Wildfire Eternal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Wildfire Eternal

Creature — Zombie Jackal

Afflict 4 ( Whenever this creature becomes blocked, defending player loses 4 life. )

Whenever Wildfire Eternal attacks and isn't blocked, you may cast an instant or sorcery card from your hand without paying its mana cost.

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Wildfire Eternal Discussion

rippinstrider on Grixis Afflict

2 weeks ago

milse thank you for playtesting my deck! I have had some mana problems in the past, so i do get where your coming from with the mana shortage. But the reason I have the enchantments in is because the afflict creatures are kinda small in power. Like Wildfire Eternal. He has a massive upside, but if I get through with him, i'm still only doing 1 damage. The enchantments are there to buff them, and to give them forms of evasion to get in to get their abilities used. I will try to do something about the mana shortage though!

RedMulligan on Starting in Commander?

3 weeks ago

So here's a list of the cards that I got for the deck:

However, there's plenty of things I know I need, and some things I might consider (thanks to edhrec.com).Holy crap, that's a lot of cards. What I want to do right now is have Kess play the support role while I tutor up Nekusar to play. As soon as I can start nabbing the wheels for Nekusar's pain, Kess's ability will allow me to cast them back for more wheel-y fun times (for me, at least). That way, people won't realize that this is actually a Nekusar deck: he's hiding, ready to strike! But my biggest problem is discerning which of these 150+ cards I need to whittle down to about 65, and also figure out how many lands I need to play. I've got a little money to spend, and this list is about as far as I'll go cost-wise.

razelfark on Mummy's fever

1 month ago

Well you do bring up some interesting ideas with how you want to use your cards. My only concern with your reasoning with the use of Splendid Agony is that you can acquire similar results with a general kill spell. I also have a hard time understanding your math thinking out how this spell goes for 12 damage with only one Plague Belcher. I am just thinking on average this card only kills 1-2 of your guys with one cast, because of how many of your creatures you have with at least 2 toughness. The math would suggest that this would top out at 8 without the use of recursion/trading after damage. This ratio goes down more if you have any Lord of the Accursed on board.

Another thing that makes little sense is the comment of sacrificing an Ammit Eternal to one of these cards on your side to reset. If you are doing this then you are likely desperate, because this will do 1 damage swinging in and resetting back to full if unblocked; or will cause them to lose 3 life because of afflict for being blocked and likely getting itself killed without your aid. Only time you would want to sacrifice it would be after getting 2 or more Plague Belchers on board, but you would still want to attack first most of the time.

I my comments about the red still have merit. While I understand your logic about going for bigger bodies that can be discarded and reanimated, Wildfire Eternal still feels laking for your deck layout. The card is slow, sub-par for most decks and you run so few spells for it to interact with that I see little value from it. If you want to play something just for the purpose of reanimating then I suggest Noxious Gearhulk as it is something you can cast easier for your deck, its a big body, has a useful ETB, and when its reanimated then it will also be a zombie.

Please forgive me for being argumentative if that is how this post sounds. I merely am trying to understand your perspective better and voicing my thoughts so you can see why I have trouble understanding it.

HyperactivityQc on

1 month ago

Salmonman1064 Thanks a lot for your comment. I just don't know what difference it makes whether a deck is modern or standard... and the Tilonalli's Skinshifter was because they didn't have any more Nehebs so it was for a quick fill to make it work out a bit a least. They told me to get Metallic Mimic because it's great in it, but I didn't wanted to spend to much money that day and I'll certainly take it after christmas. As for Wildfire Eternal, I just told them that I really liked that card and I wanted to put it in my deck. I hope you'll see this and that you'll answer me. Thanks again!

Salmonman1064 on

1 month ago

I disagree with the above comment that you "need" a playset of Fatal Push. Sure it's a strong card with the correct build but it is absolutely not worth it for you to jam in $30+ worth of Pushes just because they're a solid card. With your only way to trigger revolt being a singleton Fling the power of Fatal Push drops off hard. Unlicensed Disintegration is an excellent removal spell and the only thing I'd replace it for is the Walk the Planks that you have in the maybeboard already. I do agree with the dropping of Magma Spray, you really need the ability to hit face whenever you can so going up on Shock and some other creatures seems better (keep somes sprays in the sideboard if you play against graveyard decks). Last thing about the removal, I definitely wouldn't mainboard Hour of Devastation, Sweltering Suns, or Lost Legacy. Hour and Suns are the kind of card you never want your opponent to cast on you so why cast it on yourself for them? I would sideboard all 3 of those cards to bring in against decks that you absolutely need a boardwipe against like zombies.

For the creatures, as stated previously there are a lot stronger minotaurs in the Theros block so making the jump to modern could make the deck a lot stronger. But for Standard I think your best thing to add in is more of each Neheb (maybe a 3-2 split of Worthy-Eternal), another Bloodrage Brawler, and Grisly Survivor. I suggest dropping Pitiless Vizier, Tilonalli's Skinshifter and Wildfire Eternal completely. Adding in a couple copies of Tormenting Voice can help you hit the discard triggers you need and also dig through your deck.

razelfark on Mummy's fever

1 month ago

Interesting deck idea you have. The cards in the deck that I see that could use improvement are: Splendid Agony, Torment of Venom, Moaning Wall .

The instant cards you have for control are on the expensive to cast side for effect. While Venom can be fun to play as you watch your opponent figures out how to resolve the effect, it is not always going to guarantee a kill on something. As for Splendid Agony, this card is very weak in general and would highly recommend replacing with either cheap sorcery speed options like Trial of Ambition or Never. Some instant speed options if you are on a budget Hour of Glory or Unlicensed Disintegration (since you said you are adding red).

Another card you may want to consider for the deck Liliana's Mastery. The card buffs all your current zombies and provides you with effectively two 3/3 creatures the first time you cast it.

For your side deck you will want to have copies of Lost Legacy if you run into any decks that rely on one card to win them the game like Approach of the Second Sun, Marionette Master, or Torment of Hailfire.

I do not see a reason for the red in your deck. You are putting them into your side with only 4 red sources and 1 of them requires double red to be played. Seems like too much risk, not enough reward for a creature that is a big body Neheb, the Eternal and another on that does not do much for your deck Wildfire Eternal. If you want to include Neheb then I think you need to be more willing to use red in the main board as well. You would want to include cards like CutRibbons so you can take advantage of his mana production effect. As for Wildfire Eternal I would probably not bother with him as you do not play any big spells worth tricking out with his effect and once your opponent knows they wont bother blocking him because he only does one damage then.

Hope these comments are helpful.

munky702 on

1 month ago

Based off the previous comments this use to be a different deck lol. But! As for Minotaur, Metallic Mimic would be amazing here naturally. Having more Neheb would be a good thing also. Either one I think you should have at least 3 of each. Id switch them for Tilonalli's Skinshifter, Pitiless Vizier and Wildfire Eternal. Naturally Fatal Push or Walk the Plank.

Mirasuhiro on Yidris zap zap

1 month ago

Cards like Young Pyromancer or Wildfire Eternal could be useful.

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