Spit Flame

Spit Flame


Spit Flame deals 4 damage to target creature.

Whenever a Dragon enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay . If you do, return Spit Flame from your graveyard to your hand.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Spit Flame occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Spit Flame Discussion

Kazierts on Sarkhan's Swarm

1 month ago

There are some other "targets" for discard, but I don't think all of these are the best for you. I'll list each of them instead of loads of paragraphs.

  1. Punishing Fire - Could be a replacement for Spit Flame but honestly that's up to you. Punishing Fire is technically more versatile since it hits any target and depending on the matchup it can be easier to retrieve. However, Spit Flame has an easier time removing creatures. This one more to just let you know exists.

  2. Flamewake Phoenix - Again, a card that I'm mentioning just to let you know exists. Since most of your dragons have 4 or more power, you could easily get this card back from your graveyard but you would also deviate a bit from the draconic theme.

  3. Ore-Scale Guardian - This one isn't a target himself, but he makes it more profitable for you to discard lands, specially if you end up being mana flooded.

  4. Runehorn Hellkite - Can be used to refill your hand late game(?) and as he's no diffenrent from other dragons, there's no downside letting him rest in your grave until you active it's effect.

  5. Fiery Temper - Basically adds 3 damage for one mana to all of your discard spells.

These are the monored option. I also have options that would actually require you to splash for black. These are, of course, not mandatory for you to run, but it's always good to get to know more cards.

  1. Bladewing the Risen -A giant dragon that reanimates another one when it comes into play and also has the ability to pump all your dragons. Obviously he's not a target for discard himself. However, he can make other dragons more interesting to discard.

  2. Boneyard Scourge - Pretty simple. Dump him into the graveyard and when one of your dragons die, you get him back for a really cheap cost.

  3. Bone Dragon - A recurrable dragon that can be left in the grave until the late game when it can come back multiple times, assuming you have enough cards in the grave.

  4. Dread Return - By sacrificing 3 Bladewing's Thrall you could get a free reanimation spell since when you get the dragon back from the graveyard you'll also get the Thralls back.

In case you consider any of these black cards or you just don't feel confortable not bein able to cast the Thralls, there are a few budget lands that can help you with the mana. Also, the Haven of the Spirit Dragon could help you cast the black dragons but not activate their abilities.

About the cuts for the Thralls, you are still above 60 cards. There are some other cuts you can also make.

  1. Dragonspeaker Shaman - They're quite expensive and you already have a pretty decent amount of "ramp" and cost discounts. Even more, they're really easy to kill.

  2. Slumbering Dragon - He seems quite tempting to play as he can grow a lot. However, that's the problem, he CAN grow but nothing guarantees he will. Also, only one in the deck won't help at all.

  3. Sarkhan's Triumph - Since you now have more card draw, you could maybe cut one of these.

  4. For the Thralls I'd cut one Spinerock Knoll , Mudslide and the two Dragon Egg s.

Silverdrake on Pioneer Gruul Dragons

1 month ago

Looks like a lot of fun! I'd consider trying to squeeze some Dragon's Hoard in here - without a recurring source of card advantage you're going to struggle real hard against any control or controlly midrange deck that can one-for-one your threats as you play them. Spit Flame might be worth considering in sideboard against decks that swarm you with more creatures than you're capable of blocking.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and have fun!

Conte7 on RB Dragons

2 months ago

Silverdrake I'm currently debating about Foul-Tongue Invocation as well. I originally included it for the sweet dragon flavor but it actually proved itself decent: the lifegain helped against fast decks and the edict actually saved me against a couple ulamogs and bogles.

I thought about Spit Flame too but currently I can't decide if I want them, 3 mana for creature-only damage seems expensive.

Silverdrake on RB Dragons

2 months ago

How do the Foul-Tongue invocations play for you? I feel like 3 mana for an edict and some potential lifegain is pretty lackluster. I'd consider swapping them out for Spit Flame s for the psuedo-card advantage they provide. They can also combo with bolt, roar, glorybringer, or even sweltering suns to take out bigger creatures that you otherwise might not have been able to kill.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!

RJGiel on Draconic Domination but I want it to be better

3 months ago

Not sure what your budget is, but here are a few affordable cards that make the deck significantly better :)

triproberts12 on Grixis Dragons (Pioneer)

3 months ago

I don't know how on-board I am with the Fae of Wishes plan. Your curve of Dragons starts at 4, so do you really want to be taking turn 4 off to tutor for a 3-drop out of the sideboard? I think I would go a little more brute force. Go up a Crux of Fate or two. It's a 5-mana Plague Wind in your deck.

I like Spit Flame in the build, since it's a little grindier than most dragon decks, so it slows down the game a little and provides card advantage that pairs well with Bolas and your discard. I also HIGHLY recommend a couple copies of Hypersonic Dragon . Go up to the full 8 Thought Erasure and Thought Seize, and you can snag cards out of hands during the opponent's draw phase, locking them out of topdecking anything sorcery speed.

I would lose Necromaster Dragon. The mill backup plan just doesn't have the density of action to really be effective, and it doesn't even hit your own graveyard to fuel Delve.

The sideboard definitely needs more Stormbreath. That thing wrecks decks leaning on white removal. If the deck were to trim some of the blue, allowing the deck to rely more on Sarkhan and a redder manabase, I would suggest Sweltering Suns . Otherwise, Flame Sweep would be good early removal, and Cut / Ribbons would be good, too

Countryegg2 on Chandras Fury

6 months ago

This is a pretty good start!

The biggest thing to fix here is how many different cards you have and how often they are included in the deck. Your deck should be focused on how to win, and possible counters to other deck styles, like burn spells, and removal.

Let's start with creatures: Get rid of Fearless Halberdier , Fire Elemental , Goblin Assailant , and Hellkite Whelp . Those cards, especially the first three, can be replaced with others that cost the same and do more, such as Goblin Chainwhirler , Charging Monstrosaur , Marauding Raptor , and Verix Bladewing respectively. Try to focus on how you want to win, and what creatures will get you there, if they don't, throw them out. Use full playsets (4 of a card) as much as possible. It seems like you're going for a quick kill haste kinda vibe, which is good, but make sure then that your creatures all have haste, or can be good answers to threats.

Spells: You can't have a deck called Chandra's Fury without using a lot of burn spells. Glad to see you're running 4 Shock s. If you include 4 Verix Bladewing s, you should also have 4 Spit Flame . 4 counts of Banefire should also be included. Additionally, add one or two more Chandra's Flame Wave (to get Chandra more often) and remove Sure Strike and Engulfing Eruption . Replace Act of Treason with Hijack , because it allows you to gain control of an artifact or a creature for the same cost.

Enchantments and Artifacts: Add 3 of Chandra's Regulator great when running a Chandra. I would also throw in a Sarkhan's Unsealing or two.

Throw in an extra Chandra, Flame's Fury and only use 20 mountains.

Try to keep your deck to 60 cards, that way you get the best cards most often, and your deck isn't drowned out by useless cards. Glad to help, let me know if you have any more questions!

MokraMrkva on Dragon gates

7 months ago

Thanks for suggestions. Did not put Wild Pair because it costs lots of mana and that slows the deck down. Dragon Tempest , Where Ancients Tread , Warstorm Surge , Spit Flame and Crucible of Fire seemed unnecessary to me because I won't have more than a few dragons on the battlefield. If you have more than 3 or 4 dragons out at the same time, you have practically already won. Living Death is very nice, but I put it in another deck so Primevals' Glorious Rebirth kinda replaces it. It's full of flavor if nothing else. Did not include Grow from the Ashes because i needed ramp that searches for gate lands because of my alternate win condition. Fist of Suns also seems too slow for me. You can't use it at all untill you have 5 different mana, so simple mana rocks have greater potential, I think (you can turn 5 ur dragon with mana rocks AND you can use them before that turn for other things). But thanks for ideas anyway, some cool cards i didn't know about.

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