massive and attack out of nowhere. In addition, Yahenni + Grave Pact is a very effective punishment for a Cyclonic Rift: simply sac all of the tokens that would have disappeared anyway to kill everyone else's creatures.

I have not included any traditional board wipes because of the multiple Grave Pact effects, which also have the benefit of getting around regeneration and indestructibility.

I also have not found Lightning Bolt to be effective in EDH, but I may add Anguished Unmaking and Utter End.

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

zAzen7977 on LILIANA'S REVENGE (Mardu Demigod Control)

3 days ago

Interesting, I'll consider Grim Lavamancer. I'm not sure which has more value - Lavamancers or Lightning Bolts.

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