Vault of the Archangel

Vault of the Archangel

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T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

2WB, T: Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

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Vault of the Archangel Discussion

xzzane on Modern B/W Token Primer

2 days ago

Ghost Quarter Tectonic Edge Windbrisk Heights Vault of the Archangel. These lands either produce no colorless Mana or come into play tapped. They also serve a purpose, and if run in additional to your normal lands, you can still have easy access to your turn 3 Spectral Procession.

Asetor on The Tarmoslayer Blade

2 days ago

So the playtesting has been done at FNM.

Let me start of with saying even thoug im quite familiar with magic, im quite new to the whole competetive league.My deck is a bit different from yours, running some of the cards you ruled out, and i skipped some of the expensive cards like fetchlands, and thoughtsieze.

I got stomped by affinity. (0-2) Zoo raped me aswell (0-2) Did a draw with splinter twin, but a better player piloting this deck would've won. (1-1) RWU control slapped me aswell (0-2) Won against RBW token (2-0) Drawed against a cookie deck, but should've won (time ran out)

The deck feels a bit slow, i think i need my path to exile, more than 1 Spell Snare, and some Thoughtseize to get som 1 mana control, so i can play some cards and still disrupt my opponent.

I didnt really see Monastery Mentor pulling his weight, but Bitterblossom did very well.

Loved playing Telepathy, so strong.

had a couple of Supreme Verdict that did really good against the token deck.

Vault of the Archangel love it!

i was only running 20 lands in the deck, it would seem that i a couple more. Lost one round to affinity being stuck on 3 lands, with a Supreme Verdict on my hand.

Most important of all, the deck was really fun to play with!

nicosvobio11 on Black/White Lifegain Deck

6 days ago

I would include the life lands like Scoured Barrens, Kabira Crossroads or even Vault of the Archangel.

lemmingllama on BW Tokens

6 days ago

Anticipate is normally better than Telling Time, since you can take the best card and remove the extra junk to dig deeper for the next card you need.

Also I'm personally not a fan of Timely Reinforcements in your main deck, it looks like you will often have more creatures and life than your opponents, especially due to the lack of aggro-burn decks in your meta. I would cut them and one of either Ghost Quarter or Vault of the Archangel for some Raise the Alarm instead.

Upward-SaGa on Esper Geist of Golden Swords

1 week ago

First off, i would run Mana leak MB as it's so good in modern. It's a t4 format, and it almost always works. I would also drop the victim of night for Murderous Cut since you seem to feed graveyard with a lot of spells. Also, i would run two creeping tar pits, and cut to a total of 5 shocks, and 4 basics as blood moon is a thing in modern. You can't support the life loss from 6 shocks, even with SOLS. Thought Scour should probably be replaced with Gitaxian Probe as you're running more of a control build. Should really only run thought scour if you're milling yourself in my opinion. Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver would also be an amazing addition to the deck. At least a 2 of. She's broken if she stays on the field. Dismember should also be considered a two or one of as they're an answer for indestructible. Your deck also seems very weak to Twin. You might want to look for some cards in SB or MB some more removal for them. 6 hand rip isn't a bad idea. I would also highly recommend Vault of the Archangel as it is broken with lingering souls and any other chump blocker, or extremely helpful with the lifegain aspect. I would only run one, though.

Skinkesvin on Vampyr: The Thirst

1 week ago

I remember once making a vampire deck in innstrad with Gather the Townsfolk, Falkenrath Torturer and Falkenrath Aristocrat. Stromkirk Captain and Vault of the Archangel worked like bread and butter ;) if it is just for casual play, i could highly recommend it

wilie345 on Gate

1 week ago

My friend has a maze's end deck. He mostly relies on cards like Fog and other instants that prevent damage done to you. With these instants you shouldn't need to rely on creatures to protect you as much.

I'd also suggest removing Vault of the Archangel and Gavony Township and adding the gates you only have 1 of. It would be terrible is someone managed to destroy or mill your 1 of's essentially causing you to rely on Crackling Perimeter. Also there is nothing wrong with draw power, but I'm not sure which cards to suggest.

KrosanTusker on 2015-04-17 update of Imma let ...

1 week ago

For the Vault of the Archangel vs Gavony Township thing:

At the minute, I think I'm with you on this. I generally prefer Township because
- it's better in a board stall IMO (not that Vault is bad in a stall!) and being able to midrange harder is obviously good in grindy matchups
- the permanence of the bonus is not to be understated
- Vault horses trades (albeit favourable ones), while Township can just let you win combats outright
- you already have a fair bit of lifegain (so that part might be irrelevant more often than counters?), and no Bob (I don't think anyone has Bob anymore, but hey)
- it's better with Kitchen Finks, should the -1/-1 counter come up (for what it's worth, in that situation, you can gain a lot of life anyway, but that's fairly marginal)

However you're absolutely right when you say Vault's fantastic for stabilising, and I love Souls + deathtouch, but for me the deal breaker was the burn matchup. Given how well burn performed at the Pro Tour (which will shape the meta, to an extent, until more bannings or the next Modern PT) and how (comparatively) cheap it is as a point of entry to the format, having maindeck lifegain is just so important. I get that you already have Finks, Scooze and the Rhino, but I guess that's a trade-off for the 3-colour fetch-shock mana, plus Thoughtseize, plus the Dismember?

I guess it could go either way, also depending on your local meta, but as things stand I think I do prefer Vault.

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