Atarka, World Render

Legendary Creature — Dragon

Flying, trample

Whenever a Dragon you control attacks, it gains double strike until end of turn.

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Atarka, World Render Discussion

jstache93 on List of Bugs and Feature ...

2 months ago

Atarka, World Render and Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury are incorrectly showing as banned in Commander

griffstick on Best Colors for Voltron EDH?

2 months ago

Atarka, World Render makes a really good voltron CMDR.

Catalog9000 on There Be Dragons!

3 months ago

Have you considered Steel Hellkite for mass removal then? You can pay X = 0 for Mass Token destruction. Or, if your aim is to essentially Voltron up Scion, slapping on Atarka, World Render doe Doublestrike would really bring the hurt.

Wiggyman on Hail HYDRA

3 months ago

This isn't hydra tribal, but it's REALLY REALLY fun to throw an Atarka, World Render at your opponents. 24 damage. Also, Rosheen Meanderer.

Chill_Casual on Super Stonebrothers

3 months ago

There are not nearly enough draw engines, too many trample enablers. Arlinn Kord  Flip is strong, but unnecessary. Her +1/+1 trample anthem takes two turns to go off and the rest of her abilities (aside from her ult) have zero synergy. Gruul War Chant is less expensive and gives a better pay off immediately. You don't need a trample static buff, when everyone already has trample. Hazoret's Monument gives a reduction in CMC for cast spells, but the discard/draw effect is a gamble and unnecessary compared to a simple draw engine, which actually gives you card advantage (i.e. Soul of the Harvest). Tana, the Bloodsower may have trample, but at 4 CMC for a 4/4 (post swing) is not really that much kick. Something Faster could be put in it's place. Mina and Denn, Wildborn is just a 4 cost Azusa, Lost but Seeking, and the trample effect is redundant. For 7 CMC Pelakka Wurm is weak in value, compared to other high CMC cards that could be ran. Fanatic of Xenagos is cheap, but aside from being a fatty (with or without haste) it's kind of a one note card, there's already enough big creatures on the field, he doesnt bring anything to the table aside from strength. Skarrg Guildmage is redundant as is Khenra Charioteer. Atarka, World Render is not worth the seven, sure she hit's hard but is not as strong as double damage cards that buff ALL your creatures. Deus of Calamity has to be blocked by a creature with 2 or less toughness, otherwise he's not doing anything. Ghor-Clan Rampager is just a titanic growth. Slith Predator is boring, a +1/+1 counter is not much. There is not nearly enough draw in here, too many trample enablers, too few value cards, not enough bombs. Why have so much ramp, when there is too little draw, and not enough high CMC value cards? You removed gold cards from my schematics like Genesis Wave, Rage Reflection, Insult, Gruul War Chant, Elemental Bond, Soul of the Harvest, Rapacious One, Moldgraf Monstrosity, Lurking Predators, Garruk's Horde, Hunter's Prowess, Veilstone Amulet, and Harvest Season. The utter lack of value, draw power, and game ending cards is my only skepticism. That being said, I think Gruul Keyrune, One with Nature, Destructive Urge, and Hellkite Tyrant would be great additions. Also, why 37 lands?

Wiggyman on

3 months ago

Tooth and Nail might be fun, with Malignus.

Cool deck! I run Xenagod in my Atarka, World Render deck because it one-shots someone.

Have you managed to pull off Aggravated Assault + Savage Ventmaw yet?

DrukenReaps on Darigaaz Reincarnated; Good Commander?

3 months ago

sonnet666 again you are completely ignoring the other 99. The reason I think this guy isn't trash is because you get to spend the mana that would go towards him on Atarka, World Render or Utvara Hellkite or any number of other things. If all you do is evaluate the card without considering possibilities then of course it is garbage.

mrcrow85 on The Ur Dragon's Raging Rainbow Party Friends

3 months ago

Hi MegaMatt13, have you ever considered Savage Beating? With just 2 5/5 dragons you can swing for a lethal 40 damage in a single turn. I think it deserves a spot as a surprise win card. Also, Scion of the Ur-Dragon is an excellent card and tutor in this deck, when you attack you can search and copy a dragon for a specific situation. Balefire Dragon to wipe a board, Hellkite Tyrant to steal all artifacts and equipment of an artifact heavy deck, etc. There's also a silly combo with Savage Ventmaw and Hellkite Charger in which you can take a bunch of extra combat phases. If you have Scion out, you can search and copy Atarka, World Render to swing for lethal and win. Hope this helps :)

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