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Vault of the Archangel

Vault of the Archangel


{{T}}: Add {{1}} to your mana pool.

{{2}}{{W}}{{B}}, {{T}}: Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

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Vault of the Archangel Discussion

xzzane on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

17 hours ago

Tiktacy do you play using b/w tokens as your main competitive deck? I do. I am well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the deck. I do know Windbrisk Heights is very powerful, but with my current build Vault of the Archangel works better. Trust me, we may disagree on one card, but I know what I am talking about when it comes to bw tokens. You sound like you play competitively as well, so I know your are very knowledgeable when it comes to this, but recognize that there are multiple ways you can set up a b/w token deck, and depending on the meta any one of them could be better.

Tiktacy on need help finishing deck

19 hours ago

I stand corrected, some decks make the top 8 using Vault of the Archangel instead of windbrisk.

However, the best decks in past GP's and pro tours use Windbrisk Heights , so I think that reflects it's abilities as a card much more than the a few recent MTGO tournaments.

YerpyMoose on Athreos - Tiny Terrors

3 days ago

But the combination of those two would lead to me having 0 creatures, which more often than not would seal the deal against me. Plus, I'm running a ton of removal as it is. 3 instants, 2 sorceries, Oblivion Ring , Liliana of the Veil , Vault of the Archangel , and Sword of Fire and Ice . Plus, I run a lot of hand disruption on top of that.

A tutor every turn is what Viscera Seer is not. Athreos may help, but people see that I'd be setting that up and just take the three. And when I finally run out of things to use to sacrifice, they zerg rush and win. Without a consistent stream of creatures to sac, Viscera Seer is meh at most.

Fleshbag Marauder also hits me. Most people'd rather take the three.

YerpyMoose on Athreos - Tiny Terrors

4 days ago

Bitterblossom tokens carry swords well, interact awesomely with Suture Priest and Blood Artist , destroy the game with Contamination , and apply constant pressure even without the CA generator that is Athreos. Bitterblossom is one of the cards that was meant to interact well with the deck, even without the commander.

Aether Vial is just amazing with Athreos. Something dies? Boom. Instant speed, back in action. It also makes it easier to keep mana up for removal spells, Vault of the Archangel , and Extort (off blind obedience). Athreos basically makes me extra, virtual creatures, so Vial is more effective than ever. The best thing is that if I don't draw it, other mainly creature decks rely on it heavily, so I can Phyrexian Revoker it.

What are your counters as to why Viscera Seer and Fleshbag Marauder deserve the spots?

Shane on

5 days ago

I would drop both Archetype of Finality . Keep your curve nice and low. Also think about Gorgon's Head and Vial of Poison . I played a deck very similar to this before the last rotation. Having access to Vault of the Archangel made it a lot better.

Ohthenoises on WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?

5 days ago

playingonabudget Well I want to have 4 in the deck because a.) he gets active VERY quickly here, and b.) he is essential to giving me added value. Without him the deck just doesn't function well.

I just figure that there will be turns where I'm just sitting there with free mana not doing much aside from being aggressive and that I can just cast a second one to see what they will do. If they eat the 3 I am now 3 life closer to victory, if they put him back in my hand I have done nothing, that is correct, but I have used mana that otherwise might not have ever been spent. (I would NEVER do this if I had something else in hand to cast, I'm just referencing dead turns.)

I'm considering Vault of the Archangel as a 2x. This lets me cut the Whip of Erebos (doesn't really do much for me) and add some Sign in Blood s. It's also not vulnerable to artifact, enchantment, and legendary destruction.

InconspicuousPotato on Sisters with a Twist

6 days ago

Ooh how about a 1 of Vault of the Archangel ?

Aidoneus42 on Knights

1 week ago

I'm not saying it's tier 1, but it seems pretty decent. You're sort of halfway between aggro tokens and hatebears. It's the best non-burn monocolored archetype I've seen so far, which is most of the reason it's so cheap. You could easily splash black for Thoughtseize , Tidehollow Sculler , Vault of the Archangel , and potentially even Lingering Souls , but then you're basically playing Tokens, and spending hundreds of dollars on land. I wish I could get away with the splash, but I feel like I'm not ready to invest that much into Modern just yet. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.75 $1.38 $2.99 $3.75
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 1.91
Avg. cube pick 11.17


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare