Vraska's Contempt


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Vraska's Contempt


Exile target creature or planeswalker. You gain 2 life.

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Vraska's Contempt Discussion

ErcMan013 on A Deep Secret

3 days ago

@dzapf2008, I run Siren Stormtamer both because the ability comes in handy, and because it's a cheap flyer which can win a game depending on the opponent. Captivating Crew is in there simply for the possibility for a good creature steal, more fun then actually strategy. Vraska's Contempt is just the best 'kill' spell right now in my opinion. It beats both gods and planeswalkers plus a little life gain. I did consider Vraska, Relic Seeker but the cost turned me away. I could see switching out Captivating Crew for her, but all in all the token generation is strong enough.

dconover on R/B Pirates

3 days ago

Ramunap Ruins instead of mountainsLightning Strike to main boardVraska's Contempt should be main board

Sure Strike should be cutSkulduggery should be cutFell Flagship is possible cut

Cut should be added

Pieguy396 on Tezz Seems to Have an Invisible Touch

4 days ago

Have you considered a couple of Vraska's Contempt in the maindeck, maybe over a couple of Servo Schematics or Hope of Ghirapur? You seem a little light on removal.

w33m4n on Gearhulk Exploitation

4 days ago

I just opened 2 windows in browser and played the decks side by side on here. Your deck definitely has the synergy to work, you may just need some more answers to things. I'd also recommend finding a way to fit 1 or 2 Vraska's Contempt or Hour of Glory(budget answer). Also as an option, look at Ixalan's Binding in sideboard or maindeck over Cast Out. Each have their up and down. Cast Out is faster with flash but Ixalan's Binding Keeps them from playing any copies of what you exile

dzapf2008 on A Deep Secret

5 days ago

I really like your deck. I have made a similar one, U/B/R Pirate Treasure. I would like any suggestions you could give my deck. Why do you have Captivating Crew and Siren Stormtamer in your deck? I didn't include any creatures that didn't add a treasure token. I could see using Siren Stormtamer's abilities but not Captivating Crew. Do you ever use Vraska's Contempt for a Planeswalker, or just creature removal? What do you think about adding Vraska, Relic Seeker as a second wincon & token generator? Sorry for so many questions. +1 Upvote from me!

BlaineTog on Bad Bogles 2: Back in Black -- $8 / 2 tix Hexproof

6 days ago

Really just swapping in Carnage Tyrant for Scaled Behemoth and upgrading the Mana base to include some mix of premium dual lands, then swap in Vraska's Contempt for Hour of Glory in the sideboard. Other than that, we're already running the best cards we can for this deck; I wouldn't even really want Fatal Push over Trial of Ambition since we can often fire off a single Trial multiple times per game. I guess you could cram a copy or two of The Scarab God in but I'm not sure the deck really needs it.

That said, a stronger mana base would open up more sideboard options. That would really be up to you, though; sideboards always depend on the local meta anyway.

Pieguy396 on Hulkamania 3.0 (Mardu God-Pharoah's Gift)

6 days ago

Hey there! Cool deck! I am slightly curious why Madcap Experiment is in here; it's a great way to find God-Pharaoh's Gift, sure, but with only 3 artifacts in your deck, it has a very real possibility of just killing you, too. I would recommend running Gate to the Afterlife as a more reliable way of finding your Gift, and maybe some more creatures such as Kitesail Freebooter, Seekers' Squire, Gonti, Lord of Luxury, etc.

As for your sideboard, the Esper Gift lists running around Standard generally include cards like Deadeye Tracker, Duress, Walk the Plank, Dreamstealer, and Vraska's Contempt; have you considered any of those?

TehWERR on Winding Wildgrowth

1 week ago

since it looks like you are trying to get damage in with mostly vanilla creatures, I suggest you find room for more removal in the main board. what happens if you get to 5 mana and your opponent plays The Scarab God. nothing you have can go toe to toe with it and the walk the planks only delays it. perhaps Vraska's Contempt ? (I know they are pricey)

also you have a even split on mana, but I think black mana might be a bit more valuable to you early. perhaps drop a Forest for a Swamp ?

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