Curse of the Swine


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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Curse of the Swine


Exile X target creatures. For each creature exiled this way, its controller puts a 2/2 green boar creature token onto the battlefield.

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Curse of the Swine Discussion

acht_deck_manager on Talrand Counter Bounce

2 days ago

Some other "inexpensive" cards that could be fun:

cabbagemaster on Legends Of Izzet (legendary tribal)

4 days ago

Instead of Cancel you could use Disallow, Forbid, Dissolve, Dissipate, or Counterspell, and instead of Hour of Need, Curse of the Swine would work

acht_deck_manager on What life?

6 days ago

Just some thoughts in case they help build off of what Immortalized said or provide any other useful things to look at:


There are a lot of other draw cards too that you might consider:

And countless more. In a deck like this though there's a lot of value to be had in something like Phyrexian Arena since 1 life per upkeep is no biggie with Oloro around


Here's some other good removal to think about:

Slow Down Taxes

Here are some cards that can really halt your opponent's aggression:

Taxing Creatures

Some other creatures worth mentioning that tax an opponent's life:

Other Notables

Here's some other cards that are worth noting:

  • Pristine Talisman combos well if you have Oloro out (Tap to gain life, spend the mana to draw the card and cost each opponent 1 life)
  • Baleful Strix can be great utility in this kind of deck
  • Reliquary Tower Is always great in draw decks

Additional Thoughts

One card I'd definitely recommend ditching is Azor's Elocutors.

Other cards I see that I'd consider removing if it was me:

I used to play an Oloro deck as well (albeit it with a very different affinity ) using a ton more artifacts and some fun combinations around Darksteel Forge and Nevinyrral's Disk . He's a great commander and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the deck and can find something useful in any of my suggestions.

Good luck and happy hunting!

jparker-sartori21 on Hunted Sisters

2 weeks ago

@enpcI used to play Mercy Killing but it is not very good removal even with Illness in the Ranks.

@the.beanpoleEchoing Truth is good but illness costs less and is permanent.

@HydraxI like beck. I'm worried that it costs too many mana when paired with Hunted Phantasm or Hunted Troll and also that if they counter the troll/phantasm then they get a 1-for-2. I am going to playtest it and see how it fits in. With regard to Curse of the Swine and Swan Song: curse was in the initial deck but it is weak removal even without the tokens (and the tokens are often a pain) and Swan Song used to be a three of on the sideboard but modern sideboarding is very robotic and it doesn't fit well on the mainboard because, unless there are two Illness in the Ranks on the 'field, then the token will be annoying to remove (it would require a full spell to itself).

Thanks for your suggestions and +1s everyone. I am adding Swan Song to the maybeboard because it just fits so well with the theme.

Hydrax on Hunted Sisters

2 weeks ago

I playtested this and it's honestly a lot of fun, you've done a great job here!

Main deck looks really solid, can't really find much wrong with it.

If there's any suggestion I could make, it would probably be Beck.

The Beck part of it is pretty cheap to cast, you can take advantage of Hunted Phantasm and Hunted Troll and draw yourself a bunch of cards.

The Call part is probably less relevant because it's a bit expensive but hey, if you got the mana why not?

I'm not sure what you would take out though, like I said the main deck looks solid.

Some other cards I came across were Curse of the Swine and Swan Song but I suppose those aren't very good because they make 2/2 tokens instead of 1/1.

Good luck with this deck though, it's pretty awesome

domkommader on vial smasher budgetish

2 weeks ago

Hey greyninja, thanks for stopping by and the recommendations!

I really like your Yidris deck and looked at it before I even saw your Animar - didn't realize that it is from the same creator though :)

Your Animar deck was an inspiration for my take on Yidris.


My Playgroup is pretty casual so i try to avoid going infinite or getting too out of hand moneywise. To be honest - I bought the precon deck, used some stuff I had laying around and made some low cost financial additions.

Regarding your recommendations: I have Tooth and Nail here but I always felt like it was a draw and win card. Most of the times it will find a specific combo and I like the random part of the deck. For the same reason I don't run any tutors here.

Curse of the Swine is a really nice suggestion, especially because it scales!

Bloodgift Demon was supposed to be on this list, got to readd it.

greyninja on vial smasher budgetish

3 weeks ago

I saw you liked my Animar list. +1 from me. Figured I'd drop by and say hi!

I like a lot of the deck; Duplicant is perfect for multicolored, your ramp package is extensive, definitely some boardwipes and all that

4.58 average cmc is high. It looks like you're shooting for turns 2-4 ramp; Turns 4-8 drop beats or boadwipes. Fun!

Make sure every single creature will immediately give you value, or continue to give value once it has resolved. Hopefully you can swing thru. Phyrexian Ingester exiles. Bloodgift Demon has evasion and draws card$

Some of the bigger spells might slow you down. For 9+ mana you should Tooth and Nail or Genesis Wave! :) Curse of the Swine is super amazing and super budget.

I'm building the same Partner deck right now (LINK). Pretty much going for excessive ramp to fuel thrasios; then infinite. No pressures there

Also you should check out my Yidris deck (LINK). It might have some ideas too. Cheers

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