Polymorphist's Jest


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare

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Polymorphist's Jest


Until end of turn, each creature target player controls loses all abilities and becomes a blue Frog with base power and toughness 1/1.

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Polymorphist's Jest Discussion

Skamakka1 on When Lightning Strikes Twice

3 weeks ago

SirSh4ggy thanks for the comment! So are you saying I should put the collar back in the deck? Trinket mage can also fetch the Top, which seems quite good.

I know about Fireball and I'll give it some more consideraton, but I do like Banefire's uncounterable clause. Plus I can fork it.

I do really like the Polymorphist's Jest idea, especially because I can then ping things off afterwards

You are right about not trying to combo. I have other combo decks I don't need this one to do it too lol. My problem with Curiosity is without my commander is pretry useless for me and I have no way to recur it if it dies. I know it's only a one mana investment but it's a one card slot investment as well and I don't know if it's worth the slot. Plus idk what I'd take out for it. But I'll definitely think about it.

I'll probably add the scepter.

SirSh4ggy on When Lightning Strikes Twice

3 weeks ago

For one, Trinket Mage only wants to search out your Basilisk Collar, instead of some ramp-rocks. Also, Sorcerer's Wand could be neat since you could attack, pay to deal damage, then tap to deal damage.

Instead of Banefire check out Fireball, since you can hit more than one target with it, and it's a classic. One of my favorite cards is Polymorphist's Jest; it's totally great to turn a bunch of 6/6 dragons into frogs for a turn.

You might not be looking to combo, but cards like Curiosity won't combo with this particular dracogenius and are still great. Again, since you're looking at control set ups, look into Isochron Scepter to keep up those counter-spells or Reverberates.

DangoDaikazoku on Hunted Harmony

2 months ago

Honestly instead of Bontu's Last Reckoning for your boardwipe I feel like Polymorphist's Jest is more suitable and better in a deck like this since you're protecting your creatures and you should ideally have Illness in the Ranks in play, but if not you of course still have Golgari Charm for that. I really like this brew and I think it has potential to become meta since it can likely hold it's own against top tier archetypes. A well earned +1 from me.

JuQ on Eldrazi Horizons (READ DESCRIPTION!)

2 months ago

Simic are the colours with least removal. I'll just write all I know for the sake of completion, some of them are already in your deck.Rapid Hybridization
Pongify same card, different name.
Beast Within Pongify for any permanent.
Desert Twister
Reality Shift my personal favorite, exiling is king.
Curse of the Swine High mana cost, but you clean the board like a boss.
Titan's Presence Just perfect for this deck.
Scour from Existence Expensive but it gets any job done.
Helvault Also expensive but reusable.
Brittle Effigy Just another option.
Amulet of Unmaking It's actually a pretty bad card, but its charm is second to none, that matters.
Ovinize I count polymorphing spells definitely as removals, but the problem is you will need some help to kill them. They work best on decks with smaller creatures that let the opponent think they can attack or block safely.
Turn to Frog
Polymorphist's Jest
Snakeform Personal favorite, the card it gives back is a big deal.
Song of the Dryads Great to trap Commanders with no access to enchant removal.
Imprisoned in the Moon Blue version of the previous one, almost as good.
Hour of Need Not designed to be a removal, most of the time it will be a bad card, but sometimes creatures are so badass that giving them a Sphynx instead is a good deal.

There are also a ton of "gain control" spells that I'm not going to list down today, they are also removal.

It's hard to tell what to cut, you are the one experiencing the deck and your meta, you know which cards are more often dead in your hand. You may be a bit high on counterspells. Let me check the list...

I'd cut Not of This World definitely your worst counterspell, meant for other colours, not blue or green.

The counters of creature spells have the perk of working on really dangerous creatures that are unkillable in the battlefield or have a problematic "enters the battlefield" abilities, but IMO are worse than removal because they offer only one opportunity to get rid of the creature. You can hold to your removal spells and wait until the creature is attacking you, with a bit of luck it will attack other players (you have huge eldrazis anyway) and maybe they spend their own removal on it. So I'd cut Essence Scatter and Deny Existence.

Serendib Sorcerer a polymorph (not the best kind of removal for this deck) on the battlefield that has summoning sickness and toughness 1 and will be killed with any pinger and will die as collateral damage of any earthquake-like card.

Blighted Agent you only have two cards to buff it up and no prolipherate and Blightsteel Colossus don't really need his help. It will take him forever to kill a player on his own. Also infect creatures are frown uppon, but that doesn't matter to the guy running Winter Orb.

Bow of Nylea Deathtouch from the bow in your deck is good with Blightsteel Colossus and Soul of New Phyrexia for their trample and with Breaker of Armies to kill everything. The +1/+1 counters are only OK on the Blight Agent. The damage to flyers will be most of the time useless. The graveard hate is nice but inefficient. I'd say this card in your deck is underperforming.

skoobysnackz on Doctor Strange Deck?

2 months ago

I may be wrong, but I think this has already been done with Narset, Enlightened Master. Anyways, I love the idea and I just wanted to share some thoughts. I think the most obvious direction is lots of extra turn spells because he can manipulate time. Turning things into other things also seems pretty on theme like Polymorphist's Jest, Pongify etc.

As far as commanders go, I feel like Arcanis is not a bad choice, going from battlefield back to hand, back to battlefield kind of represents the teleporting. Alternatively, you could go with a flickering strategy. Other potential commanders I would consider are Teferi, Temporal Archmage, I mean... common, you could even make an avengers themed deck! And lastly Blind Seer seems like an awesome choice for a Doctor Strange Commander.

JuQ on Rafiq of the No Interaction

3 months ago

Hi, I have My own Rafiq deck and it actually works quite consistently (at least in my meta of kitchen table magic) Rafiq of the mostly himself.. Rafiq is an amazing commander because he needs really little help to destroy your enemies wich leaves you a lot of slots open in the deck to oil the engine of the deck. On top of that he has a really nice color identity.

I Use 39 lands which may be a bit more than enough, but at least you don't get stuck.

To pump Rafiq I focus mainly on evasion so they dont just chump-block him, Cartouche of Knowledge, Rancor, Shield of the Oversoul, Steel of the Godhead, Unquestioned Authority, Whispersilk Cloak Shroud can be a hinder but this card is just bananas.
When I find an opening or I have a counter in hand I use Might of Oaks (if he hasn't been blocked) or Enlarge to one shot a player (7+3+1)x2= 22.
All those auras you use that give Rafiq just a super big body are a bit overkill in my opinion. If you just give him +2/+0 and some evasion he will only need two attacks to kill someone. Leave you mana open and brag about all the counterspells in your hand.
Forgotten Ancient: Almost forgot about this guy. Gives no evasion, but makes anyone super big.

It looks like you are lacking serously in card draw. Card draw is crucial in Commander because you won't be able to kill and fend from all other players just with your starting seven cards. If you are the player that's drawing one card each turn then you are most likely not going to win.
Hunter's Insight will draw you 8 cards for three mana just attacking with a butt naked Rafiq that happens to be unblocked.
Hunter's Prowess is a heavier version of the previous, with a sexy +3/+3 and trample. I hope you draw the Reliquary Tower.
Snake Umbra: Up to two cards per turn and protection from death.
Pull from Tomorrow: instant braingeiser, nuff said.
Fact or Fiction, Concentrate, Secrets of the Golden City: just flat card draw with a moderate cost, gotta keep the cards comming.
Rush of Knowledge an underated spell. will get you easily four or more cards.
And seven more cards that are cantrips.

Reactions abound:
Counters: Stubborn Denial, Swan Song, Arcane Denial, Disdainful Stroke as cheap counters. Faerie Trickery, Hinder because there are stuff that you just don't want to leave in a graveyard. This spells should be Dissipate and Void Shatter instead, It's in my "to do" list. Bant Charm one of the most versatile card in the game, the three options are good.
Blossoming Defense: protection/boost, Shelter: protection/evasion, Valorous Stance: Protection/removal.

Removals, if I'm not unblockable I will open a way myself!. My phylosophy with removals is "exiling matters" if I use a card slot in a deck in a removal, I want that thing gone for sure, gone forever and not triggering anything:
Bant Charm, Selesnya Charm, Crib Swap, Reality Shift, Curse of the Swine, Valorous Stance. Also Snakeform and Polymorphist's Jest get the job done against indestructible creatures. Provoke is a pet card of me, you gotta see their faces when you meddle in combat between opponents getting one or both of the creatures dead.With the naturalize effects I also want stuff exiled, too many gods and indestructible artifacts. Sylvan Reclamation, Return to Dust, Forsake the Worldly and then those that don't ecile but are too good not to use: Acidic Slime the ooze with deathtouch is quite unwelcomming for big attackers, Qasali Pridemage too on theme with the deck, Trygon Predator reusable naturalize and can destroy two each attack.

My decks are usually low on board wipes, they are boring because they set everyone back, you included. They are only a last resort for me, it works better for me removal of strategic targets but I still run three of them Cyclonic Rift as you, AEtherspouts set one player back to stone age and he'll become the punching bag of the table, Tragic Arrogance board wipe that you lets your main guy live and the worst creature of your opponents.
I have a card slot in the deck (I think I lost a card somewhere), one of the cards I may put is Cataclysmic Gearhulk

For big final play I don't need more than Finest Hour (same as you, no brainer for the deck), Medomai the Ageless to play three turns in a row every time until they kill it.

What I think you are doing wrong:
Yes, you land count is low, it is not 35 but even lower: Maze of Ith doesn't give you mana and Serra's Sanctum in your opening hand wont give you mana either. Then you have the three fetchlands that will take another land from the deck you may need to draw later. The moment you play first time Rafiq everybody will have have their hand overflowing with removals and there will be fewer targets more deserving of removal than him, it will take you forever to get back on your toes.

You lack awfully on card draw, you only have Rhystic Study, Betrayal, Enchantress's Presence, I you don't happen to draw one of them or they get detroyed, the deck will lag and you will lose. In a blue and green deck is a crime to be low on card draw, you need many cards to be sure you get to draw some of then and then they will call to each other, the more you draw the more draw cards you'll get to keep the drawing going. About ten to fifteen cards to draw is a nice number. If you put too many you will find yourself drawing only draw spells, not good either.Rhystic Study is a great card, works on its own and in the worst case slows your opponents, keep it.
Betrayal unless you find a card with a crazy ability that may get abused untapping several times, this card is a bit weak, It's better in a control deck that is already tapping the opponents' creatures.
Enchantress's Presence You have to make up your mind, is this an enchantress deck? because if it is you better be including all the enchantress (Argothian Enchantress, Femeref Enchantress,Mesa Enchantress and Verduran Enchantress) Eidolon of Blossoms, Kor Spiritdancer, Sram, Senior Edificer, and swap several of the cards for enchantments that do something similar (I.E. mana rocks for land auras like Wild Growth). Then you will have a decent card engine.

Eldrazi Conscription big flashy card that's more than Rafiq actually needs, it will be a dead card in your hand until you finally get some way to cheat it to the battlefield. You may at one point be able to cast it but you will run out of mana and expose yourself to removals. You could wait until you have 10 mana, but do you really want to? I would take it out of the deck unless I could consistently cheat it to the battlefield (like having Bruna as commander).

Flickerform Tried this card a lot of times, 90% of the times you won't have four mana available when you need it, that's a lot. also it gives nothing else to Rafiq.

Ghostly Prison and Propaganda: You said you want to kill your oponents as soon as posible, yet you keep building a pillow fort around you. Make up your mind!

Tooth and Nail: The same, you say you want to push voltron to the limits, but you can't help but including the nine mana cost spell that puts the combo in the battlefield.
The point of having a voltron commander is that he is the win condition.

Your deck want's to be too many things (a voltron deck, an enchantress deck, a control-combo deck), but at the end of the day is none. Try to focus on your game plan, you can't just fill a deck with good stuff and expect it to work consistently.

eLLIPSIS666 on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

3 months ago

einee03 Thank you for taking a look at the deck! and thank you for the good question!

Dealing with exile is always a problem for most decks, as it means bye bye for those cards forever unless you're playing some eldrazi tribal I guess??? But absolutely you can lose the opportunity to combo off with a Maze's End if someone successfully exiles a gate or Maze itself. You have already recognized some of my counters that hit those activated and or triggered abilities, but if it is just going to the graveyard I am generally not that concerned because I run cards like Eternal Witness and Noxious Revival.

In the event that my combo is no longer accessible, Child of Alara is very strong and efficient! people don't realize how strong it can really be until it is happening to them. It is also very easy to bluff the Maze combo, and simply utilize it to get color whilst preparing for a very strong board lock with child. You can even kill the board in only 6 swings! Note, that sounds like a lot, but it goes by rather quickly if player's don't have anything they can do. And in EDH terms 6 turns is trivial at best.

I really really really like Sudden Spoiling! that is a very good alternative to Polymorphist's Jest, a card I've wanted to run but been hesitant because of the double color. Double black is much better thanks to Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and my heavy reliance on black for many of my mechanics means I'm always on the lookout for black sources. And I am always looking for ways to deal with indestructibility in my deck, and this is excellent! Thank you for the great suggestion!

I have mentioned in conversations above my disinterest for creature based lands due to the tight mana base, however Kessig Wolf Run still directly synergizes (is that how it's spelled?) with Child, and only gets stronger with lots of mana, which I tend to have a lot of being partly a land based combo deck! Definitely going into the maybe pile! Thank you again for another good suggestion!

westerhack on What!? Your deck is leveling up!?

3 months ago

Polymorphist's Jest seems a bit awkward and forced into the deck, especially as a 4-of

Add some accelerant into your deck (mana rocks such as Izzet Signet or Desperate Ritual) to speed both creatures out and leveling up. Also, your Brainstorm is modern-illegal

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