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Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Lightning Bolt Discussion

kungfuturtle on Help me with this card

2 hours ago

I need help breaking

Toshiro Umezawa

it will be modern

using stuff like Geth's Verdict , Lightning Bolt and Searing Blaze

what would you recommend?

Raffadiely on Samurai Disciples of Karona, The False God

4 hours ago

Reading over your list, the first thing I notice is the Doom Cannon .3 for 3 burn? AND lose a samurai? Unless you have a reliable way to bring them back over and over again, this could simply be taken out for Lightning Bolt and an Isochron Scepter if you really need that at all. If you're still worried about your mana base, try to acquire more double- and triple-lands, or stuff like Transguild Promenade . I see you've already got a Rupture Spire , so that's the right idea.If you're thinking to yourself, but all of those land enter tapped! Here, try Amulet of Vigor .Replace Terminal Moraine with Evolving Wilds . There is no purpose in paying for an ability you can get for free.Replace Obelisk of Grixis with Manalith or, better yet, Vessel of Endless Rest .If you can, get some of the Return to Ravnica shocklands so you can really take advantage of the Farseek . If you can't, there's literally no reason why that shouldn't be a Rampant Growth for basics or Sylvan Scrying for nonbasics.A cool passive return card is Deadbridge Chant .If you're looking for more ideas, I run a halfway-decent 5-color EDH myself. I balance Chromatic Casual [ Under Construction ] obsessively, so check that for mana stuff.

TheAshenKnight on Izzet Really Control Without White?

5 hours ago

@Nazha - I hope it works out for you! I can't guarantee anything, but the faster you can make decisions, the faster games will go. With any luck, that will help.

@DirgibleQuixote - Hmm... well, I have no idea, then. I hope you can think of it, but if you can't, that's alright.

It is bad to tap out, and typically Divination isn't played on turn 3, unless I have no counters and need to dig. The reason I replaced it with Inspiration is because the 1 mana difference is huge. If I have mana problems, I simply can't cast Inspiration like I could Divination . But the main problem I had with Inspiration was leaving mana open for a counter or Inspiration, then having to counter something and being unable to play it. That 1 mana makes a big difference sometimes. Plus, I like the art on Divination more. ;P That being said, I'm not entirely comfortable with removing it. My original reasoning on the instant-speed draw spell still stands. I really need to test it more, but I haven't been able to go to an FNM for a while, and haven't played Magic a whole lot recently. Perhaps I should split it instead... It's something I need to look at more closely. So far, Divination has felt better, but I'm not entirely sure why (other than the reasons above, which aren't the best), and my instinct has a high chance of being off.

It's not so much that I'm thinking Keranos, God of Storms will be a good finisher, but it's more the fact that he offers huge utility in a finisher. In any other shell, he'd be way too slow due to his cost. In control, I feel he makes up for it. He doesn't do anything until turn 6 at minimum, but once he comes online, he gives two things for one card. The first is repeated card draw. If you hit a land, you draw another card that has a now reduced chance of being another land, and a higher chance of something you need. It simply filters through your deck faster. Even if he himself isn't used as a win condition, that ability draws through your deck faster and allows you to get to your actual win condition much more quickly than you'd otherwise be able to. The other thing he does is offer your a free Lightning Bolt each turn. This is an incredibly useful ability for two reasons. For one, if they have something big that's resolved (say you tapped out on turn 5 to play him and they played a Desecration Demon ), the added 3 damage might be enough to kill it off. The other reason is it can hit planeswalkers, something this deck has very few answers for, often causing you to two-for-one yourself or more, assuming you have the necessary burn. Keranos allows you to either slowly tick down the planeswalker until it dies or hit it and finish it off with another burn, causing a one-for-one rather than a two-for-one. The unfortunate part about Keranos is you can't control which one of these you'll get... unless you scry. There isn't a lot of scry in this deck, but there's enough that you should be able to set up an ability you need at least once. It's not very consistent, however, but both modes are incredibly good, one allowing you to win all by itself, and the other allowing you to draw cards so you can win, or stall until that happens.

For now, I swapped Keranos, God of Storms out for Opportunity . Quite honestly, I'm not comfortable with it, but I wasn't sure what else to remove, except perhaps an AEtherling , which I'd rather avoid doing. My (rather flimsy) reasoning is because of its inflexible cost which makes it a dead card early game, but using that logic, Keranos has the same problem, except that Keranos offers more utility, which in some cases makes him better. I'd like to put Opportunity back in, but I don't know what I would replace that wouldn't reduce the effectiveness of the deck. Were it a more flexible card like Blue Sun's Zenith (which I would love for them to reprint), it'd probably be a 4 of, but as it stands, that was the only thing I'd really remotely think about cutting as of now, and even then I'm not sure of it.

Right now, this deck is in a more experimental phase, and only time and a lot of testing will tell whether the changes are any good or not.

Deith_9000 on Paragon Plays [Help Pls :3]

6 hours ago

I've just remembered many of the new blue and/or red cards coming in 'Journey into nyx' and the other new sets that are out already are going to be great with this deck and should be cheap to pick up, spells that let you scry (1, 2 even 3 cards deep!) as just an added benefit to what the spell its self does will let you set up spell after spell for Melek, Izzet Paragon to double. Other cards have you to reveal the top card of your deck and do X damage where X is the top cards mana cost..

Just check out for yourself and your jaw will drop at the posibilitys

If you can cast double 2,3,4 times a turn you can get seriously ahead fast! Mana Flare would make this around 8 times a turn.. o wait Melek doubles that to 16 spells a turn... You have a lot of very high mana cost spells tho.. lets say you have 8 mana and Melek on the table thats 2x Lightning Bolt 2x Act of Treason 2xCall to Mind and 2xPonder , aswell as 8 damage from the Guttersnipe to all oponents, not bad, however if you have Blasphemous Act on the top of your deck you wont be casting any of that :'( Also who wants to cast 2 Blasphemous Act ? take it out for Fling , that way after you 'borrow' two fat creatures with Act of Treason , attack with them for 16 damage and the Fling them for another 16, thats 40 damage with a guttersnipe... dam I have to rebuild my Melek, Izzet Paragon deck!

hermesmtz95 on Inked In

7 hours ago

That's actually a really good card!. LBT is safe from Lightning Bolt and Pyroclasm . I will play test it some more and see what else we can do with the deck. Also, don't forget to fix the mana base to account to adding in 3 more white cards!

If you want to go more budget you can add in cards like Seaside Citadel or Jungle Shrine . I might actually even work better than the setup that you have now. The only problem is that they enter tapped. I'll play test it on the other deck and get back to you!!

Tata on Rescue Me

8 hours ago

Restoration Angel is a good choice.

I also think you should replace O-ring and Banefire with 4x Lightning Bolt . Maybe remove 1 or 2 Lightning Helix for Path to Exile .

I really like this deck. +1

EKGwins on Boros; Ordered Chaos

10 hours ago

It seems like you have a lot of cards that are only great in standard. Its hard to tell if you are trying for standard or modern.

If modern I would add cards like Goblin Guide , Vexing Devil , Lightning Bolt , and maybe even try Gideon Jura .

I mean no offense it just seems like it is hard to determine which format you are aiming for.

thispersonisagenius on 56 Terrible cards and 4 Manamorphose

13 hours ago

I think I like Faithless Looting over Desperate Ravings , as it synergizes better with Ascension and allows you to choose your discards rather than discard what could be a vital dig spell or similar.

You can also afford to cut the Pyromancer's Swath as it isn't really necessary when you go off and only really slows you down. The fourth Goblin Electromancer isn't necessary either as drawing multiples is never useful. I would replace those two cards with lands, as you always want to draw 2-3+ lands and 16 lands is not enough to guarantee that.

Finally, I would mainboard some number of Lightning Bolt , as you want to be able to slow down Zoo or Affinity decks in the maindeck. The Peer Through Depths might be able to go, as they are by far your weakest dig spells.