Torpor Orb


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Rare

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Torpor Orb


Creatures entering the battlefield don't cause abilities to trigger.

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Torpor Orb Discussion

Drakorya on Torporslam

15 hours ago

I'm not sure. The only decklists I could find were from 2012, running Sundial of the Infinite as the secondary Torpor Orb.

I'll have a look into Saffron Olive's lists though, and see if I missed anything.


Drakorya on Torporslam

15 hours ago

Possibly. I could see it being an include if I added the Simian Spirit Guide's, as that way a turn 1 Torpor Orb/Tocatli Honor Guard could be followed by Hunted Horror or Treacherous Pit-Dweller.

But without the Simian Spirit Guide's, I won't be dropping a creature til turn 3 anyways. A 4/3 undying will be better than a 7/7 against Fatal Push, but not Path to Exile. And without the torpor effect I'd probably prefer a shrunk 7/7 to a 4/3 that my opponent can gain control of by killing it.

Not sure though. Better in some instances, worse in others, so it's probably worth some playtesting.

Thanks for the suggestion!

elfric on 2 Princesses 1 Prison - Tana & Tymna stax

5 days ago

that competitive-o-meter is useless, but funny too.

i upgraded the deck by replacing Torpor Orb with Tocatli Honor Guard and the deck decreased from 99% comp to 68%. so a near identical card in function makes the whole deck 31% more casual ?!?!?wtf XD.

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on selvala stax

6 days ago

Against Aggro/ Blink (Prossh, Brago, etc.) Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff.

Control and Combo hate Aven Mindcensor.

Also, Rest in Peace hoses GY decks and if you run that you might as well run Helm of Obedience (mill combo).The two Thalias are also pretty good, but not for every meta. And Stony Silence can be powerful of you know how and when to use it.

Squirrel_of_War on Meren, my first EdH

1 week ago

Its a good list, there are a few choices that could be replaced im my opinion. Cards like Birds of Paradise and Fyndhorn Elder are great but not as good in commander. When I make my card choices I pretend I'm in some crazy scenario and I'm staring down defeat on my opponents next turn, if I draw any card right then I want it to be something that could have an impact to the game. For example if you draw a BoP late game you probably aren't going to be very excited but if you draw a Gray Merchant of Asphodel it could completely change the game. I like big, fun interactions and if you look at my list you'll see that. As far as other suggestions for you, Crux of Fate is good but not in here, maybe run Decree of Pain for that sneaky instant speed removal for tokens and weenies or game changing card draw with your removal. Maybe toss in Krosan Grip in case someone decides to drop a Torpor Orb too.

VaultSkirge on Modern Infinite Hate Deck

1 week ago

Torpor Orb makes a ridiculous synergy with Phyrexian Dreadnought!

mentor6 on Markov Pebbles

1 week ago

I like that synergy. I've been contemplating putting in both Torpor Orb, and the new version on a stick. Cuz they only affect cloudstone curio loops. Making this possibly the least affected deck by their affect.

Would you prefer to message on here or Reddit so we stop clogging up your comment section?

Shadowrdr on Naya Coco Allies

1 week ago

Awsome build, I have learned not to underestimate Allies in modern. Watch out for Torpor Orb at FNM. Love how tapped out rates this deck as super casual

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