Mindbreak Trap


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Mythic Rare

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Mindbreak Trap

Instant — Trap

If an opponent cast three or more spells this turn, you may pay {{0}} rather than pay Mindbreak Trap's mana cost.

Exile any number of target spells.

Mindbreak Trap Discussion

ToffMcSoft on Looper

1 month ago

Narset, Parter of Veils !!! Popping it off w/ the Twisty or the Fall is too much fun! 100% need to get that into the build somehow, I see it there on the Maybeboard, move it up to the Main board :D.

Trinisphere - Pondered this 1 for a while and then eventually cut it out. A few reasons on removing it: Mostly found myself playing it 2nd main phase + it actually hurt other players trying to stop someone from casting something important to counter / interact with. I loved the idea of running this card but in play groups it was very counter productive for me. To be honest, I was really attracted to the masterpiece and just kept telling myself it's pretty and needs to be included.

Mindbreak Trap - This is really interesting, 100% keeping this on my radar. Could see holding this card up and come in last minute after all the back and force counter magic goes down. So cool.

fuster on When a MTG player drops a mixtape (Primer)

3 months ago

Palinvigator I haven't played in a while, but DNT seems worse because of the extra support cards and Recruiter of the Guard turning the deck into a toolbox-style strategy. Miracles seems a lot better due to the top ban, and 12 post still seems easy to shit on (The eldrazi variant seems difficult to beat though; despite us being able to exploit their manabase to our advantage with Price of Progress , they run Chalice of the Void and can quickly outclass our creatures). These are all just my initial thoughts from seeing these matchups on paper though, I haven't really played any constructed format except commander in over a year now, and I haven't had the chance to see if the matchups actually play out like I think they would on paper. Last time I sat down for a competitive Legacy event was towards the beginning of 2018, right before the DRS ban.

Despite my lack of playing, there's not much new stuff that has come out for this deck in the last few years. Heck, I would still probably keep most of the sideboard as it is since this deck is still bad against dredge/reanimator strategies, and the extra removal of Smash to Smithereens and Searing Blood is still highly relevant if DNT has gained meta presence. The only new card that I think is worth considering at this point is Skewer the Critics as a replacement for Lava Spike in the main, and if the prominence of combo decks like Belcher and storm have gone down as a result of the Probe ban, the only Sideboard change I'd make is swapping Mindbreak Trap for either more Searing cards or Shattering Spree (depending on if DNT or Eldrazi are more prevalent in your local meta).

Gameplay wise, I don't think much (if anything) has changed with how you're supposed to play the deck and the general order to play your cards to maximize efficiency with your deck in a blind meta has not changed at all.

I don't feel right trying to update the deck and matchups list when I haven't had the time in my life to sit down and play the game recently though. Without the game time, I couldn't do the updates any justice. My best suggestion is to just build a stock list and try out Skewer the Critics and get reps in at an FNM if one is available for you nearby. You'll learn a lot more about how to play against certain decks through gameplay as opposed to reading about how someone else would play a matchup on the internet.

Icbrgr on Wizard's newest official format: Oathbreaker

3 months ago

Seems like a really FUN format that I think I would like to try out. Idk how I feel about a deck being able to use an instant or sorcery so reliably... it sounds like a Johnny's playground for neat combos and synergies and likewise being able to Mindbreak Trap / Hurkyl's Recall at a whim seems really cool.

AKBZ on Rashmi Draw-Go Control

3 months ago

Start with Snapcaster Mage vs Mission Briefing . Snapcaster Mage forces a target to be picked for flashback, so that means your opponent can respond. The big responses would be Deathrite Shaman , Faerie Macabre , and Noxious Revival . Mission Briefing Targets all upon resolution, which means your opponent can’t respond to get rid of your card. Mission Briefing also allows alternate costs to be cast on cards such as Mindbreak Trap , Noxious Revival , Cyclonic Rift , etc. Snapcaster Mage does not allow that, because flashback is an alternate cost. Mission Briefing also does not suffer from Torpor Orb effects from stax decks. The downside to Mission Briefing is that it is one blue mana more, and not a creature to block. The blue mana is a valid argument, the creature aspect is less so. If you are playing in a creature meta, yeah it is relevant. However, if you are playing in a Food Chain meta, or a Flash Protean Hulk meta, or a Doomsday meta, or a reanimator meta, or a storm meta, or a The Gitrog Monster meta, it does not matter. The two commanders I can think of that you can blowout with a Snapcaster Mage body are Najeela, the Blade-Blossom , and Tymna the Weaver . They aren’t popular in my meta, all the other decks are, so I will suffer paying that additional blue mana. Rhystic Study has always been lackluster. People are always willing to pay the cost, and all it ever does is put a target on my head. “Are you going to pay” gets old, and it forces me to keep track and announce my trigger, which gets old. You don’t want to be a target, you want to stay under the radar. I will gladly play Search for Azcanta  Flip, or Verity Circle , or even Compost . It allows me to get card advantage without annoying the table. The Nexus of Fate is in response to my meta eagerly playing Praetor's Grasp . They will gladly target me, exile Isochron Scepter or Dramatic Reversal and then either use it, or never use it. Either way, I’m in a bind, because I now can’t generate infinite mana for myself to win. This allows at least some form of out. In any case, it is still in test phase. Enter the Infinite is still the way I want to go, and it works. Like you said, you can loop it with Mystical Tutor Seasons Past and Nexus of Fate and fourteen mana. When I get grasped, I haven’t had a chance to try to win this way. So, I don’t know if this is the way to go yet, but it something I have been looking into. A hot take would be cutting Chrome Mox . I have found that I don’t like exiling a spell for the artifact. Have been trying Exploration in place of it to see if it can work.

Oloro_Magic on [Primer] - Ad Nauseam Combo [[Procellam Legit]]

3 months ago


Thanks for the comment and suggestions. So, while all the cards you name are good cards, they are not right for this deck, and really I think you give me a good chance to highlight the difference between a good sideboard card in general, and a good sideboard card in Ad Nauseam specifically. Mindbreak Trap I will agree is a great card for storm, however it is very surplus to requirements in this deck. I feel people have this misconception about storm as being this turn 3 combo deck when that really isn't the case, ideally storm will be going off on turn 5 or 6 if they can get there, by this time they should have crafted a bulletproof hand, to go off turn 3 is a high risk play unless they have it and you aren't going to beat storm when it has it anyway to be honest, we are very effective at forcing them to try, likely when they aren't 100% comfortable; going earlier increases the chance of fizzling dramatically. Additionally, storm is already a good matchup, I would say that its probably about 70-30 for us, meaning that to hedge for storm is generally incorrect (though it must be said storm is one of those decks where the best storm pilots are always going to be difficult to beat). The main reason for this line of thinking is Angel's Grace and to a lesser degree Phyrexian Unlife ; essentially the storm player needs to be able to set up a turn where they can both Grapeshot and Empty the Warrens to realistically expect to win and fight through our ability to stay alive. In other words, while a good card, considering the matchup is a good one it is largely unnecessary (though probably a consideration if your meta is all storm).

To this end, the other card you suggest Ravenous Trap suffers from the same problem. It is a great card, however the matchups it is best against, Dredge and Phoenix, are both favorable (I personally have a winning record against Phoenix however it still hasn't been around long enough for me to make a formal decision on how good the matchup is for us) already. This is a case scenario where, although the card is great, there is no real reason to play it in the deck as it attacks decks that we should beat anyway. In other words, to play the card is to use a slot for a good matchup, something that I can't get behind unless the card has implications for bad to even matchups (say if Jund Vengevine were a bit more popular and playing more discard effects). All in all, like Mindbreak Trap it's a great card but not needed here as it doesn't attack mathcups we really need to fear.

As for Solemnity , every once in a while you actually do see an Ad Nauseam player running it whether in the side or even the main, exploiting the lack of enchantment removal currently seeing play, the only real cards seeing some play being Nature's Claim and Assassin's Trophy .It isn't awful, but... it's just too gimicky for my tastes. The big question with it is, what do you cut? What card in the deck is significantly worse than Solemnity and in what matchup will you ever actually get it down where it matters: Storm, 8-whack, zoo, humans, infect, affinity, and spirits are all too fast; then that leaves the relevant matchups of Phoenix, Dredge, Hollow One, and Merfolk really. All of which, bar Hollow One game one, are already good matchups and, building on that, Dredge and Hollow One, where it is perhaps most useful, have hate for it, Dredge always siding in some number of Nature's Claim against us, and Hollow One sometimes dipping into green for Assassin's Trophy . To me the combo there doesn't play enough and quite frankly feels like a bit of a wasted slot. So while fun, and don't get me wrong it would be really fun to get someone with it, I don't think that it is the best thing you can be doing, I would rather have that slot be something better against a bad matchup, or something more flexible that doesn't require me to draw exactly those two cards.

Thank you for the comments, I'll definitely add Solemnity to my Sideboard Options List for people's reference, though I don't see myself playing it. I hope I have explained myself adequately.

hellhole3927 on [Primer] - Ad Nauseam Combo [[Procellam Legit]]

3 months ago

I'm happy to see people still love combos. Have you considered Mindbreak Trap on the sideboard for Storm and Ravenous Trap for graveyard decks. And possibly sideboarding Solemnity , people would never expect Phyrexian Unlife + Solemnity combos G2 against Ad Nauseam . Don't know if it would be worth it, but it wouldn't be expected and chances are they will not add in enchantment hate and if you pull it off you definitely buy yourself a ton of time.

IAmTheWraith on *RETIRED* The Fat Blue Weirdo

4 months ago

Ok hkhssweiss, where to begin!

No need for Forsaken City , doesn't help with this version of Stasis because I don't have a turn,

Everything except Mindbreak Trap has been tried and taken out. Much of it is too slow, again no need for things like Trickbind to counter the Stasis trigger, and there's not a lot of things I would spend 2 mana on to counter, I have counterspells for scary stuff.

Mindbreak Trap could be a decent answer to counter wars, and Storm. I'll slot it in somewhere.


hkhssweiss on *RETIRED* The Fat Blue Weirdo

4 months ago

Unfortunately I can't upvote anymore than I already have but have you considered running cards like:

These are some cards to consider for running Stasis lock. I would highly recommend Forsaken City as you can literally tap out and continue to pay for Stasis. Teferi also helps with this strategy as it untaps your permanents while Stasis lock is enabled. Snapcaster is there for redundancy spells to reuse. Overburden is great since you are playing creature light and really hates on creature heavy decks. JTMS is good for the manipulation as well as card advantage, not to mention to bounce the abundance of effects and can be another line to win the game as well.

The other assort spells can also be great as you want good cheap efficient spells or free cast spells. You can also consider Arcane Laboratory as well to stall the game longer and keep a lock on the board.

Hope that helps buddy!

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Mindbreak Trap occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%