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Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

WintersTale on This Deck Ruined My Life

5 hours ago

Deff replace Shock with Lightning Bolt .

KingSorin on True Land Destruction, Lando, LD, Land Decimator

6 hours ago

Okay, a few more things. The best counter to Thoughtseize is lands. They can't pluck lands out of your hand, but if you keep a 1-lander with a birds, they can essentially "kill" your birds. I'm not saying to put in a counter to TS, it's something pretty much every deck has to just cope with (except for a deck with 4 Basking Rootwalla , 4 Loxodon Smiter , 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege and 4 Obstinate Baloth plus land lulz), but my point is that on turn 1 and 2 plenty of things can happen, but if you can have reliable mana without relying on a dodgy amount of forests into a 65% chance of getting a dork, it will make your deck more resilient to disruption. With the exception of Acidic Slime and Primal Command , everything in your deck can be cast with just mountains and singleton basics. You can just play 2 Forest and 1 Island if you were going to add in Blood Moon , and plan ahead with fetchlands, and also i'd cut Consuming Aberration as the two colour splash it too difficult to pull off when your mana is already being crippled. As for the sideboard, the decks that you really have to worry about are decks that go off very early as has been mentioned. Shatterstorm , (affinity) Anger of the Gods , (pod and zoo) Pyroclasm , (tokens/goblins/weenie) Volcanic Fallout (faeries) and Back to Nature (auras and stax) should cover most of the very bad matchups. Goblin Ruinblaster seems lackluster. It's a 2/1 haste that blows up a land for 4. The body is pitifully small, (at least riders has 2 toughness) and there are many cards that I think would just help you more. If this is in for tron, then i think Blood Moon is much more helpful. There's no reason to put numot in your deck. 2 lands being blown up is cool, but so is actually being able to cast your win-cons. This mana cost is stupidly difficult to get off, and being 85% serious i'd prefer Storm Crow in the deck, as it slows down Bitterblossom and trades with Vendilion Clique . The next issue is Mana Leak , It's good, and it's essentially a hard counter, but in this deck Remand virtually does the same thing but cantrips. If you Remand their spell, the chances are next turn you'll deny them the mana to cast it whether through Blood Moon or red rain. I'm still not sold on mimic, as I think it's a win-more. Phantasmal Image costs 4 less, and can help in the early game by nullifying a Tarmogoyf or trading with whatever they play. I'd also put the Sun Droplet s in the side, or if aggro is really huge, main them. I just think that if control is going to win the game. You're screwed. It can't save you. If twin or pod is going to win the game, same thing, you're screwed, they've won. It only really helps you against aggro and faeries. Blood Moon helps you against multi-coloured. That's a big archetype right now, and if they're resilient to it, then you just side 'em out. Lightning Bolt s are good. Hound of Griselbrand seems awkward. What are you siding them in against? Spell Pierce is also a good card against non-creature decks post-board, as your opponent leaving up 2 mana against this deck is very difficult.

blackmarker90 on Cantrips

9 hours ago

I am wondering if running 4x Serum Visions and a 4th Lightning Bolt over the Thought Scour and Fire/Ice . What are your opinions?

Here's the decklist:

RUG Delver Playtest

Legacy blackmarker90


Winger_77 on Burn/Goblins

12 hours ago

i'll think about the Mogg Fanatic but i already have the arsonists, and i really like how they play. a 1/1 that deals one damage upon death isn't something anyone i play with has ever removed from the game. and, i play mostly casual with the same group of people. they know its coming, and they know i'm comboing it with the grenade. they usually save their kill spells and removals for when Guttersnipe comes out. they really don't like taking that extra two damage every time i drop a burn card.

i may move the Molten Influence to the sideboard. but, i just got them, and i'd like to see how they play for a bit before i make that call. plus, my four Reverberate should be showing up soon. Reverberate can mean a whole lot of things in this deck. i could, theoretically use it to double up on a Molten Influence which could cause the opponent to have second thoughts about whether they really want their card to resolve. taking four points, twice, to prevent me from dropping something like a Lightning Bolt wouldn't be the best decision if they're looking to stay in the game longer. but, i do see your point as well. after i get all the cards in, i'll make some decisions after a few games. thanks for the advice, and the +1

Prima on Delve into Grixis (Help Wanted)

23 hours ago

Lightning Bolt should be in over Searing Spear . I have a deck with the exact same name as this, so of course I checked this deck. Delve Into Grixis

sylvannos on What cards in Journey to ...

1 day ago

Bassara Tower Archer could potentially find a home in Bogle, but I doubt it since they don't even play Silhana Ledgewalker most of the time.

Reprisal has been reprinted, which is nice since it hasn't been printed for Modern yet. It'll be a healthy sideboard option for white decks.

Eidolon of Rhetoric isn't bad. The extra toughness over Ethersworn Canonist is relevant in a format with Lightning Bolt . However, that extra mana is the difference from stopping a Storm player from comboing off.

Spazik008 on 5 Color Everything Deck

1 day ago

When it was junk colored and 23 land the test draws were still coming up bad before I added Gemstone Mine and City of Brass . With Mana Confluence coming out, that gives enough color fixing that all the color-intense spells such as Abrupt Decay , Tidehollow Sculler , and Voice of Resurgence .

If I'm using Mana Confluence , Gemstone Mine , and City of Brass , that gives access to the other colors that aren't being primarily used. If the mana can support it, it seems prudent to me to splash the best blue and the best red spell in the format. The Serum Visions especially smooths out the draws because it lets me keep otherwise shaky 1-landers and if I'm going to flood out it lets me throw those extra lands away and draw gas. If you've played Twin or combo in Modern you should know the power of visions. And as for Lightning Bolt , I've seen Legacy American builds that would otherwise be straight blue/white except they splash red for bolt. It's a strong card, obviously.