Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

ImmortalDawn on Vampire Madness

21 hours ago

Try -1 Dismember, -1 Terminate, -1 Alms of the Vein, +2 Stromkirk Captain and +1 Olivia, Mobilized for War because you'll need more Creature to be aggressive and Lightning Bolt/Fiery Temper often suffice as removal.

Consider also Drana, Liberator of Malakir.

ChiefBell on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 day ago

My 3-deck budget metagame:

  • Mono-mana symbol g Elves Beatdown (Aggro)

  • mana symbol wmana symbol b Tokens (Midrange)

  • mana symbol umana symbol r Domain Control (Control)

Proposed metagame:

Aggro beats the control deck almost all of the time due to how fast it is. The control deck has answers in Pyroclasm and Wildfire but one is unreliable against the elvish lords and the other costs too much mana to reach before they die.

Control beats midrange most of the time due to how effective its answers are. The midrange deck can't do a whole lot until turn 3 or turn 4 which gives the control deck plenty of time to set up some ramp and land a Pyroclasm or Wildfire. In the late game the midrange deck just can't do a whole lot about Frost Titan given how hard it is to hit and the fact that a lot of its token producers cost 3 mana whereas Mana Leak costs 2. I am worried about the control deck losing to discard and removal because it only plays 4 Frost Titan. I may add a singleton Wandering Fumarole to give the control deck 5 threats. It really should win against midrange so I'm trying to facilitate that.

Aggro versus control is the typical coin flip. The aggro deck is much, much faster but the midrange deck has a good suite of discard spells and also plays 2 Zealous Persecution. Whichever wins depends a lot on opening hands and skillful play. Both have a lot of potential.

ChiefBell on

1 day ago

This is either a burn deck or a delver deck. It can't be both. Being brutally honest, the two don't mix at all. Delver traditionally plays a controlling role against a variety of opponents which you can't do here because you don't have enough counterspells or creature removal, and burn almost always wants the quick kill to stop opponents countering them which you can't do here because you have cards that are useless to burn like Mana Leak.

The two decks are actually fairly different in fundamental ways. Most notably that one is all-in aggro and the other is actually a control deck against certain decks in the meta like Jund or Scapeshift.

You really do need to choose which you're going for.

If it's burn cut all the blue but Delver of Secrets  Flip can stay. DO go for Eidolon of the Great Revel. It's the best card in burn by a long shot. Finish off your Skullcracks and also look at things like Searing Blood. There's a better version of Searing Blood but it requires landfall which you can't achieve easily without fetches.

If it's delver then cut a few of the creatures. Cut Incinerate and cut Lava Spike. Incinerate costs too much as weve said and Lava Spike is useless to a tempo deck because it can't hit creatures. Instead you want things like Vapor Snag, Mana Leak, Spell Snare and Young Pyromancer. Consider cutting all the creatures that don't benefit from instants and sorceries like Goblin Guide.

Burn and Delver look like they're compatible strategies. They're not. Delver is actually a control deck with early game aggro. You land a threat on turn 1 and then most other turns you play counterspells and creature removal. Burn just plays threats and burn turn 1 to turn infinity. They're exceedingly different decks. The problem with mixing the two together is that one gives the other dead draws. Drawing Mana Leak when you're playing burn is terrible because you just want to win the game as quickly as possible. Drawing Lava Spike when you're playing delver is terrible because you want to remove creatures and counter spells.

Burn relies on Goblin Guide, Lightning Bolt, Eidolon of the Great Revel and Lava Spike. These are the heart and soul of the deck.

Delver relies on Delver of Secrets  Flip, Young Pyromancer, Spell Snare, Lightning Bolt

Can you see that one is really interested in damage whereas the other is really interested in control? That's why they don't mix well.

This could be a burn deck or a delver deck. I get the feeling you want it to be delver but I'm not sure. If you play it as an aggro deck then you're playing delver wrong and you want it to be burn. If you appreciate cards like Mana Leak and play exceedingly carefully and cleanly then you want to be playing delver.

MagniDevorantem on Karrthus is a Dragonlord too

1 day ago

This seems pretty cool and I have also been a very big fan of Dragons since I started playing magic when Dragons of Tarkir came out

This is my version of Ramp Dragons My Dragon Deck


Crater Elemental very good at holding off early, and a very formidable swinger later

Sylvan Caryatid a really strong mana dork and blocker that cannot be removed

Nissa's Pilgrimage and Explosive Vegetation Ramp sorceries - Very good on curve ramp, and something to spend your excess mana on later to ramp harder

Signal the Clans very good at finding you what you need for cheap

Lightning Bolt you are in red, in modern, 4 is a must include

Atarka's Command really versatile card helps ramp and deal some damage

Kessig Wolf Run good alternate win con with your birds and lots of mana

Balefire Dragon really good high end to wipe their board

Xenagos, the Reveler really good ramp walker and really good ultimate for spamming dragons

Flameblast Dragon really good mana sink for in combat damage

Beast Within great absolute kill spell of all permanents and you could just fly over or trample through the token drawback

If you are Interested in Cards Out Side of Dragons

Primeval Titan incredibly strong card it could get you the Kessig Wolf Run or Haven of the Spirit Dragon for utility or just ramp you so hard for the rest of the game to use the mana sinks to burn them out

Primordial Hydra a growing threat the moment you play it forcing removal or the opponent just loses, also could be played anywhere on the curve and be as big and you want it to be

Things I Would Change

Archwing Dragon The power in dragons is their towering impassable statures the fact that he bounces himself for you to again spend mana to cast him is to slow and clunky for a deck that is innately slow. I would recommend 4 Thunderbreak Regent and a number of Sylvan Caryatid or Crater Elemental

Slumbering Dragon it is an okay early drop but his "strength" is hoping you survive 5 creatures coming at you early and he is a dead draw later into the game. I recommend any number of Sylvan Caryatid or a card that would be really good but I do not run it as of now is Kargan Dragonlord he could be the 8/8 flyer you want but you could have him early and invest your mana into him and not depend on your opponent to do the one thing you hope he keeps to a minimum.

Somberwald Sage it is an okay mana dork but it is a 0/1 creature that dies to any damage removal even Gut Shot and that might be to much of a liability for a creature that is costing you three mana, in this slot I recommend Crater Elemental or another card that gives you more versatility for the things you want to do in the earlier stages of the game, Mul Daya Channelers gives u two mana of any color and could also be a 5/5 beater

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund I understand he is the namesake of the deck but his initial ability is super specific and very unlikely to be relevent but when it does come up it is game breaking so I recommend him to be placed in the side board for the mirror and look at another of the Dragonlords Dragonlord Kolaghan he gives "all" creatures haste and has a much more prominent ability in Whenever an opponent casts a creature or planeswalker spell with the same name as a card in his or her graveyard, that player loses 10 life pressuring the creature strategies which are some of your hardest match ups by dealing with the early pressure of spamming creatures. .

Sarkhan Unbroken running give or take 5 sources of blue mana mostly coming in tapped or with summoning sickness puts him in a very difficult spot to play especially considering he is the only reason you are in blue, I would recommend against delving into blue considering that mana fixing in modern is iffy or monetarily expensive and in these kind of decks with such demanding colored costs three colors in pushing it even with the best of mana bases. I recommend Xenagos, the Reveler in his places, he has a very similar ultimate and helps your mid game even if you use him 2 to 3 times he has done you a great deal in accelerating your creatures out.

Arlinn Kord  Flip does not have very good synergy with the deck, in her making wolfs to flip, beyond some buffs and she is a high maintenance walker that does not bring you any closer to your goal of bringing out giant dragons.

Doom Blade and Terror are okay removal but if you want better more broad removal you have access to Beast Within which hits PERMANENTS absolutely everything and gives them an measly 3/3 that almost all of your creatures are bigger than and/or could trample through or fly over ,Terminate hits all creatures with no draw back and Dismember which hits most mid-range creatures you need to deal with and only costs you 1 colorless with some life if u need to. These are options that are better but monetarily cost more

Cryptolith Rite all your small creatures tap for mana except the servant and this is a bit slow and clunky early to mid and useless later. I recommend Nissa's Pilgrimage and Explosive Vegetation as your mana ramp for the mid game

Dragon Tempest this a cool card and i had my eye on it for a while but in retrospect if you are getting out your dragons, at most you are getting out 3 to 5 in a good game, for this mana you could just run burn which for two mana Lightning Bolt does six and Atarka's Command does three to face and could give everything reach and +1/+1, ramp you a land or stop your opponents healing this turn, and Signal the Clans could search out creatures you need

Lands You Could Run for Greater Efficiency

Rootbound Crag Good old red green Check

Dragonskull Summit Red Black Check

Woodland Cemetery Green Black Check

Stensia Bloodhall burn on a land (haven't tried it out, but is in the same cycle as Kessig Wolf Run so I am recommending it to you so you could let me know how you like it)

Kessig Wolf Run turns anything into a threat and puts use to the mana dorks late game

I really hope you like some of these considerations well hope you amazing deck building!!!

Gidgetimer on Lightning Bolt vs scenario

1 day ago

You can sacrifice him to try to counter the Lightning Bolt but your opponet has the option to pay the mana symbol 1.

Rhadamanthus on Lightning Bolt vs scenario

1 day ago

Yes, that's fine. The spell or ability currently on top of the stack will only resolve when all players decide to pass instead of making another response. You can respond to Lightning Bolt by casting Mausoleum Wanderer. After the Wanderer resolves, you can respond again by activating its last ability instead of passing.

Kizzel on Lightning Bolt vs scenario

1 day ago

Lets pretend I have a Rattlechains on the battlefield and my opponent plays a Lightning Bolt. Could I flash in Mausoleum Wanderer and sacrifice him to counter that bolt and save my creature?

Thephelddagrif on goblin sacrifice

1 day ago

Gempalm Incinerator is not legal in modern. I suggest Lightning Bolt over Murder

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