Mana Crypt


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Mana Crypt


At the beginning of your upkeep, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, mana crypt deals 3 damage to you.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Mana Crypt Discussion

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 days ago

I think that once you get into the upper tier casual tables - the sorts of places you might be likely to see a Mana Crypt outside of cEDH - you are more likely to see more wrath effects like Wrath of God, Damnation, and Toxic Deluge than you typically do in cEDH. Removal cards like Beast Within too.

I think that in that sort of environment you might want to run the Crypt because Animar is likely to die a lot more often and the Crypt would help pay the commander tax to get Animar back. There's an argument there for just running Sol Ring instead though, especially if budget is a consideration. When the board is getting blown up more often, the colorless mana has more opportunities to be useful then it normally would.

That's just my experiences though. Every shop meta tends to be different.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 days ago

Hi kinematik, welcome to the discussion!

I used to run Birthing Pod in my list until very recently. You're right, there are a lot of fun interaction that it can enable. One of my favorites was to use it to sacrifice Glen Elendra Archmage to fetch up Zealous Conscripts to untap the pod, since the Archmage comes back due to Persist, I would then sac it again to fetch Kiki to combo off with the Conscripts.

Unfortunately, the cEDH meta is a little too quick for that line of play to be viable in most games. It's not that the Pod is bad, but the mana you have to dump into it makes it a bit too slow and clunky in Animar. There are enough cheaper tutor spells that Animar has access to that you don't need a card like Pod clogging up your early game hand.

Outside of cEDH though, where the games tend to be a bit slower and you can get away with running more mid-range cards, I think it is fine to include in the deck if you want to.

As for Mana Crypt, there are a few issues that it suffers from in Animar. Normally it is an auto-include in deck, but it doesn't help get Animar onto the board and since most of the creatures in the deck are low CMC the colorless mana that the Crypt provides quickly becomes unusable. Taking into consideration the amount of times that the card is actually useful, you would just get more value out of running a different card.

Again though, outside of cEDH the card would probably have a bit more relevance if you are running more non-creature spells and having to deal with more wrath effects. The cEDH meta is a bit of its own monster where making card choices with speed and consistency in mind is more important. Having to pass on some of the more powerful and explosive mid-range cards that are still viable at the higher end of the more powerful casual metas can be a bit of a downer, especially since Animar can help make some of that stuff hit the board super quick, but in cEDH you are competing with decks that can potentially kill everyone on the first turn. In the end, you have to trim some of the fun cards out of the deck to give yourself the best chance that you can.

kinematik on Ancestral Animar

2 days ago

Greetings guys, as a fellow Animar player I greatly enjoy these discussions of various card options. Any thoughts about adding Birthing Pod? With the Kiki combo included, there are Pod lines of play that can use either Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite to get to Ancestral Statue using 5 generic mana, 6 life and a 2-drop creature. Or if we already have the Statue, we can get Purphoros, God of the Forge for the win. We can also just Pod into the Kiki combo or anything else if necessary.

I realize that a drawback to this is using additional mana that can't be reduced by Animar, but I feel that it could be worth it. Also, I know it's usually not considered for Animar but any thoughts on adding Mana Crypt to enable some extra free mana when needed?

teceramtg on Merfolk Army of the Sea and River

5 days ago

Include: Vanquisher's Banner seems like an auto-include in just about any tribal deck. Thran Dynamo, but no Mana Crypt? I assume it's not a budget issue, as there's a Gaea's Cradle, but it just seemed peculiar. Deepglow Skate seems pretty spicy amidst all those +1/+1 counters.

Remove: Staff of Nin feels underwhelming with that mana cost. There are better card draw spells. Increasing Savagery also seems underwhelming. If it were on an infect creature or Zada, Hedron Grinder, I would understand. Deeproot Warrior is just a 2/2 for ; it looks extremely outclassed.

Overall, I really love the deck. Low to the ground, but capable of a solid grind. The flavor was a nice addition.

JakeHarlow on Dragonlance

1 week ago

@ Steaditup:

Lol! Good point, too! And while it’s true Teferi's Protection can’t be re-used with the Plains/Forger combo, Forger can tutor it up from the library. Maybe I ought to look more closely at this card as an inclusion.

@ zombob57:

Didn’t even know about Lathliss, Dragon Queen...she is a new card from Core 19, I’m assuming? Definitely more synergy than Verix Bladewing here...she’s similar to both Utvara Hellkite and Moonveil Dragon, who doesn’t want that in a Dragon deck? When she’s released, Verix will go out for her, easily. She’s also only 6 mana while Verix is only at his best at 7.

Sneak Attack is a good card here...I only have one copy and it’s in my Rakdos the Defiler deck. I could shell out for another copy, I guess, but I’d only run it if I ran Zirilan, too. I guess the reason I’m hesitant is that I’m going more toward a traditional hard ramp approach with efficient mana rocks like Mana Crypt etc. Maybe your way is actually better though, I don’t know. This build uses big mana but still is designed to curve out like a traditional aggro deck, just with larger numbers involved (hence the 10+ mana accelerant cards, sans the hyper-powered all-stars Ancient Tomb and Mana Vault because we do also need some color fixing). Sneak Attack would make us more resilient against land destruction and artifact removal, though. I guess I should test with it and see how it performs.

Finally, as for The Immortal Sun, it probably does need to go in. It’s almost a strictly better Staff of Nin, as you’ve rightly pointed out, so it can slot in there nicely. However...I’m a bit greedy on card draw though since we’re Boros, and though I know they’re both a whopping 6 mana, do you think it’d be feasible to play both? If so, what best to cut, if we want to try and run both? (Or is this actually just incorrect?)

Conclusion: Definitely cutting Verix for Lathliss, Dragon Queen, and finding a slot for The Immortal Sun. Strongly considering Teferi's Protection, but I am unsure of what to cut for it (a spell, probably?). Mirror Entity is still on the table and I’ll probably cut Mirran Crusader for it, since I have enough color protection available in the Swords.

SynergyBuild on Animar, Soul of Combos - Turn 3 Win

1 week ago

Animar as a commander nearly negates all colorless costs on all of the creatures, leading Mana Vault/Sol Ring/Mana Crypt and the other such effects to be a waste of a card slot, and the instants, artifacts, sorceries and enchantments can be paid for easily by the dorks and lands. Chrome Mox is already being run, and Mox Diamond is only meh in this build, 30 lands is a bit to little to run Mox Diamond

Panharmonicon is useless for comboes here, and it's value outside of them is negligible, like a second card off of Elvish Visionary

Tooth and Nail is a waste of mana, mana that you won't get a competitive table.

Without Banishing Knack, Mirran Spy is useless, and visa versa is true too. I wouldn't suggest that being run, as it sucks.

Aetherflux Reservoir is a much worse win outlet than either of the other options, Altar of the Brood, Impact Tremors, etc. are all much better in terms of mana, but none of those are good, because they can't be tutored for. Reckless Fireweaver is a much better option, though sadly it doesn't work outside of the Ancestral Statue, otherwise it'd be better than the other options being run.

Crop Rotation is quite powerful, but I don't think it is a second Gaea's Cradle powerful, yes it can tutor, but that means it has a cost, and it is a blowout when it gets countered early on my a Mental Misstep. Things like that are probably why it doesn't deserve a spot.

Palinchron is already run

SynergyBuild on Omnath, Locus of Armageddon v2.6

1 week ago

Well, if you want more god hands, run some of the god mana cards, like Boreal Druid, Carpet of Flowers, Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox, Elvish Spirit Guide, Simian Spirit Guide, Lotus Petal, Mox Diamond, Rite of Flame and any of the other options.

Even Orcish Lumberjack should be run if you want the super fast mana ramp.

Orcish Lumberjack is the fair (ha) version of Mana Vault meets Dark Ritual meets Birds of Paradise, good too, otherwise I can just imagine how broken it could have been, think:


Orcish Lumberjack

Creature - Orc

: Add three mana in any combination of colors.

, : Deal two damage to any target.

, : Gain two life.

Put a -1/-1 counter on Orcish Lumberjack: Untap Orcish Lumberjack.

( 1 / 3 )


No wait that's just Orcish Lumberjack meets Birds of Paradise meets Devoted Druid meets Deathrite Shaman. Ugh.

Anyway, even two mana ramp is considered quite competitive, Nature's Lore, the signets, talismans, Three Visits, Beastcaller Savant, the whole thing.

Use em' or not, but thats how I would build the deck, you clearly know more about than I do though!

NensouHiebara on Balan, Wandering Knight | Equipment Voltron

2 weeks ago


Treasure Hunter and Salvage Scout are good budget replacements for Argivian Archaeologist. Restoration Specialist is also an option if enchantment recursion is desired.


Eternal Dragon is a card that does a handful of small, helpful things, relying on the utility it offers than raw power:

  • It's a tutor for a Basic if I'm missing a land drop. Never disappointing to see it in the opening hand.
  • It's a tutor for Mistveil Plains.
  • Provides an inconsequential shuffle effect to refresh my library for Sensei's Divining Top.
  • It's a 5/5 flier in a pinch. Great base body for Equipment.

Eternal Dragon is an underwhelming creature by today's standards, but it does just enough for me to keep it around.


What you should be scared of is Stoneforge Mystic being unbanned in Modern, and the price spikes that will result from it. I've had this nagging feeling that this unban is close. And if it happens, Sword of Fire and Ice will be the first Sword on everyone's radar and can easily jump past $100 from hype alone.

Regardless, WotC has been gun-shy with powerful Equipment since New Phyrexia. The likelihood of a reprint making the Swords' prices tank is minuscule. Their power level from a Standard perspective is so high it causes nosebleeds and strong, efficient Equipment are problematic in Limited environments. It's hard to see the Swords be reprinted outside of another Masters set, which won't affect their prices that much anyway.

Buying the Swords now seems very low-risk IMO. At worst, their prices hover around the same value for the foreseeable future. At best, they explode from Modern hype.


Mana Crypt is an overglorified second Sol Ring, and can be substituted with pretty much any good mana rock. It's one of those cards that you use it if you have it and not worth the money to acquire one unless you really want it.


Rafiq of the Many is a pretty powerful Voltron option. He's a 3-turn clock with just the exalted trigger, and doesn't need much more to tighten that clock. Green and Blue open up access to stronger ramp, countermagic, card draw, and a plethora of other utility cards.

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