Mechanized Production


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Mechanized Production

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact you control

At the beginning of your upkeep, create a token that's a copy of enchanted artifact. Then if you control eight or more artifacts with the same name as one another, you win the game.

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Mechanized Production Discussion

Winterblast on Atraxa, the Anhedonist Overseer and The Syn

13 hours ago

I'm also currently playing an Atraxa Stax, but it's a bit different, you can have a look here:

Atraxa's super(un)friendly Stax

Commander / EDH Winterblast


When plaiyng Stax I don't really like to have so many removals but rather proactive control elements, which prevent other people from playing in the first place. I'm surprised you don't play Tangle Wire, which is great with both Doubling Season and the commander (I know you want to stay at 0 creatures, but there's a . Also Smokestack fits in nicely, you could absolutely cut some one-time removal for more constant disruption.

Also, cost increasing stuff, such as Sphere of Resistance, Thorn of Amethyst, and in black most important Nether Void often helps that other players can't even get their game going at all, but you would need more speed as well then. I even play all these artifact stax pieces as an alternative win con with Mechanized Production. Infinite mana is nice, but I'd rather trade it for a constant fast start with every available and mana artifact

I don't really see how Marchesa's Decree does much besides making you the Monarch ONCE, then painting a target on your head...losing one life for attacking you won't keep anyone from doing that and chances you become the monarch again are low with no creatures. This feels like giving extra cards to your opponents for a very low price. I'd rather have other slowdown stuff for creature based decks, such as Overburden, Tainted AEther, maybe AEther Barrier or pieces for possible locks, for example Land Equilibrium (which leaves everyone at 0 lands after Armageddon, if you won't play a land again - easily possible with more mana artifacts). I've even won games with a turn 1 or turn 2 Land Equilibrium, it's a pretty sick card.

Daynthebold on Death by Clue

2 days ago

I bit the bullet and ordered more copies of Authority of the Consuls. I was wondering if I should throw in some Renegade Map in order to thin the deck and ensure I have lands when I need. I want to run multiple copies of Mechanized Production because all it takes is one Fragmentize to ruin the day. I'll swap in my three Port Towns again.

Red_X on Death by Clue

2 days ago

Okay, a few things that I think will help you out.

First: I'd move the Dispels to the sideboard because they are near dead against everything in tier 1 and 1.5 besides temur tower, and I would cut them down to 2 there because you don't really want multiples.

Second: Once again Authority of the Consuls is a good card for getting to the late game, slows down vehicles some, and stops the copy cat combo. You want it as early as possible, and multiples gain extra life, so I would up that to at least 3.

Third: Mechanized Production is overpriced until you are winning with it, meaning you don't need it till turn 5-6 at earliest, which gives you a 35% chance of drawing it in time assuming no acceleration (as compared to 43% for a 4 of). You also have a ton of draw power in clues to get it when you need it.

Fourth: You are a control deck that is attempting to draw and play lands every turn for as long as possible. Even with acceleration, you probably want at minimum 24 lands, probably closer to 26.

Fifth: Speaking of lands, it looks like you picked your lands based off of your mana breakdown, which is good but a bit misleading. You have 9 spells that you are casting turn 5-6 or later that have double color mana cost that you don't need to worry a ton about because you are a 2 color deck that is most likely going to have all the mana you want. Additionally, you want more white mana than at first glance because Authority of the Consuls and Thraben Inspector are both cards you want to cast on turn 1 as often as possible. Because of that, I think you also want Port Town to reduce the chance of blue flooding early.

Tell me what you think and how it works.

excasteal on Seizing the Means of Production: A Soviet Tale

3 days ago

Crackdown Construct combo is pretty frail and easy to disrupt. I'd focus more on just playing blue clue control with Mechanized Production as your win con. You don't need 4 copies with that strategy, either.

Ceondoc on Mechanized Winning

4 days ago

BroskiScorpion yeah, Sigarda's Aid is pretty good. I threw some into the sideboard. It can really help with Mechanized Production, as well as throwing out a quick Imprisoned in the Moon. Might move it to mainboard.

The_Lost_Primarch on That time I pumped my ...

4 days ago

I don't really remember how it got to that number apart from Solidarity of Heroes, Kalonian Hydra, Primordial Hydra, and a lot of waiting. In the end, it ended up being a whopping 6,240/6,240 creature with trample! (Still lost though, due to an alternate win condition with Mechanized Production and my fear of creature-killers and counterspells.)

Last week I managed to pumped it up to 5,120 during a slow game of Two-Headed Giant, They had hands full of "Return to owner's hand" and all of that blue stuff so no attacking for me once again (My swiftfoot boots were at the bottom of my library both times). My partner won us that game, though.

LithiumHD on Clue aggro

5 days ago

tater tots are better. also consider Mechanized Production for another win-con

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