No Mercy


Whenever a creature deals damage to you, destroy it.

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No Mercy Discussion

venok on Minotaur Madness

1 day ago

No Mercy for defense

Obelisk of Urd

and Mogis, God of Slaughter because on theros was the minotaur's god

venok on Olivia's Ragtag Army

1 day ago

No Mercy or Dread and Ever After instead of something

venok on UB Mills

1 day ago

No Mercy or Dread and Mesmeric Orb

Great deck!

cameronhawk2 on Willing Sacrifice

1 week ago

You should check out my deck If you want some suggestions for good cards in a sac deck

Cards like Lifeline for a consistent sac outlet every turn

Defense of the Heart for cheating out big creatures

No Mercy To make your opponents question if they want to attack you

Smokestack for annoying permanent sac

and more, go check it out.

theindigoeffect on I'm Looking for Enchantments Like ...

1 week ago

I also love Kaervek the Merciless, but he's a little to easy to remove.

Loving Lethal Vapors and Eon Hub!

No Mercy is great: I have it in my deck.

If not for the fact that Archangel of Tithes was so easy to remove, I'd definitely put her in.

Oath of Gideon sounds cool, but I don't know if I would get enough bang for my buck with that card.

NeverCloud on I'm Looking for Enchantments Like ...

1 week ago

No Mercy and Oppression, though oppression affects you too

theindigoeffect on I'm Looking for Enchantments Like ...

1 week ago

The aforesaid enchantments will be used for my superfriends deck, which encompasses all five colors.

I prefer enchantments because they combo with some of my other cards, but I'm open to alternatives: I even have some in my deck.

Just in case someone else might get some use out of this thread, here's a list of enchantments of I've acquired so far, even though they're more annoying than specifically harmful. I like the prison sub-theme that exists in my deck, but I'd like to ramp up the pain.

Winter Orb

Mana Web

Aura of Silence

Karmic Justice

Sphere of Safety


No Mercy

Fog Bank

Collective Restraint

Stormtide Leviathan

Dissipation Field

Norn's Annex

Ghostly Prison


Frozen AEther


Maze of Ith

Kor Haven

Ice Floe


Archetype of Imagination

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger


Horn of Deafening

Door to Nothingness

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