Koth of the Hammer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth Mythic Rare
Scars of Mirrodin Mythic Rare

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Koth of the Hammer

Planeswalker — Koth

+1: Untap target Mountain. It becomes a 4/4 red Elemelntal creature until end of turn. It's still a land.

-2: Add to your mana pool for each Mountain you control.

-5: You get an emblem with "Mountains you control have 'Tap: This land deals 1 damage to target creature or player.'"

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Koth of the Hammer Discussion

Catalog9000 on Red burn

1 week ago

You should also consider Koth of the Hammer to get extra mana :)

Okay I think three posts is enough. Lol.

wolfging on Norin Deck Wins

2 weeks ago

Thought of Koth of the Hammer at all?

Other than that, I like a weird take on a pretty neat deck.

ay.lobo on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

3 weeks ago

Hey ticked-off-squirrel. Interesting recommendations. Firstly, I already have Impact Tremors in the deck. Very awesome card, btw, ramps up winning quickly. Secondly... The cards are awesome in a Krenko spawn win-by-combat-damage deck theme. However, my deck here is all about working on Purphoros' ability to damage everyone by spawning tokens. Definitely no need to attack or beef up the creatures at all.You asked what I would do with the tokens? Use them as blockers or sacrifice them for better things like Ashnod's Altar or Goblin Bombardment.

Koth of the Hammer... I've hear great things about him. But I don't need his ability to make beat sticks out of my lands. For now, the Chandra I have is enough. Mana, draw fix, and emblem that deals damage. Besides, I usually prefer to have one good planeswalker per deck.

ticked-off-squirrel on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

3 weeks ago

as an expert with goblins and burns I suggest the following cards and why:

Impact Tremors: it is basically a replica of Purphoros but does a tiny bit less damage. the plus side? has no devotion so has no risk of becoming a creature on accident.

Barrage of Expendables: what are you gonna do with all those goblins/dragons/whatever once you have them? swing with them and hope opponent does not block? I think not. throw them instead. is a great pair up with Goblin Arsonist

Outpost Siege: a great card no matter which option you pick for it. either exile top card and play it almost instantly or (my personal favorite) have the goblins/dragons/whatever give a parting shot as they leave.

Goblin War Drums (optional): if you insist on swinging with your goblins/dragons/whatever make them harder to block by giving them all Menace.

Foundry Street Denizen: a cheap guy at first but with enough red tokens popping out he will get big fast (if only for a turn).

Bearer of the Heavens (optional): to be used for emergency only. I am slightly hesitant to suggest him but you have a good board wipe card already so why stop at Artifacts, Creatures, and Enchantments? if you really need a field cleared just bring this guy out. sometimes he is enough to just intimidate the opponent from attacking you but if they insist on attacking you you can block with him and if he dies the entire field is gone. (except Purphoros of course) which is really helpful since the opponent cannot recover from the massive board wipe. (yes I know you wont be able to recover either but if you only got 5 lands and the opponent has like 10 the board wipe will be helpful.)

Koth of the Hammer: he is good for three reasons. 1: he can turn your Mountains into creatures for a turn so you can get cheap damage or an untapped land for later. 2: he will generate allot more red mana than Chandra can. 3: if you can get his emblem he turns your mountains into volcanos and can shoot the opponent (or a creature you don't like) for 1 per volcano.

Firebones675 on Red Goblin Rain

1 month ago

have you considered running Skred/Snow-Covered Mountain? Alot of mono red control decks run it to deal with larger creatures.

Koth of the Hammer/Chandra, Torch of Defiance also see play in mono red control decks

TheDuggernaught on

1 month ago

Not sure I like her over Ajani. Now if he gave -- making it easier to transmute Muddle the Mixture -- or if her mana did not empty at end of phase, it would be a different story. But there are a number of other walkers I would consider before Chandra, Torch of Defiance. I would use Gideon Jura, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Dovin Baan, Koth of the Hammer, and Narset Transcendent all before Chandra. Which feels weird to say -- because I do not even like some of those walkers, but I like Chandra a lot.

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