Argentum Armor


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Scars of Mirrodin Rare

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Argentum Armor

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +6/+6.

Whenever equipped creature attacks, destroy target permanent.


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Argentum Armor Discussion

thelaymensgamer on Swordopalooza

4 days ago

I would strongly suggest Argentum Armor and Sword of Vengeance playsets for this deck.

dlamars on Take me to Church

5 days ago


Hey thanks for the constructive criticism, this list is the product of a week of theory crafting. Everything is a bit jumbled and the curve isn't great. I didn't have time to get a description in yet either, sorry about that. What I want for control here is not a hard lock but something more akin to hate bears and winning through attrition. This deck isn't going to win in the first 6 turns, let's just put that out there. I'm looking at turn 7 or 8 probably, which means I need to disrupt turns 1-6 for other players. That said, I think I'll be removing Iroas, God of Victory for Spirit of the Labyrinth and possibly Argentum Armor for Aura of Silence.

You are probably right about Leonin Shikari but it's new to me so I'm not sure how effective it is. I assumed passing around Swiftfoot Boots, Skullclamp and the swords at instant speed would be worth a slot? If it doesn't work out I may go with Ethersworn Canonist.

I think I have to pass on MLD, my LGS is full of competent players but they aren't degenerates heh. Same reason Blood Moon was passed up here, I can win playing mostly fair but I will still try to find a spot for Static Orb since it's just great with War's Toll and Urabrask the Hidden.

You know of any really good hate cards in red similar to Stranglehold but doesn't so much target the mana base?

Hobbez9186 on One Hell of an Avalanche

1 week ago

Finally played this tonight, LOVED it. I eliminated one opponent with a single attack with many landfall triggers and Baloth Woodcrasher. Boundless Realms got me 8 extra land drops on turn 5 and I trampled the hell out of him.

In the end I went back and forth way too many turns against a colorless Eldrazi deck and held my own even through an All Is Dust which was pretty pivotal for them. I lost the ability to cast multiple lands and couldn't see the top card anymore. I had a few misplays that might have changed things, but overall I did most of the things I wanted. I was sorely disappointed that I didn't get Crucible of Worlds which would have also made a huge difference, but I got a real feel for how things work in a real match and it was wonderful.

I started so strong with 4 lands and Burgeoning in my opening hand so I went into turn 2 with 4 mana since I went first. Disgusting. Can't wait to get even more games in, we ended up only playing one incredibly long game that ended sort of dumb with an Inkmoth Nexus wearing an Argentum Armor and Loxodon Warhammer for exactly 10 Infect damage... cheap way to lose, but I didn't have a flyer...

nibsey on New deck commander?

1 week ago

Following my last comment and for clarity; there are cards available to a mono black decks that remove/destroy opponents permanents, for example, I have Argentum Armor in my Rats deck sideboard.

punchdrinkcry on Sram's Workshop

2 weeks ago

MegaMatt13, free equips are cool, but I've found that Stonehewer Giant works better with higher-end equipment, your Swords of X, Y and Z and Jittes. Getting to equip an Empyrial Plate or something similar for free doesn't seem especially valuable. Additionally, Stonehewer Giant shines best when it's already declared as an attacker, so you lose even more value equipping Argentum Armor, Inquisitor's Flail and Sword of the Animist because they all miss their attack trigger.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

hoardofnotions: Oh, I missed your earlier comment! Lemme fix that now...

First post: Boros Garrison can bite you sometimes, but overall I'm pleased with it. I don't own an Eiganjo Castle or fetchlands, unfortunately. Inspiring Vantage is awesome. Sublime Archangel used to be better when I was playing more token cards like Monastery Mentor, but it's still pulling its weight (usually gives at least +4/+4 to my Exalted creature). Inquisitor's Flail is one of my most valuable cards, wouldn't leave home without it. Relic Seeker is much worse than Stoneforge Mystic obviously, but still very good (I need to see if Sram can make the cut as well). I'm not really a fan of Tithe. Lightning Greaves is generally a better card than Swiftfoot Boots BUT shroud isn't friendly in a Voltron deck. Mistveil Plains/Sunforger is not a combo I really like here, to be honest - it's better suited for a slow, grindy deck. Armory Automaton does not work very well with Argentum Armor unfortunately. I'm glad you're enjoying your Aurelia deck!

Latest post: I'm honestly not sure why I have trouble with colors in this deck, but I do. Perhaps I shuffle wrong? But for now I'm not willing to add more utility lands TBH. (Also, I can't run Cabal Coffers obv - what card did you mean?)

The artifact lands DO work better with Puresteel Paladin and Mox Opal (considering adding the latter).

And with regards to Chaos Warp - if you Warp a commander, the top card of its owner's library still gets flipped. This is because the effect that puts the commander back into the Command Zone is a replacement effect, not an effect that makes the target illegal (in the latter case, the spell would be countered and the top card would not be flipped - for example, if the commander in question was sacrificed in response). However - in the special case of a commander being Warped - the commander isn't shuffled in and therefore the order of the library is unchanged before the flip occurs.

Does that clear that up? :)

the_earl_0f_grey: I can't run Cabal Coffers anyway :)

I don't run Strionic Resonator or Rings of Brighthearth because both cards are disappointing - too little effect on their own, and too conditional. In 95% of cases, they are just dead cards. I've tried them and found they just didn't work in this build. (In fact, I find that Strionic Resonator sucks in general, but that's a longer conversation.) There are just too few triggered effects I'm willing to pay mana to copy. I could give you proper statistical analysis if you want, but it's mostly personal preference.

I don't personally think that Cauldron of Souls is worth 5 mana here, especially since it conflicts with my commander's CMC. I actually used to run Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant in here, haha - and I'm conflicted over him. He's amazing if I can drop him T3. He's really disappointing if I drop him T5 (because I'm frequently below 30 life at that point). I cut him due to reliability issues.

I hope this answers your questions!

hoardofnotions on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

I have a couple of thoughts,

Boros Garrison worth it?

Eiganjo Castle better than a plains?

no fetch lands? on purpose?

how has Inspiring Vantage worked for you? better at keeping your stax artifacts tapped when you want then Quicksmith Rebel?

Sublime Archangel good? i'm not seeing a lot of token generation for big swings. it's basically just a "big dude"

Inquisitor's Flail how has this preformed?

Relic Seeker? possibly too slow, especially off curve. Could be Sram, Senior Edificer instead?

have you found Swiftfoot Boots better than Lightning Greaves?

Tithe instead of a plains?

Mask of Memory card draw is great and synergizes well with Land Tax

Mistveil Plains recursion for Sunforger

Armory Automaton probably not to great, but it can steal opponents nonsense. Is great with Argentum Armor as well

I've been rocking an aurelia, the warleader deck and it's fun seeing boros getting some love!

Forkbeard on Akiri & Bruse: Slang Bangin'

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions Redace878, greatly appreciated. I went back and forth on Argentum Armor end ended up deciding that 12 mana ( to cast, to equip) was just too steep. I'm not ruling it out entirely because it's definitely powerful, I just want to see how the deck does without it for now. Same thing with Grappling Hook - I like it, but 8 mana for double strike is too much. Akiri needs to focus on hitting faces instead of killing off creatures so GH's bonus ability wouldn't be used too often.

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