Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

cplvela0811 on Modern Mardu

3 hours ago

Hey there, price can sometimes be a problem in Magic, but that is ok. There are many cards that still work together. Some suggestions I would like to make since running Ankle Shanker, Mardu Ascendancy, and the colors along them.

-Lingering Souls-Mogg War Marshal-Young Pyromancer-Timely Reinforcements-Raise the Alarm-Goblin Rabblemaster-Chained to the Rocks-Terminate-Lightning Bolt-Vampire Nighthawk-Lightning Helix-Raven's Crime-Tidehollow Sculler-Sin Collector-Zealous Persecution-Night's Whisper-Faithless Looting-Impact Tremors

There are many more cards to chose from, but this is just a small selection that I bring to your pool. Good luck!

DragonlordProssh on Prossh Dragon Tribal (Without Food Chain!)

11 hours ago

I had Coat of Arms in there for a while actually. I found that too many other people benefited from that, aka Avenger of Zendikar. I already have enough "group hug" cards as is. Although the Conspiracy and Shared Animosity combo seems like a great idea! I'd probably replace Titan's Strength and maybe Lightning Bolt with those.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Planeswalker Format

14 hours ago

I think RDW would laugh hysterically at people starting with ~4 life.

use Chandra, the Firebrand

T1: -2, Mountain, Lightning Bolt


Needs more starting life yo.

natethegreat_38 on Let Their Be Dragons

1 day ago

maybe instead of Searing Spear a couple of Lightning Bolts

Dr.HAX on Red Burn

1 day ago

Suggestion, switch out your Touch of the Void for some Lightning Bolts. :)

Dr.HAX on Thing in the ice

1 day ago

Nice deck idea, very creative!Might I suggest a few Lightning Bolts, they can be very good in a deck like this.

Hoschie on Saheeli Sun COMBO

1 day ago

Pls don't judge me for this, may be I just don't see how good the sinergies may be really are. I just want to wirte my thoughts down. May be they help if not, ignore them ;)

At first I really really like this combo.

My "problem" with the deck is, that in my eyes there isn't really a second win option. Flickerwisp is the only real beater, byside the Sun Titan, but it dies to every spirit-token.With an eye on that, I don't feel fine with this creatures Lone Missionary Pilgrim's Eye Court Hussar.Shure they are really god at finding the combo, thining the deck. But they do "no dmg" and some of them are not that great in shumping :/ .

I would prevere a setup which has at least an ok chanse to win on it's own. May be Snapcaster Mage Restoration Angel the full 4 Lightning Bolt , may be Lightning Helix.Overall I love in decks like this cards with doulble duty like Electrolyze or Cryptic Command protection and carddraw in combination is always great.In adition to the point, that I "like" this cards more, is that the combo dies to graveyard hate and there for yout will need an out.

at last I would suggest Spellskite it is great in each way you could play this deck. It protecs your Sun Titan and it is a great blocker.

Sorry for my bad english :)

Simon_Williamson on Frontier Format

2 days ago

Christ this meta would have Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, Collected Company and Monastery Swiftspear. No. Also I like Lightning Bolt, I like Mana Leak, Condescend and Mana Tithe, M10 would still be to small of a card pool to be honest. I like modern because of the large card pool and at the moment a very generous meta. You can build so many budget archetypes and still do extremely well. Fetchlands are extremely useful as necessary in tournament play but at FNM, not at all necessary. The more formats are played the more certain cards good in all of them will be played, let's say no new players come from this format getting popular, then there will still be an increase in demand simply because of people who would play that AND frontier. It will drive up the price of standard, modern, and even pauper which gets new Commons with every set, many of which would likely see play in frontier. The sets from M15 onward weren't designed for a modern without many modern staples and an inevitably crazy ban list. This format will serve no one. Hopefully though, masterpieces will, although to a miniscule degree, lower the price of modern a bit, if over time they can fill the market with these cards, and even lower the price of the original by a dollar, that's a good thing.

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