Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

LeoSushi on The Meta has gone Mizzix

8 hours ago

You already have Firemind's Foresight, why not run the insight combo, tutor for Lightning Bolt, Reset/Pyretic Ritual, and Reiterate. as long as mizzix has 4 or more exp counters, this generates infinite mana, by reiterating the ritual/reset infinite times, then burning the opponents out with infinite bolts

TMBRLZ on Let's have that talk: Burn

9 hours ago

It's understandable in legacy. If you look at the most used cards in Legacy right now on MTGTOP8, the first page is filled with nothing but lands, Lightning Bolt, Deathrite Shaman, and blue control cards...

Voxael on Kren-coterie

15 hours ago

TheHamster Yeah, the lack of enchantment destruction / counters is glaring for Red - I keep hoping they'll address it in a new set or something but no dice so far. As far as Red Elemental Blast, that feels too specific to devote one of my 99 to but perhaps worth putting into a sideboard for if I happen to be playing a mono blue deck.

pinecone2k3 I'm like 90% sure I have a Lightning Bolt in my collection back home, but I can't for the life of me think of a reason that I wouldn't have put it in here if I did. Impact Tremors looks fun as hell - I should double check though, does that trigger for the tokens that Krenko generates or is it strictly for 'actual' creatures?

Argy I am nearly certain that I pulled a Purphoros, God of the Forge back in my Theros or Born of the Gods fatpacks. I think I was so caught up in my blinkered "Gotta be only goblins" that I dismissed the usefulness of him without really stopping to consider it. Throne of the God-Pharaoh looks just nasty enough for me to get a decent chuckle out of playing it.

Thank you for the recommendations / advice all three of you.

xyr0s on how many goblins?

17 hours ago

at 19 lands, don't play cards that cost 4 or more mana. You run too much of a risk of them simply cluttering your hand, while you wait for lands. Keep goblins cheap. Cards to remove:

  • Raid Bombardment. when will you play this? turn 3, and attack with the 2 goblins you at best have in play by then? It's a card that doesn't do anything on its own, but eats up all the mana of the early turns, where I assume you want to win (midrange goblins doesn't sound really right).

  • Guttersnipe again a 3 cmc card that doesn't do anything on its own.

  • Mardu Scout Yes, it combos well with Quest for the Goblin Lord, but then, so does playing dragonfodder. But dash is not a very great ability in a deck, that plays early game aggro, due to mana limitations.

  • Ankle Shanker, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, and Descent of the Dragons. These are not belonging in a 19 land deck. Loosely calculated, you'll have to dig 18 cards into your library to come by 6 lands, and since you don't draw extra cards, or ramp lands, that means average turn 11 to play a 6 cmc spell (and turn 8 or 9 for a 5 cmc spell). Goblin Dark-Dwellers I don't really know about, perhaps a 4/4 creature followed by a dragon fodder is an ok turn 8 play (but I doubt it).

  • Trumpet Blast doesn't do enough on its own to be a 4-of. A 1-of is more like the correct number i think - enough that occasionally you play it, and it ends the game, but you won't have to sit and wait for more creatures with two of these in hand.

  • lands that enter the battlefield tapped. They are not worth the trouble, mostly. Get the check-lands, and the shadowlands, and otherwise stick with basics. Currently just about half your lands are tapped, essentially meaning that you are timewalked behind your opponent.

Cards to consider

Foundry Street Denizen. It's a goblin, and it grows by more goblins. It's also a 1-drop, which your deck has very little of.

Goblin Guide. Suggested since you didn't apply the "budget" tag. Best turn 1 goblin in modern.

Goblin Bushwhacker. By kicking it, you get haste and boost your whole team. that's not bad at all, for a deck with 11 token-generating sorceries. I would also sugges Reckless Bushwhacker but your cards are too many intensive to allow you to play a surge-card early on.

And finally Goblin Chieftain. It does cost 3, so... a bit expensive. But haste is relevant for all you tokens, and so is a solid lord-bonus.

and Lightning Bolt. You play red in modern, you bring 4 lightning bolts.

pinecone2k3 on how many goblins?

19 hours ago

Since this is a Modern build, I'll state the obvious, that you should swap out Lightning Strike for Lightning Bolt. Also, Impact Tremors has become a bit of a staple in Krenko-based goblin decks. Normally, I recommend that people run Mogg War Marshal over Dragon Fodder or Krenko's Command, but you do have some interactions here that work better with the two sorceries than they would with another creature card.

frusciante7 on Let's have that talk: Burn

20 hours ago

BURN FR EVER MAN. F**k haters, let's throw Lightning Bolts at them and purify them with fire!

xyr0s on Budget red Burn

23 hours ago

ok, I'm going to do the boring thing here. erhm... hrm... you know, while creativity and innovation is great with magicdecks, occasionally, there's a reason everybody else is playing the same card in the same decktype. For example, it's very rare to see a modern deck with white in it, that doesn't run at least a few Path to Exile. This also goes for burn, where the calculation for which cards are good, is a bit simple: As much damage as possible pr. mana investment, in as few turns as possible. And that is why you see a lot of Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike, Searing Blaze, and Monastery Swiftspear in burn (actually, you get to see a full set of them in every modern burn deck). You don't see any chandras in those decks. Or Lightning Axes. In fact, burn decks are a bit boring (some say): They have creatures that are fast (that is: cost 1 mana and have haste) and deal damage, and they have spells that are cheap and deal damage. No card draw. No tutors. Nothing in the mainboard, that costs more than 2 mana.

Also, at 16 lands, you'll not even reliably hit your 3rd land by turn 3 - and playing anything that costs 5 mana will never really be an option. And with only 16 lands, what are you going to feed to your Molten Vortex?

colton815 on Do I have a window ...

1 day ago

you think Shivan Phoenix is bad? you're opponent was essentially just getting a stoppable Lightning Bolt each turn. there are much worse creatures they could have been throwing at you.

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