Sliver Hive


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Rare

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Sliver Hive


: Add to your mana pool.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a Sliver spell.

, : Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only if you control a Sliver.

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Sliver Hive Discussion

Chino90 on Sliver Deck

3 days ago

Ancient Ziggurat and Sliver Hive should solve all you mana problems.

Cavern of Souls for when you sell one of your kidneys.

Also, consider adding eventually one of the sliver lords:

Sliver Queen, Sliver Overlord, Sliver Legion, Sliver Hivelord

TuesdayTastic on Smash & Burn (Help needed)

1 week ago

This is a good start to the deck. Knowing your collection, I am sure that you must not have many cards.

But I like the way you use Blades of Velis Vel in order to get that sliver synergy. That's a sign of a good player being able to see these unusual interactions. So if I were you, the first thing I would do is to get more slivers.

A good low curve Sliver that gives good buffs would be Predatory Sliver. He's also cheap so that's a plus. Muscle Sliver is the same thing but a little more expensive at a dollar a piece. But having 8 of these guys is pretty good. Blur Sliver is also another really great cheap option as it gives all of your Slivers haste, a great way to close out games quickly. Manaweft Sliver is also an important card as it allows you to ramp up to your Megantic Sliver which is what I am assuming you are trying to do. Gemhide Sliver can also fill the same role. Hibernation Sliver is also a fairly cheap option that can save your Slivers for the low low price of 2 life. Sidewinder Sliver is also really cool, and can make your slivers even harder to block.

What's great is that most of these cards are under a dollar, making a budget deck with these guys extremely viable. The only problem is, the mana base could be more expensive. Having all of these Slivers is great, but if they are stuck in your hand because you need green mana when you have white, that kind of sucks. So in the interest of budget lets make a budget mana base.

First Darksteel Ingot is pretty great. I'd run 4 of them. Transguild Promenade and Evolving Wilds are very cheap options that can get you any color. Lay of the Land can also fix pretty well. Rampant Growth can get it on the battlefield. These are all budget options however. The best option would actually be Birds of Paradise, but at $5 a card, it can be kind of expensive for a new player. What's great about them however is the synergy with Blades of Velis Vel. Play that on your birds and you suddenly have a huge sliver bird swinging in the air. If you have the money definetley get a playset of these birdies. Another option for mana fixing can also be found in the Ravnica Guildgates. All very cheap options to fix your mana. Sliver Hive is more expensive, but works great in a slivers deck.

If you were to build a Slivers deck I would highly recommend upgrading your mana base first. That inclusion will be able to help you do whatever you need to do with your actual creatures. Assuming a budget of $20 this is what I would recommend.


Predatory Sliver x4

Muscle Sliver x4

Sinew Sliver x4

Striking Sliver x4

Two-Headed Sliver x4

Suntail Hawk x4

Wild Nacatl x4 (you could also go Kird Ape if you want to be cheaper).


Blades of Velis Vel x4

Shields of Velis Vel x4

Mana Base

9 Forests

8 Mountains

7 Plains


Spinneret Sliver x4

Tormod's Crypt x2

Smash to Smithereens x2

Shock x4 (preferably Lightning Bolt, or Path to Exile but those cards are expensive).

Elite Vanguard x3

I'll make a tappedout list of this later, but this should hopefully be under $20. At the very least it is $25 for a very powerful aggro deck that synergizes really well. I took out the bigger cards such as Megantic Sliver in favor of cheaper slivers that are easier to play. The Velis Veil cards are great, and can surprise many opponents. The sideboard includes Spinneret Sliver to deal with flyers, Tormod's Crypt for graveyards (can also deal with Gift of Immortality wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Smash to Smithereens for artifacts, Shock for cheap removal, and Elite Vanguard in case they do run a lot of flyers. Upgrades to the mana base should also be considered.

Wow that was a long post.

Delta-117 on Slivers

1 week ago

Ancient Ziggurat and Sliver Hive are good upgrades to the lands for this deck. Also Jungle Shrine over some of those guildgates.

theguy419 on Sliver Shivers

2 weeks ago

I saw you have the Patriarch's Bidding just a little too late. I would swap the Immortal Servitude for a Living Death. it's much better to have on hand for wenever you need it. sure it gets people back their creatures back, but you are a creature heavy EDH. would benefit you much more then any other deck unless they play just as many if not more creatures. hard to beat when you have almost half your deck full of creatures

coltron815 on 5C Slivers

1 month ago

Ixidron Essence Sliver is 4 mana and thus doesnt work with Collected Company. i considered Adaptive Automaton and Phantasmal Image, but what would you recommend i take out? the deck already has 4 lords, and the other slivers provide needed keywords.

hannibal6 the 5 mana slivers don't work with Collected Company. i like Metallic Mimic way more than Leeching Sliver. Cavern of Souls is currently too expensive or would be replacing Sliver Hive

coltron815 on Budjet slivers modern 3.5 tix

2 months ago

29 lands is way too many, and anything 4 mana or more is too expensive for modern for a creature deck. use only slivers that cost 3 or less mana, use 20 lands, and use 4 AEther Vial and 4 Collected Company as your only noncreatures. you'll need Cavern of Souls and Sliver Hive and probably Mutavault in your lands. check out my own sliver deck

MohenjoDaro on Slivers

2 months ago

With some of the cards you're running, I don't think of this as much of a budget deck, might as well add Sliver Hive

MRDOOM3 on Deck Breaker (Sliver)

3 months ago

I personally would avoid trying to run any non-Sliver, non-land cards in a Sliver deck. The only few you should probably try to run could be Mana Echoes (also works wonders with Sliver Queen), Primal Surge (deck out and win in one turn), and Intruder Alarm (combine it with Dormant Sliver and have fun).

Cavern of Souls is a nice but pricey option for any tribal deck. I also was somewhat surprised to not see Sliver Hive in here.

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