Song of the Dryads


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Song of the Dryads

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is a colorless Forest land.

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Song of the Dryads Discussion

Casey4321 on #GoGreen: Omnath EDH

6 days ago

Caged Sun Pathbreaker Ibex Soul of the Harvest Archetype of Endurance HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. That pig has won more matches on his back...

A trio of tech cards I always run Revive Regrowth Eternal Witness need the recursion Here. I also run Greenwarden of Murasa myself because I like it and the flavor it provides.

General non-Creature destruction effectsAcidic Slime 2 for 1 every time. Bramblecrush I stand by this card being way better than people give it credit.

Song of the Dryads why yes that problematic commander is now a tree AND STUCK THERE.

Firebones675 on mono green edh

1 week ago

Looks good but I think you need more in the way of wrath effectsas sometimes you really need a way to reset the board. Ezuri's Predation is a start but as it can't deal with big creatures your opponts play i'd consider Boompile or Nevinyrral's Disk.

You're also pretty low on spot removal and Ulvenwald Tracker is really the only way you have to pick off individual creautres. You could try Song of the Dryads, Lignify, or Duplicant. Ambush Viper as a supprise blocker after the attackers are declared but before the blockers are assigned also works assuming its an attacking creature. It's a snake so it does get buffed but realistically you will be blocking something with more than 2 power anyway.

Lastly i'd cut the fog. All it does is buy you a turn whereas you would much rather have an answer rather than a way to stall a turn until you do.

darknesschaos on Selvala

1 week ago

I am thinking Song of the Dryads to Lignify as it is mostly functionally the same and 1 mana cheaper.

RazortoothMtg on Are There Any Auras That ...

1 week ago

abenz419 is right. I was saying that she's a great blocker that stops Diabolic Edict effects, and if someone permanently gets rid of Uril with Nevermore, Imprisoned in the Moon, Song of the Dryads, etc, she is another target. Play her in the 99, not as the commander

Firebones675 on

1 week ago

Looks pretty good and has a lot of the things I like to see in EDH decks. I think it would help to include a bit more in the way of card draw, removal, and board wipes. Green isn't known for them especially but I can give you some pointers about what options are available.

Card draw: EDH games tend to go on a lot longer than other formats. This means that you will soon run out gas in hand and be reliant on topdecks. This is where card advantage comes in. Cards that allow you to draw more than 1 card are good ways to restock your hand. Outside of a few oddballs like Harmonize most green card draw is dependent upon your creatures like Shamanic Revelation, Rishkar's Expertise, or Soul of the Harvest to name a few.

Removal: Again green's removal is largely creature based using the fight mechanic like Prey Upon. As elves tend to be a bit on the smaller side you might instead use things like Beast Within, Lignify or Song of the Dryads.

Board wipes: sometimes edh games get a bit out of hand and you need a reset button to clear the board of the scary things the other players are doing. Within your color identity, colorless wraths are probably the most effective like Boompile or Nevinyrral's Disk.

JaysomeDecks on Thrasios & Kydele, Infinite Partners

1 week ago

Jimmy_Chinchila, thanks, glad you like it:)

Emzed, you're right, Kruphix is gonna come out, probably gonna put in Song of the Dryads. Insidious Will might come out, but probably only for another counterspell atm. I've been enjoying having a decent sized counter package. But yea, it could be a better one.

tage0808 on Vorinclex, Hungry Elderazi

1 week ago

Myriad Landscape and Blighted Woodland could make for some good excel and colorless mana if you need it.Mosswort Bridge is a great land, and having big creatures make is combo great.Magus of the Candelabra really really does do good in sir Clex right now, I don't see a good reason to ditch him or not much.- list text hereI notice you also took out Search for Tomorrow, and you only have one spell worth casting on turn one(Sol Ring would be good for this too).I think Explore would be really rather decent too, it's also card drawing, so worth thinking about.I also think having a few more lands would be really a good idea, I know you love your cards, but Animist's Awakening, and anything that adds land plays are only good with having land in your hand.Journey of Discovery is also one you had before I don't see now.Beast Within is probably some of the strongest removal out there, and I feel it is definitely better than Titan's Presence which while okay, is only good if you have your titans in your hand... where you'd rather they not be. Option is Song of the Dryads which(while a sorcery) can take out commanders or anything at all.Vedalken Orrery is in some ways better here than in Jin, because of how strong how safe it makes you.Now, those are some suggestions, let's do some take outs.I feel that Nylea, God of the Hunt really isn't the best you can you use for it, the trample is gotten from Akroma's Memorial and the pump is strong but there should be other options, and you have some pretty massive butts as it is. Another idea(that could be terrible), would be Ursapine. He is a little odd, but with a straight mana buff to your commander, I can easily see you one shotting people by attacking with him, and he already has trample. In addition, Pathbreaker Ibex and Overwhelming Stampede really can just win you the game, works similar.Courser of Kruphix is only really good if you have land in your hand... something that doesn't look like it will happen too much(maybe late game, but I feel you can have better actual excell).Rampaging Baloths... disappoints me... it should be so strong... but... meh, I don't even run it in Karametra. Regal Force is made stronger by the Baloths, but I don't think you need to depend on your green creatures. Another Soul's Majesty kinda card would give you more cards most of the time.Horn of Greed Just has to go.Defense of the Heart is really a great card, but I don't think you need it... at the same time I can't just say take it out.I agree about Garruk, Caller of Beasts.I think that should be a good dose of feedback. Any questions?

Emzed on Thrasios & Kydele, Infinite Partners

1 week ago

Some of the best removal options in your colors are Lignify, Pongify, Rapid Hybridization for creatures, Nature's Claim, Natural State and Krosan Grip for artifacts/enchantments, and Song of the Dryads or Chain of Vapor for basically anything. If you want creatures as your removal (sometimes easier to tutor for), Reclamation Sage, Duplicant and Ulvenwald Tracker are my suggestions. Primal Command and Venser, Shaper Savant are universal tools: While more costly than other options, they offer lots of versatility.
As for potential cuts: Kruphix, God of Horizons has synergy with your gameplan, but do you really need him? Investing 5 mana into a card that then stores mana for later use seems rather slow to me (unless Seedborn Muse or Awakening get involved), and doesn't help you combo faster or safer.
Insidious Will is a card i don't have much experience with, but i can't imagine wanting to pay 4 mana for this effect - too often it will just be an expensive Counterspell.

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