Polluted Delta


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Khans of Tarkir Rare
Onslaught Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Polluted Delta


: Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Polluted Delta: Search your library for an Island or Swamp card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Polluted Delta Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Budget Esper Stoneblade (can it ...

2 days ago

Stoneblade (more specifically deathblade) is my favorite deck in magic. I've been picking up pieces for it for awhile now, but I'm a college student and I've seen too many posts about people selling collections to pay bills that I don't want to invest in anything like duals or force of wills. I'm totally down for trading for them over a long period of time, but I don't want to buy them.

That said, I still want to participate in weekly LGS legacy tournaments if I can. I have no intentions of winning much, but I would like to take a few games a night. Oh yeah, and I'm super stubborn and insisting on playing a deck with Stoneforge Mystic and probably a blue deck at that, since I own Snapcaster Mage and fetches already. I can spend a little bit acquiring pieces to complete a list, but nothing like forces, duals, jace, and preferably not true-name namesis, though trading for one of those or a Karakas is a possibility, though unlikely.

Here's my current attempt at a decklist. Any advice for the deck would be much appreciated. The idea is Misdirection instead of Force of Will and a lot of awful fetching. I expect to fold to eldrazi and probably burn, but win vs death and taxes and give delver a run for their money. No jace makes beating BUG pretty tough, but not impossible.

Here are relevant cards I own: Show

Cadoiz on Potent Mill

2 days ago

@TheGodofNightI completely get your point and really apreciate your comments. It also helps as it's not just the "you have to add some fetchies" [random modern player] would suggest me. Plus I really share your attitude.

Magic (for me) is about having a fun time with my friends, playing decks that I enjoy but maybe somehow also my opponent does too. But I see we have a quite corresponding opinion in that case.

Dismal Backwater is a very budget card with the thought "at least better than a guildgate". Some more and better lands are already on their way. The same applies to Dimir Aqueduct. It is at least a double trigger for the crab, but still worse than eg a Polluted Delta or Darkslick Shores of course.Quite similar withEvolving Wilds. Maybe it's also considered better because of the "thinning effect"? I somehow get the feeling, I just repeat what you said :'D

Hm I get your point. I somehow try to invest some minimal ressources in not dying which makes me die eventually a bit later, but also mill slower. This gave me some more flexibility, especially in multiplayer (ofc non-competitive) games. But probably this might look like a burn player playing a defender.

Your answers were definitely delightful, thanks again. I'm not sure about that reponsive vs spike-ish thing but that's a general question. Winning more than say 70% all time in my meta will probably get boring too ;)

Tethys on U/R Prowess Prototype (Bloo Variation)

3 days ago

Looks like it's coming along well. I have a few more suggestions for you:

-2 Contingency Plan
+1 Lightning Bolt (This card is too good not to run four)
+1 Serum Visions (Modern's premier organizational cantrip. Like Bolt, I think this card should definitely be a 4-of)

-1 Steam Vents
-1 Island
-1 Mountain
+2 Polluted Delta
+1 Bloodstained Mire

A refined land base is important in a deck like this. I would seriously consider the extra fetches.

euananddalesaccount on Zombie Reanimator

1 week ago

is this meant to be competitive legacy? if not, the good. Because semi-competitive legacy decks use ODLs. Underground Sea should do the trick, with some Polluted Deltas.

imagineercam on Sliver Hive EDH

1 week ago

Hi PookandPie, thanks for all the feedback, this list is emptyish because I don't use this as my main deckbuilding tool. This is my first EDH deck (mainly because I'm collecting the pieces for slivers in modern and I'm mildly obsessed with slivers so...). I'm not super competitive and I thought I'd go with the more budgetish option until I know I like it. As far as lands go I already have Sliver Hive and Cavern of Souls and was lucky enough to pull all 5 enemy fetches out of a mm17 box this weekend and I'm in the middle of a trade for a Polluted Delta that I need for the other edh deck I'm brewing. The nice thing about having the enemy fetches I guess is I can fill in gaps with the slow fetches for now. I guess the rub is I don't have any fetchable duals (I need to pick up a few for my modern deck) but at the point where I'm buying them, I just want to get all the shocks (I don't foresee my budget allowing me to play original duals =/ ).

Paradise_Collectibles on SOLD

1 week ago


TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 weeks ago

Lots of text coming up, so get ready!

Regarding your additions:

Blood Rites and Goblin Bombardment: great in 1v1, but I think it might be a bit too all-in in multiplayer. let's discuss!

Bonfire: I don't like that it affects only one player. Very mean. Let's find a niceer alternative.

Grim Haruspex: This is a great inclusion I think. Very glad to have it in the cube :)

CHANGELOG 03/05/17



Fetches means some new additions:

And just some fun stuff:

  • Pyromancer's Goggles (cool in Izzet, but maybe too narrow)
  • Lingering Souls (just value, good in many archetypes)
  • Fork (worth it? Well have to see what the spells end up looking like)
  • Reverberate (see above)
  • Commandeer (this is probably better than fork/reverberate, but who knows)
  • Misdirection (see above)
  • Combat Celebrant (Im more curious about this card than anything else)
  • Insult to Injury (great in token swarm and gruul beats)
  • Never//Return (one-for-one removal isnt great, but the additional value could be good)
  • Cut to Ribbons (kinda just want to try this)
  • Garruk Relentless  Flip (very good in Golgari sacrifice)

General notes:

I think Im pretty high on these split/modal cards. I want to use them just because theyre new, but I also I think that multi-use cards like these could be interesting because of minimized card disadvantage. What do you think?

Regarding lands: we should figure out which we want to cut. Obviously the guildgates are bad maybe we give scrylands instead? I think the tri-lands should go to reduce the amount of 4-c decks in each pod. It looks like the format will be durdly enough as it is. Speaking of durdling

I know youre not going to like this, but I think we might have to add more ways to speed up the game. I dont really want to see a format where defensive posture is the standard. Right now we have goad and rakdos to force action, but if we end up needing more I do recommend adding monarch (or something else if you have a better idea). Basically, I dont want non-red pods to play the game without pressure, so whatever we do to mitigate that risk is good for me


TheGodofNight on Faerie dust is a hard drug

3 weeks ago


So I finally revised my version, and I used many similar card selections, but with a few key differences. So for starters, I completed skipped Snapcaster Mage. I completely understand why you are running him, and I see the huge value in the graveyard recursion, however, I think that the deck runs enough counter and removal in the main to nullify the need for him. Mind you, giving your spells double duty from the graveyard is a fantastic ability, but I feel that there is enough raw resources in the main to balance out not running him. Also, it feels like it slightly goes against the flavor of faeries. I suppose my question is this: "How integral is 'Snappy' to your win ratio? Are you able to win without him or does he make the path to victory much more achievable?"

That being said, I opted to stick with 2 Scion of Oonas. While this one is not as cost efficient as Snapcaster Mage is, the ability to protect Bitterblossom as well as fizzle removal spells seems more important, and it does stay within the realm of faerie flavor. Additionally, if I am able to resolve 2 Scion of Oonas, the only thing I am susceptible then is board wipes, which the counterspell suite covers for the most part. I realize that this is more the "flavor" vs function argument, but I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

The last difference in creatures is that I am running the third Mistbind Clique, I am on the fence about which Clique is the better choice, but I tend to like how Mistbind Clique can shut my opponent down for their turn and my turn to get out my non-flash and sorcery cards. I feel like it offers slightly better value in the late game for holding the field against other midrange/control style decks.

I used a similar singleton option for removal/counterspells, except I choose to run 2 Spell Snare as it hits almost all that we want it to hit, and a lot of folks see a single dual land or island and don't tend to worry to much about counterspells. I am considering running Logic Knot in there instead, since I am dumping a lot of stuff to the graveyard, Logic Knot just seems like an obvious choice as a safety net counter that I can set the price to. Actually, I would love to hear your thoughts on Logic Knot, obviously I wouldn't consider more than a single copy or two, but given the fact that we have a graveyard that isn't be utilized (in your case, you have Snapcaster but there can potentially be a fair amount of delve to use).

I also chose to lower the amount of hand disruption down, so I am running 2 Collective Brutality (props to you for the idea), 1 Inquisition of Kozilek, and 2 Thoughtseize. This is flexible, as you can swap the number of IoK with Seizes depending on meta and style. I opted for these choices as Thoughtseize seems to have a wider net to hit all the things, whereas IoK is great, but does have its limits. Additionally, the Collective Brutality can offset the excessive damage of the Thoughtseizes if necessary.

On the subject of life loss, I am running Batterskull. I considered the Sword of Light and Shadow, but it was only on successful damage swings, whereas the Batterskull worked even when I blocked. Yes, the cost difference is higher, but Batterskull did offer built in protection. I try not to rely on this, but I find the longer the game goes, the more the life loss becomes important. Since I am already adding to that with Bitterblossoms, Polluted Deltas, Thoughtseizes, and Watery Grave, I figure that the mitigation of some of life loss isn't a bad thing.

Additionally, the last big difference goes into the sideboard, where I am running 2 Leyline of the Void, but I submit that this is more of a meta driven selection, due to the high number of dredge players.

Overall, I'd love to hear your feedback on my revisions, you can link to the deck if you'd like, Faerie Dust is a Hard Drug v2.0 credit is given to you for the original build concept. Thanks again for taking the time. I look forward to any feedback you might be able to provide. Thanks in advance, again for both your consideration and your time.

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