Polymorphist's Jest


Until end of turn, each creature target player controls loses all abilities and becomes a blue Frog with base power and toughness 1/1.

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Polymorphist's Jest Discussion

ChessRuler on

1 month ago

hm. I would suggest these cards:4x Basilisk Collar4x Curiosity4x Electrolyze2x Gelectrode4x Gorgon's Head9x Island4x Izzet Staticaster4x Lightning Bolt9x Mountain2x Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind4x Polymorphist's Jest4x Quietus Spike4x Scouring Sands4x Shivan ReefCuriosity and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind combo to deal infinite damage and niz mizzet is a pinger and a card draw engine and curiousity helps you draw cards, the problem with your deck is it needs ur opponents creatures to be small. I would suggest using my list if you can because it is actually reasomably competetive and tons of fun.

K_Train on Jests competitive?

2 months ago

Uhm, how exactly do you cast Zealous Persecution? I don't see any white many sources in the deck. I would recommend replacing the card with either Scouring Sands or Electrickery for the instant speed removal. This also keeps your deck to three colors, and should make it more consistent.

I also must say that you have far too many lands, and I would recommend dropping that number down to 21-23 depending on how you feel about it. Currently, a sweep of the opponent does require casting a 3 CMC spell, followed directly by a 2 CMC spell. I've seen Circle of Flame used in conjunction with Polymorphist's Jest to eliminate all of the opponent's attacking creatures while only requiring 3 mana on any given turn. Hope the suggestions help!

Backinthefrey on UB Mill

2 months ago

i did some play testing, and despite your deck being presented as an aggro budget mill, my slow build enchantment mill is able to consistently beat it, while the deck is less than half the price. this isn't me saying the deck is bad, its me saying you need to make it faster, and focus on card advantage more than self preservation. whites only job here is to keep you alive, but blue very easily has cards that do the same, as well as black. to replace the Path to Exile is replaceable by a large number of cards, such as Assassinate, Murder, or Doom Blade. it costs only slightly more, and its not like they will have a game ending creature turn 1 anyway. and to replace your Ethereal Haze you can use something basic like Unsummon, or use a bored wipe one like AEtherize, or just a Polymorphist's Jest to nullify a big hit. that way you narrow down to two colors, and still keep the cards to stay alive

neosapien on Ultra-Budget: Teenage Mutant Ninja Wizards

2 months ago

Nice to see someone else using the manipulator! Here is my take on it I've half-assed for quite some time. Your Frogs Are Mine!. The biggest thing I think you could use is Polymorphist's Jest. Have stolen emrakuls with this, pretty brutal. +1

jubale on Your all time favourite Standard ...

2 months ago

Whirler Rogue! I loved that card, paired it with Willbreaker for some busted turns.
My most popular deck by far was Temur Ascendancy COMBO. Turn 6 draw your deck, destroy everything your opponent control and attack with infinite sized hasty creatures.

But I could challenge any standard deck in the modern era to face down this beast:


Standard* jubale


Green megamorph splash blue, my own innovation, dominated for 2 seasons despite my terrible play skills. It beat everything from Atarka Red (one of the most busted aggro decks ever) to Esper Control to all flavors of Abzan in between.

The game plan was the same against everybody: - Ramp into 5-drops Whisperwood Elemental and Prognostic Sphinx. Once you achieve that, you have unbreakable card advantage and board control.
- Courser of Kruphix provided life and land
- Deathmist Raptor came back over and over
- Den Protector rebought all your spells
- Counter magic was always ready to use because morphs and flash creatures could be played if nothing needs countering).
- And one-sided mass-removal in green: Setessan Tactics. And giant Polukranos, World Eater, who on a good day could eat anything your opponent has.

The game-locking combo was having Sphinx, Whisperwood and Courser. Sphinx would guarantee every turn a free land for Courser, a great manifest for Whisperwood and a good draw off the top. That's 3 cards per turn. Or if there's a problem, you could dig so fast through your deck to find an answer. You could even pull off crazy shenanigans like blocking with a manifested instant, let it die, then flip up a Den Protector and cast it.

And the sideboard was outstanding for the colors:- Clever Impersonator to copy and steal an enemy Dragonlord Silumgar
- Hornet Nest to flood the world with flying deathhtouch.
- Polymorphist's Jest to laugh at even Dragonlord Ojutai or monstrous Fleecemane Lion
- and sometimes, Aspect of Hydra. +10/+10 for 1 mana anybody?

Wyrbak on Polymorphist's Jest and Peer Pressure

3 months ago

If I Polymorphist's Jest and take control of my opponent's creatures with Peer Pressure, Do I have to give them back at the beginning of the next turn, or do I keep them permanently?

Rev_Lycan60 on Lord of the Unreal

3 months ago

Pygmyrhino990 what do you have in mind? I have considered more return to hand like Unsummon or Turn to Frog / Polymorphist's Jest

eLLIPSIS666 on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

3 months ago

Cybersix I think it would make more sense to maybe run 1 or 2 "this creature loses all abilities until end of turn" spells because not only can I run them at instant speed, but it solves way more issues than just indestructibility. They're often cheaper too, like Gift of Tusks and Ovinize. I can also run something like Polymorphist's Jest that can affect every creature thus dodging an Asceticism.

Already in the deck is Capsize, which in most cases fixes my problems. If you have not used this card before it is incredibly versatile. In my playgroup is an Avacyn, Angel of Hope and normally I capsize their commander in response to a child trigger, and they lose their board. Something to exile their graveyard should soon be put in order afterwards because they're playing white. But then they only have avacyn, and avacyn by herself isn't very scary.

I'm definitely going to have to consider this! thank you for bringing it up!

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