Angelic Skirmisher


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare
Promo Set None

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Angelic Skirmisher

Creature — Angel

FlyingAt the beginning of each combat choose first strike, vigilance or lifelink. Creatures you control gain that ability until end of turn.

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Angelic Skirmisher Discussion

thoughtsinknots on Darien Suicide Control

1 day ago

SufferFromEDHD Flagstones seems like a great add to the deck. I've considered the Ankh before but I have enough sources of damage in the deck that the little I get from it could be something else. The outlast creatures though... I'm not sold, they only do something with 2% of my deck and I'm already playing Karma as a lol card :P I'd rather play Angelic Skirmisher or Akroma's Memorial. Rector was in earlier but I don't have any sac outlets so she came out pretty early. I'd rather not win with Helm. I love Catastrophe, it was in the deck for awhile but it came out for curve reasons but I can see it coming back in, that card is bananas. How can I not run Day of Judgment and Wrath of God?? They're too gorgeous to not play!!

TheCenterOfTheUniverse on Sidar and Tana

3 days ago

Cards you could remove:

Arrest, Hunter's Insight, Magebane Armor, Demonmail Hauberk, Hero's Blade, Seraph of the Masses, Paragon of Eternal Wilds, Builder's Blessing, Pacifism, or Explore

Hope I helped!

the.beanpole on Field to Plowshares

2 weeks ago

Pariah is ok. Not incredibly swingy, but good as a mini-Grave Pact that also can close out games. Personally, Angelic Skirmisher would be the cut for her if you want to go that route.

Enduring Renewal is kind of a build around card, for sure. And while it is good in this type of deck, on second look, I agree. It doesn't quite fit.

Diakaine on My very first commander

3 weeks ago

the other Isperia, Supreme Judge ( or Bruna, Light of Alabaster if you really like a voltron enchantment build) is better. she'll give you card advantage, which pulls you ahead. then replace most of the lands with basics, running more basic lands will help you more then Phyrexia's Core with no artifacts or Grixis Panorama in blue white, basics are the way to go. Ruination and Back to Basics are somewhat common in EDH. It also seems like your deck is trying to different side is control, the other is creatures, and the other is voltron. try to get down to 2 ( like voltron and control) somewhat budget cards at about $2.50 each are Ghostly Prison Propaganda and Sphere of Safety ( these cards work well with an enchantment voltron type deck) higher quality creature is also important. Archon of the Triumvirate Blazing Archon Angelic Arbiter Sun Titan Resolute Archangel Lavinia of the Tenth Daxos of Meletis Angel of Serenity Medomai the Ageless Sunblast Angel Stonehorn Dignitary Angelic Skirmisher Frost Titan Auramancer Monk Idealist Sram, Senior Edificer. then with control Curse of the Swine, Reality Shift Render Silent Stubborn Denial Arcane Denial AEtherize Judge's Familiar Rewind Swords to Plowshares Detention Sphere Oblivion Ring Journey to Nowhere board wipes are kinda expensive so idealy its Wrath of God but on a budget Day of Judgment Planar Cleansing and if youre going for a heavier enchantment build then Winds of Rath will put you far ahead. card advantage Blue Sun's Zenith Brainstorm Preordain Ponder Mind Spring Stroke of Genius Think Twice and enchantments Righteous Authority Ethereal Armor Vow of Flight Vow of Duty Gift of Immortality Spectra Ward Favorable Winds Gravitational Shift Blind Obedience tokens and valueSigil of the Empty Throne Ajani's Chosen Decree of Justice tutors Plea for Guidance Three Dreams and lastly mana rocks are very good at ramping your mana, which is important for being ahead in the game and not falling behind. Azorius Signet Azorius Cluestone Fellwar Stone Coldsteel Heart Darksteel Ingot Mind Stone Worn Powerstone Commander's Sphere and very important is a Sol Ring! i hope this helps you a lot, i tried to stay with in a below $2 for every card and about 98% are within that budget. and i wish you the best of luck playing commander!

NeonMatrix70 on Purify the Kingdom

3 weeks ago

Jory476, thanks for the recommendations!

  1. Even thought Land Tax is way better than Gift of Estates, I don't feel like it's a priority to switch (especially considering the price difference). So far the only rare mana problem I've encountered is needing more Plains color fixing because most of the creatures have in their cost. If anything, I've thought about adding Weathered Wayfarer

  2. Your right, there's great synergy between Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Angelic Skirmisher, however if I ran Angelic Skirmisher, I wouldn't need Odric, Lunarch Marshal because she already provides the chosen ability to all my creatures. I think for 2 more mana and an extra requirement, she's not worth the effort; so what I could do is replace Odric, Lunarch Marshal with her, or add a creature like Gisela, the Broken Blade to increase the chance that Odric, Lunarch Marshal is more effective.

  3. Lastly, with Relic Seeker and the equipment in this deck, I have not had any issues with needing or defending against First Strike, so Archetype of Courage hasn't come to mind. That being said, if I do ever run into First Strike being an issue, I will definitely keep that in mind.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Jory476 on Purify the Kingdom

3 weeks ago

I recommend switching out Gift of Estates for Land Tax. I'm pretty sure that the card was designed to be the sorcery version of this enchantment.

Also if you are going to run Odric, Lunarch Marshal, maybe consider something like Angelic Skirmisher or Archetype of Courage

Spirits on Kaalia, born in Heaven for Hell on Earth

1 month ago

Angelic Skirmisher is too slow, plus most of the creatures have some or all of those abilities anyway. I don't play her. I'd probably choose lifelink anyway, so would rather have a Whip of Erebos for CMC 4, than a 4/4 flying delayed trigger for CMC 6. Plus Whip of Erebos gives me recursion.

Aurelia, the Warleader is tempting to drop, I've thought about him, and if he's in my hand with others, I honestly usually drop the others. Tough call on him, I would say he has vigilance and haste, if you do hard cast him, hes very effective. Even if he's dropped in, he's an immediate threat. His synergy with Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is impressive too. Not sure about him.

Harvester of Souls is way too high CMC, and waiting for triggers to draw. He's one of the only pain free ones though, thought I would mention. I agree he's pretty terrible, especially since you're relying on your opponents creatures to be dying frequently because Angels/Demons/Dragons don't in the type of numbers needed to make him useful. Really good synergy with a Wrath of God or a Damnation though.

Let me know if the extra lifelink helps slow the aggro curve against you.

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