Song of the Dryads


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Song of the Dryads

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is a colorless Forest land.

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Song of the Dryads Discussion

Firebones675 on Green hydra / +1/+1 deck

1 day ago

Saw you're comment and i'm happy to help.

First with regards to your commander here are a few cards that pair nicely:

Predator, Flagship: bounce their creature into the air and shoot it down with Arashi

Evolution Charm: ditto

Basilisk Collar gains a bunch of life and lets you kill things easily

I'm going to mention some categories of cards i think you are missing or need more of and why they are important.

Card draw: EDH games tend to go on a lot longer than other formats. This means that you will soon run out gas in hand and be reliant on topdecks. This is where card advantage comes in. Cards that allow you to draw more than 1 card are good ways to restock your hand. Within green a lot of your draw power is creature based Soul of the Harvest, Elemental Bond, Shamanic Revelation etc.

Board wipes: Sometimes the game gets out of hand and you just need a reset button to take care of the scary things your opponents are doing. I usually like 2-3 in my decks. Within mono green you are pretty limited but alteast you have things like Nevinyrral's Disk and Boompile

Creature removal: In almost every edh game you play, your opponents are going to cast creatures you need to get off the board, and fast. You don't want to have to nuke the board every time you want to kill something without flying. Duplicant, Song of the Dryads, Beast Within are all good options

Here are some other misc good cards to consider: Caged Sun, Mana Reflection

I'd also consider more in the way of either creature or artifact based ramp. Hedron Archive, Dreamstone Hedron Greenweaver Druid etc.

I think you are also running a few fog effects like Druid's Deliverance, Defend the Hearth and Hunter's Ambush. These effects often are not worth it. If the reason you need to cast it is because you are getting beaten down by creatures, you would much rather draw an answer to that, then draw a card that buys you a turn find an answer. I dislike the Feed the Clan here for a similar reason

Hope that helps. If you want I can look at your lazzav list too.

choss_monkey on Budget Edric, Spymaster of Trest

4 days ago

Alchemist's Refuge flash in things.
Cyclonic Rift every blue deck should run this
Wirewood Symbiote is great for elf decks..saves your creatures, and boosts your activated abilities
Viridian Corrupter never hurts to blow up stuff.
Krosan Grip For when your opponent is about to go off.
Overwhelming Denial I can see this card being good in this deck...You'll almost never get to cast it for its surge cost on the opponents turn, but it's great for protecting your stuff.
Reality Shift Unconditional exile...yes please.
Coastal Piracy essentially a second Bident of Thassa
Creeping Renaissance Great to recover after your huge army gets wiped.
Beast Within Price is low due to a recent printing and goes in every green deck ever!
Simic Signet

I would reconsider the following cards:
Abjure too conditional. It would suck to not have a blue permanent when you need to counter something.
Aeon ChroniclerKinda slow and expensive. You may be better off running other card draw.
Quiet Contemplation is a cool card, but only triggers on non-creature spells. How consistently are you able to tap something down?
Grip of Amnesia is too conditional. consider Syncopate or Swan Song. Swan Song has the political synergy with Edric. "I give you a creature, now swing at our opponent for value!"

Some "non-budget" recommendations:
Upgrade your manabase, first with a Breeding Pool
Eternal Witness recursion...Good with bounce effects, which you're running a lot of
Arachnogenesis It supports your "go-wide" theme and is usually a one-sided Fog (your creatures kill theirs).
Song of the Dryads Unconditional removal in green. So good in Commander.

Captain_Ducky on Tasigur EDH

1 week ago

Now you can totally disregard this suggestion but because you are in green and blue you can add Song of the Dryads and Imprisoned in the Moon, they are good for stopping a problem until the enchantment is removed.

Emzed on It's Not Easy Being Green

1 week ago

I am not a fan of Darksteel Plate, there are just way too many ways around it: Swords to Plowshares, Cyclonic Rift, Tragic Slip, All Is Dust, Control Magic and Song of the Dryads are examples for various ways to handle an indestructible creature. So unless you are confident that indestructibility is actually good in your metagame (i.e. people rely mostly on Wrath-effects, cards like Doom Blade or deathtouch creatures), 5 mana to play and equip Darksteel Plate probably isn't worth it. An important aspect of the problem is that you have to spend your mana before your opponents spend any mana on the cards you're trying to counter, like a Wrath of God. They see the problem in advance, and can adapt their plans accordingly. For example, they could Return to Dust your Plate, then follow up with their Wrath. Of course, it's not always likely they have the right tools for that kind of play. All i am saying is that relying on Darksteel Plate is risky, since in a game with 2-3 opponents, someone will usually be able to interact at some point.
In comparison, a card like Sword of Feast and Famine protects the equipped creature to some degree, while providing some valuable offensive bonuses. Even if it gets removed after a turn or two, you hopefully reaped some solid benefits already.

saturnosring on Novijen, Cytoplast Laboratory

1 week ago

Panzerforge, thanks for the suggestion! I'll try them, they look quite interesting, specially the Song of the Dryads.

djeffs93 on Karametra gimme gimme lands

1 week ago

MegaMatt13 Vorinclex is indeed a card which has caused me much distress, however my playgroup do play the praetors so I will probably add it once I get a copy. As for your other suggestions, Retreat to Emeria looks good however I already have Emeria Angel who pumps out flying 1/1's. Tireless Tracker and Harmonize have been on my hitlist for a while. As for Mirror Entity, Song of the Dryads and Rude Awakening... wow. Hadn't seen these cards before, they are definitely going into the deck. Rude Awakening in particular would be a win con late game. Cheers for the suggestions!

Panzerforge on Novijen, Cytoplast Laboratory

1 week ago

In these colors, if you go with a slightly higher budget, you have access to two of the best Commander removals in the game:

Imprisoned in the Moon
Song of the Dryads

Without a solid way to break the enchantment, these gems can take a problematic commander out of play without letting them sneak away to the command zone!

MegaMatt13 on Karametra gimme gimme lands

1 week ago

Nice deck :) I agree with the previous suggestions for Avenger of Zendikar and Selfless Spirit.

Something other great cards that would work in here:

Retreat to Emeria spits out tokens or anthems the team.

Tireless Tracker for card draw

Oran-Rief Hydra if you like big creatures

Rude Awakening to turn tour lands into a win condition.

Mirror Entity wins on the spot with a lot of mana out

Harmonize is a card draw staple any green deck can benefit from.

Song of the Dryads is one of my favourite removal cards in the game due to its flexibility and its ability to shut off commanders

Hope this helps

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