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Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

magiceli on Little S**t Brigade

30 minutes ago

Lightning Bolt for shock

iceiceiceMTG on Feeding the strong (feedback needed!)

1 hour ago

4x Lightning Bolt will make this a little more competitive. It's just so great utility and can occasionally win a game all on it's own

-MisterJ- on 47% of the time it works EVERY time

11 hours ago

Opponent Turn 4: Shock Doom Blade Lightning Bolt Oblivion Ring Counterspell Abrupt Decay the list goes on...

BUT YES, there is a (Less than 46.6% chance as a result of responce) that you can win with this. Maybe.

-MisterJ- on Rise of the Minotaur

12 hours ago

Do we mention the fact this deck is not quite Modern legal or... Also could use some help in Modern format with things like Lightning Bolt and a decent sideboard

uiuiho12 on Sisters of the Boros

13 hours ago

add another Purphoros, God of the Forge

remove Assemble the Legion , Mentor of the Meek , and Archangel of Thune . these cards a fairly slow for modern.

x4 Lightning Bolt , x4 Lightning Helix , x4 Path to Exile . no Boros Charm .

put in 4 Genesis Chamber and 4 Champion of the Parish .

I also don't know the reason you have Dawn Charm in the sideboard.

miracleHat on What exactly is the personality ...

13 hours ago

I will just take Nicol Bolas for example.

causes opponents to lose mind (dragon claw touch thing)
powerful arcane spellcasting (best time lord/counter magic stuff)

Anways, grixis goes under:
powerful arcane abilities

Keep in mind that grixis is only a splash of red for Lightning Bolt and Terminate . Blue countermagic, black discard/creature removal is what fuels the deck.

slovakattack on Shifts Ungiven

16 hours ago

I really love where you're going with this, man!

One thing I will say is that you may want more 1-offs in the deck, in order to keep from crippling your Gifts packages. (which are currently lackluster on the control side).

I'd -1 Electrolyze and -2 Remand in order to establish a more powerful gifts package, adding in things like Mana Leak and Lightning Bolt .

Additionally, being able to search for multiple mountain cards is an extreme advantage in this deck, and you need to abuse that as much as possible. I'm talking Snow-Covered Mountain , and other lands that are technically mountains.

piggybanks112 on Rakdos Aggro

18 hours ago

Thanks for the suggestions, nayrash5. I added in 4x Dragonskull Summit As for the Lightning Bolt , I thought with Dreadbore , Terminate , Desecration Demon , Mogis, God of Slaughter , and the deathtouch from Typhoid Rats I'd be able to get any major threats out of the way so I'd be able to kill my opponents quick with Rakdos, Lord of Riots or Desecration Demon and wouldn't need any burn spells. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$2.19 $2.25 $2.49 $2.29
Color(s) R
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 3.18
Avg. cube pick 3.96


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Masters Edition magic online on
Promo Set Common