Eldrazi Displacer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Eldrazi Displacer

Creature — Eldrazi

Devoid (This card has no colour.)

: Exile another target creature, then return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control. ( represents colourless mana.)

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Eldrazi Displacer Discussion

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

4 days ago

Potential stuff to cut:

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite (Good but costy...), Crawlspace (Who attacks here?), Tamiyo's Journal + Thraben Inspector Combo (Huh... No more mass repeatable tutoring I guess; unless one can suggest something that's not Ring of Three Wishes ( is bad at counters as a whole... :/), anything overcosted (Planar Bridge or even Mangara's Tome.), I don't even know what to replace w/...), Strionic Resonator (This is Plausible; I dunno if I should cut it...), Icy Manipulator (the cost is severe; & can only apply to one opponent w/o Paradox Engine...), Vedalken Orrery (Having Flash is good, but is it good here?), Aegis of the Gods (Is having Hexproof in this case good?), Farrelite Priest (A mediocre Mana Dork...), Several other ETB/CIP Creatures (This is noted as Eldrazi Displacer is booted.), Possibly Ashes of the Abhorrent (VERY Similar to Grafdigger's Cage. Is this good?), & that's all I can think of... Is this a good assortment of cuts, hkhssweiss? I'm just doing some guesses on this for now...

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

4 days ago

Also, several Questions:

  1. How can my Rocks bypass Stony Silence/Null Rod? I have a lot of these rocks you know...

  2. Why Rest in Peace? Boros Doesn't have their own Riftsweeper; or am I not correct?

  3. Should I cut Barren Glory + Oblivion Ring + Apocalypse for being too slow? Can Grand Abolisher help this though?

  4. Sunforger Package needs to stay. How do I use it when Artifact Hate won't even allow me to equip?

  5. Can you think of a combo w/ Rule of Law/Eidolon of Rhetoric that works wonders, & isn't Possibility Storm + Knowledge Pool?

  6. W/ Containment Priest locking out all ETB/CIP effects (Thus Removing Eldrazi Displacer.), what to use for a Value Town Engine?

  7. W/ all the Artifact hate, Should I find another way of Extra Turns? Artifacts are out; "Lose the Game" effects are too risky, & I'm not in ...

  8. I don't have Dramatic Reversal in my colors, so how good is Paradox Engine?

I think these are too many Questions but still...

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

4 days ago

@hkhssweiss: Based on a previous comment, my plans is to make a Value/Stax Deck (Prison is just a small part of the latter.). Based on those things mentioned, all three are right. Problem now is the Value part is suppressed massively; even ETB/CIP stuff are useless. That's one thing I want: Stuff that can activate while bypassing such things. Also, stuff like Null Rod, & Stony Silence both can bypass Mana Abilities, restricting & negate them all. I appreciate the suggestions though, hkhssweiss. Thanks. The Stax part is great; but I hope we can find a way to bring value w/o Eldrazi Displacer; now that Containment Priest is a given... Hope this solves at least something! :D

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

4 days ago

Hmm... Essentially, Eldrazi Displacer would need to be removed in this case? I wonder how this will end up w/o ETB/CIP triggers... Thanks though; I'll revise my list later... For now; I have a Vorthos deck of my own to help w/, if anyone knows UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Lore... & NOT all Aggro & no substance...

BMHKain on TheErebos

4 days ago

Hello, TheErebos. Someone suggested to you about a certain thing; but I'm unsure if you'd agree w/ my cause...

Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Yep. cEDH Boros. I was using Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, switched to Aurelia, the Warleader, & now Partners Akiri, Line-Slinger & Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder. My deck is based on three archetupes: Value Town, Stax, & Prison (Though that might just be another part of Stax.). I wonder if you are interested in this kind of thing; I believe Boros can win w/o going Aggro at all. I intend to try & bring these (& potentially Aurelia 1) to Tier 3. While there are things lack in some ways, I believe they can improve on such ideas in their own way...

Also, I wonder how one can Break Parity, & what Parity even is. I just wonder if these are the right CMDRs for this... (Both are on at least Tier 4.) What options would you recommend for this; given I have stuff that Combos out (Eldrazi Displacer, Fiend Hunter + Sun Titan, Potentially many others.), & stuff that locks down opponents Glowrider, Vryn Wingmare, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Thorn of Amethyst, Sphere of Resistance, Winter Orb, Static Orb, Icy Manipulator, Grafdigger's Cage, Ashes of the Abhorrent, Stranglehold, Kismet, among many others all apply here. What do you think might be a better combo for Rule of Law/Eidolon of Rhetoric than Possibility Storm + Knowledge Pool? What do you think is best here for reaching CMC 2 or less here? Also, would Village Bell-Ringer + Smoke help here? Finally, this'll sound stupid, but I'm thinking of a Design for a Partner Commander Related Mat; but I dunno how to make it GP/Pro Tour Legal. Ideas, if any?

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

5 days ago

@hkhssweiss: I see... Well, I don't want to get close to Voltron in any way. Although that Art for Aurelia #1 looks epic. Just know I'm not just aiming for Infinite Aggro; My initial Plan is Value Town/Stax/Prison. What are your thoughts on Kismet? Should I add something like Winter Orb/Static Orb, or even Icy Manipulator? As for Treasonous Ogre, I guess there are ways around this... Lone Missionary can gain more life than lose from the Ogre; given he is flickered by Eldrazi Displacer, not sold on Resplendent Mentor, though it gives infinite life...

That said, FOUR Themes is overkill, & I dunno how to add in Aurelia into this... I don't want Equipment/Auras here, & I certainly don't want an overamount of stuff in such a way... I hope you Understand, sir. I'll be cutting some stuff for now if you want to find a way to add a 4th theme into all this...

...BTW, does Prison technically count as Stax? Just Wondering...

hkhssweiss on Aminatou Control Flicker

6 days ago

If you are going to an Esper control route with a sub theme of flicker, here might be some cards that can be of use. I'm going to list all the budget ones since you didn't really specify a limit. A fun way you can win though with a lot of manipulation is Approach of the Second Sun!

There are plenty of cards that can help, but hope this small tidbit helps!

griffstick on Stuff that's important for what ...

1 week ago

You are in boros colors. There really isnt much cEDH cards, plus when a card is suspended it's in exile. I'm not a competitive player I'm just taking a combo you mentioned and making it better. Plus you now mentioned Eldrazi Displacer that's more mana you are adding to the equation.

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