Crumbling Necropolis


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Crumbling Necropolis


Crumbling Necropolis enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add , , or to your mana pool.

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Crumbling Necropolis Discussion

multimedia on Doomier Slivers 2.0

3 months ago

Hey, I suggest cutting a few Slivers, 46 is a lot, for some staple Commander removal and creature tutors that help you to find the important Slivers: Gemhide, Heart, Crystalline and Hivelord before you get Overlord into play.

You could cut 12 or more of the less good Slivers and be fine since Overlord is a Silver tutor then you don't have to focus as much having a huge number of Silvers you can instead play the best Slivers because you can tutor for them.

Consider adding these cards:

33 total lands is on the low side for a budget five color manabase. This amount of land would be fine with the Fetch land/Shock land interaction because this gives you plenty of mana fixing, but you're not playing these lands. I suggest 38 total lands, few more Basic lands and replacing the Vivid lands with Tri lands. Tri lands also ETB tapped, but once they untap they can be used for the rest of the game to make one color of three colors to choose from. Vivid lands only give you two turns of any color.

Consider adding:

Less good Slivers to consider cutting:

  • Belligerent Sliver
  • Cautery Sliver
  • Constricting Sliver
  • Darkheart Sliver
  • Hunter Sliver
  • Psionic Sliver
  • Quilled Sliver
  • Sidewinder Sliver
  • Spined Sliver
  • Opaline Sliver
  • Magma Sliver
  • Talon Sliver

A couple of Slivers that have good abilities who I don't see here:

Patriarch's Bidding although not low budget is great to get back all Slivers from the graveyard reanimating them, putting them directly into play. Aphetto Dredging is another option to get back multiple Slivers from the graveyard and put them into your hand. Living Death is another strong card to reanimate Silvers.

Good luck with your deck.

cdkime on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

Respectfully, your writing is a bit all over the place, and a tad hard to follow. I'll try to answer the questions and issues you raised, but recommend proof-reading in the future!

Regarding the dual lands, Steam Vents and the other shock lands are pretty much the best you can get for Modern, as they can be fetched with Scalding Tarn and its ilk. Even in the absence of fetch lands, I would argue the pain lands are better than fast lands (such as Blackcleave Cliffs), simply because you can have it entered untapped regardless of the board-state. Both would be better than the lands I listed--those were provided as a budget-friendly option. Your perfect mana base would run numerous fetch lands and shock lands.

As for your desire to protect your life total, remember, life is a resource like anything else. Resources do little if not effectually utilized. This is a fundamental tenet of Black.

Crumbling Necropolis is not needed. There are better ways to fix colours. Your substitution for Pillar of the Paruns would work fine.

Regarding Muddle the Mixture's transmute, and the implication that makes it worth running over Thoughtseize... There are situations where transmute is nice to have--combo decks, in particular, like additional ways to fetch their required pieces, which also have utility when a tutor is not necessary. That is not what your deck does. In fact, you currently have only two cards Muddle the Mixture's transmute hits--Truth or Tale and more copies of Muddle the Mixture. Both are incredibly mediocre, and not worth a turn tutoring for.

Upyron on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

hey dude thanks for the comment is appreciate :) i trust on you is definitively better improve those land, Steam Vents but i prefer save my life xD Blackcleave Cliffs isn't better?

This card Crumbling Necropolis is necessary 4 cards to make all mana, Pillar of the Paruns i think is a good substitute (i know blood moon can be a problem xD but i like counter spell it).

Waste Not is to much control it isn't chain with Pain Magnification so much, but for a few modification is very good thanks, with it's strong Hypnotic Specter but is more control like, this deck would to go between Controll Aggro,Hypnotic Specter isn't bad but is going like controll. without so much damage.

The The Rack is fantastic for early phase, approved

Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek they're best with Waste Not but is very focused only "discarding", use counter spell for its "Transmute" cost i think they are defenetvly better, them only discard this can counter and looking your library for a card!!

Truth or Tale isn't very good, i know is possible change but i like it's effect potential you can draw 3 is a lot i think

Torment of Hailfire is very good Muddle the Mixture and is good with it trasmute!! thanks

Thanks so much

cdkime on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

The best thing you could do for this deck is improve the mana base. Lands that enter the battlefield tapped are cancer, and will lose you games. For some budget substitutions, look at the pain lands such as Underground River. They can be tapped for colourless generally, and the life cost is well worth necessary colour fixing. Crumbling Necropolis is incredibly mediocre, and you should find a better substitute. You might also want to add some basic lands, in case you run into the dreaded Blood Moon.

Waste Not is a solid 2-drop in any discard deck. That said, it does not play nicely with Sedraxis Specter--they can choose to discard a land card, giving you no advantage from Waste Not (as your mana will empty before you can really use it).

Personally, I prefer Hypnotic Specter to Sedraxis Specter. While the later's unearth ability is nice, giving your opponents options is a bad thing--they will always pick what is in their best interest. Hymnotic Specter removes any freewill, and leaves your opponent's fate up to random chance.

The Rack is a great card in a discard deck. Easy-to-play with its casting cost of , it can quickly whittle down your opponents. There's an entire deck archetype called 8-Rack that you might want to check out.

Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are arguably the best black cards in Modern. Why counter a spell when you can remove it before it becomes a threat?

Truth or Tale gives your opponents too much freedom. Instead, consider one-mana cantrips such as Serum Visions or Opt. Street Wraith is another great draw card (you never want to actually play this creature--but 2 life for a new card is wonderful).

Lightning Bolt is an all-around good card, and even plays nicely with Pain Magnification.

Finally, for a win condition, Torment of Hailfire is fairly strong. It's a bit weak in the early game, since your opponent can merely get rid of their worst card/permanent. But if you've obliterated their hand, removing discard as an option, you can easily disrupt their board-state or life total.

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