Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

lemmingllama on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 hour ago

@ChiefBell I'd also swap a Canopy Vista for a singleton Forest. Right now Blood Moon cuts you entirely off green and your Emeria plan. Also I totally agree with the Primeval Titan inclusion.

@VampireArmy I'd personally cut the Oblivion Sower for another Flame Slash/Lightning Bolt. You need some early game.

Also consider swapping the Sylvan Scryings for some Oath of Nissa

Hc_Clan on Mizzix, Crimson and Indigo Spellcaster

1 day ago

In case you lose access to Reset, there is a combo with Reiterate, Lightning Bolt and Pyretic Ritual. Still tutorable with Firemind's Foresight

ArchFline on Norn Sisters Weirding

1 day ago

Thank you for the comments but it is important that I point out the downside to Zur's Weirding in that once it's up our opponent will very likely not allow you to draw cards either thus we have to out pace them by utilizing our unique life gaining shell. However because we will be limiting what the opponent can play and will likely see reduced draws as well we must either brute force through what they can effectively stop. Thus usual staples like Lightning Bolt and Serum Visions become less effective as they offer little to my overall goal given how easily my own set-up disrupts them. Additionally with the 4Path to Exile I do not see issues in my mana potential especially given my draw power :/

Mtg_mill on Norn Sisters Weirding

1 day ago

I would definitely add Lightning Bolt and either Serum Visions or Ancestral Vision and take out both Ideas Unbound and Return to the Ranks.

FullmetalWes on Boros Angels

1 day ago

As for what to take out: Celestial Flare is a great card but usually better sideboard (great against Slippery Bogle decks), Holy Day is great against infect or anything with quick creature damage but again, sideboard that. Maybe take out Dawn Charm too but I like it a lot better mainboard than the other two I mentioned. I would definitely go with Aurelia, the Warleader over Gisela, Blade of Goldnight mostly because she's cheaper to cast and haste is a big deal.

For more additions: Lightning Helix should be mainboard. It's a fantastic card. Maybe even add Lightning Bolt cause they're always awesome. Baneslayer Angel and Akroma, Angel of Fury and maybe Serra Avenger are great additions as well. A fun card that might fit here and since you're not going 100% competitive is Quicksilver Amulet to cheat in expensive angels and can't be countered. If you want to make this deck much cheaper don't worry about the Arid Mesas, those are really meant for faster more competitive decks. Sacred Foundry is awesome and I love Clifftop Retreat as a more budget land. With a couple changes this deck will be really nasty!

sylvannos on Mono Black Mainboard Board Wipe?

2 days ago

I would just cut Expedition Map and go to 25 lands. If you can play fetches for a second color (red for Lightning Bolt + Terminate, green for Abrupt Decay + Maelstrom Pulse, or white for Path to Exile + Lingering Souls), I don't see why you wouldn't.

You really just want to get to 3 mana for Phyrexian Arena and start drowning your opponent in card advantage. You won't even take that much damage if you have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth out because you can just tap the fetches for mana or search up a non-Swamp basic.

KPlouk on Fevered Owl

2 days ago

Miryafa Molten Psyche is another form of disruption just as is Day's Undoing I rarely expect to get metalcraft with it. I did have Lightning Bolt in the previous list but cut it in favor of Trinisphere to slow the opponents game down t a crawl or just lock them out with bounced lands.

hannibal6 on raging blistercoil

2 days ago

the reason to play Blistercoil Weird is for its interaction with Paradise Mantle otherwise you're better off swapping it for Nivix Cyclops which grows faster (and probably gives you a better shot at a turn 4 kill), and also has the ability of not dying to Lightning Bolt (also run lightning bolt).

Going two colors also gives you access to fun cards like Serum Visions (sort of pricey), Gitaxian Probe, Sleight of Hand, Peek, and Mizzium Skin

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Masters Edition magic online on
Beatdown Box Set Common
Anthologies Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Collector's Edition Common
International Collector's Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Common
Promo Set Common


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