Gray Merchant of Asphodel


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Theros Common

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Gray Merchant of Asphodel

Creature — Zombie

When Gray Merchant of Asphodel enters the battlefield, each opponent loses X life, where X is your devotion to black. You gain life equal to the life lost this way. (Each in the mana costs of permanents you control counts towards your devotion to black.)

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Gray Merchant of Asphodel Discussion

dlamars on Grenzo's Sewer Party

14 hours ago

I think Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre isn't a bad idea, you have no ways to get rid of enchantments so he fits that role too. Things like Leyline of the Void or Damping Matrix will shut you down so a little removal is nice.

I personally wouldn't add Exsanguinate since you already have a mana dump and win condition in grenzo. Besides I think Gray Merchant of Asphodel syncs better with the deck if you need the effect.

VastBadger on Meren of Clan Nel Badger

1 day ago

Cmasa435, I have Replaced Evolutionary Leap for Birthing Pod, Morbid Curiosity for Dictate of Erebos, and Sangromancer for Gray Merchant of Asphodel. As for the other cards you've suggested: I like Yahenni, Undying Partisan over Carrion Feeder, Sifter of Skulls is my Awakening Zone on legs, Spawnwrithe doesn't fit so well, & I like Puppeteer Clique & Hope of Ghirapur, but have no clue what I'd take out for those.

Cmasa435 on Meren of Clan Nel Badger

1 day ago

ahhhh, gotta love typos. The deck looks great, might I suggest Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Hope of Ghirapur, Puppeteer Clique, Awakening Zone, Dictate of Erebos, Birthing Pod, Grisly Salvage, Carrion Feeder, and Spawnwrithe. Merchant gets nuts fast drain and gain all day, Hope is a early sac that drips value, Clique takes your opponents dead stuff and makes it yours, Zone give you little mana guys and sacs, Dictate is more death, Pod is just insane sacs and searches, Salvage adds something to hand and fills the grave, Feeder is a sac outlet that can get huge, and Spawnwrithe goes insane if it hits a player.

Opifex on For All Those Who Died -EDH-

4 days ago

I recommend Gray Merchant of Asphodel for any deck that reanimates.

CommanderNeyo on New-ish player needing help with ...

4 days ago

I have a U/B zombie deck I made a while ago, if you want to look at it. If you play mono-black zombies, consider adding Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on The Black Plague

4 days ago

I love how fast the deck can make four power creatures with black burn.

I would do some minor changes (makes the deck more explosive):

-4 Swamp (from 20 to 16)

+2 Dark Ritual (from 2 to 4)

+2 Dauthi Slayer (from 0 to 2)

SB Changes:

-3 Dauthi Slayer (From 3 to 0)

+4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Makes the ability to transform

+1 Contaminated Ground (From 3 to 4) This card should be amazing against 3 color greedy bases. There are a lot of spells with intense mana cost.

-1 Soulcage Fiend - A 3 CMC beater should be a 1 of slot (From 2 to 1)

-1 Victim of Night

Firebones675 on Dark mark

4 days ago

Gray Merchant of Asphodel is good in monoblack decks

Scandar on Gisa and geralf zombies NO COMBO

1 week ago

Hi MegaMatt13 thanks for all suggestions. I saw your deck and i like it, but my version is a little different than yours, because i'm not concentrate in massive survival, i want to prefer take more value of my cards casting with Gisa and Geralf when zombies have already died or they were descarted.

I tried Fact or Fiction, but I prefer Frantic Search because it's more tempo in my game.sometimes I had Fact or Fiction in my hand and i prefered play another zombie or cast something from my graveyard.

I have got buy Monastery Siege and test it.

Vengeful Dead I tested him but i didn't like because I considerer him poor in stats.

And finally i didn't prefer blue zombies because i can take value with Balthor the Defiled , Gray Merchant of Asphodel , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Crypt of Agadeem.

Sorry about my english, currently i'm learning.

I hope you can understand me.

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