Chaos Warp


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
MTGO Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 Rare
Commander 2016 Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
Vintage Masters Rare
Commander's Arsenal Rare
MTG: Commander Rare

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Chaos Warp


The owner of target permanent shuffles it into his or her library, then reveals the top card of his or her library. If it's a permanent card, he or she puts it onto the battlefield.

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Chaos Warp Discussion

Forkbeard on Red Green Dragon Commander

2 days ago

Looks like a fun tribal deck to throw down as is! I'll make a couple of budget suggestions that won't break the bank if you decide to tweak the deck a little:

  • Ramp - Kodama's Reach and Skyshroud Claim. If you're wondering what you'd remove to make room, I'd argue both of these are better than Beneath the Sands & Ranger's Path.
  • Removal - Overall the removal package in here looks a little light. A few options to consider: Beast Within, Chaos Warp (definite downside, but it's still decent removal for any immediate threat), Krosan Grip, Decimate & Hull Breach

  • As for the dragons, the choices are entirely subjective. I picked a selection that I deemed powerful & fun for my deck & it looks like you've done the same. Best of luck with your first foray into Commander, have an upvote!

    freakingShane on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

    3 days ago

    Thanks for your suggestions, AlmightyTentacle!

    You've definitely suggested a ton of cards that I either want to test out or already have, so thanks for that! :)

    When it comes to card draw, I really haven't experienced many issues. You are correct that I don't have a ton, but keep in mind that I do have tutors/cheaters that essentially are card draws for the specific cards needed.

    • Herald’s Horn is one that I was pretty excited for when I saw it got spoiled. It'll definitely get tested!

    • Grenzo, Havoc Raiser was a card that I tested out before, but ended up passing on him. He might be worth testing out again though!

    • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea will definitely need to be tested. I've honestly overlooked this one, but it can definitely be handy.

    • As for Sensei's Divining Top, it unfortunately is banned in Duel Commander. Same goes for Mana Crypt and Sol Ring.

    • Ancient Tomb was actually just recently unbanned in Duel, so I will definitely -1 Mountain for it.

    • I would love to run Imperial Recruiter, but there is no way that I can spend that kinda money...maybe someday though!

    • Gamble will need to be tested. I hated the idea that I could be forced to pitch what I tutored, but mono-red doesn't really get any better tutors, haha.

    The Control & Others category are pretty much all previous inclusions or considerations. I end up not needing the redundancy with some of these cards as much as one would think because most games are won by around turn 8 at the latest.

    As for your recommended cuts, I agree with some of them.

    Again though, thanks so much for your comment! I will be testing out some of these and seeing what works most efficiently! :)

    eternityempire on Alesha Combo EDH

    3 days ago

    The main reason for suggesting the Hedge-mage was that I'm concerned about graveyard hate I guess. Having just a Chaos Warp to deal with Rest in Peace / Leyline of the Void had me a bit worried. Is there a particular reason why you're running Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse over say an Arid Mesa, Bloodstained Mire or Marsh Flats ?

    AlmightyTentacle on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

    4 days ago

    Hi, freakingShane

    First of all I really like your Purhporos goblin tribal deck!

    As you mentioned your deck is built to be closer to a 1 vs 1 Commander (French) deck, but still I want to suggest you some of the cards for more multiplayer game strategy that imho I think you should consider to add.

    Analizing your deck I see some problems in too low count of draw engines. I think you need to maximize draw power cuz in current state after several board whipes you just be run out of gas.

    Card advantage:


    • Mana Crypt - expensive but cost all its money.

    • Ancient Tomb - nice land, cut mountain for it.

    • Herald’s Horn - was mentioned before.


    • Imperial Recruiter - I know it is expensive card but it can tutor 80% of all your creatures!

    • Gamble - saves me hundred of times! Offcorse it has drawback and you can discard what you was looking for, but still it is best tutor in red color.

    Control & Others:

    Cards I think you need to cut out:

    P.S. Sorry for some grammar mistakes it was hell of amount of text to type ;-P

    ibstudent2200 on One Scrappy Chap: Daretti EDH

    4 days ago

    I would argue that Darksteel Forge + Nevinyrral's Disk is a reason to run the Disk, while Mycosynth Lattice + Disk is a combo you want to avoid unless you already have the Forge in play.

    Past in Flames seems a little strange when you only have about 7 spells you would ever want to cast with it (Chaos Warp, All Is Dust, Wheel of Fortune, Blasphemous Act, Trash for Treasure, Gamble, and Scrap Mastery), and some of those are a little too expensive when you need to cast them on the same turn as Past in Flames. Personally, I'd rather play Codex Shredder and pay 1-2 more mana in exchange for being able to cast the card at a later time (and I'm not a fan of running Codex Shredder). Otherwise, Recoup covers everything but Chaos Warp and Comet Storm (which I would rarely want to cast off of Past in Flames).

    Raging_Squiggle on Inalla Wiz Kids

    5 days ago

    Add Gamble, Long-Term Plans, and Chaos Warp.

    Also, Day's Undoing doesn't stop the delayed triggered ability from ever happening, it only delays it until the end step of the next turn in turn order. You'll still lose your tokens with it.

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