Eldrazi Displacer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Eldrazi Displacer

Creature — Eldrazi

Devoid (This card has no colour.)

: Exile another target creature, then return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control. ( represents colourless mana.)

Eldrazi Displacer Discussion

Daggerfella on Aminatou Guardian Doubledutch

5 hours ago

btw, you also can get an infinite loop with Peregrine Drake and Eldrazi Displacer however you will need lands such as pain lands and filter lands to beable to pay the colorless cost on the eldrazi displacer's activation. the colorless costs arent an issue, in my build of Aminatou the pain and filter lands help with mana fixing. Additionally this combo generates infinite mana. so if you want to win with Laboratory Maniac and a X card draw spell such as Blue Sun's Zenith or Sphinx's Revelation , OR Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire OR with Walking Ballista

Also you can do peregrine drake with Deadeye Navigator for infinite mana. however you can use deadeye navigator with Cloud of Faeries for infinite loop as well to get Altar of the Brood to infinite mill your opponent.

also have you considered Felidar Guardian and Liliana, Death's Majesty with Blasting Station ? ya can get infinite damage in on your opponent.

Many of these Combo's I have suggested are in my version as well as cards that can help get it going such as the tutor cards, transmute cards or cards like Trinket Mage or Fabricate

Jijim on Why don't you play 2 decks?

2 weeks ago


Like mentioned earlier, Emrakul has protection from spells but not from abilities. Flickerwisp , Aether Spellbomb , Oblivion Ring , Detention Sphere , Deputy of Detention , Reflector Mage and a lot more have triggered abilities. The disruptive ability is on the stack after the spell is cast. Emrakul is not save from these. We are playing a rather slow game with this deck so it's not unlikely that our opponent sacrifices six permanents to Emrakul and still has enough resources to cast one of these disruptive effects. In fact it happend a lot to me in games against Death and Taxes ( Flickerwisp , Eldrazi Displacer at instant speed before attacking -> no annilator trigger) and Humans ( Reflector Mage ).

Also Polymorph puts Emrakul onto the battlefield so you don't cast it and don't get the extra turn.

Sure Emrakul is the stronger choise with the annilator ability but objectively Progenitus has more protection and evasion and is a saver pick for a 2 turn clock.

This said I still play with Emrakul at the moment.

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Magic Roons, Laddie (Wishlist version)

2 weeks ago

Thornbite Staff is a complicated card and it takes a close reading. No shamans required.

The combo I was imagining, was your: Ashnod's Altar + Eldrazi Displacer + Trostani Discordant or variation thereof, with Thornbite Staff on any old creature. The infinite mana and infinite death triggers translate into infinite damage.

It has the downside of not going infinite with the infinite mana netted by Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator / Eldrazi Displacer so there's that.

Doesn't go infinite with Roon but it is value in the meantime. Any death trigger, your own or another's turns into a Roon activation if you have the mana for it.

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Magic Roons, Laddie (Wishlist version)

2 weeks ago

So I have a special fondness for Springjack Shepherd and Springjack Pasture in these kinds of decks. It can net you a lot of mana and life in a turn, and adds one more creature to go infinite with Ashnod's Altar and Eldrazi Displacer

is Training Grounds really worth it? I also don't really get what the big deal is with Dream Eater but that might just show what a bad blue mage I am.

I personally have problems with such an unflickerable as Walking Ballista being in a deck that's so much about flickering. Have you thought about Thornbite Staff for infinite damage instead? When it's not acting as a finisher it can give you more roon triggers.

hkhssweiss on Braggers Can't Be Choosers

4 weeks ago

Yo here is my deck list to take some ideas from~

Kneel Before Your King (Stax)

Commander / EDH hkhssweiss


Some includes that I would highly recommend for your build are cards like:

All are pretty much value cards that are super abuseable with Brago, and as RecklessN7 mentioned as well. The parallax cards are a hell of a good enchantment to run as well and I would consider them as well!

hkhssweiss on Magic Roons, Laddie (Wishlist version)

1 month ago

Yo Chandra585, first thing that I kind of noticed is that your running 32 lands. For a avg. CMC curve of 3.53, that is fairly low. In inclusion of it as well, you aren't running much ramp effects to match the curve as well. Since you want a mix of both flicker effects, ETB value, as well as good stuff value, I would consider adding in Brago, King Eternal . Single use burst plays aren't formidable enough in EDH unless it's a mass one, so I would cut out all the single target flicker cards with mass one like Ghostway . In addition, ramp creature or card advantage creatures should be considered like:

This would help you get more mana, as Roon can be quite an mana intensive deck. With that being said, Peregrine Drake is a great enabler to allow you have open mana at all times. Cloud of Faeries as well, but that's only if you have access to broken type of lands like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Gaea's Cradle .

I would also consider including Wargate (bias on this amazing card!) as well as Chord of Calling , as it has awesome interaction with Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer in allowing you pull any creatures from your deck, provided you have the mana for it! Wargate does double duty in pulling any permanents to the battlefield!

For protection package as well there are cards like Heroic Intervention and Faith's Reward as your oh shit button in the event where you need to protect everything. That goes along for Teferi's Protection as well. Being in Bant colors gives you a plethora of options and there are much things you can actually do. I would also consider more consistent blinking effects like Conjurer's Closet since you are in a semi-competitive meta as it is a threat but only a threat depending on what you have on the field. Same reasoning for Venser, the Sojourner , he also acts as triple duty in making additional ETB/LTB effects, if you add in Brago, making him unblockable, as well as win condition if he ults!

Along side that, Heartstone should become Training Grounds as reducing to is strictly better, and it makes Eldrazi Displacer cost only one colorless mana to blink which can get ridiculous value! Cards like Panharmonicon , Strionic Resonator , Illusionist's Bracers are a bit too finicky and are win-more type of cards. You can cut them out for efficiency, same with other creatures you run like Sigarda unless you are running her due to meta calls.

TL:DR - Add in some more lands, cut the big clunky win-more cards, use efficient spells to streamline deck. Wargate is a beast of a card and should definitely be included. Bant has so many choices so it depends on the level you want to build.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask for any more help, I like helping people deck tune their decks!

Funkydiscogod on Can Counterbalance Mimic Chalice of ...

1 month ago

I've been looking for other things that can do what top does:

hungry000 on converting an old deck into ...

1 month ago

I'd say those three are too slow in general, but Felhide Spiritbinder is okay enough if you're not playing too competitively.

In the competitive Modern scene, Aether Vial is used in Merfolk, Death and Taxes, Humans, Spirits, and sometimes GW. I don't think I'd say it's commonly used (as in not every creature deck plays it), but it's definitely a really good card and quite sought after. It's not worth buying a set for your minotaur deck. Vial works best in aggro decks with a high density of 2 cmc creatures, if it were to be put in a deck with more 3 cmc creatures it would be a slower midrangey/tempo type like Spirits or GW (the type of deck that plays Flickerwisp , Blade Splicer , Kitchen Finks , Eldrazi Displacer ) since Vial makes so much free value. Minotaurs has a tendency to go on the higher cmc side of things, but it's an aggro deck that does not tend to go for the value plan which makes it kind of weird with Aether Vial.

Also, I'd say Heartless Summoning is even faster than Aether Vial in minotaurs because of Ragemonger ... You can potentially drop your entire hand on turn 3 with a Heartless Summoning T2-->Ragemonger next turn, whereas with Aether Vial you'd have to wait until turn 4 before you could start cheating in 3 cmc creatures.

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Eldrazi Displacer occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.07%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%