Koth of the Hammer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth (DDI) Mythic Rare
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Mythic Rare

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Koth of the Hammer

Planeswalker — Koth

+1: Untap target Mountain. It becomes a 4/4 red Elemelntal creature until end of turn. It's still a land.

-2: Add to your mana pool for each Mountain you control.

-5: You get an emblem with "Mountains you control have 'Tap: This land deals 1 damage to target creature or player.'"

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Koth of the Hammer Discussion

TheNocholas on Pssst... It's Free Real Estate

1 week ago

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Koth of the Hammer would be good if you want to go more agressive.

Duke.Fleed on Mono Red Burn/Chandra

2 weeks ago

Shrine of Burning Rage is an inevitability engine that you might consider. Also Chandra Ablaze being 6 mana is extremely inhibitory in this format. To ramp up to that mana cost, you might consider cars like Chandra, Torch of Defiance (not only is she ramp, but also removal, and Koth of the Hammer definitely ramps you. Also, if you like chandra, you might consider Chandra, Flamecaller as your 6 drop instead of Chandra Ablaze. Much more damage and better card draw.

chosenone124 on Progenitor Mimic

3 weeks ago

I activate Koth of the Hammer to animate a Mountain. I cast Progenitor Mimic copying said Mountain, causing it to enter as a noncreature permanent.

On my upkeep, do I get a token Mountain? Progenitor Mimic seems to say "if this creature is not a token" but "Mountain" isn't a creature.

Kaleo42 on What Glory Looks Like

4 weeks ago

Ok so I took a good long look and you appear to be on a budget of about $10 per card so I kept my recommendations around or below that mark. The biggest thing I have learned about neheb decks regardless of the speed or competitiveness of the table is that they want additional combats for more mana since it checks total damage dealt in a turn and ways to get spend that mana. My first recommendations are the additional combat effects.

Aggravated Assault Especially this one

Fury of the Horde

Relentless Assault

Seize the Day

Combat Celebrant, this one combos with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and if you have it Zealous Conscripts is screaming to be included. Zealous can haste your creatures, steal mana or beatsticks to further your plan, or clear the way for your attack.

Next some draw card effects. Some of these are the exile then cast effect, but with Neheb surging mana thats just as good.

Runehorn Hellkite, Magus of the Wheel, Knollspine Dragon, Chandra, Flamecaller, Bedlam Reveler wheel effects are the most efficient draw cards you can get and the ones that hit your opponents too can disrupt tutors.

Smuggler's Copter, Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess looting effects are great ways to get value out of extra land draws or flashback/unearth spells.

Browbeat, Hedron Archive both give you mana or cards, one is your choice one is theirs.

Etali, Primal Storm, Stromkirk Occultist, Prophetic Flamespeaker, Wildfire Eternal are great beaters in different parts of the curve and give you more spells to play.

Sunbird's Invocation AMAZING. If your table will give you the time to play this card play it. This is up there with Aggravated Assault in my top recommendations.

Protecting Neheb is extremely important and can be done in two ways: traditional protection, and slipping under your opponents. What I mean by the slipping under your opponents is playing him with haste and/or earlier than expected, this is the key driver of my deck since my table doesnt give me time to play him at normal speed. Below are some mana accelerants to cheat him out, haste sources I havent covered above, and traditional protection.

Mana Accelerants

Generator Servant this one is both mana and haste but broadcasts your intent ahead of time.

Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual sometimes one extra mana is all you need, but more so filtering a colorless to two read is great.

Koth of the Hammer and Treasonous Ogre are also a decent beaters.

Mana Vault, Simian Spirit Guide good one time mana effects and both are a lower price now then they likely will be in the near future.

Sword of the Animist great for filtering your deck both before and after you slam multiple attacks with Neheb.


Anger plays nice with the looting and wheels mentioned before.

Hall of the Bandit Lord can scare people with the 3 life but it is so efficient and so worth it.

Hammer of Purphoros, Lightning Mauler, Obsidian Battle-Axe are great because they are static like Anger and dont require any additional mana the turn you play Neheb to start attacking.

Hanweir Battlements and Swiftfoot Boots do cost a mana but one has the added protection and the other can be a surprise damage push.

ProtectionDarksteel Plate, Hammer of Nazahn especially if your table is wrath happy.

Homeward Path because your games run long enough for dumb things to happen to Neheb.

Rogue's Passage and Whispersilk Cloak unblockable can be a form of protection and obviously shroud protects.

Fork counter your counter, haha!

Sometimes you just have to mess up your opponents to buy the time you need.Blasphemous Act is great if you have an indestructible Neheb and Red Sun's Zenith is removal or a win con depending on how much mana you have.

Captivating Crew in a creature heavy meta can wreck face.

Magus of the Moon if youre that guy and your opponents rely too much on lands.

Release the Gremlins and Smash to Smithereens deal with pesky artifacts and push damage.

Scab-Clan Berserker especially if anyone plays storm.

Stigma Lasher deals with lifegain which can otherwise be a big problem.

Stranglehold make them draw cards like you have to.

Void Winnower there are other good eldrazi to consider as something to poor your mana into but this is in my top two more budget picks.

Other good cards.Hanweir Garrison couples with a haste land and is a fantastic beater. Hero's Blade extra damage for no equip cost. Strionic Resonator does gross things with all the triggers in the deck. Temur Battle Rage great way to massively increase your damage and mana.

Please read the whole thing I can't check mark "suggestions" for all of these at once.

HelixSnapHelix on Nin The Pain Artist DC

1 month ago

I'm going to chime in again if you don't mind lol. I think Koth of the Hammer could be really good as another win con, if you're feeling like you're having a hard time closing out games. Especially against other control decks, where combos are harder to manage. Also, I'd consider at least testing more cantrips to dig for your combos faster. The instant speed ones can really do work, that way you're operating more on their turn, and something like Peek lets you get full info on their hand before you want to go off, as opposed to their hand and the unknown card of what they drew that turn with a Gitaxian Probe. Also, Spellskite can do so much work against matchups with plenty of removal, and soak up damage from Zurgo decks. Not a bad choice for some Nin pinging either. If you're really banking on the infinite combo win con, Pact of Negation can be a game breaking card.

DarkStarStorm on Goblins

1 month ago

You said that the deck is supposed to be as fast as possible, right? Shouldn't you go down on Koth of the Hammer, Intruder Alarm, and Krenko, Mob Boss since they're horrendously slow? Go up to four copies of both Goblin Bushwhacker and Reckless Bushwhacker and destroy your opponent by turn three.

legendofa on Challenge : Planeswalker Bonaza

1 month ago

May I submit the suggestion to not be required to use the singleton planeswalkers like Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver or Koth of the Hammer, or to require only one or two? This should increase deck variety while still (mostly) sticking to the spirit of the challenge.

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