Crop Rotation


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis (DDR) Common
Urza's Legacy (ULG) Common

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Crop Rotation


As an additional cost to play Crop Rotation, sacrifice a land.

Search your library for a land card and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Crop Rotation Discussion

Nero64 on Tat

2 days ago

I like it, doing as much as you can to get as many lands out as possible. That being said...I'm wondering why no Burgeoning? Almost another Exploration and a fraction of the cost if you haven't already bought it. Sakura-Tribe Elder is also a classic that looks absent. Maybe at the same time throw in Crop Rotation for more instant speed card draw if Tatyova is on the field or Ulvenwald Hydra to benefit from lands n stuff. I'm also seeing a severe amount of Artifact/Enchantment hate...meta option or just for kicks? I'd also suggest Nissa, Worldwaker for that sweet sweet mana and ultimate. Otherwise, Garruk, Primal Hunter is also good and maybe Spellseeker to pull some ramp spells, or Undergrowth Champion and Roil Elemental?

bwanabeast5 on Tatyova Take Ova

4 days ago

I originally had exploration in here, but figure its really expensive, and also its going up in price. Thats why my main card turn one would be either Burgeoning or Crop Rotation but lotus cobra would be a good addition, I agree.

PriMaLXxON3 on Omnath, Locus of Armageddon v2.5

5 days ago

Definitely should consider adding Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle! It is extremely powerful. Since you will be getting land drops out consistently and fast it will put work in for you. Friend plays it in his deck and it has become a nightmare. Crop Rotation to search for it when needed and boom. Crop Rotation is an excellent card as well.

DVLuca on Elf Swarm

1 week ago

Hi man, Earthcraft and Glimpse of Nature will be an excellent improve. If you add to that Crop Rotation and Winding Canyons dig into will be a piece of cake. Elvish Soultiller can be interesting for recall all creature in the graveyard. +1 for me

splatterb0y on R/U/G Tron Burn

1 week ago


With Chromatic Star or Prophetic Prism it's easy to fix black mana. But something like Dispel would not require that much luck on color fixing and would be a better choice. Thanks for pointing that out. Red Elemental Blast is a great suggestion too.

I'm running a 4 of Expedition Map and 3 of Crop Rotation to help with assembling tron.

Ponder is a great suggestion. Which card would you cut to play it?

Last_Laugh on Animar

1 week ago

Ok the first thing Im noticing here is 34 non-creature spells. That's an absurdly high count for Animar and you want half that TOPS (I run 12 myself).

There should be 0 mana rocks (sol ring is debatable... I don't run it) and 0 Cultivate type cards here (Crop Rotation is ok if you have Gaea's Cradle tier lands to look up). Your mana fixing comes from mana dorks or creatures that search up lands, so just keep those and drop the rest. Vizier of the Menagerie should replace Chromatic Lantern. Also look into Cloud of Faeries and Peregrine Drake (Palinchron too if you can afford it).

Doubling Season should be Hardened Scales... you can do a LOT with the 4 mana you save and the effect is relevant earlier here.

You also need some draw power. Primordial Sage, Garruk's Packleader, Tishana, Voice of Thunder, and Glimpse of Nature are all good options here.

I could go on still but I'm just posting a link to my list for ideas. Animar, Gaea's Hemorrhoid

JohnnyCRO on Tatyova Ramp, Control then Smash

1 week ago

First off, you have some decent themes/cards in here. Good job there.

Now, this deck seems to have weird budget; you're not playing a set of fetchlands, yet you can afford to play Tropical Island? IMHO, in a landfall deck, it's more useful to have a set of KTK fetches in your colors than a single ABU dual, even more so bc you're not going for a competitive deck.

Some solid cards you could find useful;

Overburden - a marvelous on-theme enchantment that will slow down your opponents significantly, but it doesn't hurt you at all.

Courser of Kruphix - It virtually draws you cards and makes your Extra land droppers better and it has just gotten a reprint. What's not to like?

Sensei's Divining Top - it's generally useful. But in here you have several cards that play lands off the top of your library. This can rig you the topdecks so you can utilize these efficiently.

Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath - these together are probably cheaper than a Tropical Island and they give you additional landfall trigers plus a reshuffle effect for top and your topdeck utilizers.

Dreamscape Artist - makes a good use of your land bounce effects and gives you landfall triggers.

Crop Rotation - you are already playing several solid utility lands. This makes you able to go fetch any of them instant speed.


There are many more good Tatyova cards, these are just a few from the top off my head. GL with the deck!

usaDiabetic on The Hills are Alive with the Sound of RAGE!

1 week ago

Crop Rotation is a land tutor/Landfall/Titania trigger.

Hammer of Purphoros and Fires of Yavimaya to make your Elementals hasty.

Wave of Vitriol and Blasphemous Act as sweepers the help you more than they hurt.

Elemental Bond, Harmonize and Skullclamp for card draw.

Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread to add on damage.

Just a handful of suggestions for ya. I love Omnath, deck looks good so far.

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