Scrap Mastery


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Scrap Mastery


Each player exiles all artifact cards from his or her graveyard, then sacrifices all artifacts he or she controls, then puts all cards he or she exiled this way onto the battlefield.

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Scrap Mastery Discussion

thegigibeast on Slobad - Self-Mill/Eggs (Competitive)

2 weeks ago

Ok, I see long time no update, but if by any chance you still come here from time to time to look at things and maybe an update...

Scrap Trawlerwas printed and I think it can be awesome with 0 mana artifacts that sacrifice themselves to give mana (like Lotus Petal) or any low cost mana rock with a sac outlet. You could just crack the Lotus Petalfor mana, crack another artifact, return the Lotus Petal to your hands then on the battlefield, then start over again, never needing any more mana to crack your eggs. You could even possibly generate mana with this loop, depending on the artifact you use to produce mana (let's say Krark-Clan Ironworks+ Mana Crypt, this I think would be pretty good with Scrap Trawler).

I would also add in Rite of Flame and Pyretic Ritual, that way you would also have a winning line from the graveyard. Self mill with Basalt Monolith+ Mesmeric Orb, flashback Past in Flames to be able to cast from the graveyard Rite of Flame, Pyretic Ritual and Seething Song into Scrap Mastery, then you get infinite mana from one of the combo included in the deck and you can win from Goblin Cannon. All you need in addition to this combo is to start everything.

Colgate on Functionality Deck

2 weeks ago

Scrap Mastery there are many places to put whole pile from discard, expel and facedown pile, but play is not one of them. Also s sents to expel, d to discard, to to top, y to bottom, but there is no hotkey for putting to hand or play. Putting cards one at a time from expel to play is annoying, but it would be more bearable if there was hotkey for it at least.

killerbee_mctitties on C-C-C-ComboBreya!

3 weeks ago

Teal_Fox thanks a lot for your comment and your suggestions.
Yes, I did look at Whir of Invention closely and lastly hesitated because of the triple U cost. On the other hand I play Necropotence which requires triple B to be cast and that never was an issue so far. Suggest me something to cut for it and I'll look to get a copy of it into the deck.
About Purphoros, God of the Forge and Eldrazi Displacer I thought as well, just exchange them with Deadeye Navigator and maybe Myr Battlesphere and push the curve down even further but I'm not sure hoow to come up with the colorless mana.
But now that i Think about it if I manage to get my hands on a Krark-Clan Ironworks and maybe an Enlightened Tutor I just might be able to pull this of quick enough.
Scrap Mastery is a great suggestion, I wans't even aware a red Living Death exists, I'll definetely be looking to add a copy of it to my deck, thanks a lot!

jaeger_Konig on Blinking Breya - Discussion

4 weeks ago

I personally just don't see the value in Boompile, because generally when you will want to use it, you need it to happen not a 50/50 chance of it happening. Might I ask why you aren't running Saheeli Rai? She is a great Planeswalker that can let you do so much fun stuff. Also why not run Sculpting Steel? You run way more artifacts than I do so i can only see the upside to this card, worse case scenario its 3 mana to make 2 more thopters from a Breya clone, which seems fine to me. Also with all your emphasis on artifact recursion why not run cards such as Scrap Mastery and Open the Vaults? These seem like a shoe in to me. I took them out of my deck because it went a more ETB creature route and not artifact awesomeness.

Also can we not agree that Hour of Devastation looks super sweet and is adding in some awesome cards?

Teal_Fox on C-C-C-ComboBreya!

1 month ago

I hope I don't come off as rude, but are you sure you've read Whir of Invention closely? It is insanely cheap considering you can tap your non-rock Artifacts for it, not to mention is is an Instant speed tutor that places the target directly on the field. It is by far one of the best ways to get that last combo piece you need to close out a game in my opinion.

I've personally really been enjoying the huge amount of work Purphoros, God of the Forge and Eldrazi Displacer have been pulling in my games. They play very well with existing combo pieces and can generate a good deal of value on their own. And of course, they win you the game with Breya and a Krark-Clan Ironworks/Ashnod's Altar out. I'd also highly recommend you find room for the Ironworks, as it not only provides redundancy for your combos, but it can also save key pieces from Exile effects and can lead to some insane Scrap Mastery/Open the Vaults plays.

Teal_Fox on Planet Robot

1 month ago

Eldrazi Displacer is best seen as a combo piece, so you only really drop it when you have the pieces necessary to win. Mainly, you would be using it with Krark-Clan Ironworks/Ashnod's Altar to get infinite ETB/Death Triggers. Even if you don't add it in, I would highly recommend finding room for Ashnod's Altar, as the added redundancy is crucial for a number of the combos you already have in the deck.

Personally, I find Hanna, Ship's Navigator too slow to consider running in even a half-serious list. While capable of generating loads of value if not instantly removed, you have access to far stronger recursion options like Scrap Mastery and Daretti, Scrap Savant.

dlamars on Daretti EDH

1 month ago

Hey, I love the idea behind the deck! Here's what I'd suggest;

Scrap Mastery, Trash for Treasure and Goblin Welder are awesome since you have a sac outlet at commander.

Also I really enjoy Rakdos, Lord of Riots in this kind of deck.

Best of luck!

sonnet666 on Krenk that 3 times

1 month ago

Have you tried Shivan Harvest. It's a pet card of mine in red token decks. Trading a 1/1 for an opponent's land is a great way to set people behind.

Goblin Lackey seems like an obvious missed card.

You should replace Zealous Conscripts with Lightning Crafter for the combo with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. In a low tutor deck like this you almost never get off 2-card combos like Kiki/Zealous. Lightning Crafter works just as well and is tutorable by all your goblin tutors. Also it can pick off creatures for you.

Speaking of goblin tutors, Moggcatcher is worth considering, but might be a little slow here.

You do NOT have enough high cost artifacts to justify Daretti, Scrap Savant, or Scrap Mastery really.

What the hell is Mycosynth Lattice in here for?

If Coat of Arms is worth including than so is Shared Animosity.

Mountainwalk isn't really that relevant, so Goblin King is really just a 3-drop that gives your creatures +1/+1. If there are any goblins you could cut, he's first in line.

Some more ramp and ritual would probably speed this up a bit. Infernal Plunge maybe. Ruby Medallion definitely.

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