Knight of the White Orchid

Knight of the White Orchid

Creature — Human Knight

First strike

When Knight of the White Orchid enters the battlefield, if an opponent controls more lands than you, you may search your library for a Plains card, put it into play, then shuffle your library.

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Knight of the White Orchid Discussion

VladMarkov on Mono W Angels

1 week ago

Hey NetholonTheArchmage,

thanks for your comment.

I took your advice about Knight of the White Orchid, Weathered Wayfarer and cutting off Pyramid of the Pantheon. I also cut off Alhammarret's Archive, Belbe's Portal and Quicksilver Amulet. I put Eldrazi Conscription and Grafted Exoskeleton instead, to keep my vow not to play Mass Land Destruction :)

I will see how it will turn out and hope it will develop into quite nice deck :)

Cheers :)

NetholonTheArchmage on Mono W Angels

1 week ago

@ VladMarkov , It's great to see someone building an angel-tribal deck! I once owned one too, also with Avacyn on the lead. While she might not be the best tribal-commander, it surely feels like she does belong in this position lore-wise.

As the deck has a very high CMC due to its angelic nature, I'd probably put in even more ramp-spells, exspecially to be able to ramp early on in the game, as your opponents tend to outvalue your deck with their boardstate, before you're even able to cast your first angel (At least in my own experience...).

Knight of the White Orchid is very useful early on. With you playing mono-white there's surely someone with more lands in play.

Mana Vault is most of the time a one-off, but if it allows you to cast Avacyn at least 3 turns earlier, it's absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Weathered Wayfarer isn't ramp on its own, helps you tutor for cards like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx though, or any other land you might need.

I'm not quite sure about Pyramid of the Pantheon. I have tried it in my own in a few of my decks, yet I never managed to get it working...

Finally, while I'm thinking in a similar way about Armageddon as you do, I think Worldslayer is a different kind of story, as you literally end the game by attacking with it and Avacyn in play. There's just no way that anyone will be able to recover from a successful attack with this ol' sword.

I hope these suggestions are of some help for you. I'm curious how this list might evolve in the near future.

MrKillStar on Slingin' Sammies and Slammin' Baddies (Biddies)

2 weeks ago

Nice list, but really need more mana base, unless your playgroup has the similar built deck...
I would go for 37 lands; cards like Oreskos Explorer;Gift of Estates;Knight of the White Orchid;Burnished Hart;Solemn Simulacrum; Land Tax/Endless Horizons to fetch some lands and thin your deck.
Marble Diamond/Coldsteel Heart;Mind Stone - more mana rocks.

MrKillStar on Bring Out Your Dead

2 weeks ago

In mono white, I would use more ramp and card draw.
Sol Ring; Mind Stone; Caged Sun; Gilded Lotus/Nyx Lotus; Smothering Tithe; Knight of the White Orchid; Endless Horizon/Land Tax; Burnished Hart; Marble Diamond/Coldsteel Heart; Pearl Medallion; Gift of Estates; etc.

Mind's Eye; Staff of Nin are both decent for some card draw.

Remember, you can exile YOUR attacking creatures with Settle the Wreckage to ramp up.
I'm gonna use some of those cards in my Celestial Crusade, which isnt updated yet, Im super lazy... :D

Cards I would remove:
Ajani's Mantra - only 1 life per each four turns is meh.
Teyo, the Shieldmage - hexproof is nice, but Im not really fan of Teyo.. I would rather go with Orbs of Warding for the same mana cost or add some ramp/draw.
Fencing Ace - It seems there isnt much ways to buff up this dude, should be more useful in some aura/equipment orientated deck.

multimedia on Call the Army

3 weeks ago

Hey, good start upgrading the precon on a budget.

28 lands is not enough land for an avg. CMC of 3.4 which is high. I recommend 36 lands and adding Knight of the White Orchid. First strike with a two drop Human is good with +2 pump from Jirina. You want to take more advantage of Jirina who's a four drop anthem effect for Humans. This means you want to consistently be able to play more impactful one drops (Champion of the Parish)/two drops (Thalia's Lieutenant)/three drops (Frontline Medic) to attack with the turn you play Jirina.

Tribal creature strategies in Commander fold to board wipes. To combat this play more repeatable instant speed indestructible protection (Etchings of the Chosen), creature recursion (Phyrexian Reclamation), reanimation (Alesha, Who Smiles at Death) and noncreature repeatable sources of Humans (Outlaws' Merriment).

Budget lands to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting to add more lands and other suggestions:

Would you like more help?

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Honour from the Grave

1 month ago

Hey, nice budget version.

You forgot Sol Ring? Ruinous Ultimatum wrecks all your opponents; leaving you untouched to attack. It's the most powerful Mardu spell currently in Commander. Mask of Memory is another way to discard Knights for Haakon or it's another way to get Haakon into your graveyard. Murderous Rider's adventure is an upgrade for a instant removal spell and then it's a Knight.

Exotic Orchard, Caves of Koilos, Battlefield Forge are budget land upgrades. Savai Triome is a Tri land Plains that Knight of the White Orchid can search for. When playing Sunforger than Mistveil Plains is worth adding because it's a way to repeatedly cast the same instant with Sunforger and it's also a Plains that Orchid can search for.

Changes to consider:

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