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Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

nutellaisgreaterthanlife on Aristocrats Act III: Revive and Revel

a few seconds ago

I would drop the Lightning Helix as you already have a lot of removal with the Lightning Bolts! and Tidehollow Sculler , and i dont think you need the lifegain as your goal is to end the game fast. Blade of the Bloodchief adds a ton of power to your vampires, and adds some more aggro. In my experience it works super well in decks like this

DH_Cell on Aggrivate and Decimate

49 minutes ago

4x Thoughtseize + 3x Sign in Blood can be painful for you, I suggest to take some of them off

U have a lot of high mana creatures, try to make it more balance

Gray Merchant of Asphodel wont work very well because u dont have a lot of black manas on ur permanents

Lightning Bolt is definetly a must have for every red deck, so put it on mainboard

My feeling about this deck is that there is a bunch of good cards together, but I cant see the connection between them, What is your tatic? What could be a good T1, T2 and T3 to finish the game?

thispersonisagenius on TheGamer

5 hours ago

Oh, and to be accurate, the winning deck was just Rock, not Jund. No Lightning Bolt , but the full set of Liliana of the Veil and other removal spells still make it hard. They play one or two more discard spells as well.

kmcree on No Hand For You!

7 hours ago

I agree that there are matchups where it's not very useful, but I still think there are enough good matchups for it to warrant a sideboard slot. Its great against Twin or any Combo deck. I use it frequently against UWR control to get rid of Celestial Colonnade , Lightning Bolt , or Lightning Helix . I've run into a couple faeries decks, and they didn't stand a chance after I stole Bitterblossom (granted faeries isn't t1, but you get my drift). Dark Confidant is another great target. I think that just about every deck, with the exception of possibly Rock, has 1 or 2 cards that make the deck run more efficiently. If you can remove those cards for good, you force the deck pilot to start scrambling. Combine that with the almost constant discard and I've seen a lot of even veteran players forced into misplays. I don't think either Extirpate or Surgical Extraction will win you games, but I think it can muddy the waters and slow your opponent down enough to allow you to lock down the board and get to that 8Rack sweetzone where both players are top decking, and you have The Rack and Ensnaring Bridge out.

JKhalifer on Assemble the Revolution

7 hours ago

I consider under $100 a budget deck. I come from a background of playing $500-$3,000 competitive & tournament worthy Tier 1 decks. The average mana cost of the deck, which I don't know if you noticed it under the statistics or not, is 2.89. It's got a ton of lower mana costs and you'd be surprised at how well this deck can reliably lock down games in several different ways. There is good reason why there isn't just one copy of any spell in the deck. Repetitiveness wins in combo decks, but not redundancy.

Aggressive decks get beat by Lightning Bolt , Lightning Helix , Lightmine Field and Kher Keep chump blockers. If they manage to battle through that arsenal game one, they lose to the sideboard which is always geared towards the decks that give you the most trouble.

I'm going to actually be taking out a couple cards sometime today to make room for two copies of Chain Reaction . It's a one sided board wipe in the deck. With Mark of Asylum , my creatures walk away unscathed. Also, If there's a Stuffy Doll on a over crowded battlefield when I cast Chain Reaction , my opponent is not going to be a happy camper. I'm probably going to replace Lightmine Field with it.

Basilisk Collar is far superior to the Gorgon's Head . It gains me any or all life I might have lost in previous turns. It's worth the $10 for two copies.

I'm sorry, but a lot of the suggestions you made are great, don't get me wrong. But, they don't have any synergy with what the deck has going on it already. I've been deck building for ten years now and trust me when I say that this deck is very tough to get a win against. Unless of course you toss down a Tier 1 deck like Sneak and Show, Stoneblade, Shardless BUG, etc.

zandl on Crusader or Smiter?

23 hours ago

Smiter lives through Anger of the Gods , Lightning Bolt , Electrolyze , and Pyroclasm ; Crusader does not.

Moorbeta on Soulfire sisters

1 day ago

Thanks for the comments rougeweasel

My reason for Lightning Helix was also cause if Archangel of Thune is's actually a double +1/+1 on Ajani's Pridemate , but yes...I guess it's better to play a mob and removal for board presence...also alot of people run Thalia, Guardian of Thraben which makes Lightning Bolt the obvious choice.

HydraOoze on My Boros Aggro Deck

1 day ago

Lightning Bolt , Lightning Helix , Path to Exile , Vexing Devil , Goblin Guide , Boros Reckoner would be good also you need 4 of your best cards like Ash Zealot so you have more of a chance to draw some. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.6 $1.68 $2.99 $7.99
Color(s) R
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 3.18
Avg. cube pick 3.96


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Masters Edition magic online on
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Common
Promo Set Common