Simic Signet


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Commander (2016 Edition) Common
Commander 2015 Common
Commander 2013 Common
MTG: Commander Common
Dissension Common

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Simic Signet


, : Add to your mana pool.

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Simic Signet Discussion

RumAndCoke on Atraxa, Angel of Proof

4 days ago

I have a few suggestions that I think would help speed this deck up and make it even deadlier than it already is.

Cards I think you could live without:

My first suggestion is to add 4 or 5 more land. 31 land is very low, especially for a four color build, and missing land drops will hinder your game plan significantly.

Land suggestions:

Second suggestion is to consider more mana ramp. Having great ramp is essential to a quick, efficient start. Starting off slow will usually get you killed.

Ramp suggestions:

Third suggestion is cards I like for this theme. Just a few badass toys for your deck to mess around with.

Fun card suggestions:

Grind on My commander can beat up your commander

1 week ago

Looks like a fun deck, Rafiq is great and can be very powerful!
Saw your deck on the commander thread, here are some quick suggestions, hopefully some of them you like and are in your budget. Cheers!
Lands: cut Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree and some of your ETB tapped lands for some etb untapped multicolor lands to help your color production be reliable: Command Tower, Yavimaya Coast, Adarkar Wastes, Prairie Stream, City of Brass, Breeding Pool.
ramp: Sol Ring, Simic Signet,Azorius Signet, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach.
Wrath of God > Terminus.
Rout > Martial Coup.
Counterspell, Arcane Denial, Swan Song, Swords to Plowshares, Cyclonic Rift.
Eternal Witness, Seasons Past, Mystical Tutor, Archaeomancer.
card draw:
Recurring Insight, Fact or Fiction, Stroke of Genius.
things to help Rafiq of the Many crush your enemies:
Rancor, Inquisitor's Flail, Steel of the Godhead, Shield of the Oversoul, Swiftfoot Boots, maybe Command Beacon, Sword of Vengeance, maybe Sigarda's Aid.
given how many creatures creatures you run, you might want some tricks to protect your board from boardwipes. Bastion Protector, Make a Stand, Dauntless Escort may or may not be useful.
anyway those are just the things i thought of. I built a rafiq deck a while ago, you should be able to find it in my profile if you want any more suggestions, i went a little bit more in on the pillowfort/control/combo side of things but the list was a bit pricier too. anyway have fun and keep crushing!

THE_WTF_Brewer on Help with black blue green ...

2 weeks ago

You need Duel Lands. Alot. This deck also needs A LOT of help. First of, Dissolve instead of Cancel. Also cut Gaea's Blessing. It is anti mill. Alos you have a lot of weak creatures to cut and some weak mill like Curse of the Bloody Tome. Instead add ramp like Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Simic Signet, Dimir Signet, Golgari Signet, Explosive Vegetation, Sol Ring, and Commander's Sphere. I would run all of those along side card draw like Fact or Fiction, Phyrexian Arena, Coercive Portal, Harmonize, and Concentrate. You don't need a ton of card draw since damia does that but those 5 are still ones you want to play. Other than that, great deck. I'm not a mill expert by any means, or even a commander expert, but I know whats up. Also, link your decks like this:


Commander / EDH KJWnumber1


Hi_1m_R0b3rt on drawacard.deck

3 weeks ago

I don't like to have too many high cmc cards in my rashmi deck, and quick ramp is pretty essential so cards like Kodama's Reach Sol Ring Explosive Vegetation and Simic Signet to name a few is very important, also Trade Secrets is banned in EDH

dreamistt on

4 weeks ago

My Suggestions:

I think your mana base is a little messy.

As for ramp in itself:

  • Gilded Lotus is amazing, but it only nets you one color of mana, which can be a bummer at times.
  • I always advocate for the use of all available signets (Simic Signet, Izzet Signet and Gruul Signet in your case), since they fix your colors in the early game and help you ramp up a bit (plus, a Sol Ring + Signet starting hand can go crazy pretty fast)
  • Thought Vessel and Mind Stone are other 2-mana artifacts with some great extra utility.

Cards I don't like/I don't find useful enough:

Other suggestions (mostly more creatures to use as a toolbox):

miniramlok on

4 weeks ago

I think Grim Flayer could do well in this list. Plus a Dimir Signet and a Simic Signet are must haves.

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