Knight of the White Orchid


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Rare
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Rare
Shards of Alara Rare

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Knight of the White Orchid

Creature — Human Knight

First strike

When Knight of the White Orchid enters the battlefield, if an opponent controls more lands than you, you may search your library for a Plains card, put it into play, then shuffle your library.

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Knight of the White Orchid Discussion

topdecker17 on Now you see me...

1 week ago

I can see what you're saying about the detain effect being weak against certain creatures and their effects, however if I remove these creatures entirely, I'm not certain what other creatures I could add to keep opponents from attacking or blocking. The point of the deck is to lock down the board and keep people from attacking, blocking, and activating certain effects without breaking the bank, and the point of flicker effects is to reuse this in order to keep the board locked down.

The life gain was put in there because I took the prototype of this deck to fnm (this was a much more budget, weaker version due to the shop's prices for singles being higher for certain cards) and lost extremely quickly to burn. Because of this, I thought adding in some kind of life gain that synergized with flickered creatures would benefit it and add a bit of padding until I could start the combo.

Basically, I'm afraid that if I add in blade splicer and get rid of creatures with detain, sure I'll get a lot of tokens, but if the opponent has a solid board state or has any sort of board control/board wipe then what do I have to fall back on? Nothing but sheer numbers, luck, and creature bodies.

Perhaps I'll add in some Path to Exile (if they're cheap enough) or Oblivion Ring or something. I'll definitely toss in Wall of Omens , that will definitely benefit the deck and still ping off mentor's ability, and I will definitely replace Borderland Ranger with Knight of the White Orchid , as this seems like a very solid replacement and a much more solid body.

PeeBee on Now you see me...

1 week ago

It feels like you are trying to do everything with your creatures and I would try and stick to the "hatebears" plan, by dropping some of the creatures that dont hate on your opponents gameplan, as modern is a quick format and putting in creatures that dont do anything for a turn or 2 is a easy way to lose. Also to up the consistency of the deck I suggest having more 4 of's.

Soul Warden - great card but i'm not sure why you'd want the lifegain, other cards would be more impactful. -4

Elvish Visionary - doesnt allow you to hurt the opponents gameplan. -4

Borderland Ranger - same as elvish visionary. -3

Azorius Arrester & Azorius Justiciar - detain is a outdated and quite weak ability which stops lots of creatures doing a few things, but still allows creatures to keep passive abilities, crew vehicles and be sacrificed to pay for costs. Dark Confidant for example wont mind that hes detained, he will still draw the extra card. -8

Total -19

Flickerwisp - I would up this to 4 in your deck, it not only hits hard in the air, but also aids your "flicker" gameplan. +1

Restoration Angel - I would up this to 4 in your deck, it also hits in the air, flickers creatures and doesnt die to Lightning Bolt +2

Blade Splicer - This is a great creature already, but gets better if it gets flickered. I would add 4 into the deck. +4

Knight of the White Orchid - First strike is a great keyword, but the ability to fetch a land if your behind is a great target to flicker. +4

Wall of Omens - I would rather play this than, Elvish Visionary as this survives longer, enables better blocking and still draws the card. +4

Total +15

These are suggestion in what you could do with the deck and keep it budget, although my suggestion is that you turn your deck mostly white, meaning you may want to drop the green or only play green late game, e.g. acidic slime at 5 CMC.

if you are going to play more white Eldrazi Displacer and Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit are 2 other good creatures to put in the deck.

rwking082 on The Alliance of Kjeldor

1 week ago

Great deck! Monowhite soldiers was also my first EDH. Here are some recommendations that the ever-helpful tappedout community hasn't already given you:

For ramp, I'd recommend Knight of the White Orchid, Kor Cartographer, and Ashnod's Altar. Any one of those can help you get ahead, especially the altar with all of your tokens.

Any Elspeth planeswalker will be a boon. Check them out: Elspeth Tirel, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

True Conviction will suddenly make your army really scary. Honor of the Pure, Leyline of the Meek, and Intangible Virtue all buff your soldiers.

Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant makes all of your creatures nigh-indestructible.

Mass Calcify is a decent boardwipe in a monowhite deck that's under a dollar.

Devout Invocation can give you a massive army.

Enlightened Tutor can get those useful artifacts and enchantments that you need to make everything huge.

For card draw, maybe look into Culling Dais. It's a janky card, but you have the tokens to spare and by the time you're topdecking you can probably refill your hand.

DanteBeleren on Aurelia, the Pissed Off Redhead

2 weeks ago

Looks like a good start. Boros is a hard color to build in EDH, but as long as you know how to play against your playgroup you shouldn't have as many problems.

Some considerations that might work for you (budget allowing) are Sunforger, Endless Horizons, and good ol' Land Tax/Scroll Rack combo. Other cards to help with mana are Tithe, Knight of the White Orchid, and Boros Signet.

It's not a tuned deck, but I have a silly deck list for Boros where every card in the deck has exact color identity (Red/White). If you wanna take a look at that, it's fairly budget and might have some cards you might find worth using. Rage of the Pure.

Either way, good luck with your deck and +1 from me!

Disgraceful_Duckling on Govern the Sky, Seize the Land.

2 weeks ago

Heartless Hidetsugu, Malignus have obvious synergy with gisela. Mirran Crusader is always a solid early drop if you're lacking for that, idk if you are. Inferno Titan is always good. If you're playing tokens, where is Odric, Master Tactician? If you're playing Gisela, why do you need Sphere of Safety and Ghostly Prison? I love the inclusion of Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast. Underrated cards. Blue kills Boros too often. You can afford some dead draws against other decks.

Where is Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Blasphemous Act, etc? If you're looking to spend more money for a colorless option, Oblivion Stone exists. Boardwipes are important. Austere Command is incredible, but it's a 6-drop and sometimes you really need the mana. Casting Blasphemous Act for one red mana is not uncommon.

44 lands is excessive. Is there a specific reason I'm missing to run more than 40? Land-heavy decks tend to run 40-42. I'd cut down to 38-40. Ancient Amphitheater is basically a second Boros Guildgate in a deck without a lot of giants. Cascading Cataracts seems bad to me. It's indestructible but it's lategame fixing and otherwise can't produce colored mana. A ramp alternative is Chromatic Lantern.

Speaking of ramp, Boros has a hard time with it (Land Tax is great but not enough -- it's one card) and it's honestly questionable to not run Burnished Hart, Thran Dynamo, etc. I really enjoy Endless Horizons but you have to not play into enchantment-hate. Knight of the White Orchid is obviously good; I hold that Oreskos Explorer is always at least Okay in a multiplayer game and in 1v1 is basically a second KOTWO. Good call on Boros Signet, some people undervalue those. I consider them mandatory in 2-color and usually in 3-color as well.

In general, ramp is a more consistent way to A: not get land-flooded and B: cast big stuff faster. Lands are less susceptible to destroy effects..... until someone drops Armageddon.

Wheel of Fortune-style effects are probably a good idea. In a color pairing as desperate for card draw as Boros, Faithless Looting isn't even bad.

Hope this helped. I like Boros a little too much so I get very excited when people try to get into it.

Dokujin on Blades of the Darkmoon

2 weeks ago


This was pretty much my next big deck build....very nice!! I had written it all out and here it is!!! lol albeit I had some different creature choices the main one being Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip in lieu of Student of Warfare plus the inclusion of the anthem spells Honor of the Pure @ 4 and the additional Always Watching @ 2.

Problem with that is I've left myself no room for the Vials or the DT Spheres OR the Sphinx's Revelation by doing that. I'm curious if you have tested that route and just plain found it to be slow and ultimately not good by comparison to your choices?

So many other humans I wanted to incorporate as well. Just wanted to understand your thinking behind their exclusion:

-Doomed Traveler the pro seems to be the spirit he leaves behind

-Boros Elite gets pretty beefy too the more humans that follow the charge!

-Consul's Lieutenant more beef upon active renown

-Deft Duelist shroud/evasive

-Knight of the White Orchid land!/first strike!

-Abzan Falconer the weaker of the choices I had in mind...flying I guess

-Frontline Medic boardwipe insurance for the army that fights together!!!

-Mentor of the Meek draw....but you got that covered

-Archangel of Tithes make things cost more for your opponent and forces hard choices

The last one understandably is not tribal but her abilities to slow down opponents are valuable my only counter to it right now is it has a demanding 4-cast expense on a curve that tops off very efficiently at 3.

I'm passionate about this deck type and really love humans in these colours. White and blue has always been my favourite colour combo and I use it frequently with either green or red to make jeskai or Bant.

Sorry for the word-y post getting to the bottom line of the preamble now with saying I definitely +1 this deck and if I could, +2 for humans and this deck design I so would!!!

  • An extremely heartfelt thank-you for building this and reading this!

SteelSentry on Let's talk myriad again

3 weeks ago

Nacatl War-Pride wouldn't work, the "Whenever ~ attacks" wouldn't trigger because the tokens are created attacking, you don't declare them as attacking.

I have an Iroas, God of Victory commander deck, and Knight of the White Orchid is sweet ramp in colors that don't normally have it

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