Vault of the Archangel


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Event Deck Rare
Dark Ascension Rare

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Vault of the Archangel


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

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Vault of the Archangel Discussion

WhisperingBlade on IN YOUR HEAAAD, YOUR HEAAAAD. (AEther Zombies)

1 day ago

I really like this build, and the inclusion of the AEther Vials makes this look pretty sweet. But I do suggest 3 things. First, I'm not so sure 3 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is necessary, as the legendary clause is likely to be more detrimental than the effect is helpful. Second, I'd actually entertain the idea of splashing white for Tidehollow Sculler and maybe even Vault of the Archangel over Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. I like the concept of flashing in Tidehollow Sculler on my opponent's draw step to snatch up a card at instant speed. Furthermore, Vault of the Archangel not only makes your team very scary all of a sudden, but it can definitely help you stabilize against decks that aim to beat you before you can get an engine rolling for a war of attrition with a damage race. If they take that route, I doubt they'd be able to race a team of deathtouch lifelinkers with much success. White also gives you a bunch of helpful sideboard options, with cards like Zealous Persecution against tokens, Stony Silence against decks such as Affinity/Robots and Tron, and even artifact/enchantment removal for when your opponent sides in that dreaded Rest in Peace or Grafdigger's Cage. Which my third topic to discuss was regarding your inclusion of Grafdigger's Cage. When do you sideboard that in? Doesn't it interfere far too much with your gameplan to be worth the inclusion? Anyway, good luck with the brew!

grizzell on Bitter Sisters

1 day ago

Cliffhaven Vampire is fun but the Vizkopa Guildmage is better with Martyr of Sands where they will lose all the life not just one. I have had a third turn win with that combo. That being said I do like the fact you don't have to pay mana for it every turn. Also consider a copy of Vault of the Archangel to give all your creatures lifelink or a copy or two of Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Tethys on Myths of Westvale (Modern Version)

6 days ago

Wow, thank you for the comprehensive list! I'm going to have to address it in parts.

1) Lingering Souls is perhaps the most obvious choice to make this deck stronger. It is a perfect fit. However, I already have a B/W Souls Midrange deck that makes very good use of this card, and I am trying to stick to the feel of the original standard deck, which ran no fliers.

2) Vault of the Archangel -- This is another card that I run in my B/W tokens deck, but it has two problems here. The first is that it is somewhat redundant since Sorin, Solemn Visitor already can give all the creatures lifelink, and Shambling Vent has lifelink to begin with. Secondly, this deck has very demanding mana requirements. Four out of the 10 nonland cards require various two color combinations in their mana cost, and the land base already has three non-color-producing lands (the Abbey's), so adding more would almost certainly lead to more mulligans.

Sogatog on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

1 week ago

Also, this may be a bit old news now, but having had the chance do do real testing, I've loved the heck out of Blessed Alliance in the sideboard. Of course, just like Celestial Flare it rocks against Bogles, Infect, Etched Champion, and Reality Smasher. But the easier mana can sometimes save my life total or let me cast a Path to Exile same turn with a Swamp or Vault of the Archangel out, which is great in other aggro matchups. The life clause is great against Burn and on occasion can be better than removal against small aggro, letting me survive a close turn and win on the backswing. Also, the amount of times I can cast it for two modes is non-negligible, it's actually a pretty great topdeck. Of course, if your meta has lots of Infect or something, you want this for sure. But if you were on the fence about including such a narrow effect in the board, the additional flexibility this thing offers might be enough to make it worth your while imo.

ZenTheGlomper on Junk in Flux

2 weeks ago

veeonix, thank you for your critique. I found it very helpful to have another outside evaluation of my deck, as each one makes me scrutinize cards I hadn't thought to play or omit. Here is my response to your suggestions:

Ghost Quarter over manlands is a decision based on the current state of Modern. There are a lot more decks with lands I want to destroy- Inkmoth Nexus in Infect and Affinity, Blinkmoth Nexus in Affinity, Eldrazi Temple in Bant Eldrazi and Eldrazi Taxes, Mutavault in Merfolk, Raging Ravine and Treetop Village in Jund, Celestial Colonnade in control decks, and in Tron- than wrath effects I'd like to avoid. I don't really care about Pyroclasm and the like, since most of my creatures are out of burn range, and Strangleroot Geist and Lingering Souls are already insurance against Supreme Verdict and company.

As for Gavony Township and Vault of the Archangel, Modern is a very quick format, and these cards are better-suited to longer, grindier games. Still, Gavony Township's ability to make everything threatening is enticing. I prefer the quick interaction that Ghost Quarter offers, but I may end up with Gavony Townships in the deck instead.

I am not throwing away the potential to be grindy. This deck is not, and was never intended to be, an emulation of Junk Midrange. Its closest relative, so to speak, is GW Hatebears. Any strength I could pull from black interactive spells would dilute the deck's explosivity, and there are no black creatures I'd want to run.

I looked at Castigate. I added in Castigate.

The new 1-mana spell from Kaladesh that counters colorless spells is the reason I'm not playing Eldrazi in this deck.

Actually, I can search out Swamp with Ghost Quarter, and I have 9 basic lands and 8 mana dorks. I think that's enough insurance for Blood Moon. I know my manabase is painful, but it was the best I could do. My hope is that the unallied fastlands from Kaladesh won't be too expensive. Other than that, there are no budget replacements for painlands. Everything else is either too slow or too pricey.

Golgari Charm's other modes aren't actually that useful to me. It's a Demystify or a Wrap in Vigor when it's not doing its Shrivel impression, and the only one I'd consider running out of those is Wrap in Vigor. Tokens has quite a few anthem effects, and against Elves, I'd just rather have Zealous Persecution.

Blessed Alliance is 2 mana instead of 1 mana. Against decks as fast as Infect, Affinity, and Suicide Zoo, that matters. Condemn is also better against Dredge and creatures with persist or undying. I do like Blessed Alliance a lot, though. More copies may find their way into the deck.

Finally, please read the text on Sin Collector. It doesn't take creatures.

Once again, thank you for your help.

nkoroslev on Karlov Life gain Competitive (Tiny)

3 weeks ago

Nice build. I think the main thing to do when using Karlov is making it a point to gain life every turn.

As for creatures, did you consider Vizkopa Guildmage and/or Drana's Emissary? Vizkopa is great if you're gaining 3-4 or more life per turn and you have nothing to cast (or have more than enough mana).

With artifacts and enchantments there are Contemplation, Tablet of the Guilds, Pristine Talisman. These are great for getting life gain each turn and usually multiple times. spirit bond is great because it will allow you to extract more value out of your soul sisters. You can also sac them to make a creature indestructible.

With auras Dying Wish can become a win condition on Karlov and creates an element of protection via Catch 22, and Felidar Umbra great as well.

With land, Vault of the Archangel can give all your creatures lifelink and deathtouch. Just use it AFTER blockers are declared. Opal Palace is also a good land to run with Karlov.

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