Strip Mine


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
From the Vault: Exiled (V09) Rare
Anthologies (ATH) Uncommon
Fourth Edition (4ED) Uncommon
4th Edition Foreign Black Border (4EDFBB) Uncommon
Antiquities (ATQ) Rare

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Strip Mine


: Add to your mana pool.

, Sacrifice Strip Mine: Destroy target land.

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Strip Mine Discussion

hkhssweiss on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

4 days ago


Neheb, the Eternal is for the infinite combats Aurelia, the Warleader in conjunction with Aggravated Assault. After you deal 6 damage due to Aurelia's double combat phase, you can go into infinite combats and infinite red mana.

Read Ward of Bones, you are denying them of resources. For , that is easily accessible in colorless mana or burst rituals, a T1 or T2 Ward of Bones stops people cold.

Possible cards that can be cut:

Cards that needs to be cut:

For land base, you should keep it to 32 or 33. All 7 fetches, Dual Land, Shockland, Command Tower, Reflecting Pool, Mana Confluence, City of Brass, Exotic Orchard, Battlefield Forge, Cavern of Souls, Rugged Prairie, Ancient Tomb, Gemstone Caverns, Clifftop Retreat, Strip Mine, Buried Ruin, Command Beacon, Flagstones of Trokair. Emeria can be cut.

ManiacalPotato on Eldrazi

5 days ago

Chief of the Foundry seems kinda weak since you're not playing that many artifact creatures, and Terrarion only really serves as mediocre card draw since you don't need mana filters.

Quicksilver Amulet, Belbe's Portal, Deathrender, Clone Shell, Summoner's Egg, Planar Bridge could help in getting your eldrazi out earlier, albeit at the cost of any "whenever you cast this creature" triggers.

Mystifying Maze, Miren, the Moaning Well, and Thespian's Stage are pretty good colorless lands, as well as land destruction lands like Strip Mine or Field of Ruin would fit nicely.

Sword of the Animist and Solemn Simulacrum could help with ramp, and Mind Stone is a good colorless mana rock. Also if you find that you have a lot of mana sitting around before you get your big dudes out, Everflowing Chalice or Gemstone Array could be pretty good

kanokarob on And I'll Pay a Red | Only 5 Red Spells! *PRIMER*

6 days ago

I do play Great Furnace. I opted out of Darksteel Citadel because it's a colorless land, and I want to keep those to a minimum. Strip Mine and Tectonic Edge, among others, are on the chopping block once we get some more utility red lands, or just amazing utility colorless lands.

The interaction with Artifact Lands and many of the cards in here is not significant enough to require playing both, just as it is not significant enough to run a card solely for those interactions that gains no additional value from Kurkesh, such as Crucible of Worlds. If I need more than one, Prototype Portal and/or Sculpting Steel are perfectly capable of opening those doors.

SynergyBuild on Land Destruction: A social conversation

1 week ago


I never claimed that perception didn't make it seem worse, however perception doesn't make it worse. Players who don't play around MLD might be screwed, if they don't sandbag unnecessary lands they are asking for it though.

This idea is a very simple one that many players, especially in EDH are familiar with, "overextending into a board wipe". Heard of it?

My points never stated that players should love MLD, they shouldn't, but they can't cope with things they outright ban, and you trying to support their idealistic world of no interaction is downright disgusting. If a player loses to something, they should either

A: Not get mad, because it was a loss out of luck.

B: Not get mad, learn something from it, perhaps play around it, change their playstyle.

C: Get mad, because the loss was unwarranted, and was predicated on collusion (players teaming up outside of the game), something outside of the game outside of collusion (an example is a player conceding when you stole a permanent of theirs, therefor depriving you of a resource you fairly gained), or something inside of the game that is broken for obvious reasons, such as a combo that is particularly degenerate due to game rules that do not work in the given format (many believe Felidar Sovereign falls under this category).

Which does land destruction fall under? No one has been able to convince me that C is the appropriate response, and a deck built around it is most likely much more consistent than A would have me believe.

This implies that B is the proper response.

If you think we should frown upon learning experiences, you know, like any interaction, win, or play in any game of magic, then you might as well not play, or is there something so integrally broken about the removal of lands that it in particular is the focus of contempt?

Secondly, I will quote you, Azdranax, and ask you to clarify further, your sentence #3, paragraph #5, comment #26:

"MLD leaves many players bitter in a way that no other strategy does."

Leovold shutting off hands, GAAIV stax type decks, stax decks of nearly any kind, decks that use Blood Moon, Contamination, Back to Basics, Static Orb, Hall of Gemstone, Winter Orb, Stasis, Tangle Wire, and other cards of that vein, decks that abuse discard like Nath and any deck with Sadistic Hypnotist for that matter, any deck that takes advantage of infinite turns or particularly long turns that imply storm or another slow to watch, difficult to interact with once it is going off style deck.

Yes, many of these are frowned upon, yet Land Destruction is the target of much more hate. Why? Can you explain that to me?

Above was my argument to anyone like Shrazik who reads your BS, Azdranax, I honestly didn't dislike you until the last paragraph.

Nope, not one bit, but at that point I was considering going off on you, however thought that anyone who read this would think I didn't have a rebuttal to your first 5 paragraphs. Those are above.

Here is a quote, sentence #2, paragraph #6, comment #26. Don't hand me BS like this anecdote again, as anyone with half-working eyes and a quarter-working brain can see that it won't work:

"Recently, a fairly competitive pod of 4 I was playing in lost to a Lord Windgrace deck that cast Silence + Armageddon + Splendid Reclamation on turn 6 - it was a brilliant play and the game was over in less than 10 minutes from that play."

Nice, a jund (Lord Windgrace's color identity of , , and ) deck that can run Armageddon and Silence. Also, nice that a combo that a third grader could see from miles away is considered "brilliant" in a moderately competitive table. BTW that combo takes 9 mana and seems like hot trash for even moderate cEDH IMO, specifically Splendid Reclamation, as Windgrace can do that effect himself.

Nice fake anecdote Azdranax.

Also, try not to claim that Ruination and Autumn's Veil are the cards at hand, or that he cycled Decree of Annihilation, or that Impending Disaster was the real effect, as all of those are extremely different and memorably so.

I almost could respect you.

Shrazik I hope your eyes glanced over the end, so you didn't see Azdranax's BS in the last paragraph that you quoted, however I will attempt to answer your questions anyway.

"Going a little off topic here but do you think that delves deeper into a more community based issue? One where players would ignore how wrong or right a strategy/playstyle might be in favor of their own perception of what should or shouldn't be played within their playgroup?"

This is the reason that I personally don't play casual EDH, it is competitive EDH, but less compassionate to new strategies, and is so toxic I just can't handle it.

The vast majority of formats, cEDH, Standard, Modern, Pauper, Legacy, Vintage, etc. are all more accepting than casual EDH, so I have just had to stop playing it. Almost every other MTG community is cool with land destruction, Ponza lists in modern are fun midrange strategies that blow up lands and want to go turn one Arbor Elf, turn two Utopia Sprawl and get 4 mana for some sick plays early on. It is a nice and hilarious deck.

Other times it has occurred in modern like in some newer Ramunap Excavator/Azusa, Lost but Seeking/Ghost Quarter lists with Collected Company in modern the decks have been cool but not oppressive, and though they can be rough matchups for some decks, they aren't ever called out to be banned or anything, and even in Vintage when Shops, a deck with some land destruction (Strip Mine, etc.) was a problem the issue was the turn one Lodestone Golem, not land destruction, and no one really minded or thought Wasteland should be restricted, but the Golem should.

As you can see, toxicity of casual EDH isn't much further, but is a problem for a lot of less toxic players who play EDH casually and want to bring a fun, janky Hokori, Dust Drinker to the table, but are banned from playgroups (anecdotal, and an example, not anyone I know, but I have heard of this situation).

Outside of land destruction, I think combo is pretty fair game as long as it doesn't do something unable to be interacted with. Like Flash Hulk turn two is cool, but Spell Pierce exists, so does Spell Snare, Swan Song, Containment Priest, Rest in Peace, Grafdigger's Cage, Leyline of the Void, Force of Will, etc.

LordBlackblade on Land Destruction: A social conversation

1 week ago

I actually want to agree with something SynergyBuild said earlier in their post about greed. When an action goes unpunished, it becomes ever more likely to crop up. If you punish a greedy action on the other hand, it becomes less likely in future games.

An anecdotal example from my personal meta is the card Tempt with Discovery. When this card first showed up, stompy players were running it like crazy. The threat of the card was underestimated by a lot of players, so they always took the search. Then we were playing a game one night and it got dropped. The first guy took it and said "Everybody go get Strip Mine if you've got it." Two of us fished it out, and the fourth player declined the search. The Green player was blown away by it. He never considered he'd pay four mana and end up with a single basic. Since that night this is basically standard house policy now. Either decline the search or get your Strip Mine. The card doesn't see as much play as it used to now because that greed has been punished.

Another thought I have on this is that lands are viewed as low-threat when played, but removing them is a high-threat action. I think it requires playgroups to reevaluate the threat level of ramp to be more appropriate. I can't tell you how many games someone plays Cultivate, and nobody bats an eye. Perhaps its time they should. Lately I've found myself more conscious of who ramps and when in my meta. Its often highly relevant to why they win, but its dismissed out of hand, especially if the ramp is for basic lands.

SynergyBuild on Land Destruction: A social conversation

1 week ago

So, while Metaknight is particularly broken, do you believe land destruction is broken?

I'd take a look at the best decks in the format, of which, for all of the tier 1 lists, land destruction isn't present, even the next best tier only run a single card or two that destroys lands, and some run Strip Mine.

That is because competitive EDH rarely needs use of land ramp, and while it is certainly present for a deck to have more than 5 lands, it isn't the most common occurrence.

Your claim that Land Destruction is like something that is broken and unbalanced is simply false. It is a responsive effect, making it only as strong as the effect it is counter to.

A more proper comparison is if your friends always play Metaknight, you find a way to beat it with some consistency, finally hurdling some huge mountain in the game, and because your friends are so selfish they want to always win, and never want to lose against you, they ban you from playing with them just so they can keep playing Metaknight and never have any impunity from you.

SynergyBuild on Land Destruction: A social conversation

1 week ago

Just like many strategies, Land Destruction is a counter to large ramp lists. Blowing up lands is a rude to a green player with Rampant Growth as Lightning Bolting a Birds of Paradise is.

Nothing wrong with it at all. I play combo, and land destruction doesn't really affect me. I am sure some combo decks like Scapeshift in modern could have an issue, but against storm or burn, a land destruction deck needs a bit of interactions outside of it to close out a game.

I don't know any players who have an issue with it, at least in modern, commander, or standard, the three formats I personally play. TBH I don't know a standard land destruction deck, but if there is I wouldn't have an issue with it.

Honestly, land destruction isn't busted. Just like a control deck isn't busted. Both are reactive strategies, and therefor cannot be more busted than the decks that they are reacting to. They can be really good, and there are really good land destruction cards throughout MTG history, but not necessarily broken as a deck's goal.

Strip Mine is stupid good, but a deck that's whole goal is to find a Strip Mine with an Expedition Map, find a Crucible of Worlds, and then slowly blow up your opponents lands will be really inconsistent and not that good. If you go up against a decent aggro list, they drop a Goblin Guide, and while you blow their lands up until they only have 1 land, but they only might need one, or none at all if they have a field.

Spootyone on Tesseract #1: The Contemporary Peasant ...

1 week ago

I actually forgot Force of Will was originally uncommon, honestly. I'd probably not include that in my cube though. It's either ridiculous or horrible depending on the hand. The newly legal Foil seems more balanced.

I can provide some examples are cards excluded due to legality. Off the top of my head, the talismans, Crypt Rats, Accorder Paladin, Miscalculation, Joraga Treespeaker, Enclave Cryptologist, and a smattering of stuff from original Ravnica and Shards block are excluded. Certainly, not all these cards are so powerful they would be excluded on that reason alone, but they are staples.

Ultimately, the rule IS convoluted, but it's also key to the identity of my cube as not having access to a handful of staples means having to adapt a bit. Additionally, while masters sets have legalized many cards, having the rule in place makes masters set release season very fun for me which I enjoy. Same goes for other supplementary produ ts. That's something I want to hold on to.

As for the mana base discussion, I assure you 1 person complaining is not what resulted in the issue. The issue was that cards like Boros Garrison and Wind-Scarred Crag were dead picks in draft. And I wasn't going to only provide dual lands for 7 or 8 guilds. As mentioned before, I could see an argument to banning rare lands that do more than fix mana, I.e. Celestial Colonnade and Strip Mine, as these act much more like spells than lands. But the argument of replacing Blood Crypt with Bloodfell Caves to keep the identity of my cube rings a bit hollow to me. Better mana allows for easier deck building, which also allows for a bit easier drafting. I WANT players to be able to draft red 1 drops and double white 2 drops. I think being able to do so helps balance the aggro decks against the green/white midrange decks that can easily support a deck with more color pips. Now I can understand if you'd disagree with that sentiment, but I'd have to agree to disagree there.

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