Deserted Temple


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Rare

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Deserted Temple


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(1), Tap: Untap target land.

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Deserted Temple Discussion

SufferFromEDHD on 'Droth Lands

3 weeks ago

Mana Breach and Overburden are easy for you to play around. Your opponents not so much.

Mox Diamond is a must in lands lists.

Alchemist's Refuge, Dust Bowl, Deserted Temple, Strip Mine, Tolaria West great utility.

hkhssweiss on Xantcha test

4 weeks ago

Mana Geyser and Reiterate can lead to infinite mana, you can also sub out Manageyser with Inner Fire

Another way to get infinite mana in these colors are the classic Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Cabal Coffers, Deserted Temple, and Rings of Brighthearth. (Need 6 swamps to start netting mana)

Worldgorger Dragon and Animate Dead can lead to infinite loops, when the player Xantcha targets dies, she comes back to your battlefield, trigger WGD, Xantcha re-ETB and chooses a different player, do it again, and kill the whole table. Can replace Animate Dead with either Dance of the Dead or Necromancy.

SynergyBuild on Land Based Combo Help

1 month ago

Bazaar of Baghdad & Life from the Loam, with support from Ramunap Excavator/Crucible of Worlds will give tons of support to Windgrace's ability to 'draw cards.'

Punishing Fire + Grove of the Burnwillows = allows you to Shock creatures on repeat.

Deserted Temple + Rings of Brighthearth + any land that taps for 5 mana = infinite mana. Think Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Gaea's Cradle, or Cabal Coffers to get that kind of mana.

Otherwise, Petrified Field + Rings of Brighthearth allows you to repeatedly bring back lands (the second copy can target the Petrified Field!)

Metroid_Hybrid on Your life total is irrelevant..

1 month ago

A lot of great suggestions guys!

I thought I had a Sword of the Animist listed... Oh well.. I also pulled the trigger on ordering a few other cards, and cutting a few others..

I’ll acquire a Deserted Temple, Argentum Armor, and Mirage Mirror in the future..

However in the meantime, I still need to cut over a half-dozen cards to get down to a playable 100 card deck..

Profet93 on Your life total is irrelevant..

1 month ago

Whats good Nate the great? For this deck I got no hate, nothing but positivity. I hope you consider these comments with creativity :)

Ancient Tomb over temple of false - Tomb is actual early game ramp which is when you need it. You wanna voltron out so speed is key.

Phyrexian Arena for sustained draw is key to keep answers and sustain threats.

Basilisk Collar - Cheap on play and equip, only expensive to buy. 2 useful abilities. Likelink to help against selflife loss and death touch to deter blocking.

How are you dealing with artifact and enchantments? Someone uses stoney silence or null rod and ur done. I'd recomend an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated. There are other budget options as well such as nev disk and spine of ish shah

Maybe even a Trading Post as an artifact sac outlet to prevent exiling effects. Gains life in a pinch. Could sustain contamination should you choose to add it. Also synergizes with spine of ish shah

A card i recomend to all black players is Imp's Mischief. It redirects targets so some extra turn cards, removal, and is a surprise no one expects from black. Once they do, you can bluff with 2 mana just like the blue player ;)

Now your back up plan, ramp into x spells. Deserted Temple is useful to untap coffers and for politics. Vesuva usually as coffers. Mirage Mirror for utiltiy/coffers (or in my last game, an Ulamog)

No Mana Crypt or Mana Vault? Mishra's Workshop is very useful if u can get one.

I have a couple ideas of what to take out but I want to get more ideas from you and what your plans for the deck are.

KillTheIslandUser on Emmara, Soul of Sacrifice

1 month ago

So here are some things I think will help the deck improve vastly for combo efficiency as well as speed of deck, and consistency.

Faster Mana suggestions:

Mox Diamond, Exploration, Ancient Tomb, Selesnya Signet, Arbor Elf.

Utility Lands Suggestions:

Deserted Temple, Horizon Canopy, Flagstones of Trokair, Wirewood Lodge. Even with these additions, you still have more than basic lands for Earthcraft. Hell I've played earthcraft in a deck with 10 basic lands total and still had no problem hitting it.

Tutors to help consistency of deck:

Sylvan Tutor, Survival of the Fittest, Natural Order (this one might not be as good for you.. but you can always sack your commander if need be depending on your line of play... like the selvala, wormcoil, variation of the combo. So if they already blew up your thornbite staff... you can still mill them out with selvala and dosan/grand abolisher line. While we want to streamline the combo... sometimes plan B and C are necessary... as we can get hated on. The deck should be able to get through hate as well. Heliod's Pilgrim again is not the best atm... but idk what other aura's you are gonna put in... lawl maybe Burden of Guilt jokes! The squirrels nest combo can be easily achieved on this tutor if you already got out earthcraft.

Other Utility/Win conditions that use the cards the you already have in the deck:

Selvala, Explorer Returned, Viridian Joiner. As I stated in the FB post.. you already run one of the cards... so these are just other outs to win if all else fails. Selvala might be harder for you to run, but she is a good utility creature in your deck. Especially when you need to draw in green... and white.... which we both know is hard as shit, and she adds a bit of mana to us. The joiner though is just infinite green mana, so it is a nice edition to the deck period, and can be an another win condition set up.

Also you have 2 open the armory in your list.

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

1 month ago

(16 left to 100.)

Should I also remove Comet Storm? Also, Pull from Eternity needs to have a use here, but since you rejected stuff like Reito Lantern, & decided I should use only Mistveil Plains, how do I tap/untapped that land without the need of Deserted Temple? Burst of Energy is the only thing I can think of that can target such a thing as Paradox Engine doesn't affect lands. & that too is rejected by the Boot.

So I ask, landofMordor, what to do with all this? What Combo w/ multiple paths should I do even?

(I hope this is useful, the previous version was chopped due to an Emoji ruining this...)

BackwardsChart on Noyan Dar, Creatureless... I promise...

1 month ago

I try to stay away from non Instant or Sorcery solutions, also, any lands that come into play tapped. That said, Deserted Temple would be a beast here, also, I agree, the more I play this deck the more I realize it needs more ramp. I will definitely add The signet, and probably the Sphere, but what to cut?

also, Consecrate Land? what a weird card, if I can find one it's definitely going in.

I used to run Darksteel Garrison, but in my meta there is a lot of artifact hate, It usually ends up eating 5 mana and getting Shattered.

thanks for the responses!!

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