Nissa, Steward of Elements


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare
SDCC Promo 2017 (S17) None

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Nissa, Steward of Elements

Planeswalker — Nissa

+2: Scry 2.

0: Look at the top card of your library. If it's a land card or a creature card with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of loyalty counters on Nissa, Steward of Elements, you may put that card onto the battlefield.

-6: Untap up to two target lands you control. They become 5/5 Elemental creatures with flying and haste until end of turn. They're still lands.

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Nissa, Steward of Elements Discussion

Atuva on Momir Vig, Tutor Visionary

1 day ago

Have you considered Soothsaying, Nissa, Steward of Elements, Spellbook, Edric, Spymaster of Trest or even Statecraft. Statecraft is best if you can move, flicker, or bounce it; or if you have a win condition outside of combat damage because it basically makes all of your creatures Fog Bank. If you're more agro then I'd recommend Edric, Spymaster of Trest.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls is really good too when paired with Mind Over Matter and Laboratory Maniac.

Glacial Chasm is another good way to keep people from agroing onto you.

PikaSir on U/G Scapeshift Lands

2 weeks ago

I don't think Wildgrowth Walker is doing much when you only have Merfolk Branchwalker to back it up. I would try to get the full 4x scapeshift in there, at least one more. and back it up with some solid counterspells or even more dorks such as Channeler Initiate. I think either Nissa, Steward of Elements or Nissa, Vital Force could be strong to.

Thebiggalactus on UG turbo fog

2 weeks ago

Have you thought about maybe adding Torrential Gearhulk or Nissa, Steward of Elements as win cons? Torrential could flashback those fogs, and Nissa could manipulate your deck and eventually bring down big flying beaters. Either way cool deck!

stikmn33 on Mono-Green Explore

3 weeks ago

You should splash blue for Nissa, Steward of Elements she cheats all your cheap creatures into play of ramps you. She is my brawl commander and with explore you just run away with the game.

multimedia on Elves of Dominaria (M19)

3 weeks ago

Merrena, the Simic guild is not in the first Ravnica set Guild of Ravnica :( Simic is in the January 2019 second set Ravnica Allegiance. This is unfortunate, that's a long time to wait for new Simic Elves.

Because of still having three months of Botanical Sanctum Simic with Skyrider Patrol has potential until post rotation. I also really like Exclusion Mage even though it's not an Elf as well as another three drop it's effect is quite strong. Hadana's Climb  Flip is a good include; it can win games out of no where. Negate perfect sideboard card for Elves. Nissa, Steward of Elements is a good mana sink.

I haven't really playtested Skyrider yet, but Grand Warlord Radha doesn't look like she fits. Can't use mana that Radha and Elves make after they attack with Skyrider's ability. It happens at beginning of combat this is before any Elf has attacked. I do like the idea however of equally attacking from both the ground and the air with Elves.

Two different angles of attack definitely can bring some added fun in gameplay. I like Skyrider with Thorn Lieutenant, Steel Leaf Champion, Clancaller and Marwyn. Giving Thorn flying is very good with his pump ability. Champion and Skyrider curve into each other for a nasty turn five attack.

Revedeka on Totonka's Mono Green Defenders

3 weeks ago

Hey, I saw you comment on my deck (Tetsuko & Doran's Assault Formation!), and I'd love to see if I can give you any tips for this deck.

As you already said in your description for this deck, Arcades, the Strategist might be a very good card for this deck, especially if you like control decks. White-Green-Blue is a very nice color combination for a control deck, and the defender creatures you are running just add onto that. Furthermore, this deck as it is now can only make your creatures with defender attack if you happen to draw Assault Formation, which means there are gonna be some games were you won't be able to get it. However, you can play around this with your big creatures.

Arcades, the Strategist also lets you draw more cards, which together with Lead the Stampede and your creatures that make mana allow you to build up a very strong board, However, you do already have Soul of the Harvest, which kinda does the same, but just costs 2 more. For that reason, even if you don't play Arcades, the Strategist, I really like your Lead the Stampedes, If you want to stay mono green you could even play something like Commune with Nature to fetch another creature.

If you're wondering what kind of creatures with defender you get access to when also going into blue and white, here are some nice options: Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip can work with your mana ramping, Wall of Frost, Wall of Denial, Stalwart Shield-Bearers, Wall of Omens I really love this card together with your Carven Caryatid and Soul of the Harvest (and Arcades, the Strategist if you want to run it) since it just make you fly through your deck, Dragon's Eye Sentry, Perimeter Captain, and you get access to Rolling Stone, however between Assualt Formation and Arcades, the Strategist, you wont need it. Also you get access to some metagame staples like Path to Exile.

Perhaps a Tower Defense or Shape the Sands (or Aegis of the Heavens (its a new m19 card so tappedout wont let me link it) when playing white) could also make this deck more explosive if you want to go that route, but since you are not reliant on making your creatures with defender attack, Carnage Tyrant is a nice beater, when going into white you also get access to angels which are great late game creatures, you might even think about running card with in their mana costs, like Entreat the Angels, Quarantine Field, Secure the Wastes, Animist's Awakening, Chord of Calling, Enshrined Memories, Genesis Wave, Nissa, Steward of Elements.

Finally, I don't really like Trolls of Tel-Jilad, Terastodon, and Naya Panorama since they don't really do much. I would also up your land count to at least 20, even with all the mana acceleration. Maybe even 22-24. As for your current maybeboard, I like the Axebane Guardian, and all the other card are also good beaters except for Silklash Spider, Prey Upon your defender creatures have no power, even with Assault Formation, not 100% sure on this interaction though, and Elixir of Immortality, If you want lifegain, perhaps a Jaddi Offshoot is better?

I hope this helps you a little! I like the deck and its versatility a lot!

t3hdarkness on Muldrotha, the Brawltide

3 weeks ago

I replaced Woodland Stream, Submerged Boneyard, and Foul Orchard with basic lands in my version Children of Rot and Ruin (Muldrotha Brawl). The deck seems to run a lot better that way.

I've also got some massive plays out of Song of Freyalise, especially when combined with Paradox Engine. Two turns of explosive mana to empty out the graveyard or accelerate Muldrotha onto the field followed by a brutal hit when the third lore counter is added. Then, since they all have vigilance I doo it all over again. Paradox Engine isn't exactly budget friendly, but it will probably do more work than Nissa, Steward of Elements or Fetid Pools if you need to cut for price.

To keep your ETB abilities working you might want to add a sac outlet. I use Ruthless Knave since his ability essentially only costs one mana. It also has a nice interaction with Underhanded Designs

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