Mechanized Production


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Mechanized Production

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact you control

At the beginning of your upkeep, create a token that's a copy of enchanted artifact. Then if you control eight or more artifacts with the same name as one another, you win the game.

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Mechanized Production Discussion

bmagazu on mechanized production servos

9 hours ago

I like this list. Advise trimming a Second Harvest and perhaps playing Metallic Rebuke main. It's great as a flash-win combo with Mechanized Production but isn't often helpful in multiples or top-decked when you need action. How have you been doing with it?

ChasingTheDawn on west servo abbey

1 day ago

Also if you felt like splashing blue, Mechanized Production makes for a nice win con with all them servo's.

Daedalus19876 on Toy Shop of Terrors

1 day ago

Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to look at this deck. Here are some quick suggestions :)

1) The deck needs a better description - it's hard to give advice without seeing the combos in an artifact deck.

2) You seem to have most of the central combos for Sydri, Galvanic Genius already, so that's good.

3) Ashnod's Altar seems a bit odd. Is there a combo I'm missing?

4) I'm always a fan of Metalworker and Inspiring Statuary.

5) You seem to be missing an Arcum Dagson to find your combos.

6) I might consider adding Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in here as well.

6) I'm always a sucker for Efficient Construction and Mechanized Production in an artifact deck.

Hope this was at least a little helpful!

Calliber on Info for general deck construction

2 days ago

EDH deck building is harder than modern because of your card count and limitations to 1 of that card. Plus you could play 10 games and never even draw some cards. I don't consider myself "good" but I prefer EDH because it doesn't require a large investment and provides a great social time, so I'll chime in. I play casual only because of time restraints and budget. I like to sit down at night with some friends, have some drinks and hash out a couple quick games (1 hour?) or a long game (2-3 hours). . For me, first it comes down to this.

Build around a concept/color or Build around a Commander.

[List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

Commander / EDH* thegigibeast

SCORE: 374 | 4779 COMMENTS | 326036 VIEWS | IN 341 FOLDERS

As you can see for the top competitive tiers, lots of tutors or combo/win enablers. They tend to rely on their Commander to run their decks effectively or beat face with their commander by enabling the 21 damage rule....and some degenerates will use Infect (filthy filthy filthy). Ahem, anyways. Concept or Commander, it's really your choice. Sometimes you run across a legendary creature that you'd think would make a neat commander, and build a deck around it. In this case you'll typically try exploiting some aspect of that Commander. As for Concept Design, you build the deck first and then add in a commander to aid the deck, these decks tend to work well without the commander ever hitting the field, in which case they're there simply for the color, example Teysa, Orzhov Scion: Is she going to win the game alone? Typically no, but she would work great as support in a sac-reanimate deck as an optional low cost sac engine and creature removal. But, if you use Nin, the Pain Artist then you are likely building the deck with use of her activated ability as a key component, so she would be a Commander first, deck build second type.

As for me, I've done both and both can work just fine. But in competitive realms (I'm casual mind you) you're going to be building with the commander in mind since you can utilize them at any time you wish and they usually implement ways to hit infinite combos.

So, first pick what kind of deck you are going to run and then you have to decide how you plan on winning: Beat down, Commander Damage, Poison (evil glare), Mill, Life-drain, Infinite Combo or Card Conditional Win (like Mechanized Production and Laboratory Maniac). It's usually a good idea to have several win conditions in a deck since you only get 1 of the card (with a couple exceptions), so make use of your options. And Tutors....utilize Tutors (hence strong tendency of tutoring abilities in the top tiers).

Generally speaking, I try to have at least 33 lands, maybe more depending on the other cards in my deck and mana costs. I then look at how the mechanics of my deck are going to work and what colors I'm utilizing. When I went out to build my mono-white Bruna, the Fading Light deck, I saw the obvious Angel/Human tribal pattern and then decided to focus on ETB effects (of which is very strong in Angels and white in general, I know that Bruna is on cast though) which led to adding Panharmonicon and lots of Blinking spells. Then the obvious issue of white, card draw. So I added artifacts for card draw and that was essentially the make-up of the deck. Then I made of list of desired cards in a budget range, included some board wipes, some "fun" surprises from Time Spiral and BAM...EDH deck. Fun deck, gets some crazy combos going.

Board Wipes/Control: Unless you're investing heavily in card mechanics it's a good idea to have several board wipes available because EDH games can get a bit crazy in terms of board states.

Removal: You have no side board, so adding ways for spot removal of creatures, Planeswalkers, lands, Enchantments, Artifacts is a good idea, but also dependent on your color selection.

Mana Costs: You're coming from Modern, so don't expect the game to be decided by turn 4. You can afford to have higher cost spells, even in RED! Yes, red has spells that cost more than 3, go figure...I'm just being a smart ass now. Anyways, keeping cost down isn't a bad idea though, but keep in mind that getting to 8 or 12 mana isn't hard to do in commander so those high cost spells in the realm of 5-8 are definitely use-able. You might have all kinds of 2-3 drop cards but you'll quickly be top-decking in no time flat while everyone else is just biding time as you burn out and then just board wipe you. A vanilla 3/3 in EDH is simply a speed bump. Ramp is always viable, but typically just more inconsistent in EDH. Typically keeping your total cost to around 3.5-4CMC is a good idea unless you're running lots of ramp (in which case your board state is going to be weak anyways because of spells used on mana rocks and mana dorks early on). Also, Sol Ring. Get one.

Card advantage is huge is EDH, can't state that enough. You'll be dead without sufficient means to cast more spells. Hence again the tutoring commanders. It took my friend who plays Modern G/W Elves, Modern Red burn, and Modern Green Infect (all of which stomp our casual modern home brews in 3-4 turns) nearly a year of getting stomped by our EDH decks to realize that maintaining card advantage is maybe the biggest factor involved in EDH games. He'd always managed 20-30 damage on someone and then quickly lose ground because he wasn't replacing the cards in his hand. Graveyard utilization is also important for colors that can utilize it.

Politics: Now, head to head, there isn't any. Just go after each other until someone wins. But when it's 3 or more players, this is important. Your deck might be able to beat someone head to head, but if it's 2 versus 1 will you survive? This is where deck balance is important. If you are an aggressive player you're going to quickly draw a target on your self.

Time Spiral!!! No matter what color you focus on, you look through this block. Do it! Nothing is more fun than doing the unexpected.

Synergy is important though to be competitive, without it decks really don't flow and sometimes you're sitting there with a dead card you can't use. But don't discount the fun factor either. Warp World doesn't really synergize with much but damn it's fun to use. Or get a group, find random decent cards, throw them together and see what happens, this leads to some great games actually. Ensuring that each card benefits really comes down to trial and error. I used Talent of the Telepath in my Lazav semi-mill deck that utilizes the opponent's deck against them. Does it synergize with my deck and commander: hell ya it does. But my group doesn't utilize many game changing Instant/Sorcery spells so it more times than not fizzles.

Anyways, that's some advice from a long winded filthy casual >;)

MoonTurtle7 on Help with Bant EDH

2 days ago

I can suggest maybe some lifegain? with Felidar Sovereign and just a fiew life gain cards like Suture Priest Essence Warden Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant you can win just by stalling.

This one is just something I run as a side win-con. Whirlermaker (In your case this one depends on your artifact inclusion) ->Thopter Spy Network and then Mechanized Production.

Seeing as you are bant, you could even sun some of the Investigate staples like Tireless Tracker, Bygone Bishop, Briarbridge Patrol, Ongoing Investigation so you can win with Mechanized Production

Trap7x on Marionette's Journal

2 days ago

Mechanized Production you're in blue and i feel like this card just wins you games if it hits the board.

Shad0wRaz0r on Red/Blue (Help!!!)

3 days ago

I do not think you need Saheeli Rai. She does not work that well in an artifact deck like this. If you would like to use her, use her in a copy cat combo deck with Felidar Guardian.If you want to go mono blue artifacts with a Metalwork Colossus and Mechanized Production, condsider taking Padeem, Consul of Innovation. She will give your colossus(i) hexproof as they duplicate to win you the game. If you want to go for a R/B deck with fast artifact aggro, you can look at my RB Artifact Aggro Deck for suggestions. But if you do want to make that deck, then you should probably take Scrapheap Scrounger. It is a powerful aggro card that is very hard to get rid of.I believe that RBU is usually run as a control deck, so I don't think you'll find that many good options for artifacts in these combined colors. From your options right now, it appears that you have either a mono blue control deck to back up a Mechanized Production combo, UB Artifacts, or R/B aggro. You can probably make individual decks from these ideas.

Joshua_Post12321 on Red/Blue (Help!!!)

3 days ago

one last thing, I would put in more Mechanized Production because if you get like a Metalwork Colossus out then using the mechanized productions on it would pretty much make it so they can't win the game anymore. also that would mean that you should put more Metalwork Colossus' in. i would have a 4 of both of them or maybe 3 colossus's

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