Deadeye Navigator

Creature — Spirit

Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)

As long as Deadeye Navigator is paired with another creature, both creatures have ": Exile this creature, then return it to the battlefield under your control."

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Deadeye Navigator Discussion

ionianhetairoi on Choo Choo, it's the train to Value Town! EDH

15 hours ago

If I have Ephara in my hand I play accordingly, getting at least two draws each cycle, which isn't half bad. The deck is also made to exploit multiple activation of the blinkers and I usually play with 3 other people so at best I draw four card each cycle, all for 4 mana

Obviously it's not like I never attack... I win either by scoop or by dealing something like 9-10 damage each turn; I deal damage, but slowly. I just prefer to control the board and soft-lock people out of the game looping Ghostway or using Mystic Snake with Deadeye Navigator. It's a very miserable win condition, but at least it's not an infinite combo. In my playgroup I play against 2 old Marchesa, Ghave, Rakdos, Augustin IV, Oloro and Yahenni. Those are deck that either don't let you win through simple damage or can just outclass everything I play. There is really no point in playing Trostani's Summoner, Ulvenwald Hydra, Armada Wurm or even something like Avenger of Zendikar, they can't keep up with decks built specifically to hit your face simply because the rest of my deck does not support them enough. I would rather stick to a Value-Control plan shared by every card I play. I tried, believe me, but they would only get sacrificed. exiled, stomped by eldrazi or swarmed by tokens. The only way I can survive is by not being a threat until I assemble the pieces to soft-lock people out or to outvalue them massively. It's a long-term plan that requires me to be really careful in what I play, but that's just how I like it

PhyrexianWombat on Kaho, the endless library of Minamo

1 day ago

Seems like Deadeye Navigator could be pretty funny with Kaho. May not be worth it though.

TaegukTheWise on Choo Choo, it's the train to Value Town! EDH

1 day ago

I run a bunch of basics, my deck has the sub theme of hyper ramp for the lack of better words. If the whole point of Roon is value then I'm going to gain as much value as I can. I don't run into "I can't play this spell right now" because I can repeatedly get more basics than my opponents can get their non basics and play more stuff then they ever can, so its not just playing around blood moon (since no one plays blood moon in my group either) that I run a metric ton of basics, that and I have birthing pod to further justify high CMC creatures. I Also can play around Sundering Titan with the non basics I run for fixing, if not I can trade 3-4 basics (one from each type). I also don't need signets since I do have a bunch of ramp meaning I can fit in more creatures or spells, I replaced my signets for removal.

I don't see how you can consistently get so much card draw out of Ephara, unless you are using your blink spells to force ETB triggers, either that or the displacer AND seedborn muse is always there when you need them AKA magical Christmas land, but I don't see how you could do it every turn reliably, let alone every time you play Ephara. I have used Ephara in multiplayer and never had the same results. If this was an Ephara commander deck I could feasibly say that I can see how you can draw a card each turn with her, but that's not the case. But if you like her that much I really can't convince you, I just find the gods to be really clunky.

Felidar Guardian is more than a blinker! He is also a fantastic blink target. Like Flickerwisp it can blink a permanent (not an opponents but bear with me), but unlike it, it returns that permanent immediately, you can blink a Planeswalker if you ultimate and play the guardian from your hand. Same deal with an already used birthing pod to go from a 2 to a 6 drop on your turn if you pod the 2 drop into Deceiver Exarch/Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, into felidar, into karmic guide, bring back felidar into 6/5/4 drop. Or if you have it on board already, you blink it with restoration angel to untap something like minamo. I don't like flickerwisp because whenever I want to use it like that I can't get immediate value unlike with felidar or the angel, that and Roon has what effectively is the same ability as the wisp but repeatable. I also fail to see the argument that you would rather have a blink target rather than a blinker when you have cards like Ghostway in your deck. You do know those suck on an empty board right? I would much rather have the angel or felidar since they can block and an instant can't. (P.S. If you already have eternal witness, you don't need archaeomancer, so there's a spot to fill)

You have also said that "this deck doesn't win by attacking", then how does it win? There is a ceiling you know. My other suggestion for your deck is that you need more value threats, like Trostani's Summoner, Ulvenwald Hydra, Cathars' Crusade, or even Armada Wurm at the very least, just something that can close out a game. You don't need Cathars' Crusade for them to be good, however I do believe that the crusade offers very much in the way of support without the wurm, the hydra, or the summoner to give you the threats you need. Roon is creature based, so I'm very confused as to what your decks main strategy to win is other than "accrue value and make everyone else cry". With the deck you're playing you want to go long game and play either equally big threats, or to make sure that no one else can do anything and attack for the win. So saying that this deck doesn't win by combat without a Deadeye Navigator, Palinchron or Peregrine Drake to go infinite plus non combat instant win combo when most of your deck has extremely tiny creatures, makes me scratch my head.

Entrei on Ramos, God of Mercadia

2 days ago

Paradox Engine, Deadeye Navigator are two that I can think of off the top of my head

MrGirth_MTG on Moonfolk Blue Infinite Landfall EDH

4 days ago

@Condenserhead: I have enough cards that draw already, such as Flow of Ideas, which can draw me way more than just 2 or 3.

@TransMarx: Thanks! I found almost no other deck lists built around Moonfolk, especially a more competitive combo list like this.

@superhuman21: Fleet Swallower has no place in this deck IMO. This is a combo deck at heart, and I would never want to rely on attacking to win, especially with a 7 mana creature that doesn't win me the game. Even with 2 triggers it won't mill a player out, they'll just be left with 25% of their deck left. And that's only to one player...not so good.

As far as improvements, there don't seem to be many (if any), at least with this budget. Sure, you can add fast mana cards such as Mana Crypt/Mana Vault, and other combo pieces like Palinchron/Deadeye Navigator, but those have been done to death, and are really expensive.

alias42 on Scion of the Ur dragon EDH deck

6 days ago

Maybe you could run cards like Flickerform or Deadeye Navigator with a couple reanimator effects such as Rise from the Grave. Tutor bladewing into your gy, reanimate him, then flicker him every turn to bring back whatever dragon you got into your gy with scion permanently

Dralnah on Voodoo Mama

6 days ago

epajula Deadeye Navigator doesn't work particularly well in this situation, as there aren't enough good ETB effects to abuse it. I've been meaning to find the space for an Elixir of Immortality for a long time, however.

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