Herald’s Horn


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon

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Herald’s Horn


As Herald's Horn enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Creature spells you cast of the chosen type cost less to cast.

At the beginning of your upkeep, look at the top card of your library. If it's a creature card of the chosen type, you may reveal it and put it into your hand.

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Herald’s Horn Discussion

Frank_Glascock on Edgar's Dega Vampires

20 hours ago

Last_Laugh, thanks for the quick response.

  1. Butcher of Malakir is definitely on the watch list. I am playing six creatures that sacrifice, Grave Pact, Eldrazi Monument, Phyrexian Tower and Diabolic Intent. You make a good case for Anowon, the Ruin Sage.

  2. I may cut Urza's Incubator for the reasons you mentioned. The draw effect on Herald’s Horn make it more valuable in this deck. I play all the mana artifacts that you do. The lack of green's ramp seems to make both of these necessary but again you make great points.

  3. I held Coat of Arms out of this deck originally for the tribal meta issues you raised. I decided that we are the best of the tribal decks to abuse Coat of Arms so I am testing it now. The Wizards deck needs to be combo to win not aggro. The Dragon deck seems to only have a few dragons out at one time.

  4. The life loss from Dark Prophecy is a concern. We play a lot of lifelink creatures so the hope is they mitigate the loss of life. Board wipes are the bane of this deck. I have tried to put in as much anti-wipe tech as I can.

  5. You mentioned that you are not playing Purphoros, God of the Forge to keep the deck's power level in check. Are there anymore cards you are not playing because of power level?

Frank_Glascock on Edgar's Dega Vampires

1 day ago


  1. I am playing Butcher of Malakir in the place of Anowon, the Ruin Sage. Do you think I should switch them? I also play Grave Pact and Voldaren Pariah. This is in addition to the other creature based removal we both play in Gatekeeper of Malakir and Patron of the Vein.

  2. We have almost identical spell based removal with the exception that I play WearTear and Vindicate. I think in a non competitive environment we can run more higher cost removal that hits more targets.

  3. What do you think of Urza's Incubator? I am running it along with Herald’s Horn.

  4. What besides Shared Animosity, are you running to finish off the table? Has Coat of Arms or Eldrazi Monument been considered. I run both in addition to Shared Animosity but would probably cut Coat of Arms between the two as Eldrazi Monument provides protection against many board wipes.

  5. Am I correct that you are playing enchantments that draw you cards over something like Anointed Procession? Was Dark Prophecy given any consideration or is the potential loss of life too great?

CardTyrant on ARK, Magic Evolved

2 days ago

I understand. I would run a few more dinosaurs. In my deck I run 27 dinosaurs. I don't run any of the "old" dinosaurs, I just run 27 dinosaurs from Ixalan. I don't really like any of the "old" dinosaurs that they changed to dinosaurs-beasts or dinosaur-lizards.

An artifact that I run in all my 3+ color decks is Chromatic Lantern. It really helps with color fixing. Herald’s Horn is a great tribal card. It makes the dinosaurs cheaper and lets you draw your dinosaurs.

I don't run a lot of top deck manipulation, but it's good with Gishath. I run Congregation at Dawn and Worldly Tutor. I would run Scroll Rack but I don't know what card to take out. To get cards out of your hand, cards like Hunting Grounds or Lurking Predators are great cards.

Combat tricks like Double Strike and extra combat phases are nice. I like cards like Berserkers' Onslaught, Rage Reflection, and True Conviction. Aggravated Assault and Savage Beating are nice too.

AdamChafee on Red/Green Dragons (Help Needed)

3 days ago

leikon, Lighning bolt seems like a good idea, but would you say that Urza's Incubator is better than Herald’s Horn for this particular deck?

DRACULA150704 on Zombois

3 days ago

Herald’s Horn Is a good card for tribal.

ClockworkSwordfish on Sphinxes

3 days ago

One of the problems with Sphinxes is that most of them are quite mana-intensive. Fortunately, there are a couple stand-ins who can help out in that fact! Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic both can fit in with your artifact synergy but can be sphinxes while they're in play - and hey, nothing wrong with having a few more lords around.

I'd also try and get some cards like Urza's Incubator, Herald’s Horn and Path of Ancestry to try and help get things out a little faster.

If you don't mind having some jelly babies around, changelings like Shapesharer and Mirror Entity can also count; they're among the better ones in your colours. Cairn Wanderer's almost guaranteed to have flying, and he's a regular party if he happens to show up while Sphinx of the Steel Wind is in your graveyard.

Lastly, why not make room for Command Tower? There's no better land in the format! City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Arcane Sanctum and Dromar's Cavern would all serve you well, but I'd at least try to get the Tower for sure!

YouGotFranked on Legion of Blood

4 days ago

Since you run Vampire Nocturnus I'd play Necropotence over Sensei's Divining Top. It's premium card draw and let you dig deeper while making sure you have a black card on top. Also bonus synergy with Herald’s Horn and those ''No Maximum Hand Size'' cards.

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