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Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

salient on Mono-Blue Skulker

44 minutes ago

I have a few suggestions, none of which are compatible with each other. :)

1: The deck looks very heavily in favor of keeping Squidley alive. You don't have much that will help you restabilize, or to take advantage of the gaggle of squidkids he leaves behind when he dies. My only suggestion for that is, maybe sideboard a couple Sword of Thing and Opposite Thing, whatever's best for the metagame. You can board them in for a couple of your can't-be-blocked spells, and they could replace half the Mizzium Skin s.

2: You've probably already heard my second suggestion a million times, but just in case: why not run a playset of Delver of Secrets  Flip ? I would rather draw Delver than Snapcaster most of the time, especially since Snapcaster in this deck is usually 1UU for a 2/1 cantripper. (Snapster is redundant for Artful Dodge so you'd swap quantities there, 4x Artful / 2x Distortion Strike . Granted, snapping into Ideas Unbound looks like a dream play on paper, but you'd be desperately short on mana. At best you'd get a land drop and a cantrip off and then have to discard down to an empty hand.

3: I'd splash, either Izzet or Dimir for Blood Scrivener . Mono blue has forced you into making some subpar choices, just because there aren't enough good filtering cards in Modern. If you only splash for one spell, I'd swap out Thought Scour , for Electrolyze or Blood Scrivener respectively, because you don't want to Scour your Squidley into the graveyard by mistake. Blood Scrivener is a blowout card if they don't have removal, but Electrolyze is great for removing that Spirit of the Labyrinth and all those billion other X/1 problem critters. Then I would swap something -- not sure what -- for Lightning Bolt or whatever black removal is meta-appropriate (Dismember or Doom Blade ).

4: Ignore everything I said. Try swapping out Snapples, Artfuls and Distortions for Blistercoil Weird and Paradise Mantle and whatever other cantrip, like Cerulean Wisps . Blistercoil+Mantle lets you go nearly infinite on cantrips. So long as you have 20+ cantrips, you have a decent change of just blowing out a streak of cantrips on turn two.

Hope one of these helps!Salient

APPLE01DOJ on Sphinx's Revelation?

1 hour ago

Blue Sun's Zenith is another option.

American Control typical only runs Burn & Super Burn (Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix )

DocG on Don't play with FIRE

3 hours ago

So looking at the deck and playing a few rounds with it, i can say that you're trying to do too many things at once. the rest of this post will be assuming you're looking to build a burn deck, as thats how you described it in your description. If you're looking for a more token-y beatdown with reach deck i would seriously consider splashing other colors.

Ok so the thing with burn is you rarely want to exceed a curve of 3. The idea of a burn deck is pretty self explaintory: dump spells onto an opponent's face until they're dead: either you burn out or you burn them to death. Burn. Personally I like to top curve out with a 1 of Koth of the Hammer but many will tell you thats a bad idea or that Chandra, Pyromaster is a better choice. Neither are necessary, I dont think any have ever been used, but Koth is my favorite card so shrug.

The first major issue i see with the deck is that you're relying on Young Pizzy to do basically everything for purphoros, dragon, and hell rider. Honestly all three of those cost waaay to much for what you want to be doing. Ideally the game will be over (in your favor) before you even have the mana to cast the dragon. I would seriously consider dropping all of them for faster creatures or more burn. I wont say Young pizzy is bad in burn, but hes definitely better suited for other archetypes. Personally I would also drop him completely. Guttersnipe is honestly a trap card. Like pizzy, hes better suited for a tempo deck, but unlike pizzy, he costs 3 which is just so hard on the mana base of tempo decks (and burn decks too). I wouldnt say he's a 100% drop (like the dragon or purphy) but I personally have never gotten much use out of him, and i think You could do better for his slots which I will get to in a bit. Lastly, youre land count is actually high I would cut down to just 18-19 mountains. Volukut is cute, and you may eventually even get one whole lightning bolt out of him, but coming into play tapped is just way to harsh. I dont have the math on me on hand, but suffice to say the number of games you're going to hit 6 land drops is significantly lower than you might thinkSome cards to consider over the creatures you're cutting:Creatures: I get the feeling you like to turn things sideways, and while thats not conventional for a burn deck, its not impossible to do. You just need to run a bit more efficiency.

Goblin Guide - Wins games, tied with wild nacatl for best 1 drop ever printed. Turn1; guide =2 dmg. Turn 2; swing + bolt + bolt = 10 dmg. Happens more than you'd think. Run 4 if you can

Ash Zealot - like Guide, sacrificing speed for first strike and taxing Snapcasters and Storm Decks. I would at least run these in the 75. its an awkward card because you often dont get to see its non-keyworded ability, but its more of a hinderence than a bonus, if that makes sense. One of my friends put it best after i complained about it: " you're always complaining that ash doesnt do much besides be a slower guide, but im sitting here with 3 snap casters in my hand and no way to play them." Thats value. Run 4 in the 75, whether all maindeck, all side or some 2/2 split is really meta based, but its the closest red has to non land related hate.

Hellspark Elemental - works like a blockable Lightning Bolt , except that you get 8 of them. Unearth lets you do something with your mana when you're handless. Run 4 if you can.

Grim Lavamancer I would replace your true flames with him. he gives you extra reach and a body to block if you have to. true flames lets you do more damage with your top deck. Run 2. Its not something you want to see more than once a game.

Vexing Devil Its either a better lava spike, or a 4/3 body that's about to eat a path to exile for an extra mountain or a bolt not directed at your lavamancer. Punisher cards are hated alot, but anyone who says vexing devil is bad in burn has never used it. Run 4.

Instants//Sorceries: Shock is garbage. dont use it. Reforge the Soul goes back to the trying to do too many things at once. I would leave it as a one of if you really want it for the miracle being useful every now and again, but it showing up when you dont need it really hurts because its not doing damage. Slagstorm maindeck is interesting but not necessarily bad. I would do a split with 2-3Slagstorm +1Anger of the Gods because sometimes shit just needs to be exiled. Recomendations:Lava Spike its bolts 5-8. Run 4. its your life blood.

Shard Volley its bolts 8-12, but you lose a mountain. your choice on how many or if you do. Personally i dont but people have use it too good effect in the past.

Skullcrack you will straight up lose to any form of life gain. skull crack is really helpful in these match ups on the side board. run 4 in the 75, splits are meta based.

Smash to Smithereens why have smelt when you can smelt and also bolt on the same turn?

Searing Blaze a bit better with fetch lands, but its still very strong on your turn with landfall effectively giving you 2 bolts for removal while still progressing your game plan.

Incinerate its "ok". does 3 damage still tho.

As for the sideboard; you'd be surprised how well Ensnaring Bridge does against all forms of aggro decks, from Zoo to hexproof. even more controlly decks that rely on the red zone are sort of walled by it completely. granted it did have a stupid price jump so it might be too expensive. Blood Moon also says fuck you to the greedy mana bases of other decks, very strong card, basically a win on resolve in certain match ups.

So i know i through a lot of random cards and shit at you so sorry for the wall of text that is this post. I hope you find it helpful, feel free to look at my deck here; the list is hella outdated, but its mostly the same thing, ive just dropped a lot of the creatures for more burn.

Hope i helped!

PrecintSix6Six on FALLEN-X-ANGEL

3 hours ago

FallenAngel (I like your new name), So I typed out this comment days ago but I guess never posted it...anyways what I'm thinking was

His Purphoros, God of the Forge (4.72) and 2x Cemetery Reaper (1.42 e)

Totaling 7.56

For my Jace, Memory Adept (6.73) and 1x Lightning Bolt (1.66) (Cause I'm interested in keeping a playset)

Totaling 8.39

It came out so mine was a little more because Jace is whitening around the edges (not noticable from the back, so it's not a marked card). I can give you more details if you need them. Also sorry for the delay

SaucyLemons on classic naya zoo

5 hours ago

Kird Chieftain seems to not be fast enough for this kind of deck. Goblin Guide , Ghor-Clan Rampager , Kird Ape , and Burning-Tree Emissary are much faster, stronger choices. Also consider utility cards like Lightning Bolt , Path to Exile , Lightning Helix , and Domri Rade . You don't really need 24 lands for a deck like this. Some nonbasic lands may also help get you the colors you need. With a liittle improvement, this deck could be very competitive. +1

thispersonisagenius on EOT effects

7 hours ago

My opponent casts Ulcerate on my Elvish Mystic . In response, I Giant Growth to save it. Will it die at the end of turn, or do the effects of the cards wear off simultaneously? I understand that this sequence would save the elf from a Lightning Bolt , but am unsure if the same is true of -X/-X spells.

Boza on Budget Wolfs Horde | Need : Advices & comments

10 hours ago

Looking at the deck, it is effective at what it does, but has 0 redundancy - you have a couple of key cards and once they are dealt with, you run out of gas.

OK, looking at this deck it is best to identify the core of deck and work from there: 4 Immerwolf , 4 Raised by Wolves . If we assume 20 lands, this will leave us with 32 cards to work with.

4 Wolf-Skull Shaman - this will be the key card of the deck, netting us a 2/2 wolf almost every upkeep.

4 Sakura-Tribe Elder - mana ramp and a shaman

2 Gilt-Leaf Seer - fixes your draws to ensure you reveal shaman.

2 Ulvenwald Tracker - one-drop shaman and removal for small creatures.

2 Eternal Witness - revives key cards and is shaman.

4 Master of the Wild Hunt - more upkeep tokens and key removal. also shaman.

4 Bosk Banneret - helps with all the shamans we have.

4 Burning-Tree Emissary - free shaman!

3 Leaf-Crowned Elder - kinship is cool!

3 Lightning Crafter - really cool card that will enable a lot of reach for the deck.

These are 32 shamans. I know they are not wolves, but they are pretty good at making them and merging the two tribes seems nice.

We have room for 15 more spells in the SB:

2 Warriors' Lesson - green gets little card draw and this is really its extent.

4 Lightning Bolt - obvious.

4 Rage Forger - gives you even more speed in an already semi-fast deck. I would main deck this even.

2 Eternal Witness - revives key cards; is shaman.

3 Destructive Revelry - obvious.

2 Fog - for protection against aggro decks.

I really wanted to introduce some more Lightning Bolt and Elvish Mystic , but the deck is very cool without them even.

Abubroki on Let's Vamp Up

14 hours ago

+1 for the allegiance to your theme of pumpable vampires and counters. I like original themed decks! I like the Bioshift take! very original and theme-faithful.

I would definitely try to include 4x Lightning Bolt as mateobadajoz2 said.

Then, I think the main point of your deck is damaging your opponent so your critters grow with the counters (virtuous circle for you, vicious for opponent). You might want to try 2 strategies: proliferate or trample.

If you go for proliferate, you keep blue in the deck. Aside of Volt Charge , you might want to include Tezzeret's Gambit or Steady Progress . Life drawback of first can be a problem without lifelink vampires, plus it's a sorcery, but you draw 2 cards. With the latter you don't pay life, it replaces itself, and you can pump your critters at instant speed for 3 mana (for example right after declaring blockers or before assigning damage?) Next, consider Distortion Strike over Blinding Flare : for 1 mana you get twice an unblockable creature of yours with an added bonus for damage when attacking. At worst it is card advantage as the opponent needs to 2 removal spells to avoid the counter bonus for your critters swinging. You would need to readjust your mana base to make it more blue-consistent (MTG2015's Shivan Reef , Sulfur Falls , or Temple of Epiphany with scry at the cost of speed...). You also have Grim Affliction in black who gives -2/-2 at proliferating, and also Contagion Clasp (not as interesting I think).

If going for trample, you stick to green (Bioshift doesn't care if it's green or blue).You have Archetype of Aggression a 3/2 trampler for 3 mana, and you are already running red, but you depart from your vampire theme. There's also Gruul War Plow and Nylea, God of the Hunt , dismissable due to the devotion for green. And then, there is Crowned Ceratok , also departing from the vampire theme, but sticking to the counters theme. And most especially, you have Primal Rage : for 1G all your critters are nearly guaranteed to damage opponent and therefore grow with the counters. I would replace then the Vivid Crag with Rootbound Crag or Karplusan Forest , or the less speedy ones (Kazandu Refuge , Shivan Oasis , etc).

Hope it helps! I really like your deck, and it has given me some ideas for my vampire deck The Stress of Their Regard - Fast vampire deck. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$2.19 $2.25 $2.49 $2.29
Color(s) R
Cost R
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 3.18
Avg. cube pick 3.96


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Masters Edition magic online on
Promo Set Common