Anointed Procession


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Anointed Procession


If an effect would create one or more tokens under your control, it creates twice that many of those tokens instead.

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Anointed Procession Discussion

Deltis on B/W Standard Zombies

1 hour ago

I would suggest less creatures. Creatures are good, but there is a thing as too much. Cards like the new Liliana and old one are good. Anointed Procession, In Oketra's Name, Time to Reflect, Never, Wander in Death, Supernatural Stamina, Stir the Sands, Plague Belcher, Liliana's Mastery, and Gravedigger are all cards from Ahmonkhet that could do nicely in a zombie deck. Innistrad, of course, has a lot of good zombies but those are black and blue. If you want to keep this deck to a minimal price, I would suggest something along the lines of...4xWayward Servant 2xLord of the Accursed 4xFan Bearer 3xBinding Mummy 3xVoracious Null 4xDoomed Dissenter 4xIn Oketra's Name 4xTime to Reflect 4xWander in Death 2xStir the Sands 4xSupernatural Stamina 12xSwamp 10xIsland or something along those lines.This deck using just Ahmonkhet cards. And if I am correct, this (main)deck, minus land, should only be about $12-14 on CardKingdom.

Entomo on Soul Procession Combo

2 hours ago

Alright I have melded hanweir now in multiple games, it's a huge threat for my opponents to play around and has won me 2 games already. A nice line of play is Anointed Procession Turn 4, and then cast Hanweir Garrison and give him a speed boost with Hanweir Battlements, swing in for 6, and then pass the turn with the threat of a meld next turn!!

blitz001 on White/blue zombie tokens

3 hours ago

There are 2 great cards that you need for this deck that's Anointed Procession and Sram's Expertise. The Procession speaks for itself but the expertise allows you to cast another card for free adding more value.

PookandPie on Ghave and the other Fungi(fungus/saproling tribal)

5 hours ago

Martyr's Cause is the better version of Circle of Despair. It doesn't cost mana to use, is easier to cast at the same mana cost (only requires W, not WB), and does the exact same thing. I see no reason to run Circle over Martyr's Cause as it is strictly superior in every way.

Champion of Lambholt is just absurdly good in any deck that wants to win via combat damage. You make tokens via tons of cards in this deck, which means Champ will literally be your MVP in any game you can stick it because it prevents your opponents from blocking all of your creatures. Also, it's a nice source of counters for Ghave to spawn even more tokens from.

I don't think Sigil Captain is actually very good. You're already running a better card in Bloodspore Thrinax, and if you control Theolonite Hermit, Sigil Captain can't resolve its trigger due to an intervening if clause with any Saprolings you create (because they enter the battlefield as 2/2s, not 1/1s). Juniper Order Ranger is the better card to run (works no matter what, and on all of your creatures not just 1/1s, still produces 2 +1/+1 counters per token, etc.), and it has as much to do with your Saproling/Fungus theme as Sigil Captain's Rhino Soldier creature types do.

No Aura Shards is a mistake. Seed Spark pales in comparison to the ability to just drop Shards and destroy every enchantment/artifact that could potentially bother you.

Illusionist's Bracers is basically Doubling Season 2.0 for Ghave- it doubles the tokens and counters he produces, which is extremely nice. If that doesn't fit your fancy, there's always Anointed Procession, which is a functional duplicate of Parallel Lives.

Lordeh on G/W Tokens Kinda

22 hours ago

I would move up to 3 Anointed Procession as they just double the value of any token spell or ability you use. Not sold on the cartouches in a token deck or Oketra's Monument as you aren't casting many white creatures. You may want to get some Oketra the True as you are running a good shell for it.

Put in some removal such as Declaration in Stone as it hits most things that are popular currently.

Entomo on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

1 day ago

@geminispartanx I know you wanted feedback before game day but it looks like you did great anyways. I cant really say what to suggest vs mardu, it seems like you've got most of the tools already. If you haven't looked at Fragmentize its a card I like because it can get enchantments and artifacts.

Cat Litter

Standard Entomo


This is a deck I just brewed up in an attempt to abuse Anointed Procession with Soul Separator. The idea being that soul separator splits its target into 2 tokens, and anointed procession doubles those tokens, so we will get 2 1/1 spirit copies of the creature and 2 x/x zombies with that creatures stats.

To further abuse this interaction i decided to use creatures for the target of Soul Separator that are creatures that can also benefit from Anointed Procession. I settled on 3 that can all win the game; Regal Caracal, Angel of Invention, and Hanweir Garrison. FOR EXAMPLE, Separating the soul of a Regal Caracal with anointed procession in play will result in two 1/1 Regal Caracal clone flying spirit cats, two 3/3 zombies, and eight 1/1 cats with life-link. The spirit cats buff each other and buff the other cats, resulting in 34 power on the board at instant speed.

The deck has been a blast to play and test and I think it might be able to compete, especially if mid range becomes more popular and control isn't too dominate. That being said the deck has access to amazing removal and sometimes feels like its operating on a whole other level.

I'm posting this because I'd love more feedback on it and I think its cool enough that more people should see it. Thanks.

nvmorale on UW servos of God-Pharaoh

1 day ago

takeaseathoney, yes, i think you're right, i've added 3rd Anointed Procession, also added 4th copy of Master Trinketeer, as a mana sink in late game with embalmed Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun and Aven Wind Guide, for more consistency getting board presence

takeaseathoney on UW servos of God-Pharaoh

1 day ago

considering your servo-creating cards are one-offs, not activated abilities, it's crucial that you draw your Anointed Procession as early as possible. maybe it's best if you have 3 instead of 2 in your deck.

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