Vault of the Archangel

Vault of the Archangel


T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

2WB, T: Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

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Vault of the Archangel Discussion

AxfordArmories on Rate my Kaalia Deck pt ...

1 day ago

Good morning everyone! So now that I have more time to create a proper post, I have a deck that I am in the process of turning from a all out angel deck into a kaalia deck. These are the cards I am still looking to put in, with more ideas on the way:

Clifftop RetreatNykthos, Shrine to NyxGodsendGilded LotusGhostly PrisonVault of the ArchangelSol RingMaster WarcraftAngel of DespairBalefire DragonBloodgift DemonGisela, Blade of Goldknight Harvester of SoulsReaper from the AbyssRune-Scarred DemonRyusei, the Falling StarUtvara HellkiteAkoum RefugeDragonskull SummitSlayers' StrongholdBoros SignetRakdos SignetOrzhov SignetNevinyrral's DiskDeathrenderHellkite TyrantThunder DragonArmageddon

These might not all make it, there might also be more additions. One of the ideas is to have other sources that generate mana so when I use Armageddon to blow everyones land I am still left with ramp to do stuff with. another fun control combo I look forward to using is Aegis Angel + Avacy, Angel of Hope + Nevinyrral's Disk, to continuously wipe out my opponents field while everything I have stays safe.

Vault of Legends: Heaven and Hell

Harashiohorn on Modern Players Guide to the ...

3 days ago

FAMOUSWATERMELON Vault of the Archangel, and cards like it can handle the smasher. You just need to be able to trade resources, a deck like Tokens can, a deck like Jund can't.

demonicgrizzly on Black Deck Wins

5 days ago

Vault of the Archangel isn't a bad idea. I can easily toss in a playset of Godless Shrine that will allow me to activate it, with little to no impact on the rest of the deck. I might add one or two in.

Thanks for the suggestions!

JerichoDarkstar on Doran Me... Fa So La Ti Doe

5 days ago

Okay... you get a +1 just for that title.

Also I'll throw Vault of the Archangel your way just as a maybe for consideration. You could give you 0/x cards deathtouch if you can't get out your Defense-Attacking cards, and lifelink is always a plus when you get heavy hitters. Because its a land, it'll never be a dead draw.

But, I'm not sure if you would even want to use it. Just thought I'd mention.

JerichoDarkstar on Black Deck Wins

5 days ago

I thought of another Lifelink card, Ready / Willing, but once again, you'd have to splash some white for it. In certain situations, it's arguably better than Vault of the Archangel, so I wanted to mention it as well.

JerichoDarkstar on Black Deck Wins

5 days ago

There are a few cards that give all creatures Lifelink, but unfortunately none of them are Black besides the Whip. The list is:

True Conviction

Windbrisk Raptor

Titanic Ultimatum

Vault of the Archangel

Angelic Skirmisher

Azorius Charm

But as far as I know, that's all of them.

You could run Vault of the Archangel if you splashed some white, but I'm fairly certain you wouldn't want to do that because it would compromise the theme of the deck.

I did think of another card you might wanna consider in some way, though. Contaminated Ground has the potential to mess up their mana base, especially for people who need Double of a color. But far more importantly than that, it hits them for 2 every time they tap for mana. There are a lot of decks that absolutely have to have all the lands they put out and can't afford to not tap each turn. Could be useful to you as well as a sabotage to them.

Pheardemons on Tokenvania

6 days ago

Because you don't have any sac outlets Tidehollow Sculler probably isn't the way to go. Maybe Duress in its place to make sure you can get rid of cards that can destroy your tokens (Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek would be better but I'm sure your budget). Also I'd replace Day of Judgment with Wrath of God being that regeneration is a thing, and the one time you don't think about it is the time you're going to play against it. Another card to consider is Hour of Reckoning. Quite possibly more expensive, but your tokens are safe with it, and you should have plenty of tokens by the time this is necessary (for other aggro decks that are faster or more powerful). I'd recommend one and one of Wrath of God and Hour of Reckoning to playtest and see which one works better.

I would actually take out Cathars' Crusade being that by the time you should even be able to play that card (with extra mana to play extra tokens) you should already be winning, or wanting to use all of that mane to pump the tokens you have, or play more tokens to overwhelm. I'd actually recommend taking out both Cathars' Crusade for two Phyrexian Arena for draw power, and lifegian is a part of your strategy plus you have plenty of blockers so the loss of one life per turn is nothing for your deck.

I would also recommend a little more interaction with your opponent. I don't forsee too many artifacts giving you trouble, but there are plenty that can stop your deck (Specifically talking about Ensnaring Bridge right now). I would recommend two Mortifys to take out possible enchantments like Ghostly Prison. I would recommend taking out one Martial Coup and Secure the Wastes. I understand your deck should be able to get to enough mana to make these relevant (and the fact that I recommended Martial Coup), but the fact that you are already playing board destruction Martial Coup becomes a little less relevant. If it was the only board wipe you had/wanted it would be a different argument. Secure the Wastes will most likely make you tap out which you wouldn't want to do with Vault of the Archangel on the board, or other less expensive instants to protect you.

Last card I would recommend is Zealous Persecution. I cannot express what amazing things this card will do for your deck. Not only can this end the game by increasing your creatures even higher, but if you play aggro decks it gives you a +2/+2 boost between all of the creatures your opponents control. If they're board is full of 1/1s then they all die giving you a free attack to the opponent. I would say take out one Tidehollow Sculler and one Spectral Possession for two Zealous Persecution, and you can decide if you want to change more cards if it works for you. Those would be my suggestions to help your deck man.

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