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Vault of the Archangel

Vault of the Archangel


{{T}}: Add {{1}} to your mana pool.

{{2}}{{W}}{{B}}, {{T}}: Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

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Vault of the Archangel Discussion

kristensen on Oloro, Eternal & Annoying. Work in progress.

6 hours ago

NinjaBunny01 - Thanks for your very thorough comment. I have already made some of the land changes you're suggesting. Still awaiting Isolated Chapel and Reflecting Pool . Also considering Mana Confluence . Do you think Vault of the Archangel could have a place - or is its ability simpy to costly in order to justify it? I've thought about dropping my land count to 38...I'll do it once I receive all my purchased lands.

I already own copies of Liliana Vess and Unmake , and thinking about buying Merciless Eviction and Solemn Simulacrum . Decent cards, that don't cost a bunch.

My max budget is around 250$, so most of the land suggestions are out of the question. Sweet cards though.

Kirtanei on Here Comes the Night

5 days ago

How about Vault of the Archangel instead of Orzhova, the Church of Deals ?
The effect is cheaper and has much more impact.

-Logician on swords of I'm gonna win!!!!!!

5 days ago

It looks like your only two black cards are Cartel Aristocrat and Tormented Soul . While they are both great additions to the deck, if you could replace them with just white cards, it would eliminate the need for black mana altogether. Alternatively, you could also look for room to add cards that require black so that you're using your mana-base to its fullest potential, like Lingering Souls . It's not a big deal, just a thought. Perhaps Vault of the Archangel ?

Looking to build a sideboard? It's a good way surprise your opponent with more black cards.

Minjahamster on The price is ALWAYS right

6 days ago

WARNING: HUGE WALL OF TEXT IMMINENT Try to make the deck more streamlined to increase consistency with 3-4 copies of what you want to see instead of having a little bit of everything. Starting with the creatures: Angelic Skirmisher doesn't fit in with the theme of "weenie rush" that extort generally wants to go through with, so she should come out. Basilica Guards are slow and too expensive in CMC for a 1/4 that won't even be able to swing. Crypt Ghast is too fragile and too useless in a weenie build like this. Deathpact Angel is too slow and too expensive and too prone to removal to ever really be decent. Erebos, God of the Dead is a preference decision, but I personally dislike him, this is a controversial decision, keep him is you wish. Souls of the Faultless is just slow and unneeded. Pontiff of Blight is too expensive for an effect which is redundant as most of the things that you are running already make his ability redundant and useless. Shadow Alley Denizen is just pretty bad with an ability that doesn't really do much. Syndic of Tithes is just a worse Tithe Drinker and not aggressively costed enough to warrant his use. Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts is too expensive and too slow for a deck like this that wants to be aggressive and win early. Treasury Thrull is too slow and his recursion isn't really useful here. Vizkopa Guildmage isn't a good mana sink here and the 2/2 body doesn't justify it's "meh" abilities in this build. For the lands, simply the utility lands aren't needed here and are too costly for such an effect, except for a sole copy of Vault of the Archangel , which is extremely potent because it hits the entire team. The sorceries here are simply just unneeded and in the case of Merciless Eviction possibly detrimental to the point where they should not be run. For the enchantments, most of them are pretty useless to be completely honest, save for Blind Obedience which works to curb opposing aggro, provide an Extort trigger, and trigger Extort, which all work towards the goals of this deck. The instants and artifacts here are just bad in comparison to what could be run in this deck. So, with all of that taken out, it is time to add stuff. Tidehollow Sculler and Serra Ascendant both play in to the overall strategy of weenie rush + tiny cuts + lifegain providing utility on a body and an early beater/win con respectively. Godless Shrine is simply needed in the mana base as shocklands are too good to pass up. Path to Exile is an excellent removal spell that is also cheap to proc a ton of Extort triggers in the mid-late stages of the game, while also being able to be used early. Other than those additions, simply upping the card counts on the remaining cards to either 2 or 4 to strive for consistency brings to deck down to 60 cards. Generally, the bombs/legendaries (Divinity of Pride , Athreos, God of Passage , and Obzedat, Ghost Council ) want to be at 2 because multiple copies early are just bad or the legendary rule makes the redundant legends obsolete. Most of the rest of the weenies want to be at 4 to see them early and be able to make an impact right at the start of the game. Here is what I think the deck should look like The price is ALWAYS right copy but if you want to change anything, go ahead as this is your deck. I hope I helped and have an excellent day :)

RosalieW on So dark the Orzhov Army

1 week ago

@Sogatog, thank you for your suggestions! They really made a lot of sense to me. I was already experiencing some trouble with my mana base so your comment came in handy. I indeed really don't need the Ancient Ziggurat and the Orzhov Guildgate so I replaced them with Caves of Koilos , and I already own these cards so I wouldn't have to buy them. I also cutted the Vault of the Archangel . About Despise , let's say that 2 out of 3, it hits, and 1 out of 3 my opponent doesn't have any creatures to discard. But I think it's a cheap discard card, so at least for now I'm holding on to it. I would prefer also Thoughtseize but it is a little above my budget. I'm thinking Mind Rot now as well... So still deciding on this. I used Shrine of Loyal Legions a couple times, each time to spawn usually around 5 creature tokens. But maybe you have a better suggestion? I haven't got enough playing experience with this deck to say something about the planeswalkers. I'll keep you posted on that.Thanks again for your suggestions!!!

Sogatog on So dark the Orzhov Army

1 week ago

Interesting build! Since only 6 of your spells are creatures, I'd drop the Ancient Ziggurat right away, I see it getting in your way more than helping you. I'd also drop the Orzhov Guildgate s, with Windbrisk Heights you already have plenty of lands coming into play tapped, and you really need to be dropping most of your stuff on curve with this deck. Windbrisk makes up for it a bit with a pseudo draw, but the Guildgate gives you nothing. I'd get some Caves of Koilos , they're only a couple bucks apiece and don't always hurt you like City of Brass would. I'd also consider cutting one of the Vault of the Archangel , colorless lands are more of a burden when you're lacking a bunch of money lands. Trust me, a solid mana base will serve you very well.
I'm also not sure about Despise , does it end up missing very often? And how has Shrine of Loyal Legions been for you? And out of curiosity, have you found Sorin or Elspeth to be stronger in your games?

mrgriffin on Weilding steel 2

1 week ago


I think there are two decks here. The first uses Gift to tutor Batterskull and equipment that can totally take over a game:

4x Steelshaper's Gift
1x Batterskull
1x Sword of X and Y
1x Sword of V and W

The other uses Puresteel Paladin and cheap equipment to cantrip:

4x Puresteel Paladin
3x Leonin Shikari
3x Etched Champion
8x 0-2 CMC Equipment e.g Bone Saw
4x Cranial Plating
4x Darksteel Citadel

Of these decks I much prefer the first shell, it has fewer equipments and thus fewer bad draws and playing (effectively) five main-deck Batterskull s is sweet against those pesky GBx decks. Also T2 Paladin combo decks already exist, so there's not much to brew.

So, assuming you're on the Gift plan let's draw up a list of cards that might fit in:

  • Mask of Memory . Surprisingly strong with evasive creatures, good as a T3 follow-up to a 2-drop.
  • Kor Outfitter . T1 Gift, T2 Creature, T3 Sword, T4 Outfitter + Equip if the creature dies. This seems like one of the best openings you could have so we want to make sure you have enough creatures to drop T2. After sideboarding Outfitter is vital to ensure that a Stony Silence doesn't make all of your equipment useless.
  • Mirran Crusader . Carries a sword like a champion and is good vs the GBx decks that are popular, with Sword of War and Peace he is nigh invincible.
  • Leonin Shikari . Cranial Plating is scary when affinity has BB open and a couple of attackers. This guy seems like he can put in a lot of work and is a 2-drop with Outfitter synergy.
  • Grand Abolisher . Prevents your opponent from killing your creature in response to an equip activation.
  • Porcelain Legionnaire . A pseudo-2-drop with First Strike and is an artifact; good if we want a Metalcraft subtheme.
  • Squadron Hawk . A 2-drop with evasion AND card advantage. Part of the infamous Caw-Blade deck.
  • Soltari Priest . An unboltable evasive creature. Very good with Sword of Feast and Famine , only Path can kill him, and the wolf can act like psuedo-vigilance.
  • Auriok Champion . Practically invincible, again Path is the only common removal spell that works. Reasonable tech vs Splinter Twin too.
  • Tidehollow Sculler . Another 2-drop artifact creature. Can protect your Sword by exiling an Abrupt Decay or Stony Silence on the play.
  • Lingering Souls . Another way to get four evasive bodies for one card. Unfortunately 3 CMC, so probably worse than Hawk.
  • Dark Confidant . Drawing extra cards is good. Batterskull and Sword of War and Peace might be able to stem the life loss. Kitchen Finks and Inquisitor Exarch could be used too.
  • Noble Hierarch . Lets us get ahead of the curve: T1 Hierarch, T2 Sword, T3 equip. Exalted makes our attacks much better, a staple in Hatebears lists which are spiritually similar to this. Warps your mana so that you can support T1 untapped G.
  • Voice of Resurgence . 2-drop that replaces itself and punishes your opponent for killing in response to equips.
  • Moorland Haunt . Replaces each dead creature with an evasive flier that can carry a sword.
  • Academy Ruins . Insurance against Disenchant effects. Requires a decent artifact creature commitment to truly be worth playing.
  • Stonehewer Giant . A 5 CMC Stoneforge Mystic is certainly on the expensive side and is competing for slots with Gift. Probably not good enough, but tutoring out a stream of Batterskull s would win the game on the spot and he's out of Bolt and Abrupt Decay range.
  • Puresteel Paladin . Cantripping is good, free equips are[ also good. However you need to warp your deck to have Metalcraft online and I don't think you want more than 4 equipments total.
  • Quest for the Holy Relic . Less potential for explosiveness than Gift and you don't want to be forced to equip Batterskull . You'd prefer to have this in a deck that goes for Metalcraft with Memnite and Ornithopter (and probably Dispatch too).

We're looking at a White Weenie list that has the best plays of T3 Sword into T4 equip and T5 Batterskull; this is probably tier two at best because combo decks can win on T4.

My initial prototype is as follows:

LAND (24)
14 Plains 4 Godless Shrine 4 Isolated Chapel 2 Vault of the Archangel
2 Judge's Familiar 4 Kor Outfitter 4 Squadron Hawk 4 Tidehollow Sculler 3 Soltari Priest 3 Mirran Crusader 4 Lingering Souls
3 Steelshaper's Gift 1 Mask of Memory 1 Sword of Feast and Famine 1 Sword of War and Peace 1 Batterskull
4 Path to Exile 1 Dismember
1 Burrenton Forge-Tender 3 Kataki, War's Wage 1 Mark of Asylum 1 Sundering Growth 2 Rest in Peace

I'm on 3 Gifts because you don't want to draw too much equipment, and seven might be too many already.

Familiar, Hawk, Priest and Souls are evasive sword-carriers.Familiar and Sculler are decent tempo cards.Hawk, Souls and Mask are sources of card advantage.Vault helps stabilize and turns Souls and Hawks into a massive road block vs midrange decks.

I chose the swords that are applicable vs GBx and UWR but you may find Sword of Light and Shadow or Sword of Fire and Ice to be better in your meta; nevertheless you should only cut a sword for another sword (i.e. don't cut Mask of Memory for one).

The singleton Dismember is the fifth Path and is okay early game to clear the way for a suited-up attacker. It's a concession to midrange and Twin, but you may find it unnecessary. It could quite easily be a Zealous Persecution which buys a turn vs Twin, kills Souls, kills Pod's dorks, and makes for some crushing combat vs creature decks; it also kills Bob in a pinch.

I think it might be possible to squeeze in a pair of Tectonic Edge s over some Plains, but you'll have to see if you can get WW consistently with four colorless sources. You might also want to try some number of Horizon Canopy to improve your topdecks late-game, it also makes Engineered Explosives a good sideboard option.

The sideboard is deliberately incomplete, it includes only cards that I think you'll definitely need: Kataki for Affinity, Forge-Tender/Mark for UWR, Rest in Peace for GBx and RUG Twin, Sundering Growth to kill Stony Silence.

Anger of the Gods is a huge blow-out if you have too many creatures not named Soltari Priest in play.

uiuiho12 on Spirit Toking

2 weeks ago


remove Beckon Apparition , Brave the Elements , Guardians' Pledge , Midnight Haunting , Oblivion Ring , and Doomed Traveler .

your manabase needs black, add: Godless Shrine , Isolated Chapel , Windbrisk Heights , Vault of the Archangel .

set the anthem count(Honor of the Pure + Intangible Virtue ) to 6.

set the Lingering Souls count to 4, add Raise the Alarm , Zealous Persecution .

for creatures you can use things like Brimaz, King of Oreskos , Hero of Bladehold , Tidehollow Sculler .

having hand disruption works well with the token archetype, adding Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek is a good start in that direction. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.5 $1.18 $4.99 $3.97
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 1.91
Avg. cube pick 11.17


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare