Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

Jaytotheareokay on Tribal Minataurs (Red/Black)

18 hours ago

Honestly you are probably better off going red/black with minotaurs, or if you are determined to keep it Izzet, I would go about it a different way. Maybe with some of the cycling stuff that recently came out. Personally I would go with minotaur tribal and add in Neheb, the Worthy. Ragemonger and Felhide Petrifier would also work, and then you can combine your fast aggro minotaurs with stuff like Inquisition of Kozilek and Lay Bare the Heart as well as Doom Blade and Lightning Bolt or Magma Spray for creature removal or direct damage. You definitely have a stronger start for minotaur tribal than blue/red anything.

xyr0s on

1 day ago

I have to admit, I'm not really a believer in Hedonist's Trove in modern, for two reasons: first - because of speed. Second - because GY hate still works against you. And other decks play a lot of GY-hate. Trove is just not as funny, if all you get is a couple of fetchlands and a Street Wraith.

Other than that, all the oh-so-unoriginal netdecks are using a set of cards, commonly referred to as "staples", NOT because they deckbuilders are uninventive (well, they might be) but because it's the better cards. For example, Fatal Push is popular because it only costs 1 mana, rather than 2 or 3, and still deals with the vast majority of threats. Inquisition of Kozilek/Thoughtseize are good game-openers for all decks, but control-decks in particular. Both of them really say: "get rid of the worst threat in your opponents starting hand". You might not like it, or it might not be amazingly brilliant, and it certainly is brutal on the budget, but at 1 mana it's hard to come up with any better play in modern.

You play 6 3-cmc counterspells. None of them are really bad, as such, but it's a bit easy to play around them. If you found a really good transmute-target for Perplex it would be a more useful card. If you had more creatures to get back from the graveyard, Soul Manipulation would be a more useful card. Perplex looks like a counterspell with an added upside... until you've looked a bit at it. If you can't use transmute, it's really just a Cancel with a downside (2 coloured mana +1 colorless, counter target spell DOWNSIDE: doesn't work against an opponent in topdeck mode, or with bad cards in hand).

Creatures: any particular reason, you have picked exactly these? I mean... dragons are nice n'all, but these just seem a bit random. Ok, Icefall Regent is not nice, when you consider its cost along with its toughness of 3. Frost Titan instead? costs 1 more mana, but is much bigger (doesn't die to Lightning Bolt).

Jace's Ingenuity is overcosted. badly. really bad. Other decks (boring and uninventive as they might be) play Ancestral Vision. That's 1 mana for 3 cards. Or Think Twice for non-millionaires. That's quite a bit more mana pr. card.

Arian_the_Fox on dragons

1 day ago

Lightning Bolt is too good not to run. If you don't run Fatal Push then you could do something like. Sakura-Tribe Elder & Tragic Slip for ramp & kill. Or try Go for the Throat, Nature's Way, Victim of the night, Ulvenwald Tracker or something like that to kill opponents problemstic cards. Pyroclasm, Volcanic Fallout, or Biting Rain kill small dudes but don't kill your dragons. Fall of the Hammer might also work.

hokeypokeypanda on dragons

1 day ago

Arian_the_Fox I made the changes you recommended however i feel that if this deck is going to be dragon focused it needs more dragons especially if i am trying to run a card like Descendants' Path. I decided to cut Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip and Whisperer of the Wilds in exchange for the mana dorks Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid. Fatal Push I feel is out of reach if this is to stay a budget deck. With Blightning gone the burn option seems to be cut from this deck. With that being the case what is your opinion of Lightning Bolt.

Limo on Manipulate the Eclipse

1 day ago

Replace chain lightning with Lightning Bolt, so your opponent can't use it against you.

spac3time on Sparkmage's Playground

2 days ago

I do like the Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice. However, I don't think Fiery Temper is very useful here because Lightning Bolt is always cheap. Thank you for the suggestion of Skullcrack, I didn't know it existed.

rwking082 on The Locust God

2 days ago

This is stupid. I love it. I have a few recommendations after playtesting it:

It's actually really slow. The Locust God is CMC 6. As the primary (and really only) engine of this deck, it means you're not doing anything until turn 7, turn 6 with Izzet Signet or Thought Vessel, or turn 5 with a Sol Ring. I recommend ramp that can be used before you play The Locust God.

In addition to being really slow, there's not much you can do while you wait for The Locust God to come into play. Most of your cards rely on it, so you'll have to hoard them until you're ready. Some early game stuff--Lightning Bolt, Vapor Snag, Counterspell, etc., will keep you safe and in control while you wait.

Speaking of the primary engine, with the exception of Chasm Skulker, there's nothing else that benefits you when you draw cards. You need "lieutenants," so to speak. All it takes is a few removals--Doom Blade, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile--and you're either a few turns behind or your commander costs too much to be fast. Add a few things that can work without your commander. An example is Psychosis Crawler.

So you're gonna have a ton of little 1/1s. I suggest one or two more cards that can really exploit those. Polymorphous Rush will eventually cost too much, but turn a few of your 1/1s into something nasty your opponents control. For example, turn a few of your 1/1s into Wurmcoil Engines. Goblin Bombardment turns your 1/1s into direct damage. Descent of the Dragons turns your 1/1s into 4/4s.

If you really want to sow some chaos, look at Confusion in the Ranks. Neat, right?

Lastly, maybe an Isochron Scepter. Imagine your Arcane Denial or Battle Hymn on a stick.

When this deck does go off, it's like a bomb. See what you think about your suggestions and I look forward to playing against it.

KatsuShibata on rb midrange

3 days ago

I love this deck so much, I was in the process of building something similar, but using Hazoret as a finisher never crossed my mind, I have tried the Demigod of Revenge route and it seems to be working for me, using an alternative wincon in the sideboard (Liliana, the Last Hope / Hazoret the Fervent / Chandra, Torch of Defiance) is what I'm inclined to go with, is there any reason you don't use Lightning Bolt?

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