Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

Zauberer on U/G Infinite mana turn 3 winning!

3 hours ago

I ran the same combo in my ally deck for awhile- the end result was Harabaz Druid ate a LOT of Lightning Bolts. I run Intruder Alarm now, which works brilliantly as long as you have a method of getting creatures on the field. It is a bit slower, though.

Alliance Home Security Inc.

Triton on MDN Budget R/G Landfall (Casual)

5 hours ago

It's no problem, I actually didn't know Exploration is banned in Modern. Fairly new to the format, so I haven't looked at the banlist thoroughly. :p

Another card that should belong here is Lightning Bolt, pretty self-explanatory imo. Another really good 1-drop landfall creature is Jaddi Offshoot, it helps against the Aggro matchup, and provides some lifegain. It should probably be in the sideboard, depending on your deck's strategy.

Dennis14 on R/G Atarka Dragons

5 hours ago

I want to make the deck more competitive and here are some ideas I have:

  1. I will probably move Lightning Bolt back to the mainboard and Draconic Roar to the SB.

  2. Frontier Siege probably needs to go as it can be rather situational and not efficient enough.

  3. I need something to disrupt the opponents (especially control and combo decks) and Blood Moon is probably my best bet here (though I usually try to avoid this card due to the cost).
    3x copies is probably a good number, 2x slots are freed by F.Siege and another can be 1x Garruk Wildspeaker (or one of the 2-drops).
    It will mean tweaking the manabase to pack more forests and fetches and less duals (cut Cinder Glade entirely) and mountains.
    Haven of the Spirit Dragon might also have to be replaced (or not ?), probably by Ghost Quarter.

  4. Maybe I should add Simian Spirit Guide to the deck to accelerate early dragons or B.Moons, probably at the expense of Dragonlord's Servant.

What do you think ?

Athraithe on Crimson curse

9 hours ago

To begin with, fix your mana base. Way too many slow lands. Secondly, drop anvil of bogardan. It doesnt help much, might as well play Fevered Visions instead, much more solid card. Kami of the Cresent Moon would be good in here too. Swap AEther Membrane with something like Glacial Wall. Drop the Thrax and Nighthawk, youre not playing aggro. Drana isnt really needed either. You need Windfall for sure. And Blue Sun's Zenith, as well as Stroke of Genius. Get some more solid card draw like Recurring Insight so you can combo with things like Windfall. Get a Thought Vessel, preferably a Venser's Journal. Phyrexian Arena might not be a bad idea either. Well of Ideas and Dictate of Kruphix are ideal. Be careful with your Spiteful Visions as well cuz he hurts you a lot. Drop the guildgates too, theyre too slow and not worth the mana fixing in this deck. Run basics instead. Also, drop the lord of shatterskull pass, he takes way too long to level up nd youre not trying to run aggro youre combo heavy. Run a Lightning Bolt and Dreadbore. Throw in a Jace Beleren. You need more defense too, so think about Niblis of Frost and AEtherize. Jace's Sanctum and Goblin Electromancer might deserve a spot too, and for sure Guttersnipe. Sphinx of the Final Word is also pretty dang good. Stormtide Leviathan is also super good if your opponents dont have a lot of flyers (aka: goblin aggro). If your commander is out, Ugin's Insight will always hit scry 5. Dissipation Field plus your propaganda makes for a scary "dont attack me" combo. Geier Reach Sanitarium + Mind Over Matter + Guile = Win, almost. Should win in time. If not, use your Temple Bell in place of the land. Im also partial to Talent of the Telepath but that doesnt seem to fit here. What DOES seem to fit here is Spelltwine and Mystic Retrieval. Hope i didnt come across as rude, only trying to help!

gitaxian-probe111 on Fancy a gobbie?

10 hours ago

How about adding a couple of Lightning Bolt s for removal?

WhisperingBlade on [Modern] White Power Supremacy

17 hours ago

I think there are some fun things that come with red, but white weenie is inexpensive because of the cheap manabase: almost all plains. I'd first consider what cards you'd run if you could run red: maybe a Monastery Swiftspear here, and Lightning Mauler there, some Lightning Bolts and Boros Charms. Then consider what you'd take out for them, and after that, decide the manabase. If everything works out well and the life loss and expense that is almost guaranteed to come out of a modern manabase going multicolor, then try it out. But I caution doing anything just for the sake of doing it: first I'd consider why you are doing it. Beyond that, red gives decks a lot more speed, and gives more reach with the great spells I mentioned, Lightning Bolt and Boros Charm. However by doing that you have to lose Honor of the Pure and Brave the Elements. You might get some new sideboard elements, although white in my opinion already has an answer to just about anything. Overall I think red is certainly with a try. I just caution committing to it too early.

Clockwurk on Naya Tokens (Needs Help!)

21 hours ago

If you are trying to make a token deck, maybe use black. Raise the Alarm over Dragon Fodder. black for Lingering Souls. Scatter the Seeds. Collective Blessing over Titanic Ultimatum or Dictate of Heliod. For removal Lightning Bolt Cut: Byway Courier, Veteran Warleader, Pack Guardian, and probably Hooded Hydra. Devout Invocation, Spectral Possession, Intangible Virtue, Hero of Bladehold, and those are most of the budget options. Happy to give advice. Go for 4 Hanweir Garrison.

Hero35 on jeskai control

1 day ago

Wandering Fumarole is a good man land that's cheaper than Celestial Colonnade. I would cut out the Jace's and add maybe a another one or two Narset. If you cut out most the creatures and add more board control/counter spells you can just wait and win off the Planeswalker advantage. You can keep in the Wall of Omens since it's really good card advantage. Day of Judgment, Supreme Verdict, Anger of the Gods or Wrath of God are all really good cheap-ish wrath effects.

In those places you can add 3 Lightning Bolts, 2 Remands and maybe some Counterflux for counter spells. For the Jace's you can add in 1 Narset and 1 Elspeth.

I wouldn't run Young Pyromancer in Control decks since it needs an abundance of low cost things, like Delver or something of the such. Just my opinion of what to do with this.

I still HIGHLY suggest running the Wandering Fumarole in this deck and using more Bolt effects to kill the creatures T1-3 easier than board wipes.

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