Deserted Temple


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(1), Tap: Untap target land.

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Deserted Temple Discussion

Happehrock on Vaevictis Jund Goodstuff

4 days ago

newbuu2 Deserted Temple is for infinite mana with Cabal Coffers + Rings of Brighthearth . Would Panharmonicon work? I might be reading it wrong but it seems like it only works on ETB effects, which Vaevictis Asmadi doesn't have.

newbuu2 on Vaevictis Jund Goodstuff

4 days ago

I don't think you want Illusionist's Bracers or Rings of Brighthearth as they only work on activated abilities. You have only two creatures that would benefit from it: Sakura-Tribe Elder and Purphoros, God of the Forge. You'd benefit more from something like Panharmonicon.

What's Deserted Temple for? I'd only include that if you had a land like Gaea's Cradle.

I'd include Hall of the Bandit Lord and / or Hanweir Battlements to give your general haste. You'd benefit from this because you already have a couple land tutors that could grab them.

You might also want to include ScrollRack so you can even cheat stuff into play from your hand. You could also even add things like Volrath's Stronghold and Phyrexian Reclamation to get stuff from your graveyard to the top of your library.

AnderDan on Rowan Kenrith, Battlemaster

1 week ago

Yeah, I think you're right, PurplePudding. I misread the emblem. Because it doesn't say 'may', it messes up the Magosi, the Waterveil + Deserted Temple combo by forcing us to skip two turns. I've removed Magosi from the deck.

StopShot on Blood Suckers [[Mardu, Vampire Combo, EDH]]

1 week ago

Nice decklist, though I think your deck badly wants Cloudstone Curio. You just need that and two 1 cost vampires and you could end up spamming vampire tokens for days.

Also your deck's CMC is so tight I'm surprised you aren't running Dark Tutelage which for all intents and purposes could serve as another Phyrexian Arena. Underworld Connections is also another note-worthy inclusion especially if you include the utility land Deserted Temple.

Lastly you can also use cards like Taurean Mauler and Mirror Entity which not only count as vampires, but can also help when swinging in for tons of damage.

bradtheimpaler13 on Erebos, God of the Undying

3 weeks ago

I really like your list. Deserted Temple can let you use coffers or nykthos twice in a turn. Doubling Cube is insane. And since you can produce all this mana, Maga, Traitor of Mortals maybe

StopShot on God's Beloved Daughter

1 month ago

You should add Deserted Temple. You can use it to untap Maze of Ith or Spires of Orazca. Thespian's Stage can also copy those lands as well since neither are legendary. If your deck would be interested in more land ramp you might want to also consider Kor Cartographer as a viable option. Nim Deathmantle also seems like a practical card to run especially after a board-wipe or to recur Kami of False Hope.

This looks like a fun deck. Hope my suggestions help out.

StopShot on Rate each draw engine from ...

1 month ago

A draw engine is a two card synergy that results in repeatable card draw. I run a Mardu deck so most of the cards will be in colors. I've numbered each engine so you just need to post the engine number followed by your personal score for each. (Feel free to skip any since the list is lengthy. No card is mentioned more than once however.)

A score means the draw engine is janky, unreliable, clunky, inefficient, etc. Basically an engine you'd never consider running under any circumstance. A score means the draw engine is consistent, reliable, fast, and effecient at drawing cards. This score signifies a considerable auto-include for any EDH deck.

) Skullclamp + Bitterblossom//Reassembling Skeleton = Draw off equip cost.

) Land Tax + Scroll Rack = Exchange 3 basic lands for 3 new cards every turn.

) Mentor of the Meek + Norin the Wary = Draw a card every time Norin flickers.

) Underworld Connections + Deserted Temple = Double draw by untapping enchanted land.

) Skyhunter Skirmisher + Mask of Memory = Dig through four cards while discarding only two.

Sensei's Divining Top + Quicksmith Genius = Repeatable loot effect by resolving QG's ability last.

Greed + Ivory Tower//Authority of the Consuls = Gain life to mitigate life loss from Greed.

Ghirapur Orrery + Tireless Tribe = Discard your hand to activate the Orrery's second ability.

Tower of Fortunes + Braid of Fire//Mana Flare = Use extra mana to activate ToF's ability.

Geth's Grimoire + Geier Reach Sanitarium = Draw extra cards equal to the number of opponents.

) Phyrexian Arena + Strionic Resonator = Double draw from Phyrexian Arena.

) Well of Lost Dreams + Peace of Mind = Discard one card to draw three.

) Aggressive Mining + Drownyard Temple = Pay three mana to draw two cards on every turn.

) Endless Ranks of the Dead + Cryptbreaker = Produce lots of zombies to draw cards with.

) Gift of Immortality + Moriok Replica = Pay 2 mana to draw 2 cards and lose 2 life on every turn.

) Invasion Plans + Infiltration Lens = Draw 2 cards for each creature that blocks equipped creature.

) Otherworld Atlas + Voltaic Key//Energy Chamber = Accelerate charge counters for draw power.

) Call the Bloodline + Slate of Ancestry = Produce multiple vampires to draw multiple cards.

) Strands of Night + Magus of the Wheel = Repeatable draw seven cards.

) Humble Defector + Homeward Path = HP regains control of Defector after drawing 2 cards.

Not all draw engines need to be rated. Rating the ones that are the most interesting will do. This feedback will be crucial for other people when considering what draw engine to use for their decks.

Enral on End of the Maze (EDH)

1 month ago

I love maze's end! If you want an "I win the game" card, you should include Scapeshift and Deserted Temple. Once you have 10+ lands in play, you can just scapeshift for the remaining mazes and untap Maze's end with deserted temple to activate on the same turn to win. I run a more lands focused version. You should definitely check my deck out!

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