Song of the Dryads


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare

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Song of the Dryads

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is a colorless Forest land.

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Song of the Dryads Discussion

Tibus on It Lurks Within the Forest...

1 week ago


When putting in Lignify I was considering using Song of the Dryads however through playtesting I quickly realized how easily song gave a much-added benefit over lignify. The way I view Song isn't just as a removal but I'm ramping my opponent for free. If my opponent's deck already doesn't require the commander or whatever card I'm removing in order to function then why am I also giving them a basic land for it? I came to the conclusion that just removing the card with no added benefit for the player with a 1 mana reduced cost becomes helpful in the early game. The blocker doesn't really matter because when I finally swing at that player it will be with Eldrazi's and 20/20 trample and/or indestructible creatures. The additional land though could prove troublesome 9 out of 10 times in my experience.

Praetor's Counsel looks promising I will playtest with it a bit and see how things turn out, same as with Hurricane and Squall Line I don't mind shooting everyone down at the same time haha!

However Primal Surge seems like ti could more likely hit 3-4 creatures then dud out.

Holmhollow on Greek Mythology

1 week ago

You really managed to fit a lot of different myths into one deck! A very flavourful assortment, it looks like a lot of fun to pilot. I do worry slightly about the land count given some of the more impressive mana costs, and would probably swap out something like Gaea's Blessing for another land if it's in a vacuum. I don't have any mill players in my meta, so your mileage with that card may vary. I also highly recommend Song of the Dryads! It's a myth all by itself, with the added bonus of taking care of any troublesome permanent, including commanders.

harbingerofduh on It Lurks Within the Forest...

1 week ago

@SynergyBuild: Heroic Intervention negates Wrath effects and can protect the deck's smaller creatures, so it's easily superior to Not of This World in most normal situations. (NoTW's cost reduction is meaningless because an Omnath deck already should have boatloads of mana if Omnath is on the board.)

As for recommendations, Tibus, have you considered Song of the Dryads over Lignify? I have a soft spot for Lignify for flavor reasons, but it seems that leaving them with a chump blocker is worse than giving them an extra forest.

If you're looking for more mana sinks, Primal Surge and Praetor's Counsel are pretty strong cards that you shouldn't have a problem casting in this deck. Squall Line can be a legitimate kill card in this deck as well.

bushido_man96 on Need An Answer To My ...

1 week ago

If his deck goes off like that all the time, then I would think the playgroup would do the 3 v 1 answer to shut the deck down, thus working to smooth out the meta. I'd also say go with the removal, because removal spells are almost never going to be dead in your hand. Its also something the Zacama player has to factor in to play his deck. Threats have to be dealt with, and Zacama is a big threat, both as a creature, and with the removal abilities it has, especially if he combos it with cards like Temur Sabertooth or Erratic Portal to bounce it and generate tons of mana.

I guess what I'm saying is I agree with the other suggestions here in flexing in some more removal to deal with the creature. As mentioned, cards like Song of the Dryads, Darksteel Mutation, and Imprisoned in the Moon are especially awesome in turning a commander into a bump on the board.

Your comment on infect struck me, as well, and its a point worth addressing. Why not run some infect? Its somewhat irritating, sure, but the more you play it you'll probably come to realize that it isn't as powerful as others fear it to be. There are some infect cards, like Triumph of the Hordes, that can win a game here and there, but I don't think its a dirty tactic. It isn't any worse than a blue player casting Cyclonic Rift. And if you can spend a few games hating a nasty deck like Zacama out with infect, then power to you. That person will have to adjust, and the meta smooths out.

So, my point is, don't let your meta change to get a change in your meta.

SynergyBuild on Need An Answer To My ...

1 week ago

Sorcerous Spyglass is another Pithing Needle type card.

The goal of these types of cards is that at least for effects like Nevermore, Null Chamber, Gideon's Intervention, Pithing Needle, Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, Cursed Totem, Sorcerous Spyglass, Song of the Dryads, etc. is that they are 'commander removal', a way of getting around the command-zoning techniques that are abused by commanders that get removed often, yet can just be cast for more.

Mairsil can also use cards like Empress Galina or other steal effects as you can't command zone those either. Empress will also have an activated ability Mairsil can get, allowing you to make a sort of lock on all commanders.

RazortoothMtg on Pattern Recognition #88 - Custom ...

3 weeks ago

Assassin's Trophy isn't land destruction. It can technically hit lands, but its more of an instant speed Song of the Dryads. Hitting a land doesn't put them behind on mana.

SynergyBuild on Tishana's Token Madness

3 weeks ago

This deck is split two ways that don't really compliment each other. You have the value-oriented Blue-Green goodstuff, a great place for Tishana, and also have some merfolk tribal cards tossed in, despite only having 20 merfolk, you have 15 cards that want you to have merfolk. I'd suggest switching your commander for Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca and add more merfolk instead of the equipment and non-merfolk creatures, and drop the +1/+1 counter theme with cards like Bioshift, or move into the Blue-Green Value list, drop the merfolk tribal, and all of the less-than-great merfolk, and run more mana dorks like Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves, Birds of Paradise, Arbor Elf, Boreal Druid, Elvish Mystic, etc. to quickly cast Tishana and refill your hand.

You could also just go +1/+1 counters, but that doesn't synergize heavily with your list, considering only two cards of your even can have +1/+1 counters, your commander and Prime Speaker Zegana.

Cards to drop no matter what really would be Bioshift, Mu Yanling, Quietus Spike, Levitation, Pause for Reflection, Cancel, Exclude, Sage of Ancient Lore  Flip, Might of the Masses, Treasure Hunt, and Crashing Tide

For more countermagic, Arcane Denial is really good, as is Swan Song, more removal would be like Beast Within, Song of the Dryads, and Imprisoned in the Moon the last two of which can turn off commanders, because you are just enchanting them, but they aren't leaving anywhere. They also lose all other types and abilities as they turn into lands, so they are effectively useless.

Rabidleopard on Trostani 3.0

3 weeks ago

Decree of Justice cycle it for solidiers and a card or use it to pay an army of angels. Devout Invocation makes an angel for each creature you want to tap. Entreat the Angels for when you need a miracle. Song of the Dryadsturn any pesky permanent into a land. Darksteel Mutation turns a pesky creature into an indestructible 0/1 with no text box. Eldrazi Monument and Bow of Nylea can make your tokens incredibly scary.

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