Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

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Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

NoviceMagician on MonoRed v.3.1

55 minutes ago

Young Pyromancer and/or Kiln Fiend might be interesting.

canterlotguardian on kolaghan modern

2 hours ago

Are you sure having a 4-of 6-drop in a Modern deck is a good idea? Even with DK being the inspiration for the deck. I mean, in Modern, by turn 6, you've either already lost or are ahead enough to where the life loss from DK's triggered ability won't matter enough.

Speaking of, why is Lightning Bolt not in here? Also Kolaghan's Command should be in here, at least as a 2-of.

Zer0w on Bogles the mind (Tier 1 Modern $100)

16 hours ago

Dr_Jay Thanks for looking and suggesting stuff.

I don't want to add any creatures that don't have hexproof... they are a big fat target for removal. one of the great things about this deck is that it makes things like Path to Exile dead cards in hand.

I like the mana base. I usually only loose 3 or 4 life to it. and there is just about no colorless mana in the deck so I really need to have the right color mana to cast my spells. it is not perfect but it also does not cost an arm and a leg.

I really like Lightning Bolt, it removes pesky critters or can Finnish off the game. and I really think that in the deck Oppressive Rays fits, W to basically remove a creature and pump Ethereal Armor "yes please!"

also If I made all of those changes that re recommended it would not be within a budget AND it would not be unique. Also if you read my description you will see that I don't REALLY make the claim that it is tier 1.. but rather, that for $100 it can hold it's own vs. some of the best decks out there. One of my goals in building decks is to show people that you can build a competitive deck that is both affordable and unique... anyone can build a UG infect, but it lacks personality. I actually don't even like the term tier 1, it seems like very few people even know what it means, some say it is popularity, some think it has to do with rankings in tournaments or whatever, I just put that in the title to get people's attention.

Dr_Jay on Bogles the mind (Tier 1 Modern $100)

17 hours ago

10 creatures? No way. You need at LEAST 12, and hopefully some Dryad Arbors. But yeah. If you have access to 100$ budget, the most important piece is Kor Spiritdancer. You need a playset. Take out the Oppressive Rays and Taste for Mayhem. Taste is hard to hit sometimes, especially since you need card advantage. Finish off that playset of Hyena Umbra, and Add a combination of 1 land, 2 Spirit Mantle, and 2 Spider Umbra. Take out Lightning Bolt. Your mana base is EXTREMELY sub-optimal. In fact, this is the perfect deck NOT for this mana base. You're taking way too much damage off of your lands, and most likely can't race any other aggro deck.

Also, take out the "Tier 1 Modern" claim, bogles, the COMPLETE version, is tier 2. Competitive, but tier 2.

RandomCombustion on Dragon Rage

18 hours ago

oh and replace Shock with Lightning Bolt

netnimation on jund dragons

1 day ago

Have you considered Birds of Paradise instead of Elvish Mystic? It's much more useful, especially since you won't be attacking with the mana generating creatures anyway.

3 of Xenagos, the Reveler is too much, as the "recent" planeswalker uniqueness rule states that if you control two similar planeswalkers, only one of them can remain, so you should maybe reduce it to 2 and even 1 and instead put in something like Dragonlord's Servant or even Dragonmaster Outcast, if your playtests show that you last long into end game, where Dragonmaster Outcast will become very powerful!

Instead of Draconic Roar, I would put in Lightning Bolt, as it only costs 1 mana, and most of your damage comes from your creatures anyway.

And Terminate is much better than Ultimate Price as its mana cost is the same, and destroy all creatures while also not allowing them to regenerate!

Have you also considered Sarkhan's Triumph? :)

sylvannos on What's up with Bob?

1 day ago

Birthing Pod and Deathrite Shaman got banned is why Burn surged in popularity. Deck was really "meh" and even shitty when those cards were legal.

Goblin Guide would get in for two damage on turn one, then the Pod player dropped a Wall of Roots, followed by a Kitchen Finks, sac the Kitchen Finks, go find Restoration Angel, rinse and repeat. It's turn three and the Pod player is still over 20 life lol...

Treasure Cruise just helped the deck keep up with Birthing Pod because they could try to build up their mana base and try to fire off three or more Lightning Bolts in a turn.

kengiczar on Liliana Discard

1 day ago

Alright this should be fun. I've built a very good Toshiro Umezawa deck, dabled endlessly in sacrifice with Shattergang Brothers and seen plenty of mono cards seemingly cheat by utterly destroying the most fundamental rules of magic in insane ways. Here we go:

You need ways to be able to trigger your Walker in response to spells like Lightning Bolt, Abrupt Decay, Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Go for the Throat, Searing Blood...this list for Tiny Leaders is endless. Taking advantage of her triggered ability to protect from these and to generate board state should be your principle goal here. This strategies only downside is to early counters such as Spell Pierce but really, you will have enough recursion that you just don't give a damn about any of that crap.

My automatic free sacrifice suggestions:
Top two - Vampire Hexmage / Viscera Seer. Second best two for mono - Blood Pet and Basal Thrull.

Viscera Seer is just amazing because he's a one drop. If your opponent leaves him alone they will have to waste two burn spells to kill Liliana, one to prompt you to sacrifice Viscera Seer to flip her, and another to kill her once her flip trigger is on the stack. Vampire hexmage is very good at stopping big annoying Hydras, Dack Fayden and other more subtle threats. I think Viscera is better just because he can allow a hand full of discard to still do plenty of damage on Turn 2 with cards like Thoughtseize, Duress, Despise and Inquisition of Kozilek.

The second two cards allow you to "cheat", albeit not as powerfully as Dark Ritual. Still, they allow you to unload more discard and trigger Liliana at the same time so at least consider the Blood Pet.

For recursion you'll stick with the same classics as regular commander: Necromancy, Animate Dead and Reanimate. They aren't all neccessary and may end up being to clunky due to being combined with both creatures and discard, and also possibly removal. Still I recommend at least getting necromancy and trying it out.

If you really want to go full on with this I recommend this devastating Synergy: Recurring Nightmare + Pack Rat + Death's Shadow. With this set up unless they exile it's very hard for them to kill Death's Shadow for good. Glistening Oil can be further added to the mix to steadily deal with a small token army of 1/1 or to outright kill a Young Pyromancer who you will see a lot, trust me on that one. This also has the added benefit of giving you a creature that can swing for lethal by itself. Yay!

Remember not to overlook renaimate entirely since you need as in must play creatures so long as you play Liliana as a commander, even in a discard theme. I mean if you want to play straight up discard that's fine but there are better generals for that and without playing creature support with the new Liliana you'll need 8-10 spells to even attempt to trigger her, which against some opponents means you'll have nearly useless cards main deck and not be able to flip her. I guess what i'm saying is balance is key.

Color(s) Red
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 2.76
Avg. cube pick 3.96


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Masters Edition magic online on
Beatdown Box Set Common
Anthologies Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Collector's Edition Common
International Collector's Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Common
Promo Set Common


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