Polluted Delta


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare
Onslaught (ONS) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Polluted Delta


: Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Polluted Delta: Search your library for an Island or Swamp card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Polluted Delta Discussion

cdkime on what constitutes a spike in ...

23 hours ago

I think Arvail hit the nail on the head. Being "too spiky" is entirely dependent on the meta you play in--there are groups where a turn 5 win might be considered "too spiky" when the same deck would be woefully inadequate in others.

I wanted to add one additional thought to Arvail's point. Lands are such a fundamental part of the game that players don't usually consider them "spiky." However, as everyone knows, if you take two decks, one running Bad River, Dismal Backwater, etc., and another running Polluted Delta, Underground Sea, and Watery Grave, all other things being equal the second deck will be faster and more "spiky."

When trying to avoid being too "spiky" for your meta, pay close attention to what lands others are playing. Don't bring Shocks, Fetches, and ABUR lands to a table full of lands that enter tapped. You'll be seen as too both spiky and winning because of money, not because the rest of the deck is better.

kshock68 on BUDGET MonoBlue Devotion MILL - NEW from GRN!!

1 day ago

What fetches would you include in a pseudo-nonbudget version? 3 Flooded Strand and 3 Polluted Delta?

Rabid_Wombat on Need to trim away some ...

2 weeks ago

I built a budget Zombie edh deck for my gf and was amazed at how smoothly it runs with only four non-basics: Underground Sea, Polluted Delta, Bazaar of Baghdad and Crypt of Agadeem.

Sometimes basic is best!

Rabid_Wombat on Funny Commander Stories?

2 weeks ago

I went into a game store and a dishevelled looking guy was sitting alone at a table, shuffling a deck - he hopefully asked me "You gotta edh deck?" I replied "Yeah, sure man, let's have a game". He revealed Markov as his Commander and muttered that it was basically just the precon...I said that my Ur-Dragon Tribal was basically the precon too because I didn't want to make him feel bad about his current situation in life.

My first turn: Ditch Snow-Covered Forest for Mox Diamond, play and crack Scalding Tarn for Badlands -> Demonic Tutor to find Mana Crypt. His Turn: Drops a Plains.

My Second Turn - play and crack Windswept Heath for Taiga, play Mana Crypt for Thunderbreak Regent. His Second Turn: Drops another Plains and bitches about being mana-screwed.

My Third Turn: Coin flip- Zero Damage, play and crack Polluted Delta for Volcanic Island play Dragon Tempest, play Mystical Tutor search for Mana Vault play Mana Vault, cast Scourge of the Throne. Swing in for 10 damage with Thunderbreak Regent and Scourge of the Throne.

The guy looks at me completely deadpan and says: "That is NOT just the precon dude."

JKRice on Spray and Pray

3 weeks ago

This is one of my favorite modern combos, and I can definitely help you with the manabase and sideboard and possibly the mainboard if you’re willing to change it.

1) The Manabase

I’m not sure how much you’re willing to spend on the manabase, but in the modern format the mana is usually the most expensive part of the deck. I will give you budget and nonbudget options. Obviously don’t take all of these suggestions because then you would have maybe 40 lands

A: Fetchlands

These cost between 20-50 dollars. For your deck, if your willing to spend that much, I would reccomend 4 Bloodstained Mire and 2 Polluted Delta. These allow you to selectively get lands depending on what colors of mana you need. These also allow you to pull lands from your deck, decreasing the chance that you whiff on a draw.

B: Shocklands

These cost between 8-30 dollars, and allow you to pay life to fix mana, and the land types mean that they are best when paired with the fetchlands. I would reccomend 4 Blood Crypt

C: Check lands

These cost between 3-10 dollars, and allow you to fix your mana a turn late. These are a decent budget option. I would reccomend 4 Dragonskull Summit.

D: Fast Lands

These are between 5-25 dollars, and are your best option behind the fetchlands. I would recommend 3 Blackcleave Cliffs

You already have the lain land in your mainbaord so I won’t discuss that.

2) The Sideboard

You should probably vary the sideboard a bit. The sideboard is meant to give you the most variety in answering the opponent’s strategy and protecting yours, so I would say you only want to run 1-2 of each card.

A: Engineered Explosives is an amazing card in a variety of matchups, but it’s definitely not budget. If you can afford it, I would say run one of them in the SB.

B: Fulminator Mage is a great card against power decks like Tron and scapeshift, and have the added effect of messing with multi color decks like jund. I would reccomend 2.

C: Damnation is amazing as a hate card against humans, which is a very prominent deck in the meta. I would run 1.

D: the Relic of Progenituss, Shattering Sprees, and Crumble to Dusts are all great, but I would cut them down to 2 each.

3) The Mainboard

A: Bitter Ordeal is an amazing card in the mainboard. I would reccomend that you run 1 grapeshot and 1 ordeal in the mainboard TK give you variety against decks that have responses to either.

B: There are better ways to get the combo to your hand than Beseech the Queen and Diabolic Tutor. These just come off too late and won’t do much in control matchups or combo matchups. Instead, I would run multi-Use dig spells like Faithless Looting, or else you could possible run midrangey control spells like Liliana of the Veil or Liliana, the Last Hope.

Blackerlotus13 on Black Panther has Landed

3 weeks ago

So many cards that want to get in, so little space I'm willing to give up, at a minimum I have to squeeze in a Craterhoof Behemoth, Polluted Delta, and Blood Crypt. There are several cards that are on the periphery but due to my attachment to certain cards, it is making the decisions pretty difficult.

If anyone can take a look through this pile and let me know what your opinions are about the flex slots I would greatly appreciate it.

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